25 Iconic Cats In Anime: The Ultimate Feline List

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Anime as a whole is definitely a cat person.

Sure you see a dog pop up here and there. But cats just dominate the medium.

From talking cats to cat ears and adding nyan to everything they say, there’s an abundance of these furry creatures. So today I wanna honor these felines and share the absolute best cats in all of anime!

No humans saying nyan this time around, but there will be plenty of human like cats and spawns of Satan.

25. Sorata

Sorata Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Anime Screenshot

Anime: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Okay this may be a misleading way to start off the list, given that Sorata has almost no plot presence as a character. But like, look at him.

Look at that Oreo-looking pudgy kitty.

He is used as a plot point if nothing else as he is first taken care of by Takaho who found him in an alley way. We then fast forward 10 years and now Yokozawa is taking care of the fluff ball. But then some time later Hiyori starts taking care of him…

And all of these transitions carry with them progression and change within the characters. It’s an interesting dynamic.


24. Nekotalia

Nekotalia Hentalia Anime Screenshot

Anime: Hentalia

With this entry we actually have a group of cats, them being the cat equivalents of the characters in Hentalia.

Hentalia is pretty odd by itself. The fact there’s a cat version should not be a surprise.

Each cat represents a certain country and their bickering often leads to humor as well as some low-key political criticism. I personally love Germany cat and Italy cat the most.

And yes, those are the names they go by.

Germany cat being a very strict black cat that does everything by the book, while Italy cat is just a softy who likes to play, flirt, and bother Germany cat. Nekotalia is also one of the rare times where the Dub is actually amazing.


23. Sakamoto

Sakamoto Nichijou Anime Screenshot

Anime: Nichijou

An oddity on this list, Sakamoto is actually just a cat.

He’s able to speak, but not through blood contracts or a demonic heritage. No, it’s through the power of technology!

After living with an awful cat owner, Sakamoto flees and finds himself under the care of the genius inventor, Hakase.

She fashions him a scarf that gives him the ability to speak. And he uses this newfound ability to constantly demand for respect as he is technically the oldest, because he counts in cat years.


22. Jiji

Jiji in Kiki’s Delivery Service Anime Screenshot

Anime: Kiki’s Delivery Service

Every witch needs a black cat!

For Kiki that cat is Jiji, see see?

A very interesting thing to note with Jiji is that his character actually fluctuates depending on whether you watch the sub or the English dub.

In the Japanese version Jiji is a very cautions and humble cat that doesn’t even speak if he doesn’t have to. In the English version however, he is a more proud, satirical and cynical cat.

Even plot-wise there is a difference! In the Japanese version Kiki loses the ability to speak to Jiji as she has grown up, while in the 1998 English version this doesn’t seem to be the case.


21. Korin

Korin Dragon Ball Cat Anime Screenshot

Anime: Dragon Ball

Do you remember when Korin was like in the show?

Before all the planet and universe destruction started becoming a typical Tuesday, Korin was viewed as a martial arts master.

He is an immortal cat that lives in a giant tower where he would train the one and only Goku.

He also gives Goku’s gang Senzu beans so that legendary moment of the worst parenting skills ever(displayed in the battle against Cell) might not have happened hadn’t it been for this fuzzy old cat.


20. Kaya

Kaya Ghost Stories Anime Screenshot

Anime: Ghost Stories

Everyone has had that relatable moment when you’re just minding your own business, trying to rid the world of an evil spirit, when you accidentally do a reverse-exorcism and now your cat is possessed.

You know what I mean? Same here.

And because of this mundane activity, the formally ordinary cat becomes one of the funniest characters on the show.

He is so snappy and grumpy it’s just a riot. Especially in the English dub where Kaya has the sort of potty mouth that would get him canceled 10 times over in this climate.

Thankfully it came out in the early 2000s so Kaya’s temper remained intact.


