Anime Characters That Could Likely Beat Kakashi

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True to his reputation as one of the coolest anime characters out there, Kakashi is known for his many prestigious titles.

He’s known as The Copy Ninja, Kakashi of the Sharingan (despite not being an Uchiha), Cold-Blooded Kakashi (from his ANBU days), and The Sixth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf.

Kakashi is by no means an ordinary Shinobi.

His feats are known far and wide, and even the most dangerous enemies fear him. As they should.

So with that said, which anime characters stand a chance to beat this absolute badass character? Let’s discover a few that stand out.


20. Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha from Naruto Anime

Anime: Naruto

What better way to start the list that with another Naruto character?

Madara isn’t outright overkill, but I believe Kakashi would fall short against him.

This man needs no introduction – but for the sake of clarity…

He’s one of greatest (if not the greatest) Uchiha of all time, along with being the strongest non-extraterrestrial villain in the series as of yet.

He’s so strong that not even Naruto and Sasuke could beat him — two of the strongest shinobi out there.

And arguably, he would’ve even won the war if he wasn’t betrayed.

All in all, I think Madara is just too much of an opponent for Kakashi, and would absolutely stomp this matchup hands down.


19. Akame

Akame from Akame Ga Kill! Anime

Anime: Akame Ga Kill!

Akame is one very deadly waifu, making her a great matchup against Kakashi.

She wields Murasame — a sword that can kill anyone in a single cut. And she’s one of the most lethal assassin-type characters in all of anime.

She has proven herself time and again as a valuable member of Night Raid, and has slain quite a lot of dangerous enemies all by herself.

And I believe she has enough speed, strength, and skill to contend with Kakashi – and perhaps even catch him off-guard.

As long as she strikes hard, fast, and with no mercy (10/10 reference) from the get-go, it’s her victory.

All it takes for her to win is a tiny cut. She’s just too OP.


18. Meruem

Meruem from Hunter X Hunter Anime

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

Here we have Meruem — the King of the Chimera Ants and the main antagonist of arguably one of the best anime arcs of all time.

Based on just how he fought in the series, it’s pretty easy to see why Meruem could dominate almost every matchup.

Meruem was born strong.

He was the product of many years of evolution and sacrifice of countless human lives. In fact, he was the strongest lifeform on Earth at one point.

He’s strong, fast, and tough as all hell. So much so that not even an explosion from a nuke at point-blank range could kill him outright.

What an absolute mad lad!


17. Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen Anime

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

When it comes to fan-favorite anime characters, you’d rarely see Satoru Gojo being left out of anybody’s list.

And not only is he oddly charismatic, but he’s also among the strongest sorcerers in his series.

I mean, Gojo is just so strong that he even mocks his enemies for being too weak.

This man’s disrespect knows no bounds!

But then again, I’d probably be the same way if I was as overpowered as him. And he’s so smart that he can analyze an opponent’s techniques just by simply observing.

And forget just being fast — he can slow down time to the point that he’s almost outright stopping it!


16. All Might

All Might from My Hero Academia Anime

Anime: My Hero Academia

All Might’s days as a pro hero might be over. But that doesn’t diminish everything he’s achieved as the Symbol of Peace throughout his entire career.

At the moment in BNHA, he’s considered the strongest hero to have ever lived – in addition to being the most popular and well-loved.

This guy is exceedingly strong, fast, quick, intelligent, and charismatic — all stuff that has helped him maintain his status as the #1 Hero.

Villains fear his name, just as much as enemy shinobis fear Kakashi’s. Which is a testament to how great of a hero All Might has become.

Prime or not, I would never count against All Might in a fight – even if it’s against someone as strong as Kakashi.


15. Borsalino

Borsalino from One Piece Anime

Anime: One Piece

One of Kakashi’s strongest qualities is that he’s pretty darn fast. Not as fast as Minato, but still fast nonetheless.

And considering how crafty Kakashi is, very few characters in anime could even touch him, let alone deal a significant amount of damage to him.

That’s where Admiral Kizaru comes in.

