Assassin’s Creed Origins: 15 Best Weapons In The Game (Ranked)

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Assassin’s Creed Origins took the franchise on a deep dive into the RPG genre, leading to many gameplay mechanics being altered compared to previous titles.

One of the biggest changes involves a vast array of weapons, many of which have different statistics and attributes(like passives that provide specific benefits).

This change paved the way for players to mix, match, and maximize the gear that their assassin, Bayek of Siwa, uses in his adventures.

Suffice to say, it didn’t take too long for us to realize that certain choices were just outright better than others.

Ubisoft really outdid themselves with the weapons arsenal in Origins. So for this piece I want to cover weapons from the main game and its two DLCs (The Hidden Ones and The Curse of the Pharaohs). Specifically looking into weapons that you have some guarantee of acquiring through completing quests or defeating certain enemies.

I will exclude gear that you get exclusively through limited events or by purchasing specific weapon packs from the Uplay store(you already bought the game, no need to buy weapons too!)

With all that said, you might still find that most of the weapons on this list require quite a bit of legwork from Bayek.

15. Composite Bow (Light Bow)

Composite Bow from AC Origins

How To Get: Beat Half Horn

This is great for those of us who like to bring bows to a sword fight.

It boasts the Rate of Fire IV attribute making it one of the quickest firing bows in the game.

This mechanic works really well with its Health on Hit passive too, since every arrow that hits its mark will restore a bit of Bayek’s vitality.

To top it all off, each enemy you kill with it also rewards a bit of adrenaline which can help you transition to a powerful melee attack should the need arise.

You’ll get the Composite Bow by defeating Half Horn, a level 38 Phylakes that patrols around Im-Khent Nome.

To make the Phylakes spawn you must first complete Gennadios the Phylakitai, a main story quest. By the time you reach Half Horn you will likely have already encountered other less powerful Phylakes.

14. Staff of Sehetep (Scepter)

Staff of Sehetep AC Origins

How To Get: Complete the Bad Faith quest

In general, scepters are fast long-reaching weapons that let you bonk your way through scores of enemies.

And the Staff of Sehetep does that extremely well.

For one, the Combo Multiplier II attribute stacks really well with the very many hits you will likely land while using it. And the chance to apply a bleeding effect synergizes very well.

Since scepters let Bayek deal with crowds of enemies rather nicely, the Health on Kill passive will also prove quite useful here.

You can get the Staff of Sehetep as a reward for completing “Bad Faith,” a side quest in the base game that becomes available at level 29.

13. Sarissa (Spear)

Sarissa in AC Origins

How To Get: Defeat The Stranger

Sarissa is a spear that possesses the Critical Hit Damage III, Adrenaline on Kill I, and Cursed properties.

Despite a slower swing, the spear’s long reach makes it well-suited for dealing with multiple enemies in melee.

Its critical damage bonus also helps Beyk deal with heavily armored and higher health enemies very effectively.

Most notably, Sarissa’s Cursed attribute will turn you into a certified “glass cannon” since you gain an additional 200% bonus to your damage… at the cost of reducing your health to just 33% of its normal total. A bit of a trade-off but can certainly be worthwhile.

This spear, along with other cursed weapons, makes for a high-risk high-reward playstyle. And I like it!

You’re guaranteed to obtain Sarissa after defeating The Stranger, a level 28 Phylakes that patrols Memphis and its nearby areas.

12. Storm Blades (Dual Swords)

Storm Blades in AC Origins

How To Get: Defeat Ra’s Mercy

Next up we have a set of legendary blades that deal a deadly punch with Adrenaline Regeneration III, Critical Hit Rate II, and Instant Charging.

That package makes this weapon perfect for players who want Bayek to stay up real close and personal with his opponents.

While the Storm Blades’ do have limited reach, more frequent heavy attacks(due to Instant Charging) and overpower moves (due to more Adrenaline) ultimately leads to significantly higher damage potential.

The higher critical chance definitely spikes up that damage even more to add icing on this very lethal cake.

You can snag the Storm Blades by defeating Ra’s Mercy, a Level 30 Phylakes that patrols the Faiyum Oasis area.

