Best Anime Maid Characters: The Ultimate Ranking

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There are two things that the anime world loves: cute girls, and people who clean up.

Since Levi fails in that second category, I guess we’re talking about maids today!

Being that Japan (and anime) even has entire cafes where maids are the central theme, I think it’s safe to say that anime culture loves this surprisingly adorable occupation.

And there’s a lot of love to go around for maids in the anime world.


15. Lilia Greyrat

Lilia Greyrat from Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Anime: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

We haven’t gotten the chance to see a lot of Lilia for now. But I already love her as a character.

Not only is she a damn good maid, but she’s also equipped for battle. So she can spill some enemy guts on the wall, and then know how to clean it up without leaving any stains.

Her dedication to the house does falter at one point… if you’re caught up you’ll know what I mean here. But she jumped right back up and managed to make amends.

But most importantly, she’s a woman who knows true culture and won’t rat out your stolen panty collection.


14. Entoma Vasilissa Zeta

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta in Overlord anime

Anime: Overlord
I don’t know whether I’m alone on this one, but I loved Entoma.

This is because she seems like the most chilled out, adorable little maid ever. Even though she’s a battle maid.

However (and spoiler alert) she very much fits that role, as she’s actually a terrifying bug monster. And that cute face we all know and love? Just a hard insect shell and nothing more.

I found that cool as hell.

Sure, we’ve seen demon maids and such. But I do not recall ever seeing a proper monster maid who can make you tea and give your guests nightmares at the same time.


13. Roberta

Roberta from Black Lagoon

Anime: Black Lagoon

This might seem repetitive, as Roberta is also a battle-maid… but with a twist.

The twist being that she’s way more battle than maid.

For context, she was a full-blown assassin back in the day. And she even got a nasty nickname, “the bloodhound”, because of how cruel and efficient she was.

She would have killed Mother Teresa if it meant getting the job done.

So when she transitioned into being a maid, her cleaning and cooking skills were far from excellent. However, with practice she did become efficient enough to not to be suspicious.


12. Ram

Ram in Re:Zero anime

Anime: Re:Zero

I know people universally love Rem and let Ram sit on the side-lines, but I think Ram is just as good.

Sure, she may not be as good when it comes to handling chores or hordes of enemies.

But Ram does have one quality that makes her a far superior maid: loyalty.

Rem would sell out Roswaal immediately if it meant saving Subaru, while Ram would stay true to him for the rest of her life.

Plus, I may be old fashioned, but I like some tsundere action.


11. Virgo

Virgo from Fairy Tail

Anime: Fairy Tail

Virgo is the type of maid that would do wonders for your ego.

She’s a celestial spirit, so once she’s bound to you, you can call her anytime you’re in trouble (or if you just need something).

And she’s so loyal that she’ll even change her appearance to make you feel better.

So far, the options are guerrilla smash and quiet beauty, so take you pick.

She also loves giving important titles to her master, such as princess, and she’ll constantly seek your approval. Although I will mention this usually comes in the form of asking to be punished, which might just be her kink in all honesty…


10. Maid-chan

Maid-chan in The Pet Girl of Sakuraso

Anime: The Pet Girl of Sakuraso

This one might seem a bit odd, given that Maid-chan is literally just an AI program.

But I truly do believe she would be exceptionally useful.

And no, it’s not just because her name is literally Maid-chan.

The thing that separates her from the rest is her ability to answer messages, emails, posts, everything, within seconds of the message being received. Plus, she has become so advanced that it’s virtually impossible to tell that she’s not a real person.

Just imagine it: never having to answer an email for the rest of your life. Equally as blissful as never needing to clean your room, right?


9. Saber

Saber from Carnival Phantasm anime

Anime: Carnival Phantasm

Saber working in a maid café isn’t something that had to be a thing… but I am truly glad that it is.

Because she’s perfect for the job, although be it in her own unique way.

Instead of flattering every customer and being super friendly, she basically disciplines them. And as a result, makes them buy a lot more food and drinks.

And since they all end up kneeling before her by the end, I think it’s safe to say they don’t mind the stern treatment.


8. Yukimura Kusunoki

Yukimura Kusunoki in Haganai: I don't have many friends

Anime: Haganai: I don’t have many friends

Saying that Yukimura is loyal is underselling her.

