Top 20 Best Anime Knight Characters (Ranked)

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Knights symbolize many things: strength, fortitude, honor, and love of country and king.

But what about knights in anime?

Do they still ride horses to battle while carrying a steel sword and wearing heavy armor? Perhaps, their combat prowess is now infused with magical or supernatural elements.

Whether they lean toward a traditional and realistic depiction or a more unconstrained, creative take, these knights have definitely made their mark in anime.

As always, some spoilers ahead.


20. Ikki Kurogane

Ikki Kurogane from Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry anime

Anime: Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

Chivalry of a Failed Knight is a school romance anime with magic elements (in particular, it’s an ecchi and harem series).

Students strive to become Mage-Knights upon their graduation. Seems simple, right?

The problem is that the MC Ikki Kurogane had an F ranking, the lowest possible rank. So what makes Ikki worthy enough to be on my list?

Well, I admire his willingness to help others. Even when he was bullied. He also has this neat Blade Steal skill that helps him quickly adapt to his opponents’ different fighting styles.

Likewise, he gets bonus points for actually getting together with Stella Vermillion (and for the two having a sweet kiss at the end).


19. Farnese de Vandimion

Farnese de Vandimion Berserk anime screenshot

Anime: Berserk

Granted, the Berserk anime adaptation from 2016 isn’t the best way to know Farnese de Vandimion.

And she doesn’t have enough screen time on the second part of The Golden Age film trilogy.

Still, Farnese is intriguing.

Farnese is the leader of the Holy Iron Chain Knights. But here’s the thing: the position was traditionally always given to a woman.

Second, this group of knights isn’t meant for all-out warfare — Farnense and her fellow knights do more ceremonial and less dangerous things than the Holy See.

I like what Farnese became a better person as her journey with Guns went on, but I still remember how she had no qualms about burning people at the stake.


18. Bozes Co Palesti

Bozes Co Palesti from Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

Anime: Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

Can I just say how much I appreciate anime (and its many source materials) for introducing me to knights that aren’t male, or just oozing with masculinity?

Bozes is a feminine female knight. With combat skills that can bring down several Imperial Soldiers at the same time.

Sure, she’s not always patient. But it’s impossible not to like her.

Bozes Co Palesti even fell in love with the MC Youji Itama, a guy she slapped hard in the series. Yet in the end, the two became a couple expecting a child.


17. Parn

Parn Lodoss-tou Senki anime screenshot

Anime: Lodoss-tou Senki

Record of Lodoss War is an old title — it literally came out before I was born.

I did get to see it eventually, and while I don’t think it was anything close to exceptional, I do remember the MC Parn.

Parn had a rather rough childhood:

His father was the subject of ridicule and hate, and the local people didn’t want to be associated with him and his child. Parn’s father died but never got to remedy his reputation.

As a Free Knight, Parn doesn’t need to remain loyal to a single person of authority or nobility, or even to a single kingdom — and that’s honestly admirable.

I’d rather have a knight whose loyalty is to justice rather than someone who’d harm others because his king told him to.


16. Felix Argyle

Felix Argyle in Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Anime: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

That’s right — Felix Argyle is one of my favorite knights, even though the anime community (even those who’ve never seen the series) associate him more with being a trap.

Then again, what else can someone like me ask for?

I never even knew I’d like a trap knight that not only excels in water and healing magic (instead of combat), but also has neko ears and a cute blue dress.

Felix Argyle has a character design that I’d least expect for a knight, but it works. A knight evokes classic, historical elements, and Felix is the opposite of what a traditional knight is like.

I even love and appreciate that Re:Zero has a male knight who’s comfortable enough about his identity that he will use female pronouns when he pleases.


15. Guila

Guila from Nanatsu no Taizai anime

Anime: Nanatsu no Taizai

Guila reminds me of Brock, and those other anime characters whose eyes you don’t really see. One big difference, however, is that she’s not someone you’d want to pester.

Being a knight seems to be a family thing as Guila’s late father Dale was also one. Sadly, her dad had an untimely demise (and was called a traitor) when all he wanted was to do well enough as a knight — and he looked up to the Seven Deadly Sins.

