Bayonetta 2: The 10 Best Weapons In The Game (Ranked)

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Bayonetta is a strong and capable witch with whatever weapon she can get her hands on. From humble handguns to giant scythes, we’ve got it all.

That said, there are always going to be some tools that feel better suited for the job. And everyone has their favorites.

The second installment in the story of the sexiest witch ever imagined brings with it a wide array of new weapons, along with some returning classics.

Choosing the weapon that suits you best has never been so complex, considering most of them have at least one thing they’re great at.

So before you go out into the world to look for Angelic Hymns to trade in for weapons at Rodin’s Gates of Hell, take a look over our list to help you make an educated decision on how to defend yourself.

10. Kafka

Kafka Bayonetta 2 weapon

How To Get: You just have to find the William Tell Overture Gold LP in Chapter II, Verse V.

This poisonous bow with a widely recognizable name gets a lot of bad press from players who can’t see past it being primarily a ranged weapon.

However if you take some time to experiment with it, you’ll realize it’s more competent as a melee weapon.

Specifically thanks to a specific punch combo that lets you dash towards enemies and strike them multiple times.

It’s also really useful against bosses you have a hard time actually hitting, letting you poison them for sustained chip damage.


9. Undine

Undine Bayonetta 2 weapon

How To Get: Put together the two halves of the Der Hölle Rache Gold LP, which you’ll find scattered throughout Chapter IV. You can later get a second set from Rodin for 49.800 Halos.

Also on the very bottom of public opinion lies the Undine, a pair of frost-and-flame-throwers shaped a bit like clubs.

Despite being generally disliked, these weapons are ideal to deal with large crowds.

And their Bullet Climax can get you out of sticky situations easily by freezing everyone around you so you can pick them off one by one.


8. Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair Bayonetta 2 weapon

How To Get: After clearing the game on 2nd Climax difficulty, head down to The Gates of Hell and buy the Super Mirror from Rodin for the moderate price of 100.000 Halos. This will grant you access to many items from the original Bayonetta, including Scarborough Fair.

Bayonetta’s classic quartet of magical pink revolvers makes a comeback, bringing the same all-around coverage as they did on the first game.

Not only are they very fast when equipped in her hands. But she looks amazing while firing them from her feet.

That said, it’s mostly the nostalgia value earning them a spot here.


7. Love is Blue

Love is Blue Bayonetta 2 weapon

How To Get: Luckily these guns are unlocked by default.

Bayonetta’s old weapons have nothing on her new magical handguns, colored a bright blue to match her new style.

In keeping with this change, they also lend Bayonetta’s magical abilities such as the Wicked Weaves a blue tint, in contrast to Scarborough Fair’s reddish tones.

Worth checking out especially since they’re pretty easy to acquire.


6. Rakshasa

Rakshasa Bayonetta 2 weapon

How To Get: You’ll get this weapon early into the game after collecting the Entrance of the Guardians Gold LP from Chapter I. A second pair becomes immediately available for purchase from Rodin for 29.800 Halos.

These Indian-looking blades are supposed to be Bayonetta 2’s answer to the first game’s Shuraba, but can now be equipped both on hands and feet.

The latter is probably the better option thanks to some really interesting combos.

One of the Rakshasa’s best features is that its animations end fast after finishing a combo, so you can quickly get out of harm’s way instead of waiting around to get hit.


5. Shuraba

Shuraba weapon in Bayonetta 2

How To Get: As with the Scarborough Fair and other weapons from the original Bayonetta, it’ll become available after clearing the game in 2nd Climax difficulty and acquiring the Super Mirror for 100.000 Halos.

The Rakshasa may be designed to take up the Shuraba’s mantle as Bayonetta’s slice-and-dicer. But the original remains the better weapon.

Unlike the Rakshasa, this katana can only be equipped to Bayonetta’s hands.

But it makes up for this lack of flexibility with the sheer power of its Wicked Weave, which is excellent for crowd control.

Bayonetta’s stance while wielding this demon sword is also the absolute sexiest – like a storm waiting to happen.


4. Chernobog

Chernobog in Bayonetta 2

How To Get: The two halves of the Erlkönig Gold LP needed for Rodin to craft the Chernobog can be found spread across Chapter V.

If you’re looking for something to dispatch large hordes of enemies ASAP, then this three-pronged devilish scythe is the way to go.

It provides huge AOE damage, and the ability to shoot out each of the blades after a combo serves as a nice, flashy finisher.

It’s also great for fights with enemies big enough to hit with all three blades for massive damage, and this same skill can open chests very quickly.


3. Alruna

Alruna in Bayonetta 2

How To Get: You’ll gain access to the Alruna after defeating the similarly-named Alraune demon in Chapter XI. A second whip can then be bought off Rodin for 29.800 Halos.

Somehow I think we all know whips are suit Bayonetta best.

At least in terms of aesthetics.

Luckily the Alruna is also an amazing weapon, unlike the somewhat mediocre Kulshedra from the first game.

Thanks to its decent speed and nice range, this weapon perfectly complements slow, heavy-hitting arms like the Takemikazuchi.

You can also pair it with the Chernobog to become a walking danger zone for your enemies.


2. Salamandra

Salamandra Bayonetta 2 weapon

How To Get: Collect every piece of the Matthäus-Passion Gold LP scattered throughout Chapter X. A second pair can then be bought at the Gates of Hell.

It’s chainsaws on your arms and feet.

This really doesn’t need that much of an explanation.

Salamandra is a competent all-around weapon, but these puppies are all about their charge ability, which lets you pile on the damage very quickly (and easily).

You can even skate on them if you want!


1. Takemikazuchi

Takemikazuchi weapon in Bayonetta 2

How To Get: Put together all three pieces of The Harmonious Blacksmith Gold LP, which are scattered throughout Chapter VIII and IX.

I love strong women with big hammers, and this one even has an engine on it.

It’s pure diesel!

Despite its somewhat slow speed, every single hit you manage to land will be enough to make your enemies forget their names.

Even if you don’t always pull off the perfect timing for the weapon’s more complex combos, just button mashing will still get you pretty darn far.

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