The Most Badass Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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JJBA has a lot of badass Stands throughout the series.

There’s plenty we’ve fallen in love with, but which ones are truly the most BA of the bunch?

That’s our goal with this ranking as we delve into the crème of the crop with boss-level Stands. And no, we’re not talking about power-scaling, we’re judging based on the universal metric of badassery.


10. Anubis

Anubis Stand / JJBA Anime Screenshot

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: Caravan Serai

I usually don’t like the possessed weapon trope, but this one is an exception.

Just by being a literal Egyptian god, I was already intrigued. And things only got better from there.

Anubis just possessing people isn’t all that impressive. But the fact that he scales infinitely, constantly learning and adapting, makes him quite the fierce competitor.

And since it doesn’t matter whether his original user is alive or not, this dude can literally be your life-long nemesis, growing in power after every encounter.

That just reminds me of Dio, and everything that reminds me of Dio is automatically badass, so here we are.


9. White Album

White Album Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

Season: Golden Wind
User: Ghiaccio

This Stand has a couple things going for it.

First off, it controls ice. Which is textbook definition of cool – pun intended.

And secondly, this is among only a few Stands that actually take on the shape of a suit.

This just makes it a lot more badass since the user both looks and acts like a proper villain/hero instead of just standing there while their Stand does all the fighting.

Just imagine trying to run away from a fight and this dude starts skating down the road after you, freezing everything in sight.


8. Ebony Devil

Ebony Devil Stand from JoJo Anime

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: Devo the Cursed

Ebony Devil basically rewards you for being a douchebag – and I love it.

You just have to get someone angry enough to punch you, and then their hatred for you becomes the Stand’s fuel. AKA just start a prank channel on YouTube and you can rule the world.

But the real badass part is the fact that this Stand takes over inanimate objects, making a regular doll a sequel to the Chucky franchise.

Like seriously, the way this Stand is portrayed in the anime just looks super badass. And I could totally see a spin-off about this dude and his douchey ways.


7. Highway Star

Highway Star Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

Season: Diamond is Unbreakable
User: Yuya Fungami

The thing I love most about this Stand is the absolute fear it causes.

I honestly cannot imagine anything more terrifying than dozens of feet running towards me at 60 km/h (37 mph) like I was a barrel of unprocessed grapes.

Plus there’s an added fear factor when they start talking about “sucking out your nutrients”. And on top of all of that, this Stand has the power to create illusions inside of a particular room, all in order to draw you in.

Everything about these abilities just radiates fear – and I am here for it.


6. Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath JJBA Stand (Anime)

Season: Golden Wind
User: Polpo
This thing is rocking the Stand Arrow, although it wasn’t really explained whether it was part of the Stand or not.

And yeah, that’s already pretty threatening.

But even if we don’t take that into account, I just love the design of this dude. He looks absolutely terrifying and the power to travel through shadows is both handy and badass.

Also, he literally pulls your soul out. Which is metal as all hell.

Even its name is synonymous with badassery!


5. Justice

Justice Stand from JoJo Anime

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: Enya the Hag

Justice is a fog skeleton that can control the dead/wounded like puppets.

Do I really have to add anything more to that?

Oh yes, can’t forget the fact that he can also create widespread illusions (like an entire town) to lure people into his trap.

Once he gets people in, he can just send hordes of corpses at them – and then even penetrate their wounds to control the affected body part.

Everything about this dude is just awesome!


4. Metallica

Metallica Stand Screenshot in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

Season: Golden Wind
User: Risotto Nero

I don’t care who you are, if you have this Stand, you’re the world’s most badass assassin.

Although the Stand itself might not look all that threatening (they just look like expired Minions or something), the powers they carry are absurd.

You can just casually use the iron in someone’s blood to create scissors in their neck, or razors in their eyeball. No joke.

How can you even compete with something like that?

Even if you beat the dude, you’ll still forever carry the knowledge that he was cooler than you.


3. Cream

Cream Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: Vanilla Ice

I think this is another one of those Stands that would give me nightmares so severe that you wouldn’t even have to fight me in order to win.

Not only is he one of the most terrifying dudes in the show in terms of aesthetic, but Cream literally has a pocket dimension in his mouth.

And if the thought of being eaten and transported to a place where your corpse will never be found isn’t terrifying enough, Cream can just start eating himself like a lunatic and then blackhole you into the shadow realm.

Seriously, how did the writers ever come up with this walking sleep paralysis demon?


2. Killer Queen

Killer Queen Screenshot / JJBA Stand

Season: Diamond is Unbreakable
User: Yoshikage Kira

Let’s face it: everyone saw this one coming.

Out of all the main villains in this show, this Stand is by far the most badass.

Even if we’re looking at just the design, Killer Queen is pretty up there.

But really I think its abilities seal the deal for me.

Sure, rewinding or stopping time is cool. But not nearly as cool as turning someone into a literal bomb and watching them blow up.

And that’s not even counting the two additional powers it has, which are equally as cool and terrifying.

Basically he can just blow you up, chase you around for an eternity, and then blow you up, or inflict severe mental trauma as you watch your friends blow up. Lots of great options.


1. Hanged Man

Hanged Man Stand from JoJo Anime

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: J. Geil

I just loved everything about this dude from the second he was introduced.

His design has that horror movie vibe that I always like to see, and his power is just insanely cool.

Hanged Man can hop around in reflective surfaces, damaging your reflection to then cause damage to you.

Just thinking back to his introduction when he attacked Polnareff in the bathroom gives me goosebumps. And I would like to believe I’m not alone in that.

This might not be the most powerful Stand in the series, but when it comes to raw badass energy, Hanged Man gets my vote.

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