Thus, it’s ironic that her daughter ended up clashing with the series protagonists during the Capital of the Dead arc.

If King didn’t help Meliodas and the rest at the time, it’s fair to say that Guila could’ve prevented them from completing the Seven Deadly Sins.


14. Alisha Diphda

Alisha Diphda from Tales of Zestiria the Cross

Anime: Tales of Zestiria the Cross

I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Alisha Diphda among fans of the RPG, but Alisha in the anime adaptation is fine.

In fact, I like how Alisha strived to become a knight.

She was part of a noble family — and her name actually translates to nobility. Sadly, her mom didn’t have a valuable socioeconomic status. So the royal family didn’t treat them well.

So instead of waiting to get her chance at the throne (and the chances were low), Alisha trained to be a knight, proving that you don’t need a crown to serve your kingdom well.

Sometimes, all you really need is a genuine dedication to protect. Often with the help of a long spear.


13. Goldov Auora

Goldov Auor from Rokka no Yuusha anime

Anime: Rokka no Yuusha

Goldov Auora is one of the best people you can have in your team, given he’s considered the most powerful fighter in Piena.

He’s the head of the Black Horns Knights, which explains why he’s equipped with black armor. Also, he’s tall — the tallest among all the Braves.

With his height advantage and outrageous strength, he can do a ton of damage with his massive heavy spear.

But as much as I want to praise Goldov, the thing with knights is that their weakness can come from their loyalty.

With what happened in the series (and I hope it gets a second season), I just want to hug him — unless he’s still mad about it and would hit everyone close to him with a spear.


12. Gazef Stronoff

Gazef Stronoff from Overlord anime

Anime: Overlord

Here’s a muscular man who looks like he knows what he’s doing — and what he’s capable of doing his strength.

I’m not even making an understatement here:

Gazef Stronoff is noted as the strongest warrior in all of the Re-Estize Kingdom.

King Ramposa III had him as his personal bodyguard. Because even though he wasn’t officially a knight (only those from nobility can become one), Gazef already had the loyalty, selflessness, and bravery of one.

It saddens me that such a respectable man was killed by Ainz, just because they were at opposing sides during the war between kingdoms… but his death doesn’t erase his inspiring legacy.


11. Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail anime screenshot

Anime: Fairy Tail

When one of your magic skills is literally called “Requip: The Knight”, you know you’re getting on a list like this — but not just for that reason.

Erza Scarlet is one of the best parts of Fairy Tail, a show I’m not exactly a big fan of.

She was a child slave who rebelled with other slaves against the exploitative mages. In a way, her bravery and determination to free not just herself, but everyone, was the catalyst to her magic awakening.

From that event, it’s easy to see that Erza’s an honorable and dependable ally.

Whether she has her medieval armor or Adamantine variant, Erza won’t ever back down from a fight for justice.


10. Skull Knight

Skull Knight in Berserk The Golden Age Arc III: Advent

Anime: Berserk The Golden Age Arc III: Advent

You know, if the world ever gets a proper and complete (at least to where it’s at right now) adaptation of Berserk, the Skull Knight could become the best knight in anime history.

Sadly, the anime gods have yet to bless us with an amazing Berserk adaptation. So he only gets this spot.

You can see the Skull Knight in the terrible 2016 adaptation (he saves Luca) as well, but the real deal is in the third film of The Golden Age trilogy.

Within a minute (or two), this mysterious, terrifying entity comes into close contact with Void, easily kills a ferocious monster, and avoids Femto (i.e. Griffith) to save Guts and Casca.

Even his brief fight against Nosferatu Zodd gives me chills.

It’s amusing that this unbelievably powerful and ominous thousand-year-old knight is a good guy… or at least isn’t the stereotypical high-level villain given his appearance.


9. Darkness

Darkness Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! anime screenshot

Anime: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Please don’t crucify me for putting KonoSuba’s Darkness right above Berserk’s Skull Knight. I’ve already explained why the latter didn’t get ranked a bit higher!

