20 Autumn & Fall Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Autumn in the Animal Crossing world bring us trees of beautiful orange and brown tones, and some of the insects you’ve been capturing will soon disappear.

You’ll discover acorns and pinecones dropping mysteriously from some trees, as well as a variety of mushrooms that start spawning on your island.

Plus autumn brings us not one, but two amazing holidays! First we celebrate Turkey Day on Nov. 26th and then on October 31st we dig into the Halloween celebrations!

But maybe you’re not sure where to start decorating for autumn? Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration to drum up some ideas.

Well look no further, as I’ve gathered up a handful of my absolute favorites right here.


20. Outdoor Art Studio

Outside art studio in autumn - ACNH idea
Image Source by @lunecrossings

What could be more relaxing than creating some art by the river?

To make this sweet outdoor studio, start by terraforming some rivers around the area you want to turn into your art studio. Then add some trees and hedges.

The “paintings’ are achieved by displaying a custom design. Could it get any easier than that?

Maybe add a record player and some records for your villagers to listen to while they create their art.

All you have left to do then is scatter some leaves along the ground using the custom design tool, and add a few plants. Then you’re ready to start painting.


19. Turkey Day Set Up

Autumn Turkey Day Feast Idea - ACNH Screenshot
Image Source by Sully0714R / @nellcrossing

What better way to spend Turkey Day than with your favorite villagers!

This setup looks just like a real thanksgiving dinner table. The mix-matched chairs and the random table settings are the perfect addition to bringing this idea to life.

And the use of the wooden floor custom path is absolutely amazing!

Be sure to place a couple brick ovens and a clay furnace behind your dining area, and then your turkey day setup is almost ready for your villagers and their favorite dishes.

Then to finish this amazing idea off you’ll want to scatter some rustic paths around, as well as add some flowers to brighten up the space.


18. Autumn Scenery Idea

Orange and red fall scenery - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @crossing_lorien

This design just screams Autumn, with lots of warm colors and lush waterfalls.

Recreate this design by adding various levels of cliffs, adding tons of trees, and be sure to add a variety of mushroom items, bushes, and flowers.

Adding the custom design of leaves scattered on the ground is a great addition too, as it really makes this seem like the trees are losing their leaves.

Lastly here, we need to add some rivers and waterfalls. Looks great!


17. Mushroom Farm

Fall mushroom farm build - ACNH Idea
Image Source by acorn-pouchette

If farming mushrooms doesn’t scream fall then I don’t know what does!

You really don’t need a lot of space to add some character to your island. You can achieve this little mushroom farm by starting with a small area, then blocking it off with a few hedges, some trees, and barbed wire fencing.

Next you’ll need to place some dirt paths on the ground. We need somewhere for you to grow your mushrooms in!

Granted, you can’t actually plant mushrooms in the game. But you can drop them in place on your dirt path and they’ll look like they’re growing right out of the ground.

And to finish this little mushroom farm, all you need to add is a brick well, a watering can, and a cute little custom mushroom sign.


16. Fall Orchard

Cherry and fruit orchard in fall - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @opal_oakoasis

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a stroll through the orchard on a crisp fall day.

This design is fairly simple to create, too.

All you need to do is gather up some fruit trees and scatter them around (a pattern is preferred here!). This design is perfect if you don’t want to dedicate a whole area to an orchard.

Or do you have pathway that need some decorating? This orchard is a great fit!

Maybe add in a jug of infused water, ready for your villagers to enjoy. Time to go fruit picking!


15. Pumpkin Patch

Autumn pumpkin patch idea in ACNH
Image Source by evgeniyaosipovs

Who doesn’t loving going to the pumpkin patch to search for the perfect pumpkin to carve?

Well now you don’t have to wait any longer! Recreating your own pumpkin patch on your Animal Crossing Island is super easy, and tons of fun.

This little pumpkin patch idea can be up and running in no time. Just start off by choosing an area on your island, then fence it in using a combination of straw fencing, hedges, barbed wire fencing, and country fencing.