Cause she’s a ride or die type of maid.

She also happens to be the first ever recorded double-trap character, as everyone originally thought she was female, but then she claimed to be male, but then it was discovered that she is in fact female (at least biologically).

Because of this, Yukimura is obsessed with manliness, and sees Kodaka as the supreme testosterone flying bicep deity who can show her the proper path.


7. Mey-Rin

Mey-Rin from Black Butler anime

Anime: Black Butler

In terms of being a maid, Mey-Rin may need to work on some stuff.

She’s extremely clumsy, and has a mild panic attack whenever Sebastien is in the room.

Okay, I can’t blame her for the panic attacks, Sebastien is a beef cake.

But if you’ve been reading this list very carefully, you already know what I’m going to say next. That’s right: she is a bloodthirsty badass.

To be more precise, she’s an S-class sniper who will quite literally no-scope you from miles away.

I’m really starting to see a pattern when it comes to the correlation of cleaning skills and one’s handiness in battle.


6. Narberal Gamma

Narberal Gamma in Overlord

Anime: Overlord

You know the drill, another battle maid.

However, unlike the last pick, Nabel is a bit more well-rounded.

She’s the most assertive out of the battle maids, making her feel like a pseudo-leader, and her devotion to her master is as intense as that of the Floor Guardians.

The real spin when it comes to her character is her blatant hatred when it comes to humans… She hates them to the core, and will voice her opinion on the matter whenever given the opportunity.

And while my human side wants to like her less because of that, my weaboo side just sees her as a tsundere.

And she’s right back on my waifu list.


5. Tohru

Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Anime: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

So Tohru ironically doesn’t hate humans, even though she was brought up with that ideal in mind. But she falls madly in love with Kobayashi.

As a maid she’s both ideal and troublesome.

Because on one hand, she will do all the chores that need to be done and will do her best to allow Kobayashi to live the good life. But on the other hand, she can be quite tricky.

I say this because she’s prone to pulling a few shenanigans in her pursuit of Miss Kobayashi, especially when it comes to making her eat Tohru’s tail.


4. Misaki Ayuzawa

Misaki Ayuzawa in Maid Sama! anime

Anime: Maid Sama!

Misaki really has that double-trouble vibe.

This is because she’s known as the Devil President at school, while being a complete sweetheart at work.

This all does check out, though, as she became the first female president through blood, sweat, and tears. And she uses her newfound power to make sure the females of the school all feel safe.

On the other hand, she started working in a maid café to help out her family. And because she knew the weight of what that meant, she put on her good girl shoes every day and charmed every customer that came her way.


3. Chihiro Komiya

Chihiro Komiya from Shounen Maid

Anime: Shounen Maid

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of gender norms crumbling…

That’s right: Chihiro is male. And no, he’s not a butler.

After the passing of his parents, Chihiro moves in with his rich uncle.

As he didn’t want to be a leech, Chihiro eventually starts working as a maid at his uncle’s mansion, uniform and all. And it’s honestly precious how hardworking this fellow is, especially taking his age into account.


2. Rem

Rem from Re: Zero anime

Anime: Re: Zero

Even though I made a case for Ram, I’m still human and would die for this blue-haired demon waifu maid.

As mentioned previously, she does the bulk of the housework in the house. And she’s even more skilled when it comes to battle.

She might have a few issues relating to her past, but once she opens up, that’s hardly an issue.

And she’s simply drop-dead adorable, plus her sincerity in love just makes her un-hateable.

And when the Rem+Ram combo is in full swing, you can almost get over the brutal death you experienced ten seconds prior.


1. Rumiho Akiha

Rumiho Akiha maid in Steins;Gate

Anime: Steins;Gate

Faris works in a maid café and is the sole instigator who brought moe to Japan in Steins;Gate.

That alone lends her a spot on this list.

In addition, she’s just extremely lovable.

She’s a nya nya type of character, and her cat-like antics never cease to amuse me (or her regular customers). Plus her playful attitude is the only thing that lights up the dim atmosphere of this show (at least later on).

With her kind-hearted nature and list of special attacks, she has become so likable that I honestly don’t even care whether she’s a good maid. I would visit the café all the same.

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