Best Astrox Imperium Mods Worth Downloading

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For the longest time, Eve Online pretty much dominated the space-based RPG arena.

Until a wild Astrox Imperium appeared on Steam Early Access and aimed to be a worthy competitor within the genre.

And mod support is one way players are able to get more out of the game. And trust me, there’s quite a few fun ones to try.

Here are some of the best ones I’ve seen so far.


10. Higher Mission Rewards

Higher Mission Rewards Astrox Imperium mod

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Astrox Imperium is already known for getting you much further along without having to spend nearly as much time as you would in other games.

In case you still feel that things aren’t moving along quite as quickly as you’d like. The Higher Mission Rewards mod could help with that.

With the mod installed, you’ll get higher multipliers for both credits and skill points gained from missions, allowing you to level up much faster than you normally would.

What’s even better is that you won’t even have so start a new game for it to work. Just install the mod and the multipliers will be applied to your existing game.


9. Cheat Script

Cheat Script for Astrox Imperium

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If in case that still isn’t as convenient as you’d like, you could always just install Atheism Cheat Script for Astrox Imperium.

This mod gives you access to a simple cheat menu within the game.

You’ll be able to add credits or skill points on the fly, as well as refill and modify ship stats anytime you’d like.


8. 10x Bulk Ammo Blueprint

10x Bulk Ammo Blueprint in Astrox Imperium

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There are of course those who still prefer to play the game the way it was intended.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to little quality of life mods here and there.

Crafting ammo is one of those annoying mechanics, as the amount of ammo you’re able to craft in one go just isn’t enough.

With that, it gets quite tedious after a while – unless of course you get yourself Liv2dieat8’s 10x Bulk Ammo Blueprint.

This mod simply adds blueprints to the game that allow you to craft more ammo at once.


7. Orca

Orca Astrox Imperium mod screenshot

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One of the biggest features of a space RPG are the ships.

Leveling up and customizing ships is one of the most fun features in these games but having a wide variety of ships to explore goes a long way as well.

Modders have already found a way to add in completely new ships to the game, giving you even more options to mess around with.

This mod adds the Orca from Eve Online, which should cover all your cargo and transport needs.


6. Drake

Drake mod for Astrox Imperium

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This time we’re getting the Drake, one of the most popular battleships in Eve Online.

The Drake is one of the toughest ships you can get, known for tanking its way through some of the toughest battles.

As of now, the Eve Online ships may have balance issues in Astrox Imperium since stats were basically carried over from the previous game. But this modder mentioned that he would eventually fix that as well.


5. Upgraded Stock Ships for Astrox Imperium

Upgraded Stock Ships for Astrox Imperium screenshot

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Let’s not forget that we’re actually talking about Astrox Imperium here and not Eve Online.

This next mod provides upgraded versions of some of Astrox Imperium’s stock ships, specifically the Borecraft EF-4 and EF-5.

The EF-4 will now have improved mining capabilities to help it run more efficiently, along with an upgraded cargo capacity as well.

The EF-5 gets mostly the same treatment as it’s simply a more advanced variant of the EF-4. The EF-5 stats are much higher than the EF-4’s, so it’s definitely worth the extra resources.


4. Longboat

Longboat Astrox Imperium mod

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Custom ships made their way to Astrox Imperium pretty fast.

Being a space pirate has never been this literal, as tanzer126 shares his vision for a Viking longboat themed ship to cover all your space pillaging needs.

It’s actually quite easy to tell from the way it looks that it’s a pirate ship.

So I guess tanzer126 did a pretty great job here.


3. Void Vanguard Ships

Void Vanguard Ships mod for Astrox Imperium

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Modder Alny98 takes it a step further, sharing a complete pack of custom ships he’s created during his time with Astrox Imperium so far.

This mod adds a variety of ships for each of the different classes, including transport, assault, battleships, excavation, recon, support, and fabricators.

The design philosophy applied to each of the ships was to make sure that they would all excel in their designated tasks, but Alny98 himself recognizes that they might be a bit overpowered as of now.

He’s open to feedback too, so give them a try and see for yourself.


2. Astrox Starwars mod

Astrox Starwars mod screenshot

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Anything space-based wouldn’t be complete without Star Wars.

And modder uran1borg makes it possible within Astrox Imperium

Here he’s shared his set of Star Wars ships for the game, giving you access to more than 15 ships from the film series.

The different ships have been assigned to the different classes within the game as well, and have each been created with their own unique stats to work within the game.


1. Astrox Extended

Astrox Extended mod screenshot

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Astrox Extended is one of the biggest mods for the game so far, giving you access to a huge variety of completely custom ships to mess around with in Astrox Imperium.

This mod comes with over 40 new ships for you to explore, along with a few balance tweaks here and there, all with the aim of making ship progression much more rewarding.

It’s definitely a different take on how the game should play out.

So it’s probably better to just try this out yourself to see if you like how it feels.

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