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No 90’s kid will ever forget the adventures of WB siblings Yakko, Wakko and Dot.

After spending 30 years locked in Warner Studios’ water tower these rascals took American animation by storm. And they’re still quite popular in pop culture to this day(including a potential reboot).

Along with other iconic characters like the Goodfeathers and even Pinky and The Brain, this trio of dogs put Animaniacs at the forefront of animated comedy with their short, irreverent skits and inclusion of adult humor.

Such popularity and praise makes a lot of sense once you consider the show was actually produced by the renowned Steven Spielberg.

To celebrate such an important part of animated history and cartoon culture I’ve organized this massive list collectibles, merch, and memorabilia for all kinds of gift ideas. Perfect for longtime fans and the recently initiated. Faboo!

Wakko 11″ Plush (1995)

Despite Wakko’s aggressive tendencies and penchant for whacking people over the head with a mallet, this 11’’ plush doll couldn’t be any cuddlier.

That said, given this is a vintage item from way back in 1995, maybe you’re better off exhibiting the middle child of the Warner siblings in your collection rather than giving him to a child.

This officially licensed plushie is part of a set of three. If you keep an eye out you’re likely able to find a full set for sale.

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Wakko Funko POP Figure

If you’re interested in something more modern then consider what must be the cutest Funko Pop line ever made.

With very vivid colors, a cute red nose, and a lot of personality, this Wakko Pop marries the siblings’ unique design and Funko’s iconic style perfectly.

Wakko’s brother Yakko and sister Dot are also available so if you’re big on Funko then definitely pick up all three.

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Animaniacs Vol. 1-4

With the release of the new series in 2020, it’s never been a better time to re-watch the original 99 episodes of the show.

This compilation of the whole series on DVD makes reminiscing and sharing the show with younger audiences much easier than grabbing your old dust-covered VHS tapes and praying the player still works.

These DVDs also come in a beautiful box that will look great alongside any others you have.

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Christmas Ornament Lot

From renowned Christmas ornament manufacturer Elmer’s come these 1997 vintage decorations featuring all three Warner siblings.

They may be a bit insane, but these toons are still kids at heart who just want some fun and companionship for the holidays.

In return, they’ll spice up your tree and give your Christmas a little wacky cheer.

Oh and don’t worry, the chocolate was already taken out some years ago.

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Vintage Toothbrush Holders

Brushing your teeth wasn’t the most fun activity as a child. But getting a themed toothbrush holder with your favorite cartoon characters would likely help a bit.

If you were one of those kids lucky enough to get Animaniacs-themed ones, this is your chance to relive a little bit of your childhood and perhaps share it with your own kids or nieces/nephews.

Yakko and Dot riding their vehicles are just as happy holding toothbrushes as sitting in your collection letting everyone admire their cuteness.

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Monopoly Animaniacs

If you’ve grown bored of always buying, selling, and trading the same old properties in the classic Monopoly game, it’s time to bring WB’s most chaotic siblings into your board game time.

This version of the quintessential family board game features custom player tokens of Wakko, Yakko, and Dot, along with many of their friends.

You’ll also be able to acquire your favorite locations from the show such as Warner Brothers Studio’s Lot and the Acme Labs.

Every game you play is a chance to reminisce about the series with every card and property you get!

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PVC Xmas Decorations

The thing about most vintage Christmas ornaments is the ease with which they break… unless they’re these durable PVC decorations from Elmer’s.

With a sturdy composition and a beautiful polished sheen to them, this trio of cartoonish rascals is perfect for those of us with cats, small children, or butterfingers.

There is no excuse to have a Christmas without the Warner sibling’s deceitfully cute holiday cheer.

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Quantum Mechanix Goodfeathers Figures

Squit, Pesto, and Bobby are three Italian-American pigeons ready to become your Animaniacs collection’s main exhibit.

In a time when Italian-American stereotypes were fair game for animated comedy, this trio of mafioso birds mixed the slick Goodfellas style with a characteristic Animaniacs craziness to make a thing of beauty.

Now they can make your collection a thing of beauty in the form of this Quantum Mechanix figure, of such high-quality and detail that even the box feels like a premium collectible.

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Pinky & The Brain Figure

“What are we going to do tonight, Brain?”

Hopefully, become a part of your collection!

These genetically enhanced lab rats grew from Animaniacs side-features into stars of their own right, recognizable by audiences of all ages all over the world.

In this figure set they can be seen doing what they do best – plotting to take over the world!

The color and polish on this piece is remarkable, and like the previous item you’ll most likely want to display them still in their box if you’re big on collectibles.

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Animaniacs Cookie Jar

The thing about cookie jars is you’ll want to keep filling them up with cookies. And the thing with cookies is you’ll always want to eat them.

