The Best Waifus of Attack on Titan (Our Top Picks)

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Attack on Titan has become one of those shows that exceeded way beyond just anime fans, and became a global hit.

You could say that the popularity came from the excellent writing, the beautiful and dynamic animation, the detailed and interesting world… but I’m just going to give all the credit to the female cast.

Waifus are a powerful tool.

And Attack on Titan knows that. So let’s take a look at what this show has to offer.

This is going to be an uphill battle – and also, spoilers ahead so spoiler alert.


10. Nanaba

Nanaba from Attack On Titan screenshot

There was so much potential with Nanaba.

Even though she only got like 5 minutes of screentime in total, she left quite the impression. Both in design and in character, she just radiated badass energy.

And we see her charging into Titans without a hint of fear.

She and Miche would have made for quite the power couple – but seeing how limited their time was, we might never know.

And man, her final scene just hit like a truck.

I guess even someone that strong on the outside had quite the tragic story on the inside.

We still stan a strong queen carrying her baggage while being a badass.


9. Hitch Dreyse

Hitch Dreyse from Attack On Titan screenshot

Hitch is just a tsundere without the physical abuse.

She never really tells you how she feels, and she’ll often resort to insults when uncomfortable. But she is anything but cruel.

Through her relationship with Marlo as well as Annie, we can see that she’s a good person at heart – but is afraid to let it show.

And since most of us are emotional masochists, the emotional distance coupled with a genuine spirit is a pretty decent tactic for luring us in.


8. Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart from Attack On Titan screenshot

Will I get hate for putting her so low in this ranking?

Who knows.

The main selling point with Annie is just how unapologetically badass she is.

She’s an extremely skilled fighter who always keeps a cool head, and can bring most other characters to their knees.

We do see glimpses of her kindness here and there. But she’s a long way off of having a melodramatic monologue.

She’s an ice queen who wears the pants in every relationship – and some people just want to get stepped on.


7. Yelena

Yelena from Attack On Titan screenshot

Following the trend of waifus that will definitely dominate every aspect of your life, we have Yelena.

Even though Annie can literally turn into a Titan, Yelena managed to be more terrifying.

She’s extremely intelligent and is capable of playing people like a fiddle. She also forgot her moral compass a long time ago.

So how about a crazy genius who can wipe out your family and rock a suit at the same time? Yes, please.


6. Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe from Attack On Titan screenshot

Hange is also somewhat of a nutjob – but she is way more lovable.

She’s just bursting with passion, at least before everything goes to complete hell. And she’ll talk your ear off if you show any interest in her work.

Plus she’s also quite sympathetic, showing some kind of care even for her pet Titans.

And if that doesn’t suit your fancy, you can always just look at final season Hange and marvel in her new badass light.


5. Petra Rall

Petra Rall from Attack On Titan screenshot

You have to be quite the catch to even attract Levi’s eye.

And yes, I am dying with that ship, I don’t care what the author said.

She was easily the heart and soul of the Levi squad, balancing out Levi’s coldness with a very open and warm heart. She also has one of the best KDAs in the series – so major brownie points there.

Her final scenes, and Levi’s reaction to seeing her body, will forever break my heart. So she has to at least mark the halfway point on this list.


4. Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus from Attack On Titan screenshot

Although she started the series off as a gag character, only there to lift up everyone’s mood before life backhands them for the hundredth time, Sasha really grew on me as the series went on.

Her unyielding optimism in a time when everything was dark is nothing short of amazing.

And she has shown time and time again to be the best type of person.

Willing to sacrifice herself to save others, as well as break the law in order to treat her friends. She is a very strong A-tier waifu in my books.


3. Mikasa Ackermann

Mikasa Ackermann from Attack On Titan screenshot

Before you burn me to death, I acknowledge that Mikasa is S-tier.

However, she’s just not at the very top in my opinion.

Her dedication to Eren is honestly ridiculous, acting like his guardian angel and his emotional pillar in life.

The fact that she’s also among the best fighters in the series, can survive anything and everything, and pulls off that short hairstyle like it was nobody’s business, it all goes to show why her fans are among the most terrifying.


2. Pieck

Pieck from Attack On Titan screenshot

As far as waifus go, you cannot get a more chill person than Pieck.

My girl is constantly just straight vibing, and handles even the most tense situations with a certain air of confidence.

She’s incredibly smart and capable of making split-second judgements, and she’s the most down-to-earth character in the series – both figuratively and literally, as she usually walks on all fours.

There’s a reason why everyone in her squad absolutely adores her.

And therefore, she deserves the number two spot!


1. Historia Reiss

Historia Reiss from Attack On Titan screenshot

I’m a sucker for a softie.

So Historia just grabbed my heart straight away.

She’s ridiculously kind, and her relationship with Ymir is some of the most wholesome content the show has to offer.

She refuses to give up on anyone, and inspires those around her to become better people. She also managed to land a hit on Levi, which makes her among the most powerful characters in AoT.

But seriously, how can you not love her after the Levi punch scene? She is such a lovable goof.

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