19. Baron

Baron The Cat Returns Anime Screenshot

Anime: The Cat Returns

Now this is one snazzy cat.

Baron Humbert von Gikkingen first appeared in the 1995 movie “Whisper of the Heart” and would return three years later as a more important character in “The Cat Returns”.

With his slick white suit and top hat, he definitely leans more towards human than cat.

I’m pretty sure this is how furries came to be. And can you blame them? Just listen to that silky voice. Ah, what an absolute gentleman.

He also becomes a statue during the day but that doesn’t stop him from owning the Cat Bureau. I strive to be Baron without the fur, and the stone.


18. Nekobasu

Nekobasu My Neighbor Totoro - Cat Anime Screenshot

Anime: My Neighbor Totoro

His name is Catbus. What is he?

Half cat, half bus.

Ghibli really didn’t beat around the bush with this one. Nekobasu is just so fluffy I want to die.

Appearing in a pinch to help out the girls and Totoro Nekobasu is a very helpful presence in that universe. He also has that wide, scary but amusing, Cheshire Cat smile.

Even on his own I feel he must be on this list simply because of how well-known and loved this character is in the anime world.

But then we get to the cherry on top of the cake. Say it with me: Kittenbus. In case you haven’t heard, Ghibli made a short 13 minute special in 2003 that follows Kittenbus. Yes, it’s as adorable as it sounds.


17. Kirara

Kirara Cat - InuYasha Anime Screenshot

Anime: InuYasha

Nothing has been this demonic and yet this appealing since like Paradise Lost, shout out to the few people that got that.

Kirara is one dangerous nekomata, switching from her tiny adorable form into the bringer of death when needed.

I’m very glad that Kirara is actually useful too, unlike someone like Kiba’s Akamaru… but also isn’t completely overpowered like some later entries.

She still fights in tandem with her owner/buddy. She also makes for a wonderful travel companion.

And whenever she actually ‘meows’ an angel gains like 7 wings.


16. Blair

Blair Soul Eater Anime Screenshot

Anime: Soul Eater

Ooo, who lives in a pumpkin and is a kitty?

Blair, the song had to die.

Blair is an interesting case; she is a monster cat meaning that is her true form, and yet she often resorts to her human form. And her human form resorts to nudity. But no complaints here.

She is also a very powerful monster cat leading many to even mistake her for a witch.

Let’s just hope she never gets on a project. And considering the power of her pumpkin themed spells, can you really blame them?

She has blown away many a foe and if that wasn’t enough you have to kill her 9 whole times before she dies.


15. Arthur

Arthur Code Geass Anime Screenshot

Anime: Code Geass

I like Arthur because he’s a normal cat. No talking, no demons, nothing.

And yet he still had some influence on the plot.

In particular, that one time he stole Zero’s mask and started running around the school commencing the most high-stakes game of “catch the cat” ever.

Aside from these 15 minutes of fame, Arthur usually chills in the background doing his own thing. He also really likes biting Suzaku, but hey who wouldn’t give him a nibble.


14. Karupin

Karupin Prince of Tennis Anime Screenshot

Anime: Prince of Tennis

I object to how cute this cat is. It’s setting unrealistic standards for other cats!

I mean just look at the fluffy little thing. Karupin’s and Ryoma’s love for each other is so precious.

Karupin also really likes his toys; he will in fact follow you to school, roam around the hallways, maybe climb a tree if you happen to take his toy with you. He constantly sleeps with Ryoma, like a little cuddle buddy.


13. Kuroneko

Kuroneko Trigun Anime Screenshot

Anime: Trigun

We’ve all heard of the fly on the wall. But now it’s time for the cat on the…everything.

My awful meme analogy is supposed to get the point across that in the world of Trigun Kuroneko is seemingly everywhere.

This feline makes an appearance is nearly every episode in the flesh or in the form of a picture or stamp. Kuroneko always seems cheerful, usually smiling and meowing when he’s discovered in some random trash bin or bag.

