25 Outdoor Park Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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The bulk of your time spent in New Horizons will be in the great outdoors.

And I can think of no better outdoor space to spend time than in a fun park.

There are many different types of parks out there. You can play, relax, and soak up the nature.

It can be difficult choosing what kind of park you’d like to on your island. But here are some pretty cool ideas to get you started on some communal outdoor spots.


25. Chess in the Park

Chess park design in New Horizons
Image Source by @eftelicia

Does anyone else remember that Pixar short of an old man playing chess with himself in the park? That’s the vibe I get with this idea.

And you don’t need a big space to pull this one off. Just select a small spot by the water with some nice, shady trees.

The white iron garden chairs and pansy table make for great park furniture. Perfect to setup a chess table and play this legendary game.

Obviously, you need to purchase a chess board too.

The pond stone is a nice touch, since it adds some nice scenery while you play!


24. Japanese-Inspired Park

Japanese-themed park idea for ACNH
Image Source by ripcurtis

If you have a nice bamboo grove on your island like me, maybe consider turning it into a park.

Clearly, for this idea you need a bunch of bamboo trees on the border of the park.

Then you’d enclose the area further with some imperial fencing, which can be crafted from iron.

You’ll also need to craft a stone table and some stone stools from… you guessed it, stone.

Also, craft some of your favorite Japanese and bamboo style DIY items like the hearth and bamboo noodle slide (one of my personal favorites).

Finish off the area with some tiki torches, which can be crafted from wood. And now you have a soothing park with a true Japanese island aesthetic.


23. Nighttime Park Lounge

Nighttime park and lounge area - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @AcnhSummer

Here’s a park idea that comes alive at night, since the various light fixtures all create this ominous glow.

Start with creating a pit in the middle of your park area, which you’ll need to do before sculpting a level up around the pit.

In the pit you’d place a moon, which is crafted from star fragments, and some frozen pillars crafted from snowflakes.

I think placing the floating biotope planters and hyacinth lamps on top of the pillars is a genius way to decorate the place.

I also like the frozen counter and diner neon sign, displayed as a sort of bar area. It really brings the scene together as a nighttime hangout.


22. Outdoor Gym

Outdoor gym in the park - ACNH Idea
Image Source by hrice16

Lots of ACNH players build their own gym room in their home. But maybe working out in the park is more your scene… so why not try making an outdoor gym?

This simple idea mostly requires you to purchase a bunch of exercise equipment from Nook Shopping, then setup different workout stations.

I like that this player put down some custom designs for exercise mats to clearly set each station.

Some of the items you’ll want to invest in are a rock climbing wall, punching bags, a pull up bar stand, weight bench, and speed bag.

You can also craft some kettlebells and barbells for other workout options.

I’ve also seen people set up mini basketball courts too, so feel free to include different sports in your park gym as well.


21. Shakespeare in the Park

Play stage in the park - ACNH Idea
Image Source by Herdnerfer

There are many things you can do in the park – like put on plays for the whole community!

Select a wooded area for your park & create your stage.

You can craft the tree, hedge, and mountain standees from wood and softwood to create a backdrop for this stage area.

Next is the seating. You can make this by simple laying down some paths and placing hay beds, which can be crafted from weeds.

Then dress up in the finest of clothes like the scale armor suit or prince’s tunic, and you’re ready to put on a good show!


20. Duck Pond Park

Custom duck pond park idea in ACNH
Image Source by @foxgrovecrossing

I’ve seen many duck pond ideas in my time.

Each one is definitely unique, and this one stands out because it sets up the whole area as a park to feed the ducks.

Start by either selecting a pond on your island, or sculpting one wherever you want.

Then craft a bunch of wooden ducks, and customize them to be various color patterns. Then scatter them around your pond.

You’ll also want to craft a wooden log bench and log stool from some hardwood as a place to sit.

While the wooden shop sign is for this player’s nearby post office, I think making a sign that says “Duck Feeding” or “Don’t Feed the Ducks” can be a nice finishing touch.


19. Riverside Park

Riverside park design in ACNH
Image Source by @hera.acnh

I love those little park squares that overlook the water. They make for cute little hangout or rest area in a busy city.

This player made a custom square stone path design that I think works very well as a path for the area.

To make something similar, just craft some iron garden benches for sitting, and purchase a park clock and drink machine from Nook Miles as well.

I really appreciate the addition of the remote control helicopter, electric kick scooters, and tricycle.

These items really make this small park look as if people are already having fun and enjoying the sun!


18. Schoolyard Playground

Fun schoolyard playground idea in ACNH
Image Source by @dana.crossing

My days working with elementary school students really had me miss when I was small enough to play on a schoolyard playground without it being weird.

If you feel the same way, then design this playground park on your island!

Start by making a small sandlot area. Or another idea can be to create (or download) a custom mulch design for a little more realism.

You’ll also definitely need some custom designs to set up the hopscotch board and other chalk drawings.

The rest of this design is mostly just purchasing various items, like a park clock, playground gym, spring ride-on, and tricycle.


17. Garden Maze

Custom garden maze park area in ACNH
Image Source by aldzyo

I love a good maze.

