Beat Saber: Custom Workout Song Maps (All Free)

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Ever since Beat Saber came out in 2018, the Internet has been flooded with stories of people overcoming years of sedentary habits by slicing blocks and beating high scores.

The game has achieved something humankind has been trying to do since we realized we needed physical activity to survive:

It made exercise fun.

There will always be naysayers who criticize you for taking the “easy way out” and having fun instead of getting on the elliptical, but the sweaty t-shirts and burning muscles don’t lie. Beat Saber is an excellent cardio workout, and it can literally save your life.

Whether you’re a Fit Saber veteran or are still looking for the right tunes to get started, you must check out these fantastic Beat Saber workout maps.


10. Sandstorm – Darude

Sandstorm – Darude Beat Saber screenshot

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We’re starting off with something unexpected.

Sandstorm by Finnish DJ Darude is a major banger from late 1999 that quickly climbed to the top of several billboards worldwide and has remained relevant ever since as an icon of the early 2000s.

The music video for Darude’s Sandstorm shows many people running around and burning calories like crazy.

The song’s fast pace and entrancing rhythm should help you do the same.

I especially like Sandstorm because of its mid-2010s resurgence as a meme. Looking back on sillier times and chuckling to yourself is an excellent way to let go of the day and focus on your workout.


9. Crab Rave – Workout Version

Crab Rave – Workout Version Beat Saber screenshot

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Another certified banger whose meme status will make you feel silly and give you an extra shot of endorphins during your workout is the Crab Rave song by Irish producer Noisestorm.

This custom map is designed to work out your lower body by repeatedly forcing you to drop down into squats to avoid obstacles, then shoot up quickly to hit notes.

It’s dynamic, intense, and will make you look like one of the famous crabs.


8. Levitating – Dua Lipa

Levitating – Dua Lipa Beat Saber screenshot

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The best part of a workout is when you’ve become so immersed in what you’re doing that you overcome the suffering and feel like you’re levitating.

A great way to reach that point with Beat Saber is tackling Dua Lipa’s electro-disco anthem Levitating in Expert+.

This song offers players of all skill levels a fair challenge and a dynamic workout that’ll get you sweating in no time.

Let the various outer space references motivate you to push harder and reach astronomical-level gains during your workout.


7. Butter – BTS

Butter – BTS Beat Saber screenshot

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K-Pop has grown into a worldwide phenomenon over the last 10 years. The Bangtan Boys – also known as BTS – have been at the center of the storm.

BTS fans will love to get the blood flowing with Butter – the band’s second English-language single. It’s the perfect fun and exciting summer dance track.

This map will put your core strength to the test and help you get the beach body you want.

Alternatively, you can enjoy a very different brand of Korean pop with PSY’s Daddy.


6. Those Who Squat – FF7 Remake

Those Who Squat – FF7 Remake Beat Saber screenshot

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Officially known as “The Most Muscular,” Those Who Squat is an incredibly high-energy remix of the classic battle theme from Final Fantasy 7, featured in the fantastic 2020 remake.

This song plays during the “Burning Thighs” quest, where Cloud takes on local gymbro Ronnie in a squatting competition. It helps you get into a flow state and press the buttons correctly.

Hopefully it’ll help you do more squats in real life too.

As expected, this map will challenge both your coordination and the strength of your legs.

You’ll have to duck for cover from walls and bombs, and your thighs will be on fire by the end.


5. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Song Pack

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Song Pack Beat Saber screenshot

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Few shows in the history of television have shown off as many ripped men (and women) as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Remembering those defined abs and colossal biceps should help motivate you to push harder as you challenge the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Song Pack.

Jojo openings like BLOODY STREAM and Fighting Gold are packed with energy and fighting spirit, making them perfect workout songs.

Fans of the series will feel intense emotions as each song reminds them of a character or fight.

There’s no better way to process them than sweating them off.

And this can match perfectly with other anime song maps too.


4. Workout With A Flow

Workout With A Flow Beat Saber screenshot

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I know some of you just want to download a playlist and be done with it.

There are only so many hours in the day, and you need time to slice blocks and burn calories!

Workout With A Flow is a multi-genre compilation of 44 songs that will get you feeling good as your heart rate rises and the calories start burning up.

It’s full of all-time favorites like Basshunter’s DotA, PSY’s Gangnam Style, and Alexandra Stan’s Mr. Saxobeat.

If you eventually get bored, you can move on to more experimental songs like a techno remix of Rick and Morty’s Get Schwifty or the Soviet March from C&C: Red Alert 3’s.


3. Fitbeat Map Pack

Fitbeat Map Pack Beat Saber screenshot

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Beat Games released the Fitbeat workout map for free in April 2020 to help people stay active while quarantined.

Since then, many fan creators have felt inspired to design more workout-focused content.

One of the biggest gems to come out of that push for Beat Saber fitness is Alice’s Fitbeat Map Pack, featuring beloved songs from Foster the People, Tokyo Machine, Big Time Rush, etc.

Each of these maps is designed to get your muscles burning, and they all include appealing Chroma lighting effects that’ll help keep you focused as you try to push past your limits.


2. Rasputin – Funk Overload

Rasputin – Funk Overload Beat Saber screenshot

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We’ll step away from the song packs to talk about one of the funkiest beats ever made by human hands – the Funk Overload remix of Boney M’s Rasputin.

Honestly, calling it a “remix” might be an overstatement.

This version of Boney M’s 1979 hit is simply sped-up, making it more exciting and definitely more challenging in a game like Beat Saber.

The song rose to popularity on YouTube paired with the animated video for Slightly Left of Centre’s Love the Way You Move.

Surprisingly, it fit better than the original song!

I still haven’t met someone who doesn’t feel compelled to move their body when listening to this song. The funk is just too strong – and it will help you get stronger by slashing blocks in this map.


1. Workout With Fantastic Flow Vol. 1

Workout With Fantastic Flow Vol. 1 Beat Saber screenshot

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One of the most exciting developments in VR fitness is YUR – a virtual watch designed to help you keep track of your fitness progress in-game.

YUR collaborated with the Beat Saber Modding Group to create the official YUR Beat Saber workout.

This playlist features tunes from well-known artists like josh pan and David Guetta, along with some unknown surprises.

Most of the maps were made specifically for this playlist, so they’ll get you sweating for sure.

According to YUR, playing Beat Saber burns about as many calories as playing Tennis – but tackle these songs in Expert+, and you might exceed those calculations.

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