Top 50 Best Anime Of The 2010s, Ranked (Series & Movies)

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It’s always a good time to start watching more anime. But maybe you want to revisit some newer stuff, or dig into some gems that came out in recent years.

What are the best series to watch? It’s a tough question, ain’t it?

Well let’s focus on anime that came out just in the 2010s, so any releases between 201-2019 are fair game!

Here are our top picks for the best 2010s anime you should absolutely check out.


50. Black Clover

Black Clover anime screenshot

Black Clover definitely had a very rocky start, as dogs all over the world reacted to Asta’s death screech.

However, like anyone that’s stuck with the show can tell you, it gets better. A lot better.

After a dozen episodes or so we really get into that pure shounen aesthetic with amazing fights, a tear-jerker here and there, and constantly ramping power ceilings.

And considering what has been going on in the story recently, I estimate that it’ll only get more exciting as some shadowy antagonists get revealed.


49. Another

Another anime screenshot

When it comes to horror anime, Another is probably the most widely known. If we don’t count the Corpse Party hate train.

And it’s all thanks to the central mystery that haunts the show.

Not to give anything away, but let’s just say that until this certain riddle can be solved, bad and usually grotesque things will happen to our beloved characters.

So it’s a nice combination of suspense, a feeling of urgency, and some good old shock value.


48. Ao no Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist anime screenshot

Blue exorcist is pretty straightforward. If you like shounen you’ll like Blue Exorcist.

It’s very reminiscent of Naruto in the sense that the main character has a certain power that those around him don’t appreciate much.

And things get worse when he gets angry.

If that sounds too bland, I’m just going to throw this out there: Satan is in the show.

The fights are done pretty well, I definitely cried at a certain point, and the story is very easy to follow and get involved with.



ERASED anime screenshot

If you were anywhere near an anime board in 2016 then you probably know two things:

  1. that the beginning of ERASED was hailed as a masterpiece, and
  2. that the ending definitely made some people lose faith in humanity.

But it’s hard to live up to such immense hype. So watching it now is a far more tranquil experience.

I think the show is great. It hooks you in with an interesting spin on the time travel trope, and definitely pulls on some heartstrings along the way.

The conclusion may be a hit or miss. But the show is definitely worth a watch either way.


46. Boku no Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia screenshot

From the first second that this show started airing, it has been all the news in the anime community.

The love child of shounen and Western superhero movies certainly hit a sweet spot with the general public.

And there’s a good reason for this: the power system is very interesting and leaves room for a lot of innovation. Plus the soundtrack is basically liquid hype coursing through your veins, and BNHA features some amazing villains as well!

Add a rivalry between an exploding tsundere with actual character progression, and an overpowered dandere who actually steps up to the plate, and you have one banger of a show.


45. Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs anime screenshot

Bungou Stray Dogs is truly a jack of all trades.

It’s a very character-driven series where the protagonist group battles the Port mafia, as well as some rich dudes, solve mysteries and generally goof around.

Most of the characters have superpowers. But they can be a bit on the odd side… I mean, the protagonist turns into a tiger.

And there’s a hillbilly Hulk who gets power from hunger.

So yeah there’s some decent action, some decent humor, some decent drama.

It’s just a well-rounded show where the most lovable character really wants to off himself. This makes sense once you’ve watched it, trust me.


44. Charlotte

Charlotte anime screenshot

Regardless of whether you like your shounen bubbly and optimistic, or brooding and edgy, Charlotte is bound to scratch your itch.

The premise is your typical “high school kids with superpowers” scenario where it starts off very innocent, but gets more mature with time.

The overall plot is, in my opinion, very solid.

It starts off as a “monster of the week” deal but gradually moves to a cohesive plotline later on.

What more can I say without spoiling the main schtick? I loved this show. And if anything I’ve written so far sounds intriguing, you’ll probably also enjoy it.


43. Darling in the FranXX

Darling in the FranXX screenshot

Missing those 80s and 90s mecha shows, but also have a craving for some ecchi goodness?

Darling in the FranXX could be the next anime for you.

For the most part, it stays true to the formula of young kids fighting evil beings by getting inside of giant robots. Only now they’re in a very hmm… promiscuous poses while doing so.

Later on, we get some melodrama and a plot twist that even the writers didn’t see coming.

I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece. But it is definitely some good mindless fun.


42. Death Parade

Death Parade anime screenshot

Never have I contemplated my entire existence with such a funky groove.

The show is all about what happens after you die. Where do you go, and more importantly, how are you judged?

