15 Workshop Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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If you have a creative side (and I’m sure you do), then you probably need a special place for you to do your crafts.

Whether it’s sewing, carpentry, pottery, or drawing, everyone should have a personalized workspace – even on their Animal Crossing Island.

As a comic writer, I’m currently working on creating a comic shop for my island as my personal creative workspace.

And if you want to make a fun place to let your creative juices flow, then I’ve got a ton of cool workshop ideas right here for you to try out.


15. Mini Craft Station

Small craft workshop outdoors in ACNH
Image Source by u/-_Y_e_s_-

If you’re a minimalist, then a small workstation like this may be just what you need.

Start out by crafting some log dining tables and a simple DIY workbench.

On the tables, display all your materials like wood, hardwood, softwood, branches, weeds, iron nuggets, stone, clay, and even bamboo.

Whatever you want! That’s the point of this workspace: it’s all you.

I also like the added bonfires here to tie this simple design together.


14. Small Garden Workshop

Outdoor gardening workshop design in ACNH
Image Source by @zarabows

Maybe doing some creative planting is your crafting scene. Well in that case, maybe try out this outdoor garden workshop.

First select a nice wooded area, and craft a couple stalls to display your creations.

I also want to point out that most of the plants on display in this idea are actual crafting items, so you’ll actually need to put in some work on this.

You can craft items like terrariums, bamboo spheres, and pine bonsai trees to sell.

Some plants are also available for purchase that you can add to your inventory, like a monstera, floating biotope planter, or even an anthurium plant.


13. Outdoor Crafting Area

Outdoor crafting patio outdoors in ACNH
Image Source by u/enzumei

Perhaps you’re a jack of all trades and just need a general area for creative work.

To make this cute outdoor workshop space, start by laying down some custom wooden patterns for outdoor flooring.

Next, craft tons of furniture items like an iron shelf, wooden wardrobe, DIY workbench, ironwood kitchenette, and a basic sink.

Oh, and be sure to craft a wooden toolbox. That way you have plenty of tools at your disposal.


12. Botanical Workshop

Wood workshop room with plants in ACNH
Image Source by u/rubybeee

Maybe you’re looking for a vibrant indoor environment to get some crafting done.

Then here’s a fun little idea that’s worth a build.

Start out with some white brick wallpaper and yellow floral flooring, although any color floral flooring could work just as good.

Then be sure to craft workshop essentials like a DIY workbench, tool shelf, iron shelf, and wooden toolbox.

Now you pretty much just want to decorate the room with tons of plants for the walls, the tables, and all over the floor.

Fan palms, monsteras, terrariums, floating biotope planters, coconut wall planters, and hanging terrariums are just some options for this workshop idea.


11. Zen Style Workshop

Zen themed workshop outdoors in ACNH
Image Source by @acnhharga

For many players, creating spaces puts them in a place of peace.

A state of Zen, if you will.

So a Zen-style space might be just the theme to fit your workshop.

Start out by setting up a small space with some fencing. Zen fencing, to be exact.

Then craft some ironwood tables and display some plants, like a biotope planter. Also, crafting a Zen shelf is an easy way to add even more plants in here.

Once you’ve got your mini DIY workbench up, you’re ready to get to work in this peaceful environment.


10. Maintenance & Workshop Room

Maintenance room & workshop in ACNH
Image Source by @starryarcana

Now here’s a fun indoor idea if you’re someone who likes the business of a modern office.

Start out with dirt clod wallpaper to give your room that dingy, basement feeling.

Be sure to include some standard workshop items such as a DIY workbench, tool shelf, corkboard, and a tool cart.

I do like the additional items here, like a vacuum cleaner and floor sign to suggest this is a room that actually gets some maintenance work.

And if you want even more in here, purchase a rock guitar and an amp. That way you can play some tunes when you’re on break.


9. Car Body Shop

Bodyshop build in New Horizons
Image Source by @Ayaneko_sims

If you’re a grease monkey and working on cars is your thing, then create a workshop like this small body shop!

I would start this idea by laying down some custom paths for flooring. I think the white wood works nicely in this case.

Then, purchase items like retro gas pumps, diner neon signs, and a diner counter table.

You can then craft a mini DIY workbench and an iron shelf for some storage.

After that, you’re ready to open up and let the throwback race car beds roll in for inspection.


8. Christmas Present Wrapping Station

Outdoor Christmas present wrapping station - ACNH Idea
Image Source by u/WasabiIsSpicy

Perhaps you need a specific place for wrapping all those presents for island villager friends.

Then try setting up this wrapping paper station with some stalls and simple panels.