Decorate using a variety of new pumpkin themed DIY’s gathered through the month of October. These can include the table, chair, lantern, lantern set, and scarecrow

Add in the finishing touches of a wheel barrow and a shovel, and your pumpkin patch is complete!


14. Pumpkin Carving Table

Custom pumpkin carving area in ACNH
Image Source by brusheswithdarkness

Have you been waiting all year to carve pumpkins?

Well this idea should be right up your alley.

To make this yourself, start off by adding a fall-themed custom design to a couple wooden stools, as well as the Table with cloth.

Then grab your cutting board and knife block set, and you’re almost ready to start carving!

If you have room for more designs, place some scattered leaves down using another custom design to add extra detail.

Then all you need to finish this design off are a few planted pumpkins, the spooky scarecrow, and the tall spooky lantern DIY.


13. Glowy Autumn Campsite

Bright autumn campsite design - ACNH Idea
Image Source by brusheswithdarkness / @afterglow.horizons

Create this amazing little campsite on your island just in time for autumn, and your visitors will never want to leave.

Try building this yourself by surrounding your campsite with lush trees and calming rivers, pretty flowers, and lots of candlelight.

The hyacinth lamp is a great addition here because it gives off a nice autumnal glow.

And be sure to add in a campfire for your residents to hang by, and a cute blanket using a custom path design, and you’ve got the perfect place to relax under the stars.

You’ll also need a dining area too, and this idea has you covered! Simply place the log bench and log table DIY at the far end of your campsite.

Lastly, throw in some placemats and add a custom designed cushion onto the bench for seating.


12. Cozy Fall Cabin

Cozy cabin interior in fall - ACNH Idea
Image Source by ThreeHalfPints4Ever

This cabin idea is the perfect spot for your villagers to vacation at.

To complete this design, you need the log bed and log bench DIY, as well as the DIY for the rocking chair.

You’ll also need the rattan bedside table and lamp in brown to achieve your cozy cabin.

And I have to say, the use of the starry garland is great here, because it adds some light without being too bright.

Then add the stacked book DIY for your villagers to enjoy.

And last but not least, any cabin isn’t complete without a kettle and a warm cup of tea hot off the stove.


11. Picnic Area

ACNH Picnic area idea in autumn
Image Source by @marino_anuenue

I think we could all use a fall afternoon picnic by the river.

But for now, Animal Crossing will have to fill the void!

To make this area, start by surrounding any space with flowers.

Then you’d need a blanket, which can be found in the custom design portal. Add in some cushions and a pitcher to enjoy a nice cool drink.

And if you want to really nail this look, throw in a bicycle and some trees, and you’re ready to relax your afternoon away.


10. Farmer’s Market

Fall farmers market build in ACNH
Image Source by @virtualboo_

There’s nothing better than enjoying the farmers market on a quiet autumn day.

In the center of this idea we have a beautiful garden of bushes and flowers. And I have to say, this cozy little market space is the perfect spot for you villagers to get out and enjoy some nature, while also getting some shopping done.

Create your shop area using different stalls, customized how ever you see best fit!

Then place whichever items you’d like to sell onto the stalls. Easy!

Maybe you want to start up a toy shop, or sell flowers, or maybe some local veggies. The possibilities are truly endless.


9. Corn Maze

Autumn corn maze entrance design - ACNH Idea
Image Source by poppypier

This idea is super creative among all the other maze designs out there, and it really doesn’t take much to create.

The straw fence DIY is the main item used here, so that’s crucial. Then you’d just design a pattern for your villagers to follow.

And your corn maze can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like, so it’s really up to you!

Maybe even add some dead ends to make it more challenging.

Or you can burry treasures in there somewhere to turn this into an exciting scavenger hunt. Or you could use the in-game stop watch turn your maze into a game, and see which of your friends can navigate your maze the fastest!


8. Apple Cider Brewery

Custom Apple Cider Brewery Idea in ACNH
Image Source by tzelli

Nestled amongst the apple trees, this sweet little brewery is the perfect spot for your villagers to hang out.

Start building this yourself by creating a small apple orchard by placing a handful of apple trees on top of a dirt path, then fencing it in with a coral fence. Any size can work here.

Then add an apple cardboard box, as well as a ladder, to reach those high up apples.

