Top 10 Best Bastion Weapons

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Bastion. Developer Supergiant’s action RPG that on first look, seems like any other minion-bashing, platform-jumping, mana-collecting indie RPG out there.

But once you dive under the layers you’ll discover that it has a number of things that make it stand out from the rest.

Amazing art style, dynamic levels, challenging enemies, and a play-by-play narration that seems like it’s done by Max Payne himself(cue melancholic violin music).

We play as ‘The Kid’. Yup, you heard that right. He is THAT cool that he doesn’t really need a name.

And our mission is to save the world from utter destruction by putting down enemies with our trusty weapons. And on that subject, the game has a wide array weapons that would make John Wick’s Sommelier proud.

Today we take a look at 10 of the best fan favorite weapons in Bastion ranking by looks, rarity, and of course raw power.

10. Fang Repeater

Fang Repeater from Bastion

Think of a gun that looks like a reptile.

Now think of a gun that looks like a reptile and shoots fishbones, machine gun style.

That is the Fang Repeater. A self-loading machine gun that is low on damage, but high on rate of fire.

This is one of the first shooting weapons that you get and really comes in handy at the beginning of the game.

But despite this amazing design and purpose, you’ll soon feel that the Fang Repeater lacks the bite that its name promises. (Excuse the pun please)


9. Calamity Canon

Calamity Cannon Bastion weapon

Moving from the very first weapon you ever get, let’s make a jump to the last weapon that you’ll find in the game – the Calamity Canon.

Actually let’s also get back to our imagination game.

Imagine a rocket launcher that seems like it shoots comets. Yes, comets. And the damage complements that too.

Where the damage of the Fang Repeater was 3-4, the damage number of the Calamity Canon is 99.

It’s like carrying a tank on your shoulder. Bulky, inaccurate, but boy does it go boom.


8. Cael Hammer

Cael Hammer from Bastion

This is the first weapon that you unlock in the game. You literally pick it up as soon as you embark on your journey of destruction.

Your primary melee weapon at the start, the hammer soon becomes you best friend in dealing damage and bashing crates.

Just try bashing some and see how our narrator friend Max Payne reacts to that.

The damage output is decent with 10 as light damage while moving, or 15 and 20 once you use the heaver strikes while standing still.

Overall a well-balanced, easy-to-use recipe for destruction.


7. Dueling Pistols

Dueling Pistols from Bastion

Have a trigger-happy finger? Well then the Dueling Pistols are gonna be your best friend.

The faster you button mash, the faster these things spit out doom.

An impressive range with an ‘ok’ damage of 5, but tons of fun to use.

The average ROF is about 4bullets/sec. But legend has it that some players can shoot all 6 in the blink of an eye. If you happen to be one of those people send us an email cause I want to see!

But all said, The Dueling Pistols are a must have in your holster. They will make you feel like a true outlaw looking for vengeance.


6. The Breaker’s Bow

The Breaker’s Bow from Bastion

Now let’s talk about a high-powered weapon that’ll make Hawkeye from the Avengers green with envy.

The Breaker’s Bow is a versatile ranged weapon which ramps up its damage output and range the longer you pull the string. It’s got a clean design and may not fit exactly what you need for the entire game, but boy can it shoot at range.

So for best results, line em’ up and let em’ go!


5. War Machete

War Machete in Bastion

Oh I like the sound of this.

My two favorite words – War Machete.

A fast attack melee weapon that you find early in the game that has the potential to stick with you for a while.

This is a quick close ranged slicing beast dealing 5 damage per hit. But you can charge it up and throw for up to 18 damage.

Having a war machete in your battle box will surely make your enemies tremble.


4. Brusher’s Pike

Brusher’s Pike from Bastion

The Spartan’s would have loved this bad boy.

A spear that does 30 damage up close and when you charge it up and throw it, just like the War Machete, it has the potential to deal up to 50 damage.

Now that’s something for a melee weapon. So grab ahold of this and let your enemies dine in hell.


3. Fire Bellow

Fire Bellow weapon in Bastion

You can probably guess by the name this thing has something to do with fire, right? Well you can make your enemies feel that heat with this one.

It may look a bit silly, like someone trying to fumigate their house back in the day.

But the Fire Bellow turns your enemies to toast, in a manner of speaking.

It unleashes a continuous stream of fire that obliterates smaller enemies wholesale, causing damage over time, and it penetrates armor. A red-hot combination if you ask me.


2. Scrap Musket

Scrap Musket from Bastion

Whip out the Musket when you need to do some large-scale cleaning.

This is your in-game shotgun that allegedly spews out clouds of jagged red-hot metal pieces.

Sounds painful. And just like a shotgun in any other game, distance matters.

The closer your target, the larger the damage. Just don’t shoot this thing while standing with your back to a cliff. This kicks like a mule!


1. Army Carbine

Army Carbine in Bastion game

Finally, here we are. The number one fan favorite weapon of the game.

Truth be told this is more of a sniper rifle than a carbine. But it has the versatility of being used close range as well. Tap the trigger and you got yourself a rifle.

Hold it, and you’ve get long range high powered precision machine. Once you upgrade this beast its explosive shells are ridiculously overpowered too.

And that’s what I’d recommend over armor-piercing rounds. This is the ultimate weapon to makes you, the kid… THE Kid.

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