As long as it’s not the maze from The Shining, I think a garden maze can be fun addition to your island.

To design this for your park area, start by setting up the center and building outward. So you’ll first need to craft a fountain from some stones.

Next, add a couple of iron garden benches for some fountain-side sitting.

I like the addition of the twinkling painting, as if there’s been an artist busy at work in this beautiful scene.

Really all that’s left then is setting up a bunch of hedges along the outside to create the maze. I wouldn’t make it too complicated, or it can create traffic issues.

I actually did that once and it was not fun.


16. Spooky Park Graveyard

Graveyard park at sunset in ACNH
Image Source by @_gallagherlb

While it may not be the liveliest scene, this graveyard idea sure makes for a beautiful little resting place.

The valiant statue makes for a good central starting point here, along with garden bench.

And you can use some custom stone pathways to set up the actual grave spots.

The last thing you’ll need is to craft some western style stones and set them up in neat rows to properly honor the dearly departed.

Maybe imagine each of the headstones is for a villager you kicked out or something.


15. Moonlit Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom park design in ACNH
Image Source by @kirbym0n

Let’s be honest:

The cherry blossom trees always make for some beautiful scenery in ACNH.

And this park design utilizes some simple features that, when put together, make for a relaxing view.

I think the squareness of the area makes it look super organized, so start by setting up brick path and hedge fencing around the perimeter.

Next, craft some iron garden furniture such as the mini tables, chairs, and benches. The white color complements the pink trees here quite well.

And the moon in the center can be crafted from star fragments. I’ll bet it looks even more stunning in the actual moonlight!


14. BBQ Cookout

Park cookout design in Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image Source by MONKBOOT

When you get a large group of friends together, it can be some a lot of fun to host a cookout in the park.

And the same holds true for Animal Crossing!

Start out by setting up a small area of your island with some brick fencing.

Next, craft some bamboo benches from bamboo, and purchase a few outdoor tables to create a nice seating area.

You’ll also want to purchase a clay furnace, a barbecue, and craft a brick oven so you have a variety of places to cook for everyone.

Finish off the area with some cooking items like the unglazed pottery set, a cutting board, and a soup kettle. Now you’re ready to dig in!


13. Museum Entrance Park

Museum park entrance area in ACNH
Image Source by @Betty_LunaPark

Sometimes it’s not so much about what you use in an idea, but rather where you place it.

This idea creates a stunning entryway for Blathers’ Museum that you can easily duplicate.

First, lay down some stone paths, and add some custom flower designs to liven up the pathway.

Then craft a fountain out of stone and display it as a beautiful centerpiece for this museum park.

In addition, you’ll want to craft some iron garden benches for your museum patrons to sit on. It is a park, after all.

Once you’ve done that, display some of your favorite statues like the beautiful statue and athletic statue. But see whichever statues you like the most. It’s your park, after all.


12. Carnival Park

Fun carnival park design in ACNH
Image Source by @DemonLevoxeon

If you have some leftover Festivale decorations, then maybe creating this carnival park is the way to go.

You’ll want some Festivale garlands and balloons to start. These can be obtained from Pave during Festivale, so I hope you saved up some feathers.

You’ll also want to purchase a teacup ride from Nook Miles, as well as a colorful wheel from Nook Shopping so you have some fun attractions.

I like the addition of the Statue of Liberty and the Pagoda to give this spot an international feeling.

Note: both of those items can be obtained from Gulliver.

I also think leaving a good amount of open space is smart. That way everyone can get in on the carnival fun!


11. Park Movie Night

Outdoor movie night in the park - ACNH Idea
Image Source by kobekinz

One last activity that can be park fun for everyone is holding a movie night.

To make this area, setup some simple panels, and customize them to display your favorite movie. It can be the credits as shown, or get creative with that night’s feature.

Lay down some custom designed picnic blankets, and place some cushions so that movie goers have some comfy seating.

Then scatter some other items such as a ukulele, stack of books, and essay set to liven up the scene. Whatever fits into a park theme.

And for another fun idea, add a popcorn machine in addition to the infused water dispenser so that everyone has refreshments.


10. Garden Isle

Garden park island with fountain - ACNH Idea
Image Source by Owen-Gaynondorf

If you just happen to have a spare lake on your island for whatever reason, then perhaps try setting up a little park island like this in the middle.

It consists of some pretty typical items such as garden benches and a fountain, all of which can be crafted.

The key to this design is in the foliage.

Flowers, shrubs, and trees really make this scene blossom (pun intended).

I also like the utilization of the red and white windflowers, and the pink shrubs complement both of these colors extraordinarily well.


9. Overgrown Park Playground

Overgrown playgroud park idea for ACNH
Image Source by @greckoisland

If you like flowers, then this is the park design for you.

As you can see, the flowers here are abundant.

However, you’ll want to start by setting up the various playground items right on the border between grass and sand.

This includes the mountain bike, springy ride-on, public bench, and playground gym.

When it comes to planting the flowers, you want to carefully intersperse the pink in with the vast field of white.