Yet more importantly, Darkness has had more screen time and has shown how much of a lovely character she is.

Some may argue that she’s a crusader and not a knight.

However, a crusader to me is either someone who participated in the Crusades, someone fighting for a cause, or a knight who also happens to be a crusader because of either of the first two descriptions (or both).

To me, at least, she qualifies as a knight.

Also, her armor and heavy sword make her more like a classic knight than some entries.

KonoSuba has two surprisingly amazing and hilarious seasons and one movie. And Darkness is a valuable component of the show.

Yes, she willingly shields everyone from harm not just because it’s her job, but because she’s a perverted masochist — but that’s what’s amazing about Darkness.

Darkness is such a contrast:

She’s from a noble family and can act regal if she wants, but her hidden motives are from being dignified. Likewise, she’s strong. But has terrible accuracy so it doesn’t really matter.

Lastly (and because my ranking is subjective) she’s hilarious and adorable.


8. Alice Zuberg

Alice Zuberg in Sword Art Online: Alicization

Anime: Sword Art Online: Alicization

Alice Zuberg is an Integrity Knight. That sounds amazing and honorable, right?

Not exactly.

You see, Integrity Knights are like inefficiently rigid versions of honorable knights.

Yes, they can perform their duties well and protect Quinella and the Human Empire. But not necessarily because they want to.

Integrity Knights are forced to remain loyal to Quinella, one of the main antagonists in this era of the SAO franchise.

These knights are slaves. Worse, they don’t even have most of their personal memories before becoming protectors of Quinella because the Piety Module seals them away while inserting false memories.

Alice Zuberg thankfully doesn’t remain like this forever. And her eventual breakaway from this oppressive control is amazing to watch, as she goes on to help Kirito and the rest.


7. Aka no Saber “Mordred”

Aka no Saber Mordred from Fate/Apocrypha anime

Anime: Fate/Apocrypha

Otherwise known as Saber of Red, Mordred is a knight that doesn’t want to be limited by expectations toward being one.

For one, Mordred is strong enough to use a two-handed sword with one hand — and she can even throw it far enough if it means defeating her foe.

Second, she doesn’t have to rely on her sword.

Victory is her main goal. So she’ll do anything from kicking to even biting, just to reign supreme.

And lastly, she can call forth a huge swath of crimson lightning if everything else fails.

What else makes her an interesting knight?

Well, Mordred is a relatively short woman that wears a huge armor and helmet — she’s so covered that no one can see her face, or guess her race or gender.

And let’s not forget she’s Mordred, the “son” of King Arthur and a member of the Knights of the Round Table. Quite the credentials.


6. Gan Fall

Gan Fall One Piece anime screenshot

Anime: One Piece

Gan Fall isn’t the oldest knight on my list. But he’s definitely the oldest-looking knight.

Yet that doesn’t mean he’s a burden on the battlefield.

As the God of Skypiea and previously hailed as the Knight of the Sky, he’s highly intelligent — and that’s sometimes enough to be a formidable ally or opponent.

Likewise, Gan Fall cares for the citizens of Skypiea, mastering the art of diplomacy to keep everyone safe.

If he does need to go into combat, he still has his metal armor, Impact Dial, lance, and a pet bird that can turn into a Pegasus. Yes, a flying horse.


5. Clare

Clare in Claymore anime

Anime: Claymore

Clare is one of the most well-designed female knights in anime. She exudes this aura of sheer power and cunning, yet she’s undoubtedly beautiful and caring (at least toward Raki).

I love how she had the choice to become a claymore, unlike the rest who had no choice.

Thus, it was up to her whether she would live a dangerous life or not.

Moreover, Clare doesn’t give up easily. Even when she was the lowest-ranked claymore in her group, she pushed herself further — becoming a Half-Awakened Being.

Claymore is a pretty dark series. But I couldn’t stop watching because Clare was such an intriguing MC.

While the male kid sometimes came off as annoying, Clare, from her compelling backstory to awesome fight scenes, always kept me interested. I just wish the anime got a second season or even a reboot.


