15 Anime Guys With Long Hair (Our Favorite Characters List)

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So let’s be honest: all of us like ourselves some hot anime men.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, or anything in between. And what’s the best for those anime men? Not a burly alpha male, but a dreamy long-haired prince saving a damsel in distress!

Often these characters seem to be either demons, Yokai, or otherwise spiritual beings. Other times they’re just a target for romance, and in a few, they’re boys that like to crossdress… which hey, this is anime who’s judging?

These pretty boys that look like they’re straight from a Bishōnen anime will take away your breath & heart, and in some especially demonic cases – even your soul.

And here I’ve organized a favorite assortment of the prettiest faces coupled with the most handsome long hairstyles on guys in anime.

Let’s dig in! Itadakimasu!

15. Gajeel Redfox

Gajeel Redfox from Fairy Tail anime

Anime: Fairy Tail

Ironically here kicking off the list, we have not an elegant prince charming or someone you’d fall for – a dragonslayer.

Gajeel is… well, interesting to say the least.

He’s big, strong, eats literal metal, and likes cats.

He is loyal to his comrades, but ruthless in battle. And he’s able to kill anyone, whether friend or foe on a moment’s notice, just to win.

Gajeel isn’t even from our time either. He comes from 400 years in the past, sent to the future to assist in the destruction of Acnologia.

And to be honest, for a brute he is he’s got pretty nice looks, don’t you think?

14. Ukyo

Ukyo from Amnesia anime screenshot

Anime: Amnesia

Ukyo is… well he’s very handsome. Even more so than the whole reverse harem in Amnesia is.

I would probably put him higher for his looks alone, but Amnesia is a well-hated anime character.

Which properly brings him down, but of course he deserves a spot somewhere in my ranking.

Ukyo is also one of the spiritual Ike-men we have here, as his alias is “Shinigami” (Literally: God of death/Reaper).

He has strong ties to the spirit world. And in most arks he’s as insane as one could be.

13. Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya Kuchiki in Bleach anime screenshot

Anime: Bleach

Byakuya is a special case. I didn’t even know whether I should include him at first… is his hair long enough?

But I like bleach, so here he is. Deal with it!

Byakuya is the leader of the 6th division of the Gotei 13. And even in-universe people (both male and female) admire his looks.

I know he might seem ice-cold and heartless. But deep inside he cares for his family and friends with a passion.

He is also the unwilling landlord of the Shinigami Women’s Association who base themselves in his estate, without his knowledge or approval.

12. Grell Sutcliff

Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler anime

Anime: Black Butler

And here we have our first deathly entry from Black Butler – Grell Sutcliff.

This guy is vicious, mad, and apparently very gay for Sebastian.

This death god is a prime example that beauty and brains don’t always correlate. In fact, it’s often the other way around, huh?

Grell is unlike the other death gods very partial to the living, going so far as to become the butler of a human he likes. Well, until he gets bored of her, that is.

And fun fact: Grell has a strong liking to anything red. Clothes, hair, blood… But even with all those red flags we still love his hair.

11. Sesshōmaru

Sesshōmaru in InuYasha anime screenshot

Anime: InuYasha

What is the deal with hot characters and their crappy personalities?

Whenever we see a character like this, be it Sesshomaru or Byakuya, their undesirable personality often contrasts starkly with their marvelous aspects.

Sesshomaru is the cold type, never baring any emotion other than disgust.

But as usual with those types of people (well, demons) Sesshomaru shows affection towards a human girl named Rin and his subordinate Jaken, an imp.

A strange character but quite a character indeed.

10. Tomoe

Tomoe Kamisama Kiss anime screenshot

Anime: Kamisama Kiss

“But no, Tomoe has short hair” you might say. And you’d be right, partially.

Tomoe has short hair. But in flashbacks we see his old, untamed self with luscious locks of silver hair – that’s the dream!

Tomoe is a cold-hearted unemotional Yokai (seeing a trend here…)

He seemingly does not care for the shrine. But we all know that’s a façade. Who’d watch over a shrine for 20 years without caring at all?

The old Tomoe gives off melancholic vibes. Feelings of angst and loneliness.

But we can gladly leave him to Nanami, she for sure won’t let him feel lonely ever again.

9. Kars

Kars from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Ok I’m sorry, I know I said “no burly alpha males” but Kars ticks all boxes.

Smart, pretty, long hair, he’s the perfect mix of power, brains, and beauty!

