Fun Warp Pipe Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Let’s a-go… halfway across the island with our new Mario warp pipes!

With the recent Super Mario update in Animal Crossing came many fun Mario themed items including the famous warp pipe.

These pipes can be used to quickly travel to any areas on your island. As long as you have at least two, you’ll warp to the other pipe.

However, they can sometimes be awkward, or seem out of place if you drop them in random spots on your island.

And since we’ve already covered Mario-themed ideas for ACNH, let’s take a detailed look at how you could creatively design the transportation feature of these warp pipes.


10. Super Mario Levels

Custom Super Mario level with warp pipe in ACNH
Image Source by @GulliverLemmy

While this is the obvious choice for the warp pipes, I think it’s worth discussing – because why not?

With this idea you could add a fun little Mario level onto your island.

There’s the option of creating both 2-D and 3-D levels, so you should first decide on your preference.

Then all you really need is to splurge on countless Mario items to create your levels.

Some of my favorite items are the Thwomp, question mark block, and of course, you need a goal pole.

Setup your warp pipes to connect areas of you level that may be separated by cliffs, rivers, or even blocks that obstruct your path!


9. Easy Wasp Escape

Warp pipe to escape wasps - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @Andreas76911907

One of the most amazing things about the warp pipes is their functionality. It’s easy transport!

If you’ve ever spent a chunk of time chopping wood or shaking down trees, then you probably were attacked by a falling wasp’s nest at some point.

You probably got stung and had to buy medicine from Timmy and Tommy. That’s no fun.

Well now you can create an easy escape route by simply placing a warp pipe near your favorite wood chopping spot.

Once you place the pipe, you can shake down those nests without fear of getting stung.


8. Random Pipe Minigame

ACNH Warp Pipe Minigame Idea
Image Source by TJSlurch

The pipes in New Horizons do not necessarily need to be used for cross-island transportation.

If you purchase a bunch of pipes(in this case nine) you can create a random pipe minigame. And if you’re creative you could even combine this with a maze idea for some real fun.

I do like the custom designed flooring here, and the use of colored tiles to match the numbers on the wheel. Very cool.

And with this many pipes, it’s completely random as to where you’ll come out. So spin the wheel and hope you win the mystery prize!


7. Secret Forest Pipe

Secret hidden warp pipe in forest - ACNH Idea
Image Source by MsRitsukai

Can you find the pipe? If you can, then you must have x-ray vision – because it’s carefully hidden in a small clump of cedar trees in this design.

As I previously mentioned, while the pipes are incredibly useful, they can look awkward in certain locations if they don’t match the décor well.

If you don’t want them sticking out like a sore thumb, then hide them in a small forest like this one.

It doesn’t even need to be trees. If you have some tall furniture, that can conceal the pipes just as well.

Though I do love the idea of the pipes being a mystery forest hole that carries you off to somewhere unknown…


6. Hidden Mermaid Cove

Warp pip in mermaid cove area - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @emeemay

In Mario games, warp pipes often lead to super-secret areas that let you gain extra coins or to even skip entire levels.

Well in Animal Crossing, they may not exactly do that. But we could still add some secrecy, like building a secret area in your own house with this idea.

To design this yourself, you’ll want some underwater wallpaper and water flooring, as well as some custom designs to create the shore against the wall.

Craft a shell fountain and shell bed, as well as some nova lights and palm tree lamps.

And don’t forget the warp pipes, of course!

You’ll want to hide one of them in a super-secret location somewhere on your island.

I like how the brown wooden deck rug is setup right at the doorway, to act as a dock entrance to your secret underwater paradise.


5. Secret Backyard Launch Pad

Backyard rocket launch with warp pipe - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @pangepange

If you’ve recently taken up a job as a top secret astronaut, then you probably can relate to this fun idea.

You haven’t?

Well still, this is a fun idea worth trying.

Start by setting up your home on some cliffs at the north side of your island, in front of some shoreline rocks.

You’ll want a warp pipe near your home, and one down on the rocks.

Once you get down there, place a rocket (not the sisterly gorilla villager, though she’s highly recommended) that you can craft from star fragments.

And now you can warp down to the launch pad and shoot for the stars! Maybe even add a stargazing area down there to tie in with the space theme.


4. Zelda Time Portal

LoZ BotW Time Portal Warp Pipe in ACNH
Image Source by Naydinfar-Crossing

If you’re a general Nintendo fan like me, then you’ve probably played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by now.

If you haven’t, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Well with this design, you can create a time portal and use those warp pipes to go back in time, Zelda style.

Start by sculpting some cliffs around an already placed pipe.

Once that’s done, craft a bunch of tall garden rocks and place them around the perimeter of the warp pipe hole.

You’ll need some custom designs to lay down the time portal seal, and then you’re ready to enter the future… or past… or wherever you want to go.


3. Simple Subway Station

Warp pipe subway station idea for ACNH
Image Source by @SteeloAndKri

If cross-island transportation is your thing, then try setting up your warp pipes as a subway system.

You’ll need to essentially do the same setup twice here, each on opposite ends of your island, and turn them into mirror images of one another.

Start by building some inclines to act as the steps leading down to the subway.

Next you’ll want to do some landscaping to surround the incline with cliffs, so that you essentially can only walk down.

Then all you need to do is place a warp pipe at the bottom of each incline, and your subway system is up and running.

And if you’re looking for design ideas to match a subway feeling, take a peek at our collection of train station ideas. Definitely a few cool designs in there.


2. Alice’s Rabbit Hole

Alice in Wonderland themed warp pipe design in ACNH
Image Source by caliacrossing

You’ll never be late for any important dates with this idea.

To create this scene from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, start by selecting a small wooded area on your island.

You’ll need to select a spot that’s at least one level above ground, because you need to create a hole for your warp pipe.

It can be difficult since you need to sculpt the cliffs around the pipe, but if you put in the work, you won’t regret it.

Once your rabbit hole is set up, you just need to add some mushroom items including mush parasols, super mushrooms, and small mushroom platforms.

As for where your rabbit hole leads? That’s entirely up to you!


1. Sewer Entrance

Sewer entrance warp pipe design idea in ACNH
Image Source by chiefsfan_713_08

Here’s one more hole-in-the-ground idea:

Making a manhole that leads into the sewers.

Start outside by placing a warp pipe and sculpting cliffs around it. Right next to the pipe, place a manhole cover that you can craft from iron nuggets.

Heading through the pipe to the indoors(preferably in your home’s basement), setup this room with some stone wall and flower river flooring.

Adding items like prison bars, trash bags, cones, and construction signs really set the scene. But you could pretty much decorate however you like.

But when you enter the sewer, just be wary of alien killer clowns. And mutant turtles.

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