4. Kaisar Lidfard

Kaisar Lidfard in Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

Anime: Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

I love that Studio MAPPA took a chance on Shingeki no Bahamut, based on a digital card game and with no actual compelling story to adapt.

Its second season may not be as refreshing as the first. But the two seasons are well worth your time — and you’ll love all the characters, such as Rita and Kaisar.

Kaisar’s family is filled with honorable knights. Which is why he also became a knight.

He did become a bounty hunter for a time because he wanted to capture Favaro. But he was back to being a knight in Virgin Soul, this time being a (ridiculously) loyal knight captain of King Charioce XVII.

Anyway, I love that the anime has a distinct and fleshed out knight like Kaisar. I mean, just check out his hair, eyebrows, green attire, and his general posture. Slick hairdo as well.

There’s nobody like him.


3. Daryun

Daryun from Arslan Senki anime

Anime: Arslan Senki

If I was the crown prince and leader of the resistance, I’d want to have someone like Daryun not only as my protector, but also my dear friend.

Arslan is honestly lucky to have Daryun (otherwise known as “The Knight in Black”) by his side. Especially when other people like Prince Rajendra acknowledge him as the strongest fighter in Pars and Shindra( that’s two kingdoms!)

With his primarily black battle armor and his black hair in a ponytail (and his long dark eyebrows, too) Daryun always had this serious, intimidating look.

Yet he isn’t a cold-blooded fighter.

As an Azatan (another term for “knight”), he knows when (and when not) to use his spear. In other words, Daryun has a good sense of morality.

He cares for Arslan and his father. And he’ll sacrifice his life to keep them safe, but Daryun won’t kill if he doesn’t need to.


2. Suzaku Kururugi

Suzaku Kururugi in Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Anime: Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Suzaku has had many titles throughout the series: Knight of Zero, Knight of Seven, Knight of Princess Euphemia, and White Knight.

He’s risen from a mere soldier and student to a Knightmare pilot and the leader of the Knights of the Round.

The world of Code Geass has a different set of knights, but Suzaku clearly has the traditional aspects of a historical knight.

He fights hard for what he wants. And he’s always looking to improve his ranking. Fans of the series even debate about who’s the better Knightmare pilot between him and Lelouch.

Also, I love his character development from this selfish young guy to being an advocate of peace.

But more importantly, Suzaku is a genuine knight because of what he’s willing to sacrifice to establish long-term peace and order.

Zero Requiem was painful to witness, but it made sense. For peace, he lost his best friend — and also lost himself in the process, with no choice but to forget his identity and embrace Zero.


1. Saber

Saber Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

Anime: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

No one even comes close to her as my favorite knight in anime history. And that’s true whether she’s in Unlimited Blade Works or the other Fate adaptations.

I mean, how can you compete against King Arthur himself (or should I say, herself) otherwise known as the King of Knights?

She’s literally the blonde, elegant, and food-loving waifu version of the legendary British figure.

Saber is not just the one who pulled Caliburn from stone, but also wielded Excalibur, the most iconic sword ever.

So what’s the dilemma of someone as distinguished as Saber?

For one, she values herself more as a knight and servant than a woman or human. Saber believes that being emotional can affect her mission, which is to win the Holy Grail War and change the selection of kings, believing that she failed as a ruler.

Thankfully, she begins to open up a little more about her femininity (and human emotions in general) as she develops feelings for Shirou.

She doesn’t have to eat to survive as a servant. But she learns the wonders of modern culinary delights.

In other words, Saber gets a second chance at life. A chance at actually living it as someone with more freedom. Which is a far cry from her old identity: someone who was powerful and esteemed but had no sense of self-worth, because all she’d known throughout her life was to be a king and serve others.

As the knight servant Saber, Artoria Pendragon gets to balance her life and identity:

Saber, whose real identity is the Once and Future King, now has the chance to embrace the good things in life (food, love, even her womanness because she happens to be a woman in Fate) while still being a diligent and morally-upright king (and knight).

That’s my knight waifu right there.

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