Kars is pretty much an Aztec god. He’s a higher evolutionary species than humans with amazing strength and capabilities.

In the elder times, he constructed a stone mask that vampirized you. Or with the red stone of Aja (basically the philosopher’s stone) this even allowed you to ascend to the perfect lifeform!

Sadly his plans didn’t work out, and now he can show off his coolness in space (pun intended).

8. Kanzaki Hideri

Kanzaki Hideri from Blend-S anime

Anime: Blend-S

No, it’s not a girl, sorry.

Kanzaki fits in here by the pure fact that he cross-dresses. And grew his hair to “boost his idolness”, whatever that means.

I really can’t add much to this, but just look at how cute this little goofball is.

7. Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime anime

Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Now following the trend of “cute, not handsome” men we have our loveable blob of blue slime Rimuru.

His human form has quite a backstory, being not only the body of a fellow reincarnated human but the body of the opposite gender.

Imagine how hard it would be to get used to changing into another body! I couldn’t do it.

But Rimuru is all sorts of inspiration. And here again, I squeal – he’s so god damn cute.

6. Astolfo

Astolfo Fate series anime screenshot

Anime: Fate series

I swear this is the last trap I place on the list.

Astolfo is not exactly what you’d call a crossdresser.

But still looks and feels very feminine.

Astolfo is another cutie and his hair only adds to it. But underneath lies a deadly and insane servant, with many an ability and extreme bloodthirst on the battlefront.

Still cute though. And great hair.

5. Ren Suzugamori

Ren Suzugamori from Cardfight!! Vanguard screenshot

Anime: Cardfight!! Vanguard

So we have cute extroverts, cold introverts, what are we missing?

Ah, yes, sadism.

Ren is composed and calm during most matches, manipulative using his Foo Fighter team for most dirty work.

And a hidden sadist, enjoying others suffering and depression. That’s important to know.

He is an ambitious and fiery player, but he rarely shows those features in matches. But he got such a high ranking here partly because of childhood nostalgia… it’s a great anime, really.

4. Arthur Rimbaud

Arthur Rimbaud in Bungou Stray Dogs anime

Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs

Arthur is always cold (not in the emotional sense) and a quite mysterious character from the Bungo Stray Dogs universe.

He was rivaled only by Lovecraft for the nomination to this list. But all in all even Arthur’s persona is nicer than Lovecraft’s attitude

Yet unlike the other cold characters here, Arthur is far from emotionless. He shows great surprise to Dazai’s suicidal antics, and laughs after being accused of reviving someone.

3. Undertaker

Undertaker from Black Butler anime screenshot

Anime: Black Butler

Another one from Black Butler, Undertaker is a mysterious information broker at first.

Only to be revealed as a Shinigami later.

Now he is a handsome man, making a lot of fans squeal when he reveals his green eyes that suit his silver hair oh so well. But what else do we know about him?

Undertaker is very fond of humor, only taking “the most profound of laughter” as payment for information.

But don’t let that fool you. His hobbies include extracting organs from corpses and frightening others – not exactly what you’d expect from a sane person, is it?

2. Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha Naruto anime screenshot

Anime: Naruto

Do you know that feeling of release after many years of building up to a baddy villain?

That satisfying conclusion to a great story, when it finally comes, is awesome.

Well for many fans of Naruto that sweet, sweet release was Madara Uchiha: one of the most powerful ninjas in history.

And even without the buildup, Madara is both a great villain and a handsome man to boot (you should see how many fanfics there are of him, jeez).

His style of fighting is also one of the most imposing things out there.

“Oh? You’re struggling against my attack? Should I double it?”

Being a great series and with dozens of Madara fans surely reading this, earns him a solid place on this list. (And a little of my personal bias)

1. Hyakkimaru

Hyakkimaru from Dororo anime

Anime: Dororo

You know what’s metal?

Fighting of 72 demons while not having skin or limbs.

Hyakkimaru does just that and looks great doing it!

Hyakkimaru is an unfortunate child, becoming a sacrifice for the prosperity of the land before even being born.

Born without organs, skin, or limbs. Hyakkimaru only survived because of a maid sending him up the river, Moses style.

But Hyakkimaru has prosthetic limbs and eyes which kind of work. He navigates by sensing spirits of people and fighting demons to regain his body. It’s pretty badass.

His hair is also superb which definitely earns him the #1 spot here.

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