Fruit Furniture Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Let me guess: you’re a fruit lover.

Then why not transform your island into a fruit paradise with Animal Crossing’s lovely fruit furniture?

These designs bring a fun place to chill, plus a bright and cheery theme into your island paradise. So if you’ve got lots of fruit furniture but aren’t sure how to get started, we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you going.

Or if you don’t have any fruit furniture yet, well… better get to it!


10. Pear Study

Green pear fruity room design in ACNH
Image Source by bunnylin84

With this player’s idea, you could transform your home into a fruity green paradise.

You’d first need to add your favorite green wallpaper and flooring to set the scene.

Then be sure to add the wooden block table, bookshelf, and of course, the pear wardrobe and the pear bed. Those pretty much make the room!

And be sure to add a wooden wardrobe in there. You can even customize it green to tie in with the theme.

Finish by adding a bunch of plants to complete the look.


9. Peach Bedroom

Pink peach bedroom design in ACNH
Image Source by @magicee_maria

You’ll be feeling peachy with this super cute (and super pink) bedroom idea.

Here’s how to make it for yourself:

Throw up your favorite pink wallpaper and flooring. This’ll create the base look for your peachy room.

You can then go ahead and pop down a pink rug, and add some peach chairs on top to tie the space together.

Be sure to add some wooden block shelves and flowers in there too.

Then complete the look by adding the cherry lamp for some much-needed ambience.


8. Bright Living Area

Fruity living room home interior in New Horizons
Image Source by @teke_pokemori

Your living room isn’t really a living room unless you’re rocking this insane fruit theme, right?

I can already smell the citrus.

To make this for yourself, first you’ll need to craft the apple wallpaper to bring the room to life. You can also lay down some wooden flooring, really whatever strikes your fancy.

You’ll then want to add some cherry speakers, a pear wardrobe, an orange table, and an apple television. All these items should bring the fruit theme to life.

And don’t forget to add an orange rug!

Orange you glad you could craft one?

Then finish the look by adding a yellow couch, yellow fridge, and some matching appliances.


7. Orchard Café

Orchard fruit cafe in New Horizons
Image Source by @DelicateJobb

Breathe a breath of fresh air into your island with this fruity café design.

To set the scene, you’d want to first design some kind of orchard around this space. But leave any kind of open field for the café spot.

Then you can grab a couple of clover custom designs to decorate your grass area.

Next, you can add some stalls and customize them with your favorite fruit designs, and add some fruit cardboard boxes too.

Complete the look by adding all of your fruit chairs and tables, and your orchard dining spot is complete.


6. All The Fruit

Custom fruit-themed room in ACNH
Image Source by @acprincessclub

Transform your home into this fruit-themed paradise with one heck of a design.

To get started, you’ll first need to craft yourself the apple wall. It’s definitely the best fit for a room like this!

And be sure to then add some wooden flooring, and add a few wooden tables too.

Then throw in a pear bed and a pear wardrobe. You can also add some cherry speakers onto one of your tables, just like this player did.

But the orange rug is a must-have to pull the look together.

Finish by adding a bunch of the fruit-themed umbrellas and you’re ready for rain or sun.


5. Downtown Fruity Café

Downtown fruity cafe in ACNH
Image Source by twosnkes

This fruity outdoor café is similar to the idea mentioned earlier, but this time, we’re taking things closer to where our villagers live.

This is the perfect addition to any island with its colorful and upbeat atmosphere. It’ll soon be the hottest hangout spot in town.

If you want to recreate this awesome design, you’ll want to collect as many of the fruit chairs as you can, and grabbing as many different fruit types as possible.

You’ll also want to collect a bunch of fruit tables too. Once you’ve done that, you can then lay them out in your chosen area.

Be sure to add some stalls to the area, fully customized with your favorite fruity designs. And complete the look by popping some cherry speakers and fruit bowls onto your stalls.


4. Beach Smoothie Bar

Fruit smoothie bar on the beach - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @Envy_acnh

Is any smoothie bar truly complete without a fruit-themed beach café?

I think not.

Well here’s how you can get one of your own.

An essential item in your smoothie bar has to be the stalls. You can customize these too with your favorite fruit designs.

Then pop some coconuts and blenders up on your stalls to prepare for all those beachgoers.

You can then move on to decorating your beach. Be sure to add lots of peach chairs and orange tables for this beachy scene.


3. Fruity Dining

Fruit-themed kitchen and dining room - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @ohsnarf

No home is complete without some kind of dining area.

So let’s take our kitchens into the fruity zone with this idea.

You’ll need to bag yourself some wooden flooring and also craft yourself the apple wall. Once you have those you can throw them up.

You can also add the wooden block stereo and a diner sofa + table in there too.

And be sure to also add plenty of fruit tables, and throw a custom stall in there for good measure.

Complete the look with some plants and an orange clock. And I’ve gotta say, those orange tables also look pretty darn sleek.


2. River Fruit Café

Outdoor fruit-themed cafe by the river - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @vGEwd5ReSbIlc6G

A small outdoor café is a staple for any fruit-themed island.

But throwing one over by the river bank? Now that’s an idea.

Here’s how you can get started on your own fruity riverside eatery.

First, grab yourself some stalls and customize them with your favorite fruity designs. You can also pop a fruit bowl and a coffee machine up there too.

Then be sure to add some apple chairs and orange tables to your outdoor area. This is really where things get… fruity.

And if you’d like to plant a handful of fruit trees nearby, well I’d say they’d definitely fit in just fine.


1. Fruit Kitchen

Bright-themed fruit kitchen interior in ACNH
Image Source by @rslashAC

Channel some retro vibes with this fruity kitchen design.

To get started on this funky design in your own home, you’ll first need to craft the orange wall and lay down your favorite wooden flooring (tiles could also work, just go dark).

Then throw in some peach and apple chairs to bring the fruit theme to life. You can also add some yellow diner counter tops to fit with the aesthetic.

I’d also recommend some more yellow accents. This player added a refrigerator and a coffee machine, but anything like this can work.

Be sure to add some plants in there too.

Complete the look by adding a bookshelf off to the back, a fruit bowl onto the table, and a notice board with all your daily to-dos.

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