Beat Saber: Custom Final Fantasy Song Map Mods (All Free)

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The Final Fantasy franchise has been leading the charge in JRPG games for decades now.

No matter how you look at it, Final Fantasy is synonymous with innovation. Where other JRPG devs think of making the protagonist’s hair an unusual color, Square Enix is writing the next chapter in JRPG history.

It’s no different when it comes to music.

Final Fantasy has an endless list of classics that almost every gamer will recognize.

There are epic battle themes, dramatic final boss tracks, and jingles and melodies that keep coming back, giving each installment a distinct “Final Fantasy” flavor.

Watching our favorite characters cut down enemies is always fun – but what about slicing blocks to the beat of these iconic tracks?

Here’s our picks for the best Final Fantasy-themed Beat Saber song maps!


10. Blinded by Light – FFXIII

Blinded by Light – FFXIII Beat Saber gameplay

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Some people hate on FFXIII for driving the Final Fantasy franchise in a new direction – one that’s often more focused on visuals and innovation than hardcore RPG elements.

Still, it’s also one of the biggest titles in the series.

Lightning managed to carry the whole thing from start to finish by being a major badass. And she remains one of the most popular characters in the FF franchise.

I still remember playing through FFXIII and hearing this song whenever we went into battle.

It’s something you’ll never forget.

Even if you don’t like the game itself, you’ve gotta admit this song is pretty boss.

And FFXIII’s soundtrack is one of the best parts of the game.

This song captures the tension you feel waiting for your opponent’s next move, then breaks into an epic fanfare worthy of a band of heroes.


9. Victory Fanfare (Holder & Ephixa Remix) – Final Fantasy VII

Victory Fanfare (Holder & Ephixa Remix) – Final Fantasy VII Beat Saber gameplay

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Final Fantasy’s victory fanfares are iconic.

In FFVII, the jingle seems to announce your victory with trumpets and confetti before settling down into elevator music so you can reflect on the battle’s aftermath data.

This remix by Holder & Ephixa maintains the same structure at first but slowly transforms the “elevator music” into something more by adding a contemporary beat and playing around with the sample.

This map can get really hard as the BPM increases, and there are plenty of surprises waiting for you if you’ve never listened to this remix.


8. Awakening (Alex Moukala Mix) – Final Fantasy XVI

Awakening (Alex Moukala Mix) – Final Fantasy XVI Beat Saber gameplay

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I can’t overstate how hyped I am for Final Fantasy XVI’s return to a more traditional medieval fantasy setting.

As we can see in the trailers, Square Enix has developed a dark and intriguing world full of violence and massive fights.

This soundtrack is also promising if the trailer’s theme, Awakening, is anything to judge by.

Remember: every time you play through this Beat Saber map, we’re a minute and a half closer to FFXVII’s release – so get slicing!


7. Chocobo (Chicken-san Cover) – Final Fantasy

Chocobo (Chicken-san Cover) – Final Fantasy Beat Saber gameplay

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If there’s one song I’ll never forget, it’s the Chocobo’s theme from the original Final Fantasy (and revamped across almost every game).

This iconic tune has remained mostly unchanged since it first appeared in Final Fantasy I, and it worms its way into every entry in the series one way or another.

This version by Chicken-san is highly unusual. After all, it’s performed by a rubber chicken toy.

It’s ridiculous, but Chocobos are pretty goofy themselves, so it works surprisingly well.

And if you want even more stupid/goofy meme songs for Beat Saber then rest assured we’ve got you covered.


6. Sight of Spira – FFX

Sight of Spira – FFX Beat Saber gameplay

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On the other end of the seriousness spectrum, we find Sight of Spira – a song that’ll give even the most jaded and stoic Final Fantasy fan a knot in their throat.

This bittersweet tune is charged with emotions for anyone who played through Final Fantasy X.

You wouldn’t know from watching Tidus’ ultra-cringe laughing scene, but the game is actually pretty dark and melancholic.

And the acoustic guitar cover by Super Guitar Bros. is simply beautiful, too.

Every note is like a warm glass of cocoa telling me everything will be OK.

Admittedly, you won’t feel as calm and protected when frantically slicing blocks, but it’s a pleasure to listen nonetheless.


5. A Long Fall – FFXIV

A Long Fall – FFXIV Beat Saber gameplay

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Some songs are so inspiring and epic you can’t help but want to dance.

It happened to thousands of FFXIV fans with A Long Fall, the theme for the Twinning dungeon in the Shadowbringers expansion.

The music was so catchy that people started dancing to it on Tik Tok and making memes about it.

If you don’t want to see yourself flossing to FF music, but this song still makes you want to move your body, you’ll love this Beat Saber map.


4. Sunrise (Takafumi Imamura Remix) – FFXIV

Sunrise (Takafumi Imamura Remix) – FFXIV Beat Saber gameplay

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Another iconic FFXIV theme that got fans tapping their feet as they went through their skill rotations is Sunrise, the theme for the boss battle against Suzaku.

This remix by Takafumi Imamura elevates the song into a sensational electronic track that’s perfect for a rhythm game like Beat Saber.

It’s also one of the few FF songs worth playing that has lyrics.

If you’re into female Japanese vocals, you’ll certainly adore this.


3. Those Who Fight Further (Metal Remix) – FFVII

Those Who Fight Further (Metal Remix) – FFVII Beat Saber gameplay

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FFVII’s epic battle theme has lived rent-free in my mind for over 20 years now.

No matter how long or grueling a battle was, I wouldn’t even notice if this was playing in the background.

It’s thrilling – but also filled with tension and trepidation.

You can always get wiped out by surprise, and who knows when the last time you saved the game was?

This metal remix of this fundamental anthem of turn-based combat is out of this world. It’ll get the adrenaline flowing as you do your best to tackle this high-difficulty map.


2. One-Winged Angel REBIRTH – FF7R

One-Winged Angel REBIRTH – FF7R Beat Saber gameplay

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Final Fantasy VII Remake brought the best parts of the 90s PS1 classic to the 2020s with a ridiculous amount of production value the original just didn’t have back in the day.

Something that was really taken to the next level was the soundtrack, abandoning the outdated MIDI tracks for something much more sophisticated.

The audio quality is out of this world, and most tracks have become more complex and nuanced.

Safer-Sephiroth’s battle theme – One-Winged Angel – was also updated and transformed into a ten-minute masterpiece just as riveting as the original.

Just picture you’re Cloud fighting against Sephiroth for the world’s fate, and you’ll get through this challenging track in no time.


1. The Most Muscular (Those Who Squat) – FF7R

The Most Muscular (Those Who Squat) – FF7R Beat Saber gameplay

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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s most significant contribution to the franchise’s music comes from somewhere unexpected:

The squatting mini-game.

The BGM for this outrageous mini-game has the same fast-paced energy you’d expect from a hardcore indoor cycling class, but it’s actually a remixed version of Those Who Fight – one of the most iconic battle themes in the game.

What was already a super-inspiring song just got twice as awesome!

And perhaps it’ll help you stop skipping leg day at the gym.

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