Atom RPG: Best Must-Try Mods For The Game

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The release of the original Fallout was a pivotal moment. Its atom-punk aesthetic, witty writing, and beautiful world building have influenced a lot of other games.

The impact of the game developed by Black Isle Studios was so huge that there are still new games inspired by the title, like Atom RPG.

Taking more than a few pages from the Fallout book, Atom RPG provides a look at an alternate history: post-apocalyptic USSR, a ravaged country filled with gangsters, mutants, stalkers, and other survivors who won’t stop at anything to continue living.

But if all of that still isn’t enough, you can add even more to the game with these amazing mods. Let’s check ‘em out!


10. Remove Intros and Logos

Remove Intros and Logos Atom RPG Mod

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I don’t know about you, but I hate having to go through so many intro screens.

I say it’s time to nuke them out of existence together!

Remove Intros and Logos is a self-explanatory mod that completely removes all the intro screens from the game, letting you access the main menu as soon as you boot up.

Less time wasted looking at these intros means more time available to enjoy this post-apocalyptic wasteland.


9. Avatar 2.0

Avatar 2.0 Mod for Atom RPG

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Why rely on the options offered by a game, when you can create those options yourself?

The Avatar 2.0 mod allows you to add any avatar image to the game, making those in-game passports look extremely realistic. And this’ll make you feel like a real, integral part of Atom RPG. If real-life passports included a detailed examination of your abilities, that is.


8. Fishing Extended

Fishing Extended for Atom RPG

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Every RPG worthy of its name requires fishing activities and mini-games.

Every post-apocalyptic RPG worthy of its setting requires an extreme variation of it.

The Fishing Extended mod makes fishing much more exciting, but also much more dangerous.

You can now use some unconventional methods to catch those darn fishies. Like using dynamite sticks and grenades.

And even if you want to keep things traditional, Fishing Extended will prove to be a very good mod with tons of minor features that make fishing the sole reason you continue to come back to Atom RPG!


7. Walking Through the Wastes

Walking Through the Wastes Atom RPG Mod

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The characters of Atom RPG always seem to be in a hurry.

I know that a nuclear apocalypse waits for no one, but I want to take in the scenery a bit.

This mod is a very simple addition that gives us a toggle for walking and running, since running is the only option available in the game.

Just press the H key at any time to start taking your time and exploring this atomic wasteland at your own pace.


6. Phenomenon

Phenomenon Atom RPG Mod

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New companions! New weapons! New items! New quests!

How about new everything, with the Phenomenon mod.

This is a global modification for Atom RPG that overhauls pretty much every aspect of the game, ranging from companions to events, random encounters, and gameplay mechanics.

The changes are so many that Phenomenon would have deserved to be an official expansion and not just a fan-made modification. But I’ll take what I can get.


5. Free Play

Free Play Atom RPG Mod

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In role-playing games, it’s not uncommon to leave some quests unfinished. Maybe you prefer to continue the story quests to get to the ending faster.

Well in Atom RPG, this means getting locked out from continuing the game past the ending. Bummer.

With the Free Play mod, however, you can move past the limitations imposed by the developers and continue playing the game freely, even after finishing the main quests.

True freedom, eh? Smells nice.


4. Neutron

Neutron Atom RPG Mod screenshot

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Atom RPG is a solid role-playing game. But it could always use a few tweaks here and there to become even better.

And to be honest, the Neutron mod does more than just a few tweaks here and there.

It brings significant changes to a lot of different features, as well as tons of quality of life improvements that make the gameplay much better than in vanilla game. Give it a try and you’ll immediately see the difference.

Perfect to jazz up a second, or third, or tenth playthrough.


3. NoWeight

NoWeight Mod for Atom RPG

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Video games are the ultimate form of escapism, letting you experience things not possible in our boring world.

So why the fridge can’t I carry all the items I want?

Weight limit has to be the most annoying mechanic that refuses to die.

And our only salvation are mods. With the NoWeight mod you’ll be able to pick up every item you find in the wasteland, as each character will be able to carry one thousand times the usual weight. No limits here!


2. CTW – Cheats to the Wastelands

CTW - Cheats to the Wastelands for Atom RPG

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Complex role-playing game detected.

Initiating God Mode, now!

This Cheats to the Wastelands mod is a very handy add-on that introduces an in-game editor. Trust me, it’s juicy.

This thing lets you tweak the stats of all your characters and change some of the game’s settings too, including some advanced graphics settings that cannot be accessed otherwise. Time to flex that new GPU and see if you can make this baby pur.


1. A Better Talent Tree

A Better Talent Tree Atom RPG Mod

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Talent (or ability) trees are extremely important here. Imagine being able to unleash only regular attacks in combat?

But modding gives us far more options to pick through.

“A Better Talent Tree” introduces some new tweaks to the game’s Talent Tree so it feels way more balanced.

Instead of increasing Talent Point Costs exponentially for each new skill, it increases the cost in a linear way. So the further they are from the center, the higher a skill will cost.

The amount of Talent Points earned for each level up has also been tweaked, so that you’ll have to think quite a bit about how to spend these points properly. Especially if you’re playing at higher difficulty levels.

You wanted a real challenge, didn’t you?

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