The cast usually doesn’t react in any way when the cat pops up. Except that one time when it stopped Wolfwood from cheating in chess. Smart kitty.


12. Luna, Artemis and Diana

Luna, Artemis and Diana Sailor Moon Anime Screenshot

Anime: Sailor Moon

It feels wrong breaking these cats up into three entries. And a mother can’t chose her favorite child, so we’ll just combine the three.

Luna and Artemis serve as guiding lights to the protagonists throughout the series, especially early on.

Having lived millennia before the event of the show, I’d say they picked up a thing or two. They also give the Senshi special items that allow them to awaken.

Diana comes in a bit latter as the child of the two other cats. But the twist is she came from the future. All three are very iconic characters so of course they had to be included in this list.


11. Neko-gami-sama

Neko-gami-sama Pani Poni Dash Anime Screenshot

Anime: Pani Poni Dash

I don’t even know where to start with this character.

So, Neko-gami-sama, or Lord Cat, or God Cat, is a cat who is a god.

What does he do with his divine powers?

He stays inside of vending machines to make sure the drinks are always body temperature. Why he does this, who knows.

He is also very diligent at this “job” so if he has to step out he will find a replacement. He also has superpowers and changes the color of his fur every episode.

What in the name of all that is holy does this represent? No clue. But it’s funny. And I subscribe to the church of Neko-gami-sama.


10. Maya

Maya Azumanga Daioh Anime Screenshot

Anime: Azumanga Daioh

Imagine being that hated by cats that you get bitten every time you tried to pet one.

That’s the life of Sasaki.

The cat named Kamineko seems to especially enjoy unhinging its jaw to bite her hand. But then, during the trip to Okinawa (which every slice of life anime has for some reason) Sasaki finally finds the cat of her dreams: Maya.

Ironically Maya is a wild cat. And yet is the only one not opposed to head pats and snuggles.

In fact, not only did it just allow Sasaki to pet him, but even followed Sasaki all the way to her home.

Now that is commitment.


9. Neko sensei

Neko sensei Princess Tu Tu Anime Screenshot

Anime: Princess Tu Tu

You know that feeling when you’re 30 and your family just won’t get off your back when it comes to marriage?

Well Neko sensei is that feeling personified. With the added twist of being a cat, and a teacher.

The man knows his priorities, using every opportunity he gets to make someone marry him.

And not like proposing all the time, no no no… more like “Oh I see you haven’t done your homework…yare yare…as punishment you will have to marry me!”

Ironically he runs away when another teacher wants to marry him. Unironically, he gets married in the very end to a female cat.


8. Shamisen

Shamisen The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Anime Screenshot

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I think of Shamisen as a parallel universe Schrodinger’s cat, which works out nicely because you know he is a cat.

I say this because at first Shamisen is just a normal stray cat.

But one day Haruhi decides to pick him up so that he could play a part in her game as a familiar. But when Karuhi starts confusing the real world and the fantasy world, Shamisen is given the ability to talk.

He talks in a deep voice and usually speaks about morality or something else philosophical. And regarding the initial statement, in “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” Shamisen is used to check whether Kyon still has a connection to the real world. Basically relying on the fact that Shamisen would be able to speak if that were the case.

So he has a purpose in the plot too, not just an awesome cat.


7. Happy

Happy Fairy Tail Anime Screenshot

Anime: Fairy Tail

This blue flying fur ball is the face of the Fairy Tail guild and the anime in general.

A mascot if you will.

He is mostly used for comic relief throughout the show, so he was built as very whacky and lovable. Having spent his entire life with the hotheaded (and hot-everything) Natsu, a bit of his temper and comradery definitely rubbed off on little Happy.

His signature “Aye Sir!” never fails to nab a cheeky little smile. And when he’s worried or sad we collectively whip out some tissues because a waterfall is in coming.

