Best Anime With The Most Satisfying Endings

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A good ending is pretty much crucial for an anime to be considered a god amongst men.

And for every incomplete story like No Game No Life, or dumpster fire ending like Promised Neverland, there’s an ending that will blow your socks off.

So let’s look into these iconic endings as we count down some of the best anime with the notably satisfying endings.

Just note that “satisfying” means it wraps everything up nicely, and not necessarily that you can watch it without crying your heart out.

Also spoilers, duh.


15. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill anime

The ending to Kill la Kill was textbook, but done to perfection.

We got that chill rendering scene of everyone giving up their Goku uniform so that Ryuuko can go and have her final clash with Ragyou in space, of course ending with utter victory.

But what really made the ending so amazing for me personally was the scene of everyone working together to catch Ryuuko as she was falling from space completely powerless.

That was just too wholesome.

Of course, we have to give Fs in the chat for our boy Senketsu. And appreciate the light-hearted and goofy nature of the final scene where we see humanity going back to normal.


14. Charlotte

Charlotte anime screenshot

The ending to Charlotte is a very much love it or hate it type of situation.

I’m sure that the manga readers broke out in a furious rage and punched a wall.

But as an anime-only viewer, I loved it.

We just get to see Yuu travel all across the world and take all of the powers for himself, finally returning humanity back to normal.

Yuu had forgotten everything, but he still had those he loved surrounding him.


13. Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance screenshot

This ending had none of the wholesomeness that Kill la Kill had.

It just ends on a very somber note with the boys finally showcasing why they had started this whole thing, and then getting shot right after.

I believe that to be an appropriate ending to the show, however, as it was never a happy story about happy people.

Plus, it really put into perspective how dedicated they were to showcasing the truth to the world – or at least to those who could continue their battle.

Truly a magnificent choice.


12. Barakamon

Barakamon anime

This is the type of ending that will always make me cry.

Not because it’s sad, but rather because it’s so wholesome that I just can’t keep my emotions in check.

From the party that everyone threw when Sai got back, to him finally being okay with ending up in fifth place, it was so precious.

But of course, the biggest tear jerker was everyone trying to guess what he wrote, unaware that it was their names that truly inspired Sai.

To have such a perfect character arc combined with some soothing music and the epitome of cuteness, Naru, all at once – just too much.


11. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo anime screenshot

Samurai Champloo did in 3 minutes what Naruto couldn’t do in 100 episodes.

With Jin and Mugen deciding to finally have their brawl, their swords break and they fall unconscious next to each other.

They then finally acknowledge each other as friends.

But do you know what happens next?

They all go their separate paths, because they knew they would not be forgotten or alone. Even if they travel to the ends of the Earth.

It was just beautiful, and a fitting ending for such a flawless show as Samurai Champloo.

Knowing that the coin toss was rigged from the start was also a nice touch.


10. From the New World

From the New World anime

This show is pretty dark throughout. So it only seemed fitting to end on a rather depressive note.

That might sound like a critique, but it’s far from it.

Squealer’s trial was such a shocking scene that I don’t think I’ll ever forget the way he screamed out “we are human”.

It brought an entire new perspective to an already extremely detailed show, and just made it feel even richer.

Plus, we get a nice little montage of all the threads being nicely wrapped up – including the relationship we all foresaw coming.


9. Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate anime screenshot

Every season finale of Steins;Gate just hits you straight in the feels.

I’ll only talk about the movie ending though, as it is technically the ending of the main story.

It was just powerful as all hell.

First having Okabe all alone in a space where time doesn’t move, and then having everything get back on track with Kurisu’s arrival, it was just marvelous.

They of course have their usual quick cheeky back and forth, and the credits roll.

It might not sound like much when I’m just describing it. But trust me, even if you haven’t watched the show, you’ll feel it in your soul.


8. Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman: Crybaby screenshot

The ending of Devilman Crybaby was just so grandiose that I’ll likely never forget it.

Sure, we could all feel that the show was ramping up towards the latter part of the series.

But nothing could have prepared me for an all-out battle between Lucifer and the combined forces of all demons.

It was extremely hype to see the absolute power ceiling in the show.

And then we get that emotional and somber final scene as Ryou has to finally accept that he cared for Akira, then to perish with his remains.


7. Dororo

Dororo anime screenshot

The ending to Dororo was simple and very effective.

Throughout the show, the burning question was whether Hyakkimaru could maintain his humanity in such a cruel world.

And he did more than just that.

Not only did he finally understand his brother, but he even spared his father, the man who put him through literal hell – as he no longer felt the need to lash out at the world.

With the show being so fast-paced and brutal for the entirety of its run, this more relaxed and tranquil ending just seemed perfect for wrapping everything up.


6. Katanagatari

Katanagatari anime

I can tell you one thing for certain:

I did not see this one coming.

And not because it was an asspull or anything like that. In fact it was hinted at throughout the show, but I foolishly thought that happiness existed.

Not only did best girl Togame die, but she also dropped one of the biggest reality checks in history, explaining how this was all supposed to be one giant scheme.

We then get to see Shichika finally unleash his full power.

And then you realize the whole point of the show.

Not everything has a purpose, nor is fate so linear and optimistic as we thought. It was just beautiful.


5. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann screenshot

I mean, can we just acknowledge that final fight?

That was one of the hypest things I’ve seen in my life.

With beautiful animation, hype music, a callback to all the characters that had died during the long battle, and one final drill to pierce the heavens.

To come up from that to the bittersweet wedding scene was a lot. But ultimately it felt satisfying.

It felt like a conclusion befitting such an amazing show.

Although some people had passed away, the world kept moving. And the story told everything it wanted to say.


4. Monster

Monster anime screenshot

When you just describe the ending to someone who hasn’t watched Monster, it might seem extremely underwhelming.

However, those of us who have watched it until the very end know how perfect it truly was.

Tenma was never a killer. And having him save Johan one last time was what he needed to do in order to get his life back.

And Johan was too grand of a character to just pass away or to just escape.

It was all left to interpretation, if we don’t count the second book that is.

Plus, that one scene when Johan heard his real name is hands-down one of the creepiest and most alarming scenes ever.


3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime

Finally, a happy ending.

After everything that the Elric brothers have gone through, it was only right that they get some semblance of a happy ever after.

And I’m sure that every FMA fan jumped from their seat when Alphonse finally got his body back.

Sure, Ed lost his alchemy powers. But we all know that he never regretted that decision.

It was just a nice and wholesome ending that concluded the storyline set up in the very first episode. It was textbook and done to perfection.


2. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom screenshot

No ending makes me cry as consistently as this one.

Even years after the show ended, watching just the final scene on YouTube breaks me 10/10 times.

This show did the exact same thing as FMA: it fulfilled the goal set up in the very first episode.

However, when that goal is the death of a character so universally beloved, the reaction is not quite the same.

Having Koro-sensei talk to all of his dear students one last time, and then perish into nothingness, was saddening and beautiful.

And I could see no better way to cap off such a rollercoaster of a show.


1. Code Geass

Code Geass anime screenshot

And lastly we have Code Geass.

I can confidently say that I think this is the best ending of all time, or at least of the anime shows that I have watched.

Lelouch’s ultimate sacrifice was a showcase of just how well his character was written and conceived, as I can’t think of a single better way that such an iconic character could have ended their time on screen.

He had finally achieved his ultimate goal.

We get to see the rest of the cast moving on from the war, and a curious traveler that tickles your imagination ever so slightly as to whether it truly is the end.

The show was already a 10/10.

But this ending somehow managed to top everything that came before it.

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