Top 5 Best-Looking Mounts in AC Origins (Ranked)

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There are a lot of choices when it comes to riding animals in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Specifically there’s well over fifty horses and camels to pick from.

A lot of them are simple recolors or varieties of the same species, but a lot of them are also super unique and really cool spectacles to behold!

If you want to be as cool as possible while solving the mysteries of the Animus’ Egypt, you’re going to want to pick one of the cooler mounts to do it with.

Let’s take a peek at what those are, and how to get your hands on them.


5. Kweh

Kweh Assassin’s Creed Origins Mount

Final Fantasy XV is like a very hungry octopus. It has stretched out its tendrils everywhere to get its suction cups onto whatever different properties it can, and Assassin’s Creed is spared no exception.

Kweh is the result of this crossover event.

This legendary camel is dressed to look almost exactly like one of the famous big yellow birds from the Final Fantasy series, specifically those from its fifteenth installment.

Travel ancient Egypt in post-modern style with this chococamel and impress everybody around you.

How to Obtain: Complete the Final Fantasy XV event under the Meidum Pyramid in Giza.


4. Fangs

Fangs Mount in AC Origins

It’s important for a Medjay’s mount to impose just as much fear, respect, and authority as the Medjay itself.

Fangs is a horse that does just that.

As the name would suggest, this big steed is adorned with two large fangs, and a matching outfit to make it look like a giant snake.

It’s quite imposing to ride around on, so you can imagine what it would look like to see this thing riding towards you from the ground.

This horse is a wonderful way to share your status with the Egyptian populous, as well as a really cool way to get around.

How to Obtain: Originally a pre-order bonus, but now part of any deluxe version of the game.


3. Hammer of Ptah

Hammer of Ptah in AC Origins

When you look at all the stuff that Bayek gets into in his line of work, it’s sometimes a wonder why all of his horses and camels aren’t this well-protected.

The Hammer of Ptah is a horse that’s decked out and ready for whatever the latest skirmish can throw at it.

Hard leathers on the flank and a metal helmet on the heads means this bad boy can sustain anything it has to ride through – and with Bayek, that’s going to be a lot.

It even has an awesome looking crest on the helmet!

Super tough and looking cool.

That’s the Hammer of Ptah.

How to Obtain: Complete the Killer Shadows quest in the Hidden Ones DLC area.


2. Royal Chariot

Royal Chariot AC Origins Mount

Not all mounts are single animals.

Did you know that historically, Egyptians bred horses more for chariot use than actual riding? It’s true!

And in the Egypt of Assassin’s Creed, you can find your fair share of chariots to cruise in – with none being cooler than the Royal Chariot.

This regal ride looks like somebody put together the coolest shields they could find, and added some torches for flavor.

You have to admit, it looks pretty rad.

You’ll feel just like a Pharaoh as you drift around Egypt in this thing. And it even protects you from arrows!

How to Obtain: The Royal Chariot randomly appears in Chariot shops across Egypt for nine thousand Drachma, and appears only after buying all the other available chariots.


1. Unicorn

Unicorn Mount in AC Origins

Not everything that happens in Assassin’s Creed games is expected – that’s kind of become the series’ thing, introducing apocalyptic plot elements and surprising real-world betrayals.

Of course, nothing is more unexpected than catching sight of a Unicorn. And what’s even more surprising is actually getting to ride one.

The Unicorn is exactly what you’d expect… a horse with a horn.

But it is magical too, with beautiful rainbow trails that escape from its hooves as you trot.

There’s no better way to stand out from the crowd than by riding a mythical Mesopotamian animal deep in the Egyptian deserts!

How to Obtain: Can be purchased in the Helix shop for five hundred helixes.

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