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It was a surprise for all of us when Nintendo and PlatinumGames announced Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive back in 2014.

Not only is the game incredibly risqué for the Big N’s often draconian censorship standards, but it hailed the Wii U as a more “serious” console than previously perceived.

The game went on to become one of the best on the console.

And considering Bayonetta’s inclusion in SSB Ultimate and the re-release for Nintendo Switch, it’s a partnership Nintendo and their playerbase value.

Like the first entry, Bayonetta 2 features many options to customize your witch’s load-out and fighting style. Including two accessory slots available from the get-go.

Some you just buy from Rodin’s Gates of Hell, others need to be unlocked first. But they’re all vital to bring out Bayonetta’s full potential.

Since it can be a bit overwhelming to choose which ones to spend their money on, I’ve decided to come up with a ranking based on my experience and online consensus from players. Let’s dive in!

10. Earrings of Ruin

 Earrings of Ruin in Bayonetta2

So, you just finished playing through Bayonetta 2’s Chapter XIV and can’t stop thinking about the ridiculous witchy mecha you just piloted.

You want to go back to it ASAP, but there’s so much more to see, and you can’t bring yourself to replay the scene.

Well don’t worry, because The Gates of Hell is always there to take care of your destructive whims.

For only 500.000 Halos, you can get these croissant-looking earrings to replace your Umbran Climax with the Umbran Armor, just like Rosa does!

Just when you thought Bayonetta couldn’t get more over-the-top…


9. Infernal Communicator

Infernal Communicator accessory

Sometimes, a girl needs a little support on the battlefield.

Now, thanks to the wonders of technology, Bayonetta can call upon the Little Devils to harass her enemies.

These demonic fanboys may not deal much damage.

But they’re great to distract and stagger your foes while you focus on performing the most stylish combos possible.

Regrettably, this item will keep you from setting any records. But it’s still pretty useful.

Get it at Rodin’s for 100.000 Halos.


8. Mallet of Rewards

Mallet of Rewards accessory

As a working-class citizen, there is never enough money.

Ancient Japanese witch Okuni took pity on the struggling masses, so she made this cute little item to help rogues and other wrongdoers find valuables with ease.

After an initial investment of only 100.000 Halos at the Gates of Hell, this item will make Bayonetta’s Torture Attacks considerably more profitable in both Halos and items.

Considering how fast it pays itself back, this is probably the item on the list with the best cost-benefit ratio.

And it’s a great option if you’re doing well-enough without combat aids.


7. Eternal Testimony

Eternal Testimony accessory

Despite sounding more like an alternative name for a filibuster than an accessory, this mysterious artifact is among the most prized in the world of Bayonetta.

It used to be worn exclusively by Elders of the Umbra Witches, and it’s a symbol of both status and power.

This accessory will help you reach Umbran Climax faster and more reliably by replenishing two magic orbs whenever the rest are depleted, which is one of the most universally useful item effects.

It’ll become available for purchase at the Gates of Hell for 500.000 Halos once you’ve collected 25 Umbran Tears of Blood.


6. Immortal Marionette

Immortal Marionette accessory

Back when the original Bayonetta came out, one of its more controversial aspects was the fact that the game could essentially be played with just one hand.

Which leaves the other one free to… hold your coffee?

This is enabled by the Immortal Marionette, which lets Bayonetta execute complex combos by simply mashing the punch or kick buttons.

It’s equipped by default on the Easy and Very Easy difficulties, and you can acquire it in harder settings for 100.000 Halos after clearing the game.

Despite being so powerful, many would argue that it makes the game too easy to remain entertaining, so it only gets a sixth place in our ranking.


5. Gaze of Despair

Gaze of Despair accessory

Powered by the soul of Musso Koroni, an African goddess of discord, this Indiana Jones-looking item allows the wearer to enrage all who oppose them to the point of madness.

This makes Bayonetta’s foes go berserk, hitting harder and becoming impervious to staggering.

In effect, this item makes the game considerably harder.

Nut it also makes combos give out many more points, so it’s useful when chasing high-scores or collecting Halos.

Get it from the Gates of Hell for the measly price of 100.000 Halos.


4. Pulley’s Butterfly

Pulley’s Butterfly accessory

This absolute classic artifact was probably the most popular back in the original Bayonetta.

And despite Bayonetta 2 being considerably easier, it’s still very useful when going for no-damage runs.

Pulley’s Butterfly works by absorbing all damage you receive until it’s destroyed, which gives you some breathing room during tight fights.

It’s not as useful on higher difficulties where most enemies will pulverize it in one or two hits. But for a high DPS character as Rosa, for example, every second counts.

This item is available from Rodin for just 100.000 Halos, so you can get it somewhat early in the game.


3. Bracelet of Time

Bracelet of Time accessory

If you complete the entire Story Mode on 2nd Climax difficulty with a minimum rating of Gold on every chapter, the Bracelet of Time will become available for purchase at the Gates of Hell.

Despite the above-average price-tag of 200.000 Halos, this accessory is a must-own for anyone interested in racking up points, or those who have issues dodging.

All it does is let Bayonetta activate Witch Time at will. So you can benefit from it even if your reflexes are terrible.


2. Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa

Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa accessory

If rather than bad reflexes you feel like you’ve got some serious skills, then the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa is the perfect item to profit from your exceptional hand-eye coordination.

Blessed by Shiva, the Hindu goddess of destruction, these bracers allow the wearer to draw repelling glyphs that’ll make enemies stagger after an attack.

Activate it just when the hit is about to land and you’ll trigger a parry, which doesn’t only hurt the enemy but activates Witch Time as well.

I think 200.000 Halos for the possibility to parry is probably the best deal you’ll get at the Gates of Hell.


1. Climax Braces

Climax Brace accessory

But regardless of price, the absolute most powerful and bloodlust-inducing item in Rodin’s selection are the Climax Braces.

This sneaky little accessory lets the wearer tap into infinite magical power.

This translates to a constant Umbran Climax, allowing you to grind your enemies to a pulp with your demonic hair-limbs nonstop. Crazy right?

It also lets you perform Torture Attacks whenever you want to.

Such power comes at a cost of 500.000 Halos, and you’ll have to get all 50 Umbran Tears of Blood to unlock it.

But once you get it, you won’t regret it.

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