If you have another color scheme you prefer, then go ahead and use that. But you can’t deny that these pink and white ones look stunning!


8. Peninsula Study Area

Peninsula park and study area - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @isleofaugust

Sometimes, the peninsula on your island can feel like wasted space. I only recently turned mine into a small stargazing area.

However, you can easily turn yours into a mini park that’s perfect for studying.

To build this yourself, plant some trees in the background of the area. Then setup some custom picnic blankets in front of the trees.

Next, craft a log dining table, and set up some antique chairs for your study session.

Lastly, you’ll want to purchase some fun study items like an essay set, chessboard, chalkboard, and typewriter.

Now hit those books while you enjoy the beauty of nature.


7. Roadside Picnic Area

Roadside picnic park in ACNH
Image Source by @agathinACNH

Sometimes when you’re on a long drive, you need to find a rest stop and enjoy a nice picnic.

And you can do that in Animal Crossing, too.

Start this park design by setting up some custom pathways that actually looks like a street.

Be sure to leave a small grassy section off to the side of the road, and put up some country fencing around the border.

Then lay down some more custom designs in the form of picnic blankets, and set up some cushions for seating.

Streetlamps and wooden shop sign are nice touches too, that make this area feel like a real park.


6. National Waterfall Park

Waterfall park design in ACNH
Image Source by @dizzys_designs / gobstoppxr

The main focus of this park is not the items, but rather the waterfall features you’ll need to sculpt out of the land.

These waterfalls are small and honestly oddly shaped. But nature is not always in perfect order.

Once you’re done sculpting whatever waterfalls you like, we can move onto designing the park area.

You’ll want to lay down some custom stone pathways to start.

Some items that you’ll want to add are a campsite sign, valiant statue, and some garden lanterns.

Be sure to set up some cedar trees too. That you have some shade to enjoy this natural beauty!


5. Mini Soccer Field

New Horizons Soccer Field Park Design
Image Source by @bertcrossing

I find the fact that this is not a full size soccer field, but rather a back alley dirt field, to be rather charming.

Once you lay down some dirt paths, you’ll also want some custom designs to set up the field borders.

Next, purchase a soccer goal, public bench, playground gym, drink machine, and snack machine from Nook Miles to set up on your field.

I think the most important factor in bringing this dirty field to life is letting a few weeds grow out through the dirt.

Oh yeah, and you’ll want to purchase a soccer ball. It’s kind of important if you want to play soccer (or football, if you’re not American).


4. Fun Kidcore Park

Kidcore amusement park playground idea in ACNH
Image Source by @LinniPlaysAC

One of the most exciting types of parks is the amusement park.

While I would not expect you to make a roller coaster for your island (though I would be mightily impressed if you did), there are other attractions at your disposal.

For example, the teacup ride is already available for purchase on Nook Miles.

So why not bring this into a custom park design?

I love the use of some custom designed pathways here, and the springy ride-ons to create a carousel of sorts.

The stall and cotton candy machine make for some great amusement park concessions as well.

Lastly, you can now customize some standees, so make them into whatever fun characters you like.

And maybe even consider merging this with a theme too. Do I hear the makings of a medieval fair in the park?


3. Dog Park

Custom dog park idea for Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image Source by peaceloveandgranola

While I’ve seen many dog park designs in New Horizons, I really think simple is the way to go.

To make this yourself, set aside a small grassy area with some country fencing. And if you prefer to lay down some dirt as pictured, then go for it.

Then craft a garden bench, and plant a few trees for shade.

What you really want to add here are some puppy plushies, doghouses, toy boxes, and pet food bowls.

Everything dog-related has to go in the dog park, right?

All of these items are available on Nook Shopping, so save up those bells for some puppy-loving fun.


2. Park Behind A Building

Back park design outdoors behind building - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @n00b_gaymer

If you live in the city, you probably have some sort of courtyard in the back that looks like a rundown park.

While not the most visually appealing scene, it makes for a creative park idea.

I like this player’s use of custom grass and flower paths on top of the dirt. It gives the place an overgrown look.

Be sure to plant some trees of all types around your area, too. I honestly like the fact that some of the trees are in different growth stages, as it shows the park plants in the process of growing.

The final touch is adding plenty of simple panels in the background, customized to look like your city’s buildings.


1. Jurassic Park

Custom Jurassic Park Idea in Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image Source by daneccleston86

No joke, my island tune is the theme from Jurassic Park.

So naturally, this idea had to be my number one pick.

I’ve seen many attempts at creating a prehistoric park of sorts. But only this player had the gall to create the Jurassic Park logo to proudly display at their entrance.

So if you can re-create that, definitely go for it.

Then you’ll want to craft a stone arch (which takes 90 stones, yikes) and some stone fencing to create the entrance and borders of the park.

What you probably care about the most here is all the dinosaurs. So just pick your favorite dinosaurs like the Quetzalcoatl, brachiosaurs, or ankylosaurus. Whatever you like.

And then proudly display your fossil finds throughout your park.

If you’ve seen Jurassic Park, you know creating this design may not be the smartest idea. But as far as custom parks go, this is by far the most awesome!

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