20 ACNH Shopping Center, Marketplace & Shop Ideas

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Ah, capitalism. It’s as prevalent in New Horizons as in real life, with the only real difference being a pot-bellied raccoon mogul.

Whether you like farmer’s markets, malls, or simply roadside stands, New Horizons has something to build whatever tickles your fancy.

And here’s a bunch of great ideas to get you started.


20. Japanese Shopping District

Japanese Shopping District in ACNH
Image Source by @moohorizons

Take some Japanese inspiration with this sugoi shopping district!

Since Nintendo is a Japanese company, ACNH tends to have a lot of Japanese themed items, like the shoji screens, shisa statues, and general decor pictured here.

There’s lots for sale here too, such as clothing, hats, and even gasoline.

If you’re going for a realistic or busy island vibe, definitely consider building something like this. Your villagers will love milling around and checking out the goods.


19. Sakura Street

Sakura Street Area in ACNH
Image Source by lilyofzavalley

Here’s another Japanese inspired build, but this one uses terraforming to add different levels for shops and restaurants.

Springtime makes the sakura theme extra beautiful, due to the cherry blossom trees in bloom.

Custom decorated stalls make this area look like both booths and food bars are ready for customers. Other goods, like clothing on mannequins, are also available for purchase.

This build will definitely take a lot of work and items, but it’s so worth it.


18. Cottage Sisters

Cottagecore Able Sisters Design Idea
Image Source by @mushparasol

If you like a cottagecore vibe for your island, here’s an idea worth re-creating.

This Able Sisters has an extra outdoor overflow area here, with clothes and flowers galore. A spinning wheel adds a fun detail for a clothier as well.

Tall mushrooms add some whimsy to this woodsy build. If you like nature and antique looking things, give this one a try.


17. Shopping Plaza

Shopping Plaza Idea for New Horizons
Image Source by u/Mooncove

If you appreciate the finer things in life, this shopping district might really stand out.

It puts both shops, Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters, in the same spot for one-stop shopping.


With a statue, a fountain, and some elbow grease, you can have a great focal point for your island.

The houses elevated in the background look great, too. Isn’t terraforming neat? Some flowers and bushes add a touch of nature for a pretty, natural spot.


16. Plant Shop

Outdoor plant shop idea in ACNH
Image Source by u/MedicalFox8

With warming temperatures, there’s nothing better than working out in the garden.

This cute plant shop has all sorts of plants ready for the dirt, like calla lilies or monsteras.

Out of soil? No problem, this shop is well stocked with bags of earth, watering cans, or anything else you need!

Custom panels are a great way to make it look like there are stocked shelves, since New Horizons doesn’t allow actual indoor stores. Creativity is the name of the game, folks.


15. Lush Shopping District

Bright shopping district with bushes and trees / ACNH Idea
Image Source by @aurehwa

This looks like something straight out of a fairytale!

Shrubs and pink flower bushes make this shopping district look beautifully green without looking like a stretch of the woods. A beautiful little waterfall, a statue, and white iron benches add to the look too.

Having Able Sisters and Nook’s Cranny close together also helps to make this island look well-planned and put together. The symmetry just looks great.


14. Farmer’s Market

Outdoor farmers market area in ACNH
Image Source by @_horriblegaming

I’m a sucker for farmer’s markets.

Looking around the stalls, picking out super fresh produce, and if I’m lucky, petting some cute farm animals.

While these islands definitely have the animals, petting is a no-no.

That’s okay though, with this fun farmer’s market!

Invite your friends to take photos by the fruit stands, or stop and smell the flowers. Creative use of stalls and custom panels help to make this look like an actual building, which can be really tricky.

Grab some fruit or a little bonsai tree, or just look around, it’s sure to be a fun time.


13. Yarn Shop

Custom yarn shop idea in ACNH
Image Source by u/tricksy_trixie

New Horizons has a big collection of knitted goods, like sweaters.

Where does that yarn come from, though?

If you don’t have a sheep villager like Baabara or Pietro to beg for some fluff, you can DIY it with this fun yarn shop!

Custom panels make it look like there are shelves of skeins to choose from, and an array of sweaters, hats, a fireplace, and a comfy couch give this adorable setup a funky & cozy feel.

If you like knitting or crocheting, this is a build to try for sure.

Do you think Celeste knits? I think Celeste knits.


12. Electronics Shop

Custom electronics shopping area in ACNH
Image Source by u/happy-peach

If you’re not into the whole ‘natural island’ thing that Animal Crossing usually has going, this might be a brilliant marketplace to build up.

Enjoy modern luxuries like computers, televisions, and two styles of Nintendo Switches (woah, that’s meta!) with this electronics store.

If you’re into online play, even better!

Collecting this sort of thing and then inviting players to come and buy them for bells could be a great way to stimulate your island economy, and add a touch of roleplaying to this sandbox game.

With the Dodo mail service, your friends could even buy online. There’s certainly plenty of potential.


11. Antique Clothing Store

Interior of old-timey clothing store in ACNH
Image Source by zodiacfragment

This player uses part of their house as an antique clothing boutique.

It’s a great idea if you really love DIYing clothing and want to have a storefront kind of thing to display it.