Playing twisted games in a retro-looking casino was never my guess, to be honest.

Death Parade usually sticks to the format of one case per episode, with some lingering plot that ties it all together. It’s an absolutely stunning show. And again, one of the best soundtracks ever.


41. Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman: Crybaby anime screenshot

The Devilman franchise has gone through a few versions.

But I doubt anyone could have predicted the absolute acid trip that is 2018’s rendition.

The show is just constantly in your face with bright visuals, explicit scenes, gore, a surprising amount of rapping, and a bitter-sweet ending to top it all off.

The show only has 10 episodes and it’s really hard to stop watching after getting into it. So again, just like a very long and very fun acid trip.

Don’t do drugs, watch Devilman: Crybaby.


40. Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase anime screenshot

If you’re looking for a quick wholesome chuckle then I highly recommend this show.

It’s your typical high school comedy. But you can really see how much fun both the writers and the animators had here.

The visual humor lands most of the time, and the overexaggerated nature of the show allows for some great moments.

Especially with Hanako. I swear this one character alone can cure my depression.

The other two main characters are also great, especially when they bounce off each other, and even the side-characters have some good schticks!


39. Barakamon

Barakamon anime screenshot

I think it’s nearly impossible to watch Barakamon and not feel something.

It’s a masterfully done show that centers around Sei, a calligrapher with a stick up his behind, who’s thrown into the world of the Goto Islands.

Here the children run wild with their imaginations, plus some kind and humble old folk, and some freeloading youngsters.

Sai must live among them and basically learn what it means to be wholesome.

It’s just a journey that you’ll never forget.


38. Beastars

Beastars anime screenshot

I have said it before and I will say it again: if you don’t want to watch Beastars because it’s a “furry” show, then you my friend are missing out.

Because the fact of the matter is that Beastars represents humans way better than most “non-furry” shows.

It’s an extremely detailed dive into the human psyche. It’s about fear, pride, guilt, power.

Okay, there was one scene that was leaning towards the f word, but regardless!

If you feel like you haven’t experienced a good story in a while, I strongly recommend you give Beastars a shot.


37. The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words anime screenshot

This movie just felt like meditation. Not because of the lack of interest, but the beautiful simplicity of its design.

We have two main characters: a young boy named Takao, and an older lady Yukari.

Through circumstance these two start spending time together, escaping the issues they had back home.

The beauty of this movie is that the dialogue is very simple, despite what the title might lead you to believe.

And with only forty-ish minutes of screen time it feels like flipping through a good book.

Also, Takao wants to make the next Yeezys or something. So that’s new.


36. Dororo

Dororo anime screenshot

If you’ve made it this far, you might have noticed a pattern… ya boy really likes his action shows.

And Dororo was definitely an instant hit for me. It brought that old-school samurai fighting style, but infused it with some interesting elements.

Those elements being that our MC is literally a shell of a man who has to get his body back piece by piece, and the protagonists are demons.

Each battle feels refreshing as the protagonist gets access to more of his body, and the other fully human protag (Dororo) really balances out the edge with some wholesomeness.


35. Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! screenshot

In the community, Akame ga Kill is probably best known for its pure edgy factor.

No character is truly safe. Everything revolves around death.

And most of the characters would make splendid Uchiha members.

Now, this is not me bashing the series. I honestly loved it.

But know what you’re getting into. If all you want is some adrenalin mixed with angry tears and a sudden urge to question mortality, definitely give Akame ga Kill a shot!


34. Cells at Work!

Cells at Work! anime screenshot

I honestly couldn’t even believe this show was real at first.

It’s a slice of life show where all the characters are different cells in your body.

How the hell does one come up with that?

So not only do you learn some neat biology, like the fact that your blood is waifu material… but you also get a nice little goofy show you can enjoy.

And whenever a new character is revealed, you get hyped for some reason.

I really don’t know why, since they literally can’t pull a character out of thin air given the setup of the show… but it is just so satisfying.


33. Grand Blue

Grand Blue anime screenshot

We don’t get anime targeted towards college students very often.

So when I first watched Grand Blue I was over the moon. And not because it handles deep themes like the stress of having to decide your life’s path or anything like that.

The show is just hilarious.

I say it’s targeted at college students because these characters get drunk so often, I feel like not sympathizing with their hangovers makes the show lose half its charm.

The show definitely has its quiet and aesthetic moments too. But most of the time titan-looking jocks are chasing students around campus naked to play rock-paper-scissors.