Customize the simple panels to display shelves of presents that you’ve already finished wrapping. Surprisingly, it’s not too tricky to build!

And you definitely want to craft some gift piles from red wrapping paper, and then customize them across a bunch of color styles.

And don’t forget a toy box so that you have plenty of presents to wrap for everyone.


7. Repair & Woodshop

Repair workshop in the woods in ACNH
Image Source by @parkplace.acnh

While Lyman takes a snooze, you’d better be hard at work on this outdoor repair shop.

To make this yourself, setup plenty of iron fencing and iron shelves, which you can craft from iron nuggets.

On an outdoor table you’ll also want to display a cartoonist’s set and soundboard.

Also, purchase various trash bins, cans, and pails to display alongside cardboard boxes of various sizes, shapes, and designs.

Don’t forget the lecture hall bench too, once Lyman gets off his butt and gets back to work!


6. Fresh Fashion Studio

Custom fashion studio workshop in ACNH
Image Source by @divinebenis

If creating your own clothes is more your style, then definitely setup a fashion studio to show off all your fabulous designs.

You can make this by purchasing a loom and study desk. This is where you’ll do most of your designing.

Then, honestly, just go nuts with displays of your favorite custom designs and custom clothes.

Some of my favorite designs shown here are the blue owl, aqua dragon, green serpent, and red and blue heart sweater.

Of course, you have freedom to display whatever designs you want. Because this is your workshop.


5. Able Sisters Seamstress

Outdoor Able Sisters sewing workshop / ACNH Idea
Image Source by u/kotobaek

On the subject of creating clothing, maybe you want to try setting up an outdoor workshop for the Able Sisters.

For this idea you’ll want to craft a log bench, and display some stacks of magazines and a sewing machine.

Other items you can craft/purchase include a loom, spinning wheel, and a piano bench.

I really like the natural garden table and chairs setup like a small work station. It looks perfect for anyone to get into some creative sewing.


4. NASA Workshop

NASA Rocket Workshop Room in ACNH
Image Source by @weredawgz


This design is sure to feel out of this world.

Many of us probably dreamed of being an astronaut when we were kids. But if you’d rather build shuttles, then you can create them in this special workshop area.

The concrete wall and tile flooring help to setup a basic room, which is all you’d really need to get down to business.

Then craft an iron shelf and DIY workbench so you have somewhere to do your engineering.

Also, craft some space recipes you’ve obtained from Celeste, like a rocket, moon, or astronaut suit.

Finish off the room by displaying your favorite outer space clothes like zap suits and space suits.

Houston, we have a great design here!


3. Santa’s Workshop

Outdoor Santas Workshop Build in ACNH
Image Source by @sugar.cove

I’ve seen many ACNH ideas for Santa’s workshop, and this is by far my favorite for one simple reason:

This player added rows of lawn gnomes to act as the elves hard at work.

If that’s not adorable, then I don’t know what is!

To start this idea yourself, setup your gnomes on log stools at rows of log dining tables.

Be sure to craft a big festive tree as well. Because you can’t have Christmas without a tree!

Then, you pretty much want to make a bunch of toys. That’s what elves would do, right?

But really go all-out on these. I’m talking about toy boxes, kick scooters, rocking horses, train models, and tricycles (just to get you started).

Oh, and purchase a Nintendo Switch so some lucky kid can play Animal Crossing just like you!


2. Pottery Studio

Custom Outdoor Pottery Workshop in ACNH
Image Source by u/rainosma

Pottery can be a really fun hobby, as long as you have that gentle touch.

If you want to build a custom studio like this one, start by setting up some iron work tables.

On the tables, display some unglazed dish sets and modeling that you’ve crafted from clay chunks.

I love the modeling clay because it can be customized to look like dinosaurs and cakes of many different colors.

Then all you need to craft are some brick ovens so you can fire up your clay creations.


1. Build-A-Bear Workshop

Outdoor Build-A-Bear Workshop in ACNH
Image Source by @alibbear_

Build-A-Bear can be such a fun experience.

Kissing a fabric heart before you put it in a bear is kind of weird, but still pretty fun.

And if you want to re-create a Build-A-Bear workshop in ACNH, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Obviously, you’ll want to buy a ton of bears. Mama bears, papa bears, baby bears, pandas, and you can even make a puppy plushie if you wish.

Then craft some creative tools like mini DIY workbenches and rocking horses to add to the fun.

Once you purchase a loft bed with a desk, turn it around and place a sewing machine on top.

Now you’re ready to literally build a bear, like Stitches. He looks like he came from Build-a-Bear, huh?

If only the actual Build-A-Bear Animal Crossing collection had this many plushies to pick from.

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