ACNH Carnival & Amusement Park Design Ideas For Your Island

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Hooray! The carnival is in town!

Time to gather your friends to go on thrilling rides, see mesmerizing entertainment, and finally get one of those giant stuffed unicorns.

In this list, we’re going to look at some of the best amusement park-styled designs that ACNH players have come up with.

And you can try building these ideas yourself for a bit more flair on your island, and maybe even try incorporation some of your favorite childhood pasttimes.


15. Custom Disney Path

Custom Mickey Mouse Theme Park Pattern - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @tracyrobrin

Our favorite cartoon mouse makes an appearance!

I feel like I’ve walked straight into Disneyland.

This player really wanted to bring the spirit of her theme park across their whole area. I love the extra detail that they must have spent a lot of time to create.

But you can substitute the Mickey icon for any kind of symbol you like.

It could be your carnival’s theme (if it has one), or it could be as simple as a heart or sun pattern. Whichever you choose, it’ll make your carnival area feel truly unique!


14. Ticket Booth

Ticket Booth Design for ACNH
Image Source by Hilari_ous

Step right up, everyone. Get your ticket to enter a carnival for the ages!

Seriously, this ticket booth is a really nice touch for this kind of design.

This player studied the design of a Nook Miles Ticket, then changed the color scheme for their own take on the idea.

I’m seriously amazed at how they managed to get the pink stripes to fit perfectly between each awning on the stand.

They even have a whole ringmaster outfit on, ready to go, ready to welcome all visitors to their wonderful carnival creation.


13. Fenced Lines For Rides

Fenced Lines For Rides - ACNH Idea
Image Source by feloreenas

Huge lines and wait times: probably the only downside of theme parks.

Although in this case, you get to dictate the waiting times. So that’s something!

This fenced area is a great way to add detail to your local attraction.

It’s also a sure-fire way to get one step closer to getting a five-star island rating.

The iron fencing here coordinates well with the pastel coloring of their teacup ride. But most any kind of fencing will work.

The brick fencing can pretty much go with anything. Or corral can be a more natural look, or even hedge fencing.

But if you want to go the extra mile and if you have some more space, you can make an express pass line. Specifically for those villagers willing to shell out extra Bells!


12. Carnival Food

Carnival Food - ACNH Idea
Image Source by alreadyacrazycatlady

How could we forget about the food?!

Theme park cuisine can make or break your experience. However, just judging by presentation alone, I can tell that this player has got some tasty stuff out for sale.

I love how they designed each and every stall around the food they’re selling! It’s a perfect set-up to use that pizza oven, if you weren’t entirely sure what to do with it.

And check this out: the ice cream and fruit hats have found another purpose besides being fashion pieces.

My mouth is watering just looking at the cotton candy and popcorn…


11. Boardwalk

Boardwalk Theme Park Area - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @michelleketrem

For those who want a little more beach-side entertainment, here’s a way you can make it happen with this cute boardwalk!

It’s just one of many incredible boardwalk ideas for ACNH, and this island attraction has everything. From games to snacks to a teacup ride up on the rocks, it’s all here.

Let’s hope they don’t go too fast, otherwise you’ll be praying for Pascal to come and save you from the water!

I’m loving the little boards on the beach, and how the flower color choices match different elements of the park.

This feels like a good way to have a little piece of entertainment on your island if you don’t have a lot of room, or if you have an empty space that’s begging to be covered.


10. Clown Area

Clown Area Design for ACNH
Image Source by @muffycrossing

Honk honk!

I may have found an area where Pietro would feel right at home.

This is such a cute little area for any carnival theme. This player found a perfect use for the newly-implemented photo standees, and has created a beautiful set right around it!

I’ve never been able to figure out what to do with my tree and grass standees. But this idea just proves that Nintendo has always been one step ahead with their DIY designs.

The rainbow colors are a staple for pulling this area off. As for the rest of the background, you can keep it simple and use it for a different kind of attraction, or you can build upon it like this player did.

I’m constantly amazed at how ACNH players have mastered perspective.

I still have a lot to learn when it comes to designing…

Anyway, smile for the camera!


9. Balloon Game

Balloon Pop Carnival Game - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @abbifer0405

Steady…steady…Woo-hoo, a direct hit!

Who doesn’t love a classic carnival game with prizes on the line?

This is yet another great use for a stall which you can customize any way you want.

Check out the detail on the board behind the stall with all of the balloons. All different colors, some at varying levels of actually looking popped… amazing!

You can highlight different kinds of prizes that people could win, from DIY recipes to specialty clothing.

And the best part about this idea is that your villagers will be sure it’s not rigged.


8. Blocks Game With Prizes

Knocking Down Blocks Game at Carnival - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @peeweecrossings

What an impressive carnival area this player created.

