Best Mods For Batman: Arkham Knight (All Free To Download)

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The Batman Arkham series showed the world it’s possible to create an amazing superhero video game while staying faithful to the established canon.

The open-world experience introduced in Arkham City, while amazing, was nothing to compared to what Batman Arkham Knight brought to the table.

I mean, a fully functional Batmobile. What could ever be cooler than that?

The PC version of Arkham Knight took a long time to become playable, as the port was actually quite broken at launch… but now it has become the definitive edition of the game.

Why, you ask? Thanks to mods, of course!


15. Dualshock Button Icons

Dualshock Button Icons Batman Arkham Knight Mod

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The Xbox controller is an amazing choice for PC gameplay.

But I find it annoying that PC games think it’s the only controller people have around.

This Dualshock Button Icons mod, like many other similar mods for other games, changes the interface so it shows the PlayStation controller icons.

The original DualShock 4 is already supported natively by Arkham Knight, so you can play without it. But I’d suggest testing the game first, and if it doesn’t natively display the PS buttons, try this mod.


14. Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Mod for Batman Arkham Knight

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The Joker movie directed by Todd Phillips has changed the way we look at the iconic villain forever.

So much so, that Joaquin Phoenix’s likeness has started appearing in every Batman game.

And if it’s not changed by default, well, let’s mod it.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker is a mod changes the Joker’s appearance in Arkham Knight, making him look like the one seen in the movie. There are no staircases in this rendition of Gotham, sure… but the Joker doesn’t need anything like that to be creepy in Arkham Knight, trust me.


13. Filmic Shaders

Filmic Shaders Batman Arkham Knight Mod screenshot

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The Dark Knight Rises in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Especially with this mod.

Filmic Shaders introduces new effects that aim to make the game look more like a movie than a video game. It alters things like depth of field, film grain, custom filmic color correction, plus some improved lighting and more.

Better yet, all these effects can be turned on and off while playing the game. So you’re free to customize the experience any time you choose.


12. Toggle In-Game FOV

Toggle In-Game FOV for Batman Arkham Knight

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If you want the Arkham Knight camera to not be so freakin’ zoomed in, this mod has the solution.

Toggle In-Game FOV allows you to change the Field of View values on the fly, making sure you always get the best view possible at all times.

Just make sure your PC can handle high FOV values: they can be very taxing, and I’m pretty sure you don’t have Bruce Wayne’s technology at your disposal.


11. WayneTech Booster Pack

WayneTech Booster Pack Batman Arkham Knight Mod

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I don’t know about you, but I do not like store exclusive pre-order bonuses.

I know it’s mostly minor stuff, but I still think it’s a crime that should be punished by the Dark Knight.

This WayneTech Booster Pack is a very simple mod that unlocks four new upgrades at the start of the game, all of which have been released as pre-order bonuses.

One of them, the ability to chain juggle in mid-air, is particularly fun to have. It’s also one very superhero-like ability that every Arkham Knight fan will make good use of.


10. Return to Arkham City Batsuit

Return to Arkham City Batsuit Mod screenshot

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Arkham Knight is a solid game, no doubt. But there was a certain something in the original Arkham Asylum that all the other entries in the series lack.

While there’s no way to bring this little something into Arkham Knight, it is possible to evoke some of the feelings the original in the series did with this mod: Return to Arkham City Batsuit.

It gives us an amazing new suit that brings back Batman’s iconic look into Arkham Knight.

Spoiler: the suit doesn’t get ripped the more you fight. Well we can’t have everything!


9. Unstoppable Freeflow Combat

Unstoppable Freeflow Combat Batman Arkham Knight Mod

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Does Batman need help to become an unstoppable force? He does, apparently.

The Unstoppable Freeflow Combat mod makes it possible to use Batman’s special Freeflow techniques at all times, pretty much making him unstoppable.

While this mod effectively breaks the game, it’s possible to turn it on and off at will. So it’s a great way to let loose every once in a while, or if a combat encounter is proving too difficult for you.


8. Arkham Knightmare

Arkham Knightmare Mod for Batman Arkham Knight

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Being a mysterious individual, the Arkham Knight has been given an appearance to match.

But if you want to make him even more mysterious, all you have to do is download the Arkham Knightmare mod: you will not be disappointed by the different visual options here, especially if you’re a long-time fan of the Dark Knight.


7. Superman Skin

Superman Skin Batman Arkham Knight Mod

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A Superman game in the vein of the Arkham series is something a lot of people are waiting for… but Rocksteady Studios is not apparently willing to give yet.

With the studio now busy working on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, chances for a new good Superman game have become slimmer than ever.

So show the developer how you wait for no one: download the Superman Skin Mod and become the new superhero Gotham City desperately needs. And with no fear of Kryptonite to boot!


6. Console Cheats

Console Cheats for Batman Arkham Knight

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If being able to unleash Freeflow Combat special techniques at any time isn’t enough for you, then you can bring cheating in Arkham Knight to the next level with the Console Cheats mod.

Thanks to this mod you’re able to toggle on and off different cheats like invincibility, increased Batclaw range, unlimited Smoke Bombs, and quite a few more.

A couple of the available cheats can also be used to improve the game’s visuals, so it’s not like we’re all about cheating over here!


5. All WBPlay Skins

All WBPlay Skins Batman Arkham Knight Mod

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Unlock everything there is to unlock in Batman Arkham Knight with the All WBPlay Skins mod.

This is a very simple add-on that unlocks all the skins that have been made available through the WBPlay service.

This may not sound like a big deal for some. But try to unlock content through a service that has been terminated long ago and you’ll see the problem. Gaming archivists FTW.


4. Adam West Batsuit

Adam West Batsuit Mod for Batman Arkham Knight

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Shoutout to the original Batman, this guy was a legend (and mayor of Quahog, no less).

The Batman TV series from the ’60s is far from being the best piece of media ever made about the Dark Knight.

But it has become iconic nonetheless with its tongue-in-cheek humor and absurdity. Now you can bring Adam West’s portrayal of Batman into Arkham Knight with a modded skin that is, I dare say, basically perfect.


3. Prestige Suit at the Start of the Game

Prestige Suit at the Start of the Game for Batman Arkham Knight

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The Prestige Batsuit is such a rare suit that almost no Arkham Knight player can obtain and use it in the game.

Mostly because you gotta complete the game twice to unlock it.

With this mod, however, you’ll be able to use it from the very beginning of the game and show all those supercriminals that you don’t just mean real business, but stylishly real business too.


2. Advanced Graphical Improvements

Advanced Graphical Improvements Mod for Batman Arkham Knight

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Arkham Knight looks great on PC. But you should not stop at the limits of visual quality imposed by the devs.

What kind of superhero would do that?

Advanced Graphical Improvements introduces tons of visual improvements by using advanced shaders injected with ReShade.

Thanks to this mod you get stuff like advanced color correction, ambient obscurance, screen space reflections, and SMAA anti-aliasing that improve how the game looks by a mile without requiring a $4000 PC to run the game properly.

Now that’s superpowers worthy of a true Batman.


1. Built-in Free Roam Mod

Built-in Free Roam Mod for Batman Arkham Knight

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Gotham Knights will finally give players the chance to play as the entirety of the Bat family right from the get-go.

But you don’t have to wait for the game to release, let’s just mod our bat friends into the gameplay.

This Built-in Free Roam Mod adds a Free Roam option to the Arkham Episodes menu. This allows you to play the entirety of the game with all the other playable characters.

This includes Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, The Joker, plus others.

While the mod seems to work well for the most part, you’d better make a back-up of your save files as you go. Just in case something screws up the data, cause modding can get tricky!

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