11. Deathstorm (Hunter Bow)

Deathstorm AC Origins

How To Get: Defeat Bane of Hathor

This powerful bow has the Charging Speed IV attribute, meaning that it fully charges around the same time it takes to draw back most other bows.

The Deathstorm can also set enemies on fire, which makes it handy for dealing with groups. And for getting out those latent pyromania feelings we all bury deep down.

Plus the Adrenaline on Kill attribute helps you transition to melee combat when it’s no longer optimal to take pot shots at your opponents.

Overall this weapon serves as a nice all-rounder option, whether at long-range or close up. It all works!

You’ll want to be around level 35 before trying to get this bad boy from the Bane of Hathor, a Phylakes that roams the Atef-Pahu Nome area.

10. Smoke and Mirrors (Predator Bow)

Smoke and Mirrors AC Origins

How To Get: Defeat The Iron Ram

So here we have a predator bow, and a personal favorite that has carried me through many quests.

Along with a high damage stat and very long-range, Smoke and Mirrors also features the Stealth Damage III, Critical Hit Rate II, and On Fire attributes.

This setup makes it ideal for a stealthy playstyle since it can defeat most non-boss enemies with a single headshot.

If your target does survive, they’ll likely be on fire, making them that much easier to pick off.

In my playthrough, I got lucky and found Smoke and Mirrors as a random loot drop(much like most weapons) around level 15.

But beyond sheer luck, you’re guaranteed to get this bow by killing The Iron Ram, a level 25 Phylakes that patrols the Ineb-Hedjet Nome region.

9. Tooth of Sobek (Heavy Blade)

Tooth of Sobek AC Origins

How To Get: Defeat both Shadows of the Scarab

A powerful heavy blade that incentivizes taking some damage to deal lots back.

The Instant Charging attribute removes the wind-up time for its heavy attack, allowing Bayek to shield break and knock down opponents more efficiently.

The Adrenaline on Hurt III attribute means Bayek receives a good bit of adrenaline upon taking damage.

Plus its passive adrenaline generation(with Adrenaline Regeneration II) gives it additional damage potential through more frequent overpower moves.

If you’re a fan of heavy blades then the Tooth of Sobek gives an optimal mix of range and speed, along with being one of the highest damaging weapons in the game.

You can obtain this weapon during The Shadows of Scarab side quest in The Hidden Ones DLC where you get tasked with defeating… well, the Shadows of the Scarab.

You get this weapon after killing the Shadow of the South in battle.

8. Golden Wolf (Regular Sword)

Golden Wolf AC Origins

How To Get: Defeat The Outsider

With the Critical Hit Damage II and Critical Hit Rate IV attributes, the Golden Wolf can churn out respectable damage that can take out opponents with a single chain of attacks.

The Health on Kill property also makes it very useful when dealing with groups of enemies since you’ll regain some health for each foe you cull.

I’d say overall the Golden Wolf is a nice, well-rounded weapon that will help you on your leveling journey. It’s also pretty well designed too.

If you want to get your hands on the Golden Wolf, Bayek will need to defeat The Outsider. This battle will be around the Lake Mareotis area and The Outsider will probably be the first Phylakes you can encounter in the game.

7. Venomous Grace (Dual Swords)

Venomous Grace AC Origins

How To Get: Complete The Lady of Grace

This powerful set of dual swords is another fantastic weapon for anyone who likes to play fast and loose in close combat.

Adrenaline Regeneration II and Combo Multiplier help you stack up damage with consecutive hits and overpower combos.

Poison on Hit also potentially adds a lot of extra damage with sapping health through this effect(20% chance on each hit).

And considering how often you attack with dual swords, chances are that you’ll be dealing out poison reliably often.

The poison effect can also spread to other nearby enemies should you engage multiple at once, which shores up the dual swords’ weakness of having a shorter attack range.

To get this poison blade you’ll need to have to complete The Lady of Grace main quest in The Curse of the Pharaohs DLC.

6. The Living One (Sickle Sword)

The Living One in AC Origins

How To Get: Complete The Heretic

The Living One is a powerful sickle sword that can apply a bleed effect on each hit.

It also has the potent Adrenaline Regeneration passive that enables you to enter “rage mode” more often.

The increased attack speed really helps get that bleed on your enemies as a result.

Its heavy attacks also charge instantly, which should help you manage your enemies even better!