Each outfit displayed is complete with a hat and shoes, and each are super adorable.

This is also a great idea for new players, because it’s fairly easy to build and doesn’t take a lot of DIY recipes to accomplish – just the advanced customization app on the Nook Phone and some creativity.


10. Grocery Store

Grocery store interior idea in ACNH
Image Source by u/Birne_Helene

Do villagers need to eat?

Unclear. But given the high price for fruits, I think we can assume that food’s a premium on the islands.

Regardless, realism is important to a lot of players, so check out this uber cool grocery store.

Whether you’re looking for a cake for after dinner, fresh produce, or wriggly fish, this little store has what you need.

The cart, which is really just a trolley and a dish rack, is a fun added detail.


9. Fishing & Pet Shop

Pet shop with insects for sale / ACNH Idea
Image Source by Unknown

Look, in a game about adorable animals making homes on an island that you, a human, are basically dictator of… pets can be kinda iffy.

Where’s the line drawn between pet and villager?

You can catch a squid, but your neighbor can be an octopus? Try not to think about it too hard, I guess.

If you’re really hankering for a pet, though, this shop has you covered as ethically as this game can manage with an array of bugs and fish to adopt.

Plenty of specimens are on display to take home. Your villagers will love browsing- except Blathers. Bugs, man.


8. Potion Shop

Witchs potion shop idea in ACNH
Image Source by u/bunnylin84

Calling all witches! ACNH has lots of nifty spooky items, and this shop makes the best of them for an eerie potion shop.

Visit at night, if you dare, and get your fortune read while you wait for your cure-all or poison to finish brewing.

No worries about getting lonely with a skeleton pal.

And just enough light makes this a cool place after the sun goes down, plus lots of witchy items, like a spell book, help to fill it out.


7. Nook’s Cranny Overflow

Expanded Nooks Cranny idea in ACNH
Image Source by u/MedicalFox8

Nook’s Cranny may be a fun store. But for a building of that size, they really don’t stock very much.

I guess that’s fair, since it’s run by only two guys.

There’s a section for soil, outdoor goods, and supply crates of fruit, all added into this build.

It’s a great way to make the Cranny feel more bursting and well-stocked.

And it’s also a great idea for new players, since you can use just about anything. And cardboard boxes are always available from the lost and found in Resident’s Services.


6. Street Market

Custom street market idea in ACNH
Image Source by Unknown

Just like farmer’s markets, street markets can be a lot of fun. Because you’ll never know what you can find!

This market has plenty of stalls to sell wares, as well as a central carpet for pottery.

There’s really something for everyone here.

Any time you have odd items you don’t know what to do with, but don’t want to get rid of, plant them here. They’ll boost your island star rating and you’ll add more to this crazy market.

This would totally be the perfect spot for Sahara to sell his rugs, BTW.


5. Flower Market

Flower market shopping area in ACNH
Image Source by @pogpals

This adorable streetside market is all for flowers and other plants.

There’s a stall with cacti, a stall with bonsai, and plenty of options for everyone. Your villagers will mill around, looking and chatting with each other about… whatever it is they talk about.

The variety of stalls is super cute, and I especially like the happy apples on the leftmost one.

It’s an adorable way to bring some life to the streets between houses.

Go ahead and shop for more flowers – you know you want to!


4. Old Timey Market

Classic old timey marketplace in ACNH
Image Source by @snailcrossing

If you like old movies, antique dresses, and fun hats, here’s a great market setup.

It’s a bright cheerful spot, with mannequins of old-fashioned dresses, a Van Gogh painting, and even a fortune telling booth.

A loom in the back and old cinema film help to set the mood, too.

It’s bright without being too overwhelming, due to the conifer background and pop of flowers in the wheelbarrow.


3. Fish Market

Fish marketplace at sunset in ACNH
Image Source by @sarahpluis

Fish markets are a really common sight in many parts of the world.

They’re a surefire way to get the freshest & most delicious fish for sushi, fried fish, ceviche, or any other tasty dish.

This custom ACNH fish market uses stalls and tanks to store the good goods.

Shoji screens help to give it a Japanese vibe, and this would be a great addition to an East-Asian themed island or section.

I like the hose there as well, to make it quick and easy to top up the tanks.


2. Flea Market

Custom flea market area in ACNH
Image Source by @acnhkuy

This cool flea market is almost like a game of I, Spy.

With all sorts of goods like plants, clothes, a sewing machine, and books, there’s something for everyone.

And like many of the other entries on this list, it’s a great way to use up spare awkward items that don’t fit in your house (or elsewhere on the island).

There’s even a vending machine in this build for snacks if you get hungry while browsing.

Snack time is the best time, after all.


1. Redd’s Black Market

Private black market for Redd in ACNH
Image Source by u/Oshiri-Isle

I don’t know about you, but Redd almost never comes to my island.

Which makes finding this many fake paintings really, really impressive.

If you’ve got a dark sense of humor or a love for the silly fakes in this game, this marketplace idea might be for you.

It’s a busy market with statues, paintings, and knockoffs galore. If ACNH had Gucci, fake Gucci bags would be here.

Having it right next to Redd’s docking spot is lots of fun too, of course!

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