32. The Devil is a Part-Timer!

The Devil is a Part-Timer! screenshot

Did you know you wanted to see Satan flipping burgers? I surely didn’t.

And yet it was all I ever wanted from a comedy show.

So yeah, we get a toned-down Demon Lord transported to Earth. And instead of the usual “conquer the human race” shenanigans, he has to learn how to live in society.

With his henchmen as a roommate, he takes a bold step forward and does his best to become employee of the month.

I swear it’s like a grown-up SpongeBob with occasional (but beautiful) fight scenes.


31. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter anime screenshot

Hunter x Hunter was an S class show when it came out in 1999.

But the 2011 version just raised the bar beyond belief.

Although some of the grimy feeling of the first two arcs was replaced with a softer color palate, the 2011 version went far beyond its predecessor in regards to how many chapters it covered.

And it’s because of this new rendition that we got one of the best arcs in anime: the Chimera ant arc.

It was an emotional rollercoaster where the lines between good and evil go out the window. And what anime can do in terms of both fights and storytelling is elevated. A lot.

Hands down one of the best shows we’ve ever gotten.


30. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone anime screenshot

This falls under the same category as Cells at Work, being that not only did I have a good time, but I also learned something new.

With Dr. Stone it’s very much on the nose. Each episode is some kind of experiment, and it’s all broken down so that you can understand it.

People usually compare it to the Primitive Technology YouTube channel. And it very much is just that, only with character writing, a semblance of a threat, and even some comedy.

The show is good enough to appreciate without wanting to learn anything. But for science lovers, it’s a treat.


29. JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders screenshot

You can fill this spot with your favorite JoJo season. But personally, Stardust Crusaders was where it was at.

Not only is the focal point in JoJo my favorite of the ones we have seen so far, but we even get some incredible Dio screen-time. Which is always a major pro.

The switch to the Stand power system was a wise choice, to say the least.

And since Part 3 was the first to do the switch, it felt very new and refreshing.

The antagonists all had interesting powers, and the core cast was just enjoyable to watch. I love the entire JoJo’s franchise, but part 3 was definitely my favorite.


28. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill anime screenshot

Kill la Kill was the show that questioned why a viewer must choose between a solid action anime and a solid ecchi anime.

And as an answer, it did both.

Definitely not a show I would watch in public. But definitely a show I would recommend to anyone who’s familiar with anime.

The fights are really good, the plot is decent, and the humor surpasses most comedy shows, in my opinion.

And if you think it’s absurd that the female lead dresses in such a skimpy manner, just wait until Nudist Beach comes along.


27. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer anime screenshot

So you just finished watching the newest Berserk installment and you now need to cleanse your eyes from the bad CGI… Well look no further than Demon Slayer.

This show took the anime world by storm by having some of the most fluent and colorful animation we have ever seen.

Every major fight feels like snorting a line of cocaine while watching your favorite team win the Superbowl. I really have to stop making drug metaphors…

The plot is decent, the characters are extremely likable, Nezuko was probably closer to breaking the Internet than Kim K. was, and I can’t stress this enough: the fights are to die for.


26. Your Name.

Your Name. anime screenshot

As far as movies go, few have been able to rival the global success that was Your Name.

Telling a very true-to-heart story of kindred spirits, the potential presence of fate in our earthly lives, and a little body switching for the comedic moments.

The entire experience is nothing short of a spectacle that might make you a little sad, but also really appreciate life.

Unless you’re single like me. Then it’s mostly sadness and re-downloading Tinder.


25. KonoSuba

KonoSuba anime screenshot

God knows that the 2010s were full of isekai.

So when a well-crafted parody of the genre came out swinging slapstick humor left and right, it was quite the treat.

The main draw to the show is definitely the characters.

With Megumin the exploding jailbait, Darkness the masochistic tank, Aqua the entitled and whinny goddess, Nietzsche would definitely power slam, and Kazuma… the most realistic character I have ever seen (AKA he is far from righteous).

The scenarios these four manage to find themselves in are always quite out of the box. And the humor holds up exceptionally well.


24. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic screenshot

Okay he might not be a prince. But the protagonist is called Aladdin, he’s a mage, and with his buddies Alibaba and Morgiana, he goes around doing the usual good guy stuff.

Very solid action and the plot is very nicely made, especially if you also watch the prequel too.

And the characters are all likable in their own way.


23. Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki anime screenshot

Love it or hate it, this show definitely left a mark on anime culture.