Another potent weapon from The Curse of the Pharaohs DLC, you’ll get The Living One after completing the main story mission The Heretic.

5. Lord of Thebes (Scepter)

Lord of Thebes in AC Origins

How To Get: Complete Unfair Trade

Scepter lovers: this weapon will be the pick!

The Lord of Thebes has the Combo Multiplier III, Critical Hit Rate II, and Health on Hit attributes, making the weapon very, very potent.

Great for a fast-hitting and possibly reckless playstyle.

Combo Multiplier rewards you for constantly landing hits on your enemies, which in turn lets you land more critical hits with its higher critical rate.

Plus with scepters having the longest melee weapon range, it will feel satisfying to bonk every enemy you can in the vicinity.

When you’re just going hard in the paint, you might end up taking a few times blows yourself. But lucky for you, each smack with the Lord of Thebes gives you a bit of healing to keep you going. Pretty crazy weapon through-and-through.

After progressing enough through the main storyline of The Curse of the Pharaohs DLC you will gain access to the Unfair Trade side quest. After completing this quest the Lord of Thebes will be yours!

4. Trophy Hunter (Predator Bow)

Trophy Hunter AC Origins

How To Get: Defeat Qetesh and Resheph

And here we are; the apex predator bow whose damage capability exceeds that of Smoke and Mirrors.

Players who enjoy sniping at a distance and who have a knack for finding vantage points may very quickly make this bow their signature weapon.

Trophy Hunter possesses the Stealth Damage II, Critical Hit Damage III, and Elevation Multiplier attributes, which can lead to some absurdly powerful stealth shots.

To get the Trophy Hunter you will need to best Qetesh and Resheph, a pair of War Elephants in Uab Nome.

Both elephants are level 40 monsters so you’ll need to be sufficiently leveled and equipped with suitable gear to take them both on. But I think the prize is well worth the effort.

3. Hepzefa’s Sword (Regular Sword)

Hepzefa’s Sword AC Origins

How To Get: Complete The Final Weighing

A fantastic regular sword that takes its namesake from Bayek’s best bud.

Hepzefa’s Sword has the Critical Hit Rate III, Adrenaline on Hurt II, and On Fire attributes.

Admittedly you might get limited mileage with Adrenaline on Hurt, depending how good you are at dodging or parrying attacks.

However Hepzefa’s Sword outputs some stellar damage thanks to its more frequent critical hits and fire.

Lots and lots of fire.

Setting your enemies ablaze makes this weapon exceptionally potent since the fire can spread to nearby enemies(for more damage) and distract them because, well, they’re on fire.

To get Hepzefa’s Sword just complete The Final Weighing, a level 32 quest in the base game’s main storyline. It’ll take some time but it appears reasonably early enough to make it worthwhile.

2. Aten’s End (Spear)

Aten’s End AC Origins

How To Get: Defeat Tutankhamun

Aten’s End is an end-game weapon that will shred even the most powerful foes you may face.

This spear combines long reach with compounding damage potential through its Combo Multiplier IV and Critical Hit Damage I attributes.

Its Health on Kill property also helps you tough out fights while outnumbered since each kill will restore a chunk of your health while you trim out the horde.

You acquire Aten’s End by defeating the final boss of “The Curse of the Pharaohs” main questline.

Fair warning: you’ll have to defeat one of highest leveled enemies in the entire game here, so look up some guides and get prepared. But at least you get a fantastic reward for all your time.

1. Amun’s Might (Regular Sword)

Amun’s Might, best weapon in AC Origins

How To Get: Complete the Gods or Creed side quest

At last we have what I think is the best weapon in the entire game.

This monster of a sword has the Critical Hit Rate IV, Critical Hit Damage III, and Instant Charging attributes.

Why is it so good?

Well, improved Critical Hit Rate means you’ll land a critical hit with every other attack.

Then Critical Hit Damage meshes quite well to make those criticals hurt even more.

Instant Charging is also very useful for dealing with shield users and knocking down opponents, creating more openings for your next barrage of (probably critical) attacks.

For most sword users, Amun’s Might just can’t be beat.

Now to get your hands on this thing you need to complete the Gods or Creed side quest in The Curse of the Pharaohs DLC, and aim to be around level 48 by the time you do it.

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