Top 12 Best Reinforcements for Battlefront 2 (Ranked)

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Battlefront II might just be the best redemption story in the past ten years. Which is very surprising considering this is an EA title.

However, after the original backlash that this game generated with the ridiculous “pride and accomplishment” comments the poor EA community manager left on Reddit, they had to do something to salvage the wreck that his game would’ve otherwise been.

So you’ve got this booted up and ready to play, but which reinforcements should you have?

Let’s dive into the ranking.


12. Jet Trooper / B2-RP Rocket Droid

Jet Trooper / B2-RP Rocket Droid Battlefront 2 screenshot

Jet Troopers are some of the finest soldiers in the game.

And they will serve a good purpose if you like to annoy your enemies by flying around shooting at them.

Naturally, every soldier that jumps around requires the player to have a very good aim. But if you do, these guys are worth it.

Notice how I’m only talking about the Republic and the Separatist units. I think that the rocket troopers from the other factions are just not good enough, so I’d suggest using other of their reinforcements instead.


11. Droideka

Droideka in Battlefront II

Droidekas are nowhere near as good as they should be. But it’s understandable that they didn’t want to make them as overpowered, as they could’ve otherwise been.

Still, they get a spot on my list because they’re cool as heck.

Let’s face it – every Star Wars fan will enjoy using one of these bad boys, even if they die before deployment.


10. Speeder Bikes for All Factions

Speeder Bikes for All Factions in Battlefront 2

Speeder Bikes are cheap and don’t cost many reinforcement points.

But most importantly, these things are super useful, albeit not too powerful.

They’ll help you get from point A to point B in a matter of seconds, and traverse the map quickly to reinforce your allies whenever they’re in need.

Now they might not blast through your enemies with a couple pulls of the trigger, but they will help you in battle, as well as outside of it.


9. B2 Super Battle Droid

B2 Super Battle Droid SWBF2 Reinforcement

The B2 Super Battle Droid is my favorite reinforcement unit of the CIS.

These guys do a lot of damage with any of their weapons. But their damn wrist rockets are just something else.

I was always waiting for them to be nerfed, but that never happened. So I just kept using them and getting some sweet 10+ killstreaks (that might’ve included a bot or two).

Super Battle Droids seem even stronger in Battlefront II than they are in the Star Wars films, but that’s probably because one can actually hit the clones with them instead of missing every shot.


8. First Order Flametrooper

First Order Flametrooper in Battlefront 2

Cool-looking armor? Check.

One of the best weapons in the game? Check.

Complained about by sequel haters? Double check.

The First Order Flame Trooper is a fantastic unit with a powerful flamethrower that does a lot of damage to groups of enemies, which does a superb job at crowd control.

If you ever feel the need to fight against a large group of enemies in tight spaces, have no doubts that the Flametrooper has your back.


7. Ovissian Gunner

Ovissian Gunner SWBF2 Reinforcement

This machinegun-wielding maniac is going to obliterate through almost anything that comes its way.

All while also having a fairly decent supply of health points to keep her (it?) alive.

I think this is, by far, the best unit of the Resistance. And the one you need to get whenever you’re fighting against that flurry of enemies that the First Order is so well-known for.


6. Commando Droid

Commando Droid in Battlefront II

The Commando Droid made its debut in the Clone Wars animated series. And I’m super glad that it made its way to BF2 as well.

It has a ton of mobility, and it comes with the ability to use a damn sword to cut through your enemies, while also having a not-so-underwhelming blaster that does damage to clones and Wookies alike.


5. Sith Trooper

Sith Trooper Reinforcement in Battlefront 2

The Sith Trooper may or may not be on my list because they look absolutely badass in red…

But this is also a fantastic infiltrator that will help you move through enemy lines, and deal devastating damage to groups of enemies by picking apart the most important members of the team.

Well worth playing with to see for yourself.


4. AT-ST’s for All Factions

AT-ST’s for All Factions Battlefront II

If you thought I wasn’t going to include more vehicles in my reinforcements guide, you probably never tried the AT-STs.

These things are really fun to move around with. Even though they do move as clunky as they do in the movies.

They will deal a ton of damage, but their low mobility will have you staying behind cover while driving them.


3. Clone Commando

Clone Commando SWBF2 Reinforcement

The Clone Commando can receive a ton of damage and not die, so it’s the best “tank” in the game that isn’t actually a vehicle.

For a tank, it also does a ton of damage. And is far more mobile than you might think.

Besides, it looks cool and has some fantastic skin options. Beast mode right here.


2. TX-130 / AAT

TX-130 / AAT in Battlefront 2

Republic and CIS tanks are mobile, quick, and as destructive as vehicles come in this game.

These bad boys will have you moving around the map and killing anything that comes your way. Until some dumb bastard shoots you with one of those crazy plasma bazookas.


1. ARC Trooper

ARC Trooper Reinforcement in Battlefront 2

These dual-pistol mad bastards are the best clone troopers, and the best reinforcement units available in Star Wars BF2.

Not only will you have a ton of fun shooting these bad boys, but the mobility of the ARC Trooper will have you rushing in and out of groups of enemies while causing a ton of devastating casualties to all sorts of squads.

Highly recommended.

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