Beat Saber Legend of Zelda Custom Song Maps (All Free)

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Zelda music is an irreplaceable part of most of our childhoods.

Even to this day, millions tune in to listen to relaxing Zelda beats to study or work to, and many more tap their feet to iconic Zelda jams in their free time.

Beat Saber offers us a unique opportunity to squeeze some more Zelda into our lifestyle by playing with custom maps of the franchise’s iconic tunes.

Here are some fantastic custom Zelda maps that’ll make you sweat more than Link in Death Mountain without the Flamebreaker Armor.


10. Palace Theme – Zelda 2: Adventure of Link

Palace Theme – Zelda 2: Adventure of Link Beat Saber screenshot

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The release of Zelda 2: Adventure of Link in 1988 was a weird time for the budding franchise due to the shift to side-scrolling RPG gameplay.

Still, the game was a financial and critical success, and it introduced many future staples like the magic meter and the mysterious Dark Link.

It also had an amazing soundtrack with 8-bit tunes fans still recognize after three decades.

My favorite has to be the Palace Theme, which captures the tension you feel as you make your way through the hardest sections of the game.

At least you could jam to this every time you had to retry!


9. Deku Palace – Theophany

Deku Palace – Theophany Beat Saber screenshot

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Deep in the southern swamps of Termina lies a glorious wooden palace built by the Deku people to house the royal family and serve as a symbol of their rule.

The theme song that plays as you explore this heavily guarded palace has a medieval festival vibe that fits the Deku civilization like a glove.

This remix by Theophany leans into the medieval vibe by replacing synthesized sounds with real medieval instruments like a flute and a vielle.

At six minutes long, this tune is perfect for a Beat Saber workout.

Give in to the medieval Deku trance and let those calories burn themselves.


8. Stone Tower Temple – Will & Tim ft. Ephixa

Stone Tower Temple – Will & Tim ft. Ephixa Beat Saber screenshot

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Another excellent BGM track from Majora’s Mask you’ll definitely remember if you played this N64 classic or the 3DS remake is the Stone Tower Temple theme.

Stone Tower Temple is the fourth major dungeon and a very intimidating place full of large, hostile stone faces and formidable enemies.

A fun fact you might not know is that this song sounds the same if you play it backward.

This reflects the temple’s main gimmick: flipping the structure upside down to clear puzzles.

This remix by Will & Tim breaks up the tension with exciting new sounds and the hardcore energy of a dubstep song – perfect for an engaging Beat Saber map.


7. Wisdom (Zelda’s Lullaby) – Will & Tim ft. Ephixa

Wisdom (Zelda's Lullaby) – Will & Tim ft. Ephixa Beat Saber screenshot

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There’s not a single song that can evoke feelings of peace and harmony in the heart of a TLoZ fan like Zelda’s Lullaby from Ocarina of Time.

It’s a profoundly nostalgic tune that’ll take you back to the good old days of playing the best N64 game ever released on that weird alien hand-shaped controller and thinking that games couldn’t get any better.

This remix by Ephixa replaces the calm vibes of the original with a cacophony of dubstep sounds that give it a fierce personality and keeps you from falling asleep instead of slicing blocks.

It’ll still pull on your heartstrings and bring those nostalgic feelings rushing through, but you’ll burn them off by vigorously swinging your Master Sword & Hylian Shield.


6. Molgera Battle Theme – The Wind Waker

Molgera Battle Theme – The Wind Waker Beat Saber screenshot

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Molgera is an absolutely terrifying boss who looks like a sand-based manta ray with a giant jaw.

The fight is tense, as Molgera remains underground most of the time – and you’re always scared of it pulling a move you haven’t seen before and eating you up from below.

This battle theme reflects the tense excitement of fighting this unique boss – though, admittedly, it’s much harder to clear this Beat Saber map than to defeat the actual Molgera.


5. Tal Tal Heights – Link’s Awakening

Tal Tal Heights – Link's Awakening Beat Saber screenshot

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It’s incredible what composers achieved with such limited hardware back in the Game Boy days.

Exploring Tal Tal Heights in the original Link’s Awakening is a sublime experience, especially thanks to the amazing soundtrack, which could make anyone feel like a prophesied hero.

With time, it has become one of Link’s main themes – an ode to his heroics and chiptune music.

It returned in SSB Brawl, SSB Ultimate, and the 2019 Link’s Awakening remake – and now, you can enjoy it in Beat Saber.


4. Tal Tal Heights (Metal Cover) – FamilyJules

Tal Tal Heights (Metal Cover) – FamilyJules Beat Saber screenshot

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As a rhythm game maniac and a major Zelda fan, it’s hard to understate how much I love Cadence of Hyrule – the Zelda version of Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Music has always been a vital part of RPGs, but to make it a part of the gameplay? It’s genius.

It’s also genius to pair it with a franchise with over 30 years of excellent tracks like The Legend of Zelda.

If you thought Tal Tal Heights was exciting, wait until you hear the metal cover featured in Cadence of Hyrule.

FamilyJules did a fantastic job capturing what made the original so good. It’s full of energy, and you can tell the artist loves the source material.


3. Song of Storms – Deon Custom Mix

Song of Storms – Deon Custom Mix Beat Saber screenshot

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Heading into the top three, we find an absolute banger by Deon Custom, who remixed the classic Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time into a high-energy, nightclub-worthy EDM track.

The original Song of Storms is one of Zelda’s most memorable and enjoyable tunes, so Deon Custom was working with prime material.

Still, it’s the best remix I’ve heard – and people have been making remixes and covers for decades.

When it comes to pumping you up for a great Beat Saber session, you can’t ask for a better upbeat track than this.


2. Ocarina of Time Title Theme – DJ Jo

Ocarina of Time Title Theme – DJ Jo Beat Saber screenshot

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The title theme for Ocarina of Time is one of the most beautiful songs I heard as a child.

I was awe-struck every time it started playing. It made me feel as if the mysterious land of Hyrule was spilling out of the TV and into my room whenever I booted up the game.

This remix by DJ Jo adds a modern electronic twist to the classic tune, injecting a lot of drama and excitement that perfectly fit Beat Saber’s dynamic gameplay.

There’s even some dubstep in there!


1. The Legend of Zelda Theme – Zedd Remix

The Legend of Zelda Theme – Zedd Remix Beat Saber screenshot

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The Legend of Zelda medley is one of the most recognizable tunes in gaming history.

It’s a symbol of the grand adventures video games have been offering for decades, and a familiar cozy tune to those who grew up with the Zelda franchise.

This remix is all about experimenting with this iconic track. Zedd puts the classic medley through every trick in the EDM artist’s textbook, keeping all six minutes of the song fresh and exciting.

The map is a great adventure in and of itself, too.

It features fast and changing block patterns that keep you on your toes.

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