The Best Akame ga Kill! Waifus, Ranked

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Although Akame ga Kill is quite an old show at this point – I still think it holds up pretty well.

Especially if you’re looking for some brutalities.

Plus, the show is filled with more waifu characters than one can count. And today, we’re going to figure out which one is the best!


10. Seryuu Ubiquitous

Seryuu Ubiquitous from Akame ga Kill! Anime screenshot

Seryuu is a prime example of a yandere character going too overboard. Initially, she actually seemed pretty nice.

She was bubbly, wanted to help those in need, and had a cute companion.

Sounds like your usual loving waifu, doesn’t it?

But then we see her in battle and that image gets completely destroyed.

Even in a show where the cast is made up of assassins, Seryuu just seems too insane. Her hyper fixation on justice came off as downright terrifying.

And the animation team definitely didn’t try to hide this side of her – as he looks like a Demon Slayer antagonist on more than one occasion.

Overall, unless your perfect date involves a lot of murder and fear, I’d suggest looking for a waifu elsewhere.


9. Sayo

Sayo from Akame ga Kill! Anime screenshot

Sayo is one of the first characters that we meet, and she immediately makes a good impression. She’s kind, quirky, and rather bubbly. She seems like the perfect “childhood friend turns love interest” character for the show.

But she’s also the character that showcases how brutal this show can really get.

Like seriously – her final scene will haunt my nightmares for years to come.

Overall, she’s a really lovable character. I’ve even seen people putting her in A/S tier when talking on the subject.

But considering her screen-time was so limited, I have to put her down here.

My girl’s only character arc included leaving the mortal realm, so I think it’s unfair to put her above the main cast.


8. Sheele

Sheele from Akame ga Kill! Anime screenshot

Sheele is one of those characters that has the best of both worlds. Ninety percent of the time, she’s just an adorable goofball. She’s clumsy, very kind, and the source of unlimited hugs.

But when in battle, she’s effective and downright terrifying.

Plus, once you get into her backstory, you start feeling mad sympathy for her.

That statement goes for pretty much every character in the series, but Sheele’s story hit especially hard.

However, she didn’t get nearly as much screen time as some of the other characters on this list. So, we couldn’t really explore her character in depth. Overall, she gets a murderous Velma/10.


7. Najenda

Najenda from Akame ga Kill! Anime screenshot

I’m just going to say it – in terms of raw aesthetic, Najenda is my favorite character in the show.

The short hair makes her look like a badass, and the eyepatch/grapple hand combo only furthers that point.

Even in terms of personality, she’s pretty top tier. She makes terrible puns like it was nobody’s business and is genuinely caring. She’s also incredibly clever and the main reason Night Raid ever stood a chance against the kingdom.

In every aspect, she’s shaped up to be an S class waifu. However, I think the show did her a bit dirty. Once again, she got a fraction of the screen time of other characters, so we never really got to connect to her.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s still quite memorable.

But considering the following six characters had more fleshed-out story arcs – I just feel more connected to them.


6. Kurome

Kurome from Akame ga Kill! Anime screenshot

Whenever you have a sibling rivalry in anime, you know that some tears will be shed. And seeing how Akame ga Kill is one of the least PG shows out there – this particular rivalry was especially sad.

Overall, Kurome had a lot of the traits that made Akame lovable.

However, she was also a bit more reserved (not full kuudere though) and a lot more psychopathic.

That being said, she was still very sympathetic. She never stopped thinking about Akame and you could see how their past haunted her every day.

Overall, the only reason I’m not ranking her higher is that her lovability depends too much on Akame. And we don’t support second-hand waifu stats!


5. Leone

Leone from Akame ga Kill! Anime screenshot

Leone is one of the few comic relief characters in the entire show. She’s almost always goofing off, flirting with Tatsumi, or giving her liver a beatdown. And when you have a Game of Thrones approach to character deaths – you desperately need a Leone.

From her introduction up until the final episode, she’s always been energetic and cheerful.

Plus, she came off as especially noble among the main cast – as she directly wanted to help the impoverished.

Put all of those characteristics together with a beautiful design and you get quite the waifu.

Overall, she gets a “why did they have to do her like that”/10.


4. Mine

Mine from Akame ga Kill! Anime screenshot

Mine is the type of waifu where you either hate her or would lay down your life for her.

To start off, she is a true Tsundere. So lots of yelling, occasional pouting, and maybe a few death threats.

Secondly, although not a full loli, she’s definitely going in that direction. And if being part of the anime community has taught me anything, it’s that some people live for this design.

Lastly, she actually gets a romantic arc with the main character. So she’s among the few characters in this show where we can actually see her becoming attached to someone.

Overall, I can’t say that she’s my favorite – but I’ve definitely become a fan. She gets a “pinch”/10.


3. Chelsea

Chelsea from Akame ga Kill! Anime screenshot

If there’s one thing I have to say about Chelsea – it’s that she’s very efficient. It didn’t take more than 2 minutes of screen-time for her to become a top-tier waifu.

Her design looks like it came out of Gravity Falls (which is always a plus) and her character is surprisingly complex.

Sure, she loves to joke around and turn into cats – but there’s more than meets the eye.

Out of all the characters, she seemed like the truest assassin. Both in terms of how she disposed of her enemies and her mentality towards murder in general.

She was very cautious and approached each job with the respect it deserved. I also have to point out that her final episode is one of the most tragic scenes in the entire show.


2. Akame

Akame from Akame ga Kill! Anime screenshot

When it comes to waifu tier lists, Akame and Esdeath are always going to be in the top two. That’s just the rule of the land and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Akame has that standard waifu lovability. She makes adorable faces, loves to eat, and has the biggest range of emotions within the cast.

We’ve seen her jumping with joy and crying her heart out. So it’s kind of hard not to grow attached. She even brings a bit of comic relief to the show as she has the social skills of a Reddit moderator.

Overall, I do think that she’s an S-tier waifu. However, there are plenty of other waifus from other shows that have an eerily similar design.

Esdeath on the other hand is quite unique.


1. Esdeath

Esdeath from Akame ga Kill! Anime screenshot

Esdeath walked so that Dimitrescu could run.

She was among the first dominant female figures in anime. And if you’re telling me that you didn’t question your sexuality after her debut – I don’t think we can be friends.

Beyond just being a badass who can conquer entire armies by herself – she’s also surprisingly wholesome. During her relationship with Tatsumi we got to see a bit more of her human side – which only made us love her more.

As a soldier, she had to follow orders.

Did she enjoy murder a bit too much? Yes. But she also showcased real human emotion and vulnerability – so it balances out.

Be it because of her “plot heaviness” or her rather unique design – Esdeath is the ultimate waifu if you ask me. So it only makes sense that she sits in the number one spot.

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