The mere fact that Yuno is still the go-to yandere example eight years after the show was released truly tells you something.

And if you haven’t watched the show yet, what should you expect?

Well first of all, you’ll be afraid of pink-haired women. That is just unavoidable.

Second, be prepared for a lot of gore and death.

And lastly, everyone is a bit off in the head. So don’t expect to relate to the characters all that much.

What I’m saying is that if you’re into anime on the edge, this show should be right up your alley.


22. The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins anime screenshot

A big part of what made this show so successful were three particular characters; Ban the unkillable, Meliodas the untouchable, and Escanor the “have my children”-able.

It more or less stays true to the shounen formula of the protagonists gaining more and more power throughout the run, defeating one enemy, only for a new more powerful one to appear.

The lore does get way more detailed and interesting later on in the series, resulting in a fair bit of world-building as well.

Just don’t watch the last season… unless you liked the Berserk movies, then go right ahead you brave soldier.


21. Naruto: Shippuuden

Naruto: Shippuuden anime screenshot

Seven out of ten years of airing fell into the 2010s. So I think this is fair game.

I don’t know whether I have to say anything in particular about this show, to be honest.

It’s probably the most popular anime there is right now. With the time-skip after the original Naruto, we’re introduced to some of the most recognizable faces in anime. Namely Itachi the chokester, the Akatsuki gang, pervy frog man, daddy issues, everyone.

The show was filled with some ridiculous filler. But you can easily just search up which episodes are canon and go from there.


20. No Game No Life

No Game No Life anime screenshot

This definitely was the Half-Life of anime.

From the beginning, it grabbed the anime community by the Uzumakis and didn’t let go until the end of the season.

It’s an isekai where every battle is played out as an incredibly intricate game, each with different rules and loopholes.

It was refreshing to forget about the power yelling and just watch some 3D chess for once.

To top it all off, we got some very interesting characters. The most recognizable of which are the brother-sister power couple Sora and Shiro. So it was engaging throughout.

But then we got the rug pulled out from under us as we got Half-Life 3. Madhouse giveth, Madhouse taketh away.


19. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 anime screenshot

This often gets lumped in with One Punch Man for its similar art style and overpowered protagonist.

But get that notion out of your head, because as far as plot goes, Mob is leagues above One Punch Man.

This is primarily because Mob isn’t a comedy show. It’s a coming of age story that really gets you up and close with the characters.

Sure, when there’s a fight scene you’ll feel the same type of adrenalin and hype as if you were watching Saitama kill a fly… however, Mob can and will make you sad and happy on many more levels than just hype.


18. Weathering With You

Weathering With You anime screenshot

This movie definitely has a very peculiar setting, with one of the protagonists having the ability to summon sunshine.

This is important because the world we’re presented with is more often gloomy than not, with constant downpours of rain.

But this power is definitely just a plot device. And the real meat of the show is a character-driven drama.

Sunny with a chance and the other protagonist, Hodaka, have to fight the everyday fights of financial stability and general life.

So think less “the next Waterbender”, and more slice of moist pie.


17. Noragami Aragoto

Noragami Aragoto anime screenshot

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a God in modern-day Japan? No?

Well here’s your answer anyway.

In the world of Noragami Aragoto, all kinds of deities exist and mingle amongst each other.

The thing is that you need followers, and a temple, in order to maintain your presence in the world. And let’s just say that our protagonist Yato was out of luck in that regard.

So he started doing manual labor to keep his name in people’s heads. He’s definitely the draw-in factor, as you just can’t help but sympathize and feel for this character.

When young boy Yuikine shows up, this is increased tenfold.


16. Colorful The Motion Picture

Colorful The Motion Picture screenshot

I’ll admit this is on the harsher side of things when it comes to depicting reality.

The central premise is that after death, an impure soul can regain life by helping another. This help comes in the form of living their life and uncovering their biggest regret.

There isn’t a lot of sugar-coating here. It just shows how harsh reality can be.

So if the topic of suicide isn’t something you particularly need, skip this one. But if you feel like handling some heavier topics then I strongly recommend it.


15. One Punch Man

One Punch Man anime screenshot

The global phenomenon, the superhero parody and comedy, One Punch Man.

The point of the entire story is literally summed up in its title.

Bad guys appear, Saitama defeats them in one blow. Turns out being too overpowered gets extremely boring very quickly.

So watch as Saitama looks for purpose in life while monsters destroy the city, and face other heroes until inevitably bumping into Saitama and getting K.O.