15 Anime Characters That Can Likely Beat Hashirama

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In the Naruto universe, Hashirama is known as the God of shinobi. And that is hardly an overstatement.

With his Wood Release, senjutsu, and ridiculous healing, the dude is almost unbeatable.

But having said that, I can’t help but wonder “who could actually best him?”

That’s what we’ll try and answer in this ranking of anime characters that could pose a threat to Hashirama in battle.


15. Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen screenshot

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

I want to start off with Gojo, as he’s among the more debatable entries.

Hashirama has some insane defensive stats all around, being able to fight Madara for an entire day, as well as some extreme destructive capabilities with his giant slap machine.

However, Gojo has hacks. So there’s still a chance.

Hashirama could never directly strike Gojo, as his limitless will simply stop any physical attack from reaching him.

Plus, Gojo’s reverse purple has shown to be pretty powerful.

Although I doubt that reverse purple could actually kill Hashirama, since he casually tanks Bijuu bombs and all that… but it could perhaps open the chance to use his domain expansion.

Within Gojo’s domain, Hashirama’s psyche would be absolutely screwed since he would know everything immediately.

And if Gojo is lucky, it will screw with his mind enough to leave him somewhat defenseless.

It wouldn’t be a clean victory – but I do think the possibility is there.


14. The Demon King

The Demon King from The Seven Deadly Sins screenshot

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

I want to talk about this matchup, because it would be somewhat hilarious.

Just imagine it:

The Demon King somehow manages to enter the human world while at full power.

Hashirama immediately whips out the slapper machine and goes to town.

After quite a long battle (as the Demon King is no pushover when it comes to tanking or dishing out damage), Hashirama gets the upper hand and tries to seal the Demon King.

But plot twist, big reveal, the Demon King has an Uno reverse card as an ability and Hashirama ends up sealed instead.

Would it happen exactly like that? I don’t know.

But given that the Demon King has used this trick to play around with Ban and Meliodas, I wouldn’t say that it’s impossible.


13. Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro from Black Clover screenshot

Anime: Black Clover

I’m mainly basing this on the outcome of Yami’s fight with Dante.

Dante had some extremely destructive power, plus the ability regenerate his entire body almost instantly – and Yami still managed to press him.

True, he needed Asta to land the finishing blow.

But not even Hashirama can heal as much as Dante can, or at least not as quickly.

Yami’s speed and reflexes would probably keep him safe initially – which he could use to position himself and launch an all-out attack.

And let’s be real here, there’s no blocking a Dimension Slash.

If Hashirama survives the initial attack with no major injuries, however, Yami is pretty much screwed.

I never said it was going to be an easy victory. But the mere fact that there’s a possibility makes Yami a valid candidate here.


12. Jin Mori

Jin Mori from The God of High School screenshot

Anime: The God of High School

Hashirama might be called the God of Shinobi, but Jin is a literal God.

Although he didn’t have a lot of time to showcase his full power, I can confidently say that he would give Hashirama a run for his money.

His staff is just an extremely buffed version of the one Hiruzen uses.

And his lightning summon makes Sasuke look like a chump.

The dude can create entire lightning storms, and has the attack potency to create giant craters in the ground.

And seeing the kinds of fights he was a part of while at full power, I would say that Hashirama wouldn’t be too far above his paygrade.

Again, it wouldn’t be easy. But the win here would definitely be possible.


11. Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill screenshot

Anime: Kill la Kill

This matchup sounds extremely random, but I do think there’s a precedent for it.

By the end of the series, a fully powered Ryuko became pretty ridiculous.

She could fly into space in a matter of moments, which is quite the feat of speed. And she could get stabbed dozens of times and just heal instantly.

Plus her Scissor attack was strong enough to cut entire ships in the OVA.

And it’s even revealed that she possess the ability to learn any technique if given enough time – as shown when she overrides the clothing Infinite Tsukoyomi.

Also, I think her attire would just make Hashirama have a heart attack if we’re being honest here.


10. Sinbad

Sinbad from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic screenshot

Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Out of all the entries on this list, this is the fight that I would want to see the most.

Sinbad is to Magi what Hashirama was to Naruto, an absolute god.

Every time Sinbad flexed a muscle, the Magi universe trembled.

Even at a young age, Sinbad was able to casually destroy entire mountain ranges with a single attack – which is pretty impressive even in the Naruto universe.

The fact that he could also attack Hashirama with multiple elements and severely nerf his reaction speed is another major plus.

And on top of all that, we haven’t even seen Sinbad be all that pressed in a fight yet – while we know where Hashirama’s limit is.

It would be far from a one-sided fight.

But I do think Sinbad would claim victory in the end, simply through the virtue of having a much larger skill-set.


9. Ban

Ban from The Seven Deadly Sins screenshot

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

It has kind of become a meme in the Naruto fandom how Hashirama cells are like the ultimate steroid.

Just get a few of them into your system and you’ll be regenerating limbs like a lizard that lost a tail.

However, Ban makes even Hashirama look like a complete amateur.

Not only can he regenerate after being completely destroyed, but my dude basically trained in Purgatory for a thousand years.

Post-Purgatory Ban not only has absolutely insane durability, but he also has enough speed and strength to take out dozens of enemies with a single strike.

That being said, the only way that Ban wins for certain is if he’s fighting Hashirama straight out of Purgatory – and before he gives up his immortality.

At that point, he would just have to slowly steal Hashirama’s energy and then beat him.

It might take a while. But considering he fought the Demon King for 60 years, I doubt he would mind all that much.


8. Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime screenshot

Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Rimuru just has insane stats all around.

He has countless abilities, any and every resistance, regeneration, a personal all-knowing personal assistant, plus infinite scaling, you name it. And it was tough organizing a list of characters that could plausibly take on Rimuru.

Hashirama is a very skilled fighter. But I doubt even he could wrap his head around the giant ability free-for-all that is Rimuru.

On the other hand, Rimuru would get a detailed explanation on how to beat Hashirama.

He could even just put up a barrier and think about it for a while. Plus, Rimuru can just learn wood style, given a few minutes.

And the kicker is that Rimuru could completely avoid the whole healing thing by simply eating Hashirama alive or sealing him inside of his stomach.

He did it to a literal dragon while being extremely weak, so I doubt he would struggle with Hashirama after becoming a Demon Lord and all that.


7. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki from One Punch Man screenshot

Anime: One Punch Man

Hashirama is obviously scaled to Madara, whose most notable feat is dropping a meteor onto the battlefield.

Tatsumaki has this exact same feat. However, she can do something that Madara either can’t, or didn’t think of.

And that’s just yeeting Hashirama into space and waiting for him to suffocate.

Sure, it’s playing dirty. But manners have no part in this.

Things could get a bit dicey if she were to face him head on, though, as we don’t really know how much damage her shields can take. But even then she could just fly around extremely fast and drop enough meteors for Hashirama to just run out of juice.

But personally, I think that the space yeet technique is way more efficient.


6. Momonga

Momonga from Overlord screenshot

Anime: Overlord

Momonga has a very similar position as Rimuru, being that he has like 500+ spells under his command.

Some are handy, like a bunch of resistances for physical damage. And some are extremely useful, like long range fire blasts and extremely powerful mounts.

And then some are just straight busted.

The dude literally has the ability to just wish for something and make it happen.

The catch is that it has a long casting time, but guess what: he can just stop time and then cast it.

Although I think he could beat Hashirama with his high level summons and fire attacks alone, the fact that he can just wish Hashirama away at any point makes his victory certain.


5. Escanor

Escanor from The Seven Deadly Sins screenshot

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

This is the last character in this list from Seven Deadly Sins, I promise.

Escanor just counters Hashirama big time with his fire spells.

When he’s at full power, he can melt solid ground just by standing on it. And his miniature suns can melt metal from quite a distance away.

In other words, every single ability that Hashirama has is suddenly made useless.

I know he tanked Madara’s fire jutsu before. But Madara’s flames have never shown the capacity to literally melt everything in their way.

Plus even in base form, Escanor has insane stats.

An attack has to be multi-mountain level destructive in order to just pierce his skin. And he can easily one-tap some of the strongest characters in her universe.

His literal soul can burn your stomach – that’s how hot and powerful this dude is.


4. Anos Voldigoad

Anos Voldigoad from The Misfit of Demon King Academy screenshot

Anime: The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Anos is so overtuned when it comes to stats, that he could probably beat Hashirama with a stick.

The dude is the second-coming of Saitama with feats such as deflecting abilities with a blink, and getting a character to their knees by just allowing his heart to beat at a louder volume.

Imagine beating someone by just existing in their vicinity!

The dude has never taken damage unless he wanted to take damage. And not even god knows how many abilities he has up his sleeve.

A really powerful snap would probably be strong enough to just break Hashirama’s skull or something.


3. Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono from Black Clover screenshot

Anime: Black Clover

The prevailing theory on how Hashirama actually died is that his regeneration shortened his lifespan, and then he just died of old age.

This is quite fortunate for Julius, as he’s literally a time mage.

Hashirama couldn’t really regenerate being an old man. So all Julius would have to do is speed his aging up a bit and then celebrate his victory.

This wouldn’t even be hard to do, as Julius is comparable to light speed. And if he’s really pushed into a corner, could unleash all of his power and cover the range of an entire country.

Not even Hashirama can just leap an entire country in a second.

So either way you look at it, he’s becoming an old man and dying.


2. Reinhard van Astrea

Reinhard van Astrea from Re:Zero screenshot

Anime: Re:Zero

There’s a certain episode in Re:Zero when Pack loses his marbles, turns into a giant beast, and nearly wipes out everyone on Earth.

Reinhard then walks up and vibe checks him with a single hit, killing him. He didn’t even have to get up close – he just had to be in vision range.

I then go online to check his stats, only to find out that he literally has the ability to always win.

No matter the situation, if the enemy is powerful enough, Reinhard will just know the perfect ability to end their life.

Hashirama is no push-over. So he definitely counts, and would therefore get one-shotted.

Even if you don’t want to count the databooks and keep it to anime-only, the Pack feat was equivalent to one-shotting a tailed beast from miles away. And that’s something that even Hashirama can’t do without putting in some effort.


1. Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto: Shippuden screenshot

Anime: Naruto: Shippuden

I wanted to end on this fight because I find it poetic.

Just like Boruto is doing to his generation, Naruto did before him, and power-scaled everything so that old people are basically useless.

Seeing how a single Naruto clone with no or minimal amps is basically Kage level, the fact that he can summon a thousand is quite troublesome.

That, plus the Rasen Shuriken and the fact that he literally tanked a blast that can split the Moon in half, really just showcases how absolutely busted he is.

Not only would Naruto win, but if we were to say that they were both blood-lusted for whatever reason, I’m pretty sure Hashirama’s head would be rolling on the floor within two seconds of the fight starting.

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