Specifically looking at the blocks game and prize area, I think they made great use of a classic carnival game here.

It looks like they’ve displayed a tour guide shirt in the middle of the game to look like an attendant, which is ingenious in and of itself.

They also designed their prize area theme around teddy bears, and must’ve painstakingly collected all of them from Nook’s Cranny, and customized each one. Jeez.

Honestly, any prize haul is better than the sports jackets that all my villagers just won’t stop gifting me!

Although if you want to theme your prize area around sports or something else, there are tons of different items you can choose.


7. Entertainment Area

Entertainment Stage Area in ACNH
Image Source by @muffycrossing

There are usually lots of different kind of shows at a theme park.

Whether they’re parades, amazing stunts, magicians, or marching bands, you’re sure to find a fun show somewhere.

And now you can bring the show to your island with this lovely entertainment area!

It’s really cool how it has its own designated spot in a wooded area, away from the other main attractions. The default wooden custom path is good for a flat stage, and keeps the natural theme of the area alive.

You can add borders or wooden fencing around the sides of the stage if you want to elevate it a bit more.

It’s also a perfect spot to put down any musical instruments that you have. Do I hear a concert brewing?

This is another opportunity to use different standees if you want to build more of a scene on the stage itself.

And last but not least, the sign featuring the showtimes pulls this look together. What time is the next showing of “Pavé’s Grooves”?


6. Racecar Track

Racecar Track Idea in ACNH
Image Source by CamrynDaytona

Look out, fast and furious coming through.

This player says it best, that no theme park is complete without a race car track (or bumper cars).

And what a super-cool way to make sure that no grassy area is left open in your park!

It looks like this player coordinated the colors of most of the attractions surprisingly well, with a mix of black and red. There are more colors for the car beds that you can use, too.

Or you can even stick a few flags down to make it look like a true race track.

Start your engines and get racing!


5. Jurassic Park Crossing

Jurassic Park Theme Park Design - ACNH Idea
Image Source by daneccleston86

The dinosaurs are back!

This obvious Jurassic park fan has turned their island into an outdoor museum/dinosaur theme park, inspired by one of the coolest films ever made.

With an expert use of inclines and decorations, this is one of the greatest tourist attractions you’ll ever find in ACNH.

I have never seen such a better use for the stone arch, with the torches as an added touch.

You can choose your favorite dinosaurs to use for this area, though I have to admit that that Quetzalcoatlus looks particularly terrifying.


4. Lazy River

Custom lazy river design - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @nooksisle

I just cannot get over how beautiful this is.

This player has created an amazing waterpark/tropical resort idea that’s sure to pull in tons of visitors. Just look at that water!

The borders around the river are astounding, and the use of many different plants all brings the look together phenomenally.

Any of the chair options here would fit right into this theme, and you can make it more of a jungle or resort area as you please.

However you build it, I’d say this lazy river idea could be the hit summer attraction.


3. Pastel Carnival Theme

Pastel-themed colored carnival idea in ACNH
Image Source by @newhorizonsblackmarket

It’s always a gorgeous sight to behold whenever a player designs an area around a color scheme.

In this case, it’s a pretty pastel carnival.

Using decorations from Toy Day, Bunny Day, even from the wedding season, this player has created a whimsical world of fun for the whole family.

You can add in more rides from the ideas earlier in this list – if you have the space for it.

But if this shade of pastel isn’t your thing, you can also try purple, green, or gold. And feel free to add more game stalls as well – just play around as you build and see what feels right.

I’d say just looking at all of this is sure to put a smile on any villager’s face!


2. Neon in the Night

Neon Nighttime Park Design - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @acnh.yez

Who says the festivities have to end at night?

In fact, why don’t we have a carnival that’s only open after dark?

It’s such a drag when Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters have closed for the night, and there’s nothing left to do…

So this player came up with a beautiful alternative for night-time entertainment!

There are lots of light sources in varying colors here, and decorations from the Festivale event that really capture the party spirit.

Lots of late-night fun to be had in one compact location!


1. Main Street USA: Animal Crossing Style

Disneyland Main Street in Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image Source by @acnh_disneyland

What an incredible idea here to cap off this list.

This player has managed to recreate the first themed section of our favorite Disney park.

Complete with old-style town houses, shops, a wide front street, and an added flair of confetti cannons on every rooftop.

If you look closely, you can see some Disney princess dresses on display for some kind of parade too. But these can be substituted with your favorites.

Walking down a street like this is sure to bring a smile to anyone who’s lucky enough to visit your island.

And with this kind of set-up, you can build a theme park area that runs like a year-round celebration that everyone’s invited to.

The magic is definitely still alive here.

And no matter how many hours you might spend building your own similar area, I’d say it’s definitely worth it!

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