Alchemy Stars Water Team Build Ideas

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All teams in Alchemy Stars have a few things in common. They have 1-2 converters, 1-2 damage dealers, and at least one support unit, for movement, healing, or for extra damage.

For example, I use Bethel (Detonator), Vice (Sniper), Sariel (Converter), Bethlehem (Converter), and Philyshy (Healer + Teleporter).

The water element has a few more options than other elements. We’ve listed some example team builds down below.

Here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • Converters are generally more important than damage dealers
  • If you have other element converters but no water converters, focus on building teams for those elements first
  • Cross converters (in this case Barton) are powerful, but require max breakthrough (MBT) to be useful. You have to pull Barton 5 times to MBT him.
  • Detonators are good against multi-tile enemies
  • Snipers are good against single-tile or single target enemies
  • Dual-Chainers are usually used for one-turn-kill (OTK) teams
  • Preemptive means that an Active Skill can be used on turn 1

General Use

This is my personal go-to team when clearing regular stages.

  • Bethel and Vice are the damage dealers
  • Philyshy heals and teleports
  • ABethlehem and Sariel are Converters
Damage dealers are generally interchangeable / AS
Damage dealers are generally interchangeable

Bethlehem is a limited unit, though, so there’s a good chance you won’t have her. If that’s the case, you can swap her out for Kleken, a 5* Converter.

If you have Sariel, always keep her on the team / AS
If you have Sariel, always keep her on the team

If you’ve just started playing and need a low-rarity team, try this one. Vice and Jane are the damage dealers, Ms. Blanc and Sariel are Converters, and Tweety is a Teleporter.

A more accessible team. Only use until you get higher rarity units / AS
A more accessible team. Only use until you get higher rarity units

Note: Doing 21 pulls on the Beginner banner guarantees one 6* preemptive Converter. It’s recommended to focus on building whatever element that Converter is first- this is why Sariel is still in this team.


AoE Teams

Sometimes the game will throw a lot of enemies at you all at once. In those fights, it’s best to use Detonators, since their skills usually hit more than one tile at once.

Azure is OP. If you have her, use her. / AS
Azure is OP. If you have her, use her.

In this team:

  • Bethel and Azure are the damage dealers
  • Bethlehem and Sariel are Converters
  • And Philyshy is a Healer + Teleporter

Just like before, if you don’t have Bethlehem, swap her out for Kleken or another Converter. If you don’t have Bethel and/or Azure, Jane is a surprisingly good 4* Detonator.

Many boss enemies also take up multiple tiles, making AoE teams good at killing them.


Single-Target Teams

On the other hand, there’s some enemies that like to run away. Against enemies like this, it’s better to use Snipers, since their chain combos can hit from anywhere on the board.

Azure is so OP that she doesn’t care / AS
Azure is so OP that she doesn’t care

Vice and her Solambers are given to everyone for free. This means everyone will have a MBT copy of her.

Being MBT means her damage is a lot higher than other units. She’s great at killing small enemies at a distance, as well as single-target bosses.

If you have Fleur or Connolly (both are 6* water Snipers), you can swap one of them in for Vice and/or Azure.


OTK Team

OTK teams are supposed to deal enough damage to clear the stage on the first turn. They’re usually used to score high in Calamity Codex, or to clear boss stages quickly.

Because they require high-level breakthroughs, they’re more expensive to build than other teams. For example, my OTK team will look something like this when it’s finished.

Three 6* units and 2 MBT 5* units is a high bar / AS
Three 6* units and 2 MBT 5* units is a high bar

Carleen is MBT. This OTK team isn’t actually finished, because I’m missing one copy of Barton. OTK teams require that their Cross-Converter be MBT, otherwise they won’t work.

Hydrad is also important. His Active Skill lets all units cast their Chain Combo twice. You’ll need two copies of him so that his Active Skill is preemptive.

Note: It’s recommended that Hydrad be MBT as well.

One of the great things about Alchemy Stars is that you can use whoever you want. We may have shown teams made mostly of 5* and 6* units, but if your favorite is a lower rarity, or an “off-meta” pick, just use them! They won’t disappoint.

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