We also can’t forget his feline female friend F-Carla either.


6. Puck

Puck Re:Zero Anime Screenshot

Anime: Re:Zero

It is scientifically proven that the cuter a character is when they’re happy, the more horrifying they are when they’re mad. OK I haven’t run the tests yet but I’m sure you know what I mean.

At first glance, Puck is a happy-go-lucky artificial spirit that protects our not best girl Emilia, and jokes around with Beatrice and Subaru from time to time. And it is just adorable.

But oh boy, when Puck gets mad, run for the hills.

Even in his base form Puck is an absolute powerhouse, being the manifestation of the Ice Age on a budget.

But then there’s his other form. Not going to spoil it but let’s just say he goes from buddy to mister really quickly.


5. Kuro

Kuro Ao no Exorcist Anime Screenshot

Anime: Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

See, I told you Satan’s spawn would show up eventually!

And I don’t mean by character, as Kuro is a softy in that regard, but he is a demon.

Originally being a protective deity to the humans Kuro had it pretty good. Until humans started to neglect him and even tore down his shrine.

Just like most cat characters, for some reason, he had a fighting form and went on a rampage.

Luckily Shiro calmed him down with the power of soft words and hard liquor. Well it was wine, but you get the point.

Rin would later be passed the torch of headbutting Kuro with love and once again spreading the love of wine with his new familiar.


4. Chomusuke

Chomusuke Konosuba Anime Screenshot

Anime: Konosuba

Chomusuke is the silent but cute factor of Konosuba. She is Megumin’s familiar, hence the very hm… memorable name, and usually follows the gang around as they do god knows what.

She seems especially close to Kazuma as she spends a lot of time resting on his head.

She also really enjoys playing with Wiz, for some reason… well two big reasons.

She definitely does not have powers, just a normal cat. Ignore the whole using fire from time to time thing. Just a normal cat, you got it?


3. Anpu

Anpu The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened Anime Screenshot

Anime: Saiki Kusuo no ψ-nan: ψ-Shidou-hen (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened)

Anpu is how dog people imagine cats to be like.

He is a whinny little cat that thinks humanity is blessed by his mere presence. Through Saiki, who can read his mind, we see him constantly trying to manipulate those around him to his own benefit.

He’s used to unfiltered adoration. Which is why Saiki’s utter indifference drives the cat mad as he keeps trying to get his approval.

Well he did succeed once by protecting him from a cockroach, although it was far from the victory Anpu imagined.

There was also that whole ordeal of when Saiki was his wingman but that was just odd to say the least.


2. Meowth

Meowth Pokémon Anime Screenshot

Anime: Pokémon

Probably the most well-known anime cat ever, even by non-anime fans.

Being part of the dastardly trio in one of the biggest kids shows ever to hit television can sure put your name out there.

What’s most fascinating about Meowth is that in a lot of ways he’s the most human among Team Rocket.

He has shown doubts regarding what he’s doing with his life, as well as obviously regretting the fact that he and Pikachu can’t just be friends.

He’s also the brains of the operation as he builds all of the machines, makes all of the plans, and is the best at making Ash and his gang play his little games.

If it wasn’t for plot armor one might question whether he would continue to “blast off again”.


1. Madara

Madara Natsume's Book of Friends Anime Screenshot

Anime: Natsume’s Book of Friends

In my opinion, some of the best friendships in anime are those that begin as a simple alignment of interest.

At first Madara is just another youkai that wants to get its grabby little hands on Natsume’s Book of Friends for the power that it yields.

So the two arrange a deal: if Natsume died Madara would inherit the book, but would serve as Natsume’s bodyguard in the meantime.

The relationship between the pudgy little youkai and the kind-hearted Natsume would only grow from there, eventually leaving the original contract in the past.

Madara is a prideful little bastard that is extremely possessive of Natsume, always being ready to put his life on the line in order to protect him. A lovely kitty if I may say so.

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