Especially if you have them in such an awesome jar!

If your waistline isn’t something you’re concerned about then there’s no reason to skip over this adorable Animaniacs cookie jar dating back to 1994.

Thanks to the durable ceramic material and glossy paint coating, it looks just as bright and colorful as it did back in the day and will continue to do so for years to come. Perfect for fans young and old alike.

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Vintage 90s WB Toy

If you truly want to capture the Warner siblings’ energy and spunk, you need something as dynamic as this retractable spring toy.

Also a vintage item from 1994, this cute toy depicting Wakko, Yakko, and Dot rocketing out of their WB Water Tower home is perfect to have around your desk at work.

Just to remind you of better times, or just to enlarge your WB cartoon collection.

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Limited Edition Pin

Classy, discreet, and beautifully crafted is how I’d describe this charming lapel pin.

It’s modeled after the infamous runts presenting their show over the WB logo. The golden details highlight their black and white fur so nicely.

And this lapel pin is just the thing you need for a bit of fun in your outfit.

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Stainless Steel Insulated Mug

“The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!”

Few TV quotes are as widely known as Pinky and The Brain’s iconic exchange from every episode. Now you can remember it every time you drink your morning coffee and perhaps become inspired to seize the day.

The sublimated design will never wear off, and since it’s vacuum insulated you don’t run a risk of burning your hands even though it’s made of steel.

Get one for you, and one for your partner in crime. Are you the brains or the mood maker?

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Rare Pink & Brain Figures (1995)

If you want something that’ll withstand the furtive attacks of your cats or nosy kids, PVC is the way to go.

These are rare vintage pieces from a 1995 WB merchandise line, and they retain the same level of polish and color they had back then.

Together but independent, these two figures are the perfect set to adorn your desk at work so everyone knows what it is you do every night.

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Rolling Animaniacs Toys (1993)

Rarely do you get the chance to acquire vintage merchandise from the year a series premiered.

This rolling Animaniacs set includes the most recognizable characters like the Goodfeathers and the Warner siblings riding different vehicles like an ice cream bike and… a security guard?

Good night, everybody!

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Warner Bros Official Promo Toy

This wheeler toy featuring all three siblings on snowboards was produced by WB to promote Wakko’s Wish, the Animaniacs Movie, back in 1999.

It’s a bit of a bizarre toy, much like the show.

And it’s the perfect piece for a budding collection in need of a showpiece you can talk to all your friends about.

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Animaniacs Official CD

Among the things that made Animaniacs such an amazing show was its orchestral score.

It was so good, the theme song even won an Emmy.

The series’ producers used new orchestral pieces for each episode, the best of which are included in this CD. Some of the most well-known are Wakko’s America and Yakko’s World, both of which are quite educational on top of being charming.

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Colorful Crew Socks

Socks are the things to spice up your attire and subtly give your outfit some personality.

I’m a lover of flashy socks with a lot of color. And these had me enthralled since I laid eyes on them. They feature the wacky siblings in diverse settings, so you’re sure to find a pair to fall in love with(or a pair for any Animaniacs fan you know).

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Vintage Animaniacs Lunchbox

While metal lunchboxes are an absolute classic, plastic ones are simply much more practical.

No Animaniacs collection could ever be complete without one of these.

While the Warner siblings are usually the ones wreaking havoc, it sure looks like they bit off more than they could chew in the featured image.

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Wooden Cooking Spoons

If you’re looking for a gift to please a fan who’s also fond of cooking, one of these designs burnt on cooking spoons by hand is something you can’t pass up.

They’re made by DreadLocksArtStudio from all-natural materials. The wood is coffee-stained for color and the rough string around the base is 100% organic fiber.

A couple of these are a great way to tell spoons apart for those people who’d rather have one tool for each step of the cooking process, and they’ll also make an amazing decoration for any kitchen.

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Wakko Outlet Cover

If you’re working on an Animaniacs-themed room, or perhaps an office where you work with children, themed outlet covers will always be a nice detail to make everything a bit more magical.

The images of Wakko are cut out from original comics so no two pieces are the same.

It’s cute, unique, and very colorful, and the manufacturer is committed to involving recycled materials into their creations which is always worth supporting.

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Wakko Hat

Whether you want the final piece for your Wakko costume or just an eccentric piece for your outfit that’ll shock everyone, this high-quality cotton cap is just what you need.

The intense red color and springy ears won’t fail to turn some heads. And everyone will want to know where you got such a weird item.

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Rare WB Production Cel

Among the most amazing pieces of memorabilia any fan of a show could own are production cels straight from the animation studio.

This piece was hand-painted and used in the making of the series, and it includes the Warner Brothers seal of authenticity to prove it to anyone you have over the house.

It’s a living piece of cartoon history that I guarantee any fan will adore.

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