But now we’ve gotta focus on how to create the brewery itself. Here we’d use the wooden flooring, and create the initial shape of our brewery using coral fencing.

Now we need some tables, and from the looks of this idea they’ve used a few different Iron Wood DIY recipes. But if you haven’t gotten your hands on those yet, then any table will work fine!

Now to add the finishing touches, we have a few barrels placed around with garden faucets in front of them. But try customizing this design with your own furniture ideas too!


7. Whimsical Autumn Forest

Little Red Riding Hood Autumn Forest - ACNH Idea
Image Source by rapunzel316

This adorable rendition of Little Red Riding Hood is such a unique way to use some of the new fall items, such as the mushroom parasol, red leaf pile, mush stool, and the bounties arch.

And the use of the path in this design is amazing!

You can find that design under the design portal at Able’s using the search tool, and searching “the path”. There are tons of variations for this path, and any of them would look absolutely amazing in your whimsical forest.

Complete this design by adding in some flowers around the area, as well as some trees!

And maybe you’ll find a little gnome friend to keep you company… let’s just hope we don’t run into any scary wolves on our adventures.


6. Fallen Leaves

Custom fallen leaves pattern design - ACNH Idea
Image Source by Vulpixy

Autumn is the season where a lot of the trees start losing their leaves.

And this simple design is brilliant for adding those little details that truly transform your island into something amazing.

Just pick up a custom pattern and place these leaves along the ground, maybe with pinecones underneath your cedar trees.

This takes realistic forest design to a whole new level in Animal Crossing.


5. Autumn Pathway

Crisp autumn pathway idea in ACNH
Image Source by moonlitt_

This simple leafy pathway is a really cool way to decorate for Autumn.

Simple to make, yet a really great design that could be applied almost anywhere: villager homes, or along hiking trails, or even outside Nook’s!

To make this yourself, just hit up the custom design portal and type in the creator code in the picture above. You’ll find this amazing autumn pathway pretty darn fast.


4. The Witch Hut

Witches hut design in ACNH
Image Source by FragilePunkKid

This witchy hut gives us some seriously spooky vibes!

Complete with potions, a cauldron, and even some creepy crawlies, you can make all your witchy dreams come true with this design.

Try building this yourself by adding in some plants, both dried and alive, as well as some bookcases too.

Because even the most seasoned witch needs to refer back to her books every now and again.


3. Easy Autumn Yard

Autumn leafy yard idea - ACNH
Image Source by Unknown

This villager’s yard décor absolutely has that fall vibe.

Lots of wood is used here, which makes this feel even more rustic.

And you could even leave space for a garden to plant your favorite veggies, as well as a river nearby to dip your toes into.

Just add some trees, bushes, and anything outdoorsy to really bring this idea to life.

I’d say the toughest part of this design is trying to decide who gets this beautiful yard.


2. Fall Garden

Peaceful farm garden in fall - ACNH Idea
Image Source by emi_clare

Fall is known for being the time of the harvest.

So what better way to celebrate than by building a fall garden?

This idea is complete with a greenhouse for your plants, too.

And designing your own custom paths here offers a great way to separate the garden from the greenhouse.

To really nail this idea just add in some dirt paths, a wheelbarrow, and a scarecrow. Now you’re all set to get outside and plant those veggies.


1. Hiking Trail

Autumn hiking trail idea in ACNH
Image Source by @dalmatiacrossng

Getting out for a hike is the perfect way to spend a warm fall afternoon.

And there’s truly nothing better than breathing in the crisp fresh air in your virtual paradise.

To re-create a similar hiking path like this idea, fill in the space with a rustic path (here’s the perfect area to use your autumn path design).

Add in some trees in their various stages of growth, and toss around some flowerers and bushes too.

Then you can lay down a bit of fencing to help separate this area from the rest of your island. Or even keep fencing sparse to give it a more outdoorsy feeling.

And last but not least, you’ll want a custom sign to indicate where your trail starts, and maybe a few signs throughout the trail as well.

And those tourist telescopes are a wonderful touch, too.

Now you can bring your friends along and lead the way!

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