While not as powerful as characters like Whitebeard or Gol D. Roger, I’d say Kizaru is still the fastest character in One Piece.

He is made up of light, and can move at the speed of light too.

What’s worse for Kakashi is that he has very few techniques that can damage Kizaru, since Kizaru is a Logia-type Devil Fruit user.


14. Alucard

Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate Anime

Anime: Hellsing Ultimate

Speaking of anime characters who are virtually impervious to damage…

Her we have the No-Life King himself — Alucard.

As the first-ever vampire in history, Alucard was cursed (or blessed in this case) with true immortality.

Think that’s bad enough for Kakashi?

Well Alucard’s survivability has gone up even more since he absorbed Schrodinger. This made him practically unkillable in every sense of the word.

Overall I think his incredible durability combined with his power would be enough to make him the victor over Kakashi.


13. Yuu Otosaka

Yuu Otosaka from Charlotte Anime

Anime: Charlotte

Much like Kakashi, Yuu Otosaka has been known to steal their opponent’s powers.

Although in Yuu’s case, he outright takes it from others, rendering them powerless.

He can also control his opponent’s body for 5 whole seconds, which is more than enough time to do whatever damage he wants.

Throughout his life, he’s plundered enough powers to make him one of the strongest characters in anime.

So he’ll be a very tricky opponent to deal with – even for Kakashi, who’s known to be quite a tricky opponent himself.


12. Soi Fon

Soi Fon from Bleach Anime

Anime: Bleach

No one embodies the words “Quick Death” quite as well as Soi Fon — Captain of the 2nd Division and the Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō.

Aside from being known as a total simp for Yoruichi, Soi Fon is one badass waifu who can kill her opponents in the blink of an eye.

What makes her so deadly is her Suzumebachi — a Zanpakuto that allows her to kill anyone just by striking them two times in one spot.

Oh, and she can also launch missiles with her Bankai. How cool is that?

Not very “stealthy” per se, but still…

Combine these skills with her top-notch speed, and there will be very few anime characters that can withstand an assassination from Soi Fon.


11. Hiei

Hiei from Ghost Fighter Anime

Anime: Ghost Fighter

Hiei is among the first “cool and edgy” characters to ever be featured in an anime.

Despite his series being on the older side, he’s still just as powerful as more modern characters.

In fact, this guy is so damn strong that not even Sasuke Uchiha himself could beat him in a Death Battle. That’s probably one of the most entertaining and well-researched power scaling videos out there.

He’s just too strong, too fast, and too skillful. And unfortunately for Naruto fans, this means Kakashi barely stands a chance.


10. Meliodas

Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins Anime

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, the former leader of the Ten Commandments, and the son of the Demon King himself.

Demons and angels alike fear him, along with every mortal that has ever seen him fight.

Granted, Meliodas stands very little chance against an opponent like Kakashi in his base and unaltered form.

If he goes all out though?

Man oh man, it probably wouldn’t even be a close matchup.

Meliodas’ immense power might just be too much for Kakashi. Not to mention the mind-blowing boost in durability he gets whenever he enters his final form.


9. Momonga

Momonga from Overlord Anime

Anime: Overlord

You’re better off throwing away your holy water and crosses if you ever come across Momonga.

He is one spooky, scary skeleton you wouldn’t want to mess with.

He’s also one of the most OP anime characters to come out in the past decade.

And unlike other characters that can match his strength, Momonga has very little mercy for his foes.

He’s not your typical kind-hearted shounen MC. He literally has no heart for crying out loud!

Plus he has an arsenal full of broken spells that he can use to steamroll any enemy — including Kakashi.


8. Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

On the topic of overpowered characters who can steamroll through any matchup…

Giorno is definitely among the strongest characters in JJBA.

Now this is by no means a small feat, if we stop to consider just how overpowered some characters are in the series.

And Giorno is very much like his father in that regard.

While Dio is an immortal vampire who can stop time, Giorno is a posing expert who can set anything in existence back to 0.

His Gold Experience Requiem gives him dominion over life and death, enabling him to essentially be unbeatable in every way.

Realistically, not even the likes of Goku and Saitama could beat this man. And certainly not Kakashi.


