5 Anime Characters That Could Beat Giorno Giovanna

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Ever since Golden Wind ended, Giorno has been an easy scape goat for any versus battle.

Golden Experience Requiem is just so busted that Giorno automatically stomps almost every other anime character in existence.

However, I do think there are a few characters that stand a chance of beating mister Gangstar. So let’s take a look at those characters and see what might happen in an all-out brawl.


5. Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha in Naruto Shippuden anime

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

I know you Giorno fanboys are already foaming at the mouth, but let me explain.

We know that Golden Experience Requiem, GER, can just reset everything in this world to zero – and thus never take any damage.

However, I think it would be up to debate whether this ability would affect Limbo clones. They are technically from a different world that’s inconceivable in this one.

And even though return to zero is a passive ability, GER has to at least recognize that an attack is coming – otherwise the entire world would just love forever.

There’s also the argument that Madara could use Kamui to warp Giorno into a different dimension where GER has no control.

You could also make a point that Infinite Tsukuyomi could spell victory. Plus, Madara can tank nukes easily – so even if none of this works, it’s not like Giorno is going to kill him any time soon.


4. Meliodas

Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins anime

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

When talking about GER’s ability to make someone die infinitely, I couldn’t help but think of the curse brought down onto Elizabeth from the Seven Deadly Sins.

However, as a demon king, Meliodas was able to break this curse – showcasing that he can in theory nullify dimension-warping abilities.

Plus, my dude just wins the war of attrition big time.

He has been alive for 4 thousand years. So waiting around for Giorno to slip up is nothing special.

And considering that at full power, Meliodas can basically tank mini Suns, I don’t think Giorno is leaving a dent.

He wouldn’t even be able to break Meliodas mentally either, since the dude literally spent a thousand years in Hell.


3. Anos Voldigoad

Anos Voldigoad in The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Anime: The Misfit of Demon King Academy

There are a few reasons why I think Anos could win this fight in theory.

First off, his mere existence is a threat to anyone around him, as his heart beat alone can blow out your eardrums.

And even GER can’t just reset your heart to zero, that makes no sense.

And while we have not seen this in the anime yet, Anos possesses an ability called Demon King’s Blood that will attack anyone who manages to damage his source. And it literally states in the wiki that this also includes “conceptual attacks like gods’ authorities”.

So it’s a bit more theoretical if we stick to anime only, but even then I think Anos would prevail.


2. Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

It should go without saying that characters that are literal gods scale over GER.

Haruhi is an exceptionally good opponent, as she wouldn’t even know she was fighting.

So even if we did say that GER could avoid being snapped out of existence by resetting Haruhi’s will to fight to zero, Giorno would still lose, as Haruhi’s power is entirely subconscious.

And honestly if Giorno scaled above God level, then he could have just reset the entire series and saved literally everyone from everything.

So I’m sticking to Haruhi on this one.


1. Altair

Altair Re: Creators anime screenshot

Anime: Re: Creators

Personally, this is my favorite pick for versus battles – because it is always technically correct.

You see, her ability is to make anything that anyone ever wrote into canon.

And in the show, she was also shown to have the ability to swap and interact with the fictional and “real” dimension.

Therefore, if I just write “Altair can turn GER off and curb stomp Giorno”, that’s now cannon.

Plus, since we’ve literally seen her mess with the cause and effect chain like it was nothing, at the bare minimum the two are on the same playing field.

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