Alchemy Stars: Fire Team Build Ideas

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Most Alchemy Stars teams have a few things in common. They’ll have 1-2 Converters, 1-2 Damage dealers, and then a flex unit.

Flex units range from healing, teleporting, or buffing your team, or debuffing the enemy. Plus, Fire has many excellent Detonators, but also has a few unique traits.

That said, Fire is by far my weakest element. But my Fire team is good enough to clear what it needs to. I use:

  • Rouge
  • Eicy
  • Smokey
  • Leona
  • Victoria

But we’ll cover a handful of build ideas in this guide.


General Use Fire Team

As I mentioned before, this is the Fire team that I use for “regular” stages.

This team is actually sort of bad; but it gets the job done / Alchemy Stars
This team is actually sort of bad; but it gets the job done

Eicy is Fire’s 6* Pre-emptive Converter. If you have her, she should never leave your team, with very few exceptions.

Faust is similar to Eicy, but is a 5*. Not as much of a must-have, but still important.

Rouge, a 5* Detonator, was given out as a free unit. If you have her (and her Breakthroughs) then she’s a surprisingly good unit. She also has a Pre-emptive pull, which gives her niche usage in some stages that other Detonators might struggle on.

One unit in particular worth mentioning is Smokey.

Smokey does a lot of different things / Alchemy Stars
Smokey does a lot of different things. She Converts, Teleports, and does decent damage

She struggled to find a place before, but thanks to her recent buffs, she’s become a solid all-around unit.

Despite being classed as a Converter, she offers a LOT of different options all packed into one unit.

Her Active Skill resets tiles, offers a short-range teleport, and does damage in a fairly large AoE. There’s very few cases where she isn’t at least good.

Victoria is a bit of a weird unit overall, but compliments Eicy well as another pseudo-Healer. She can be swapped out for Philyshy, due to Philyshy’s secondary element being Fire.


AoE Fire Team

Alchemy Stars likes to throw waves of enemies at you frequently.

Having Detonators on hand will help you clear them quicker, and make sure you don’t get trapped.

If you have Sinsa, replace Rouge with him / Alchemy Stars
If you have Sinsa, replace Rouge with him.

Unfortunately, I don’t have some of the stronger Fire units. Sinsa and Giles are almost universally good.

If you have them, you can use them on pretty much any stage.

They’re that good.

Charon, a fire Detonator that I do have, is also good – but not on the same level as Sinsa and Giles.

While Giles brings mostly single-target damage, his defense debuff offers so much damage that it doesn’t matter.


Single-Target Fire Teams

Fire is in a bit of a weird spot when it comes to single-target damage options. They have more Detonators than Snipers, and usually they’re strong enough to brute force single-target stages.

In my case, my Single-Target team is the same as my General Use one. Offering ideas here would be repetitive:

Most of Fire’s best options have already been mentioned.

One honorable mention goes to Leona, though.

Leona is basically a Fire version of Vice / Alchemy Stars
Leona is basically a Fire version of Vice

Like most other Snipers, she offers global damage.

And unlike other Snipers, she can still dish out decent damage to multi-tile enemies, thanks to the way her Active Skill works. So she can be a great addition to a ST fire team build.

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