7. Accelerator

Accelerator from A Certain Scientific Accelerator

Anime: A Certain Scientific Accelerator

Accelerator has a well-deserved reputation for being among the strongest anime characters ever.

Not to mention he absolutely rocks the white hair just as great as Kakashi does, which is an admirable achievement in and of itself.

Accelerator, true to his name, has the ability to control the parameters of any matter that has a vector. Basically this is just a fancy way of saying he can control everything that comes his way.

He can neutralize incoming attacks and strike from a distance with his plasma beams.

And as if that isn’t enough, he’s also more than capable of outright deleting opponents in his black-winged form. And considering that he turned to an angel, that isn’t even his final form.


6. Shigeo Kageyama

Shigeo Kageyama from Mob Psycho 100 Anime

Anime: Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo (along with Saitama) has fallen victim to One’s fascination with creating plain-looking main characters.

Although I’m sure most of us fans already know by now just how impressive their power level is compared to how they actually look like…

After all, Shigeo is one of the most powerful espers in the history of anime.

Sure he might look unassuming at first glance. But he’s damn near unstoppable whenever he gets serious in a fight.

Mountains shatter and cities get destroyed whenever he’s fighting at 100%. He would no doubt give Kakashi a very hard time if they ever fought.


5. Saiki Kusuo

Saiki Kusuo from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Anime

Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

When it comes to espers, it’s hard to make a case against Saiki being the strongest of them all.

Not only is he a strong telepath, but he can also teleport, turn others to stone, fly, turn invisible, travel through time, see through objects, see into the future…

Saiki is a man of many talents.

It’s been said numerous times in the anime that he has the power to destroy the planet with a mere thought, assuming he ever loses control of his powers.

Yeah, he’s just that strong.

Can he beat Kakashi? Absolutely he can!


4. Koro-sensei

Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom Anime

Anime: Assassination Classroom

Koro-sensei might seem like your day-to-day mild-mannered teacher. But don’t be fooled — he can beat almost any character you put him up against.

First off, his survivability is just off the charts.

Save for a few weaknesses that took his students a long time to figure out, Koro-sensei is near flawless and unkillable.

In addition to his durability, he’s also insanely fast, and is completely capable of toying with top-tier assassins with a smile on his face – as we’ve seen numerous times in the series.


3. Usagi Tsukino

Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon Anime

Anime: Sailor Moon

Usagi is another one of those characters you should never underestimate, despite their character design.

I know she leans more into the cute side of the spectrum, but I think anyone dumb enough to cross her should be intimidated.

After all, this girl has enough power (of love and justice) to dish out galaxy-busting attacks. And she has tanked more than her fair share of attacks and lived to tell the tale.

She’s a loving magical girl who never barks, but has all the bite. And she’s in fact the strongest character on this list if we go by pure feats alone.


2. Goku

Goku from Dragon Ball Super Anime

Anime: Dragon Ball

To answer everyone’s favorite question:

“Yeah, but can he beat Goku though?”

No. No he can’t.

It’s pretty obvious as to why Goku’s name is always in the conversation with these hypothetical fights.

I mean, Goku went from fighting Jackie Chun (Master Roshi in disguise)to fighting genocidal aliens and gods of destruction.

And on that note, I think there’s just no way Kakashi can beat this Saiyan – even with his hax-tier jutsus.


1. Saitama

Saitama from One Punch Man Anime

Anime: One Punch Man

For our top spot, we have the poster boy for the word “OP”.

If you look closely, it’s even written right in the title of his series!

One benefit to being a gag character is that Saitama doesn’t have to struggle to move the plot forward.

And even if he runs into some obstacles (if you can even call them that), they’re mostly just mundane things like missing a sale at the supermarket, or sucking at rock-paper-scissors and video games.

He’s the manifestation of a “plot device”.

And he remains unbeaten so far in the two mangas and the anime — even by enemies that could potentially destroy the world.

All in all, the only way for Kakashi to survive this matchup is if he could muster up a Jutsu to transform into a mosquito and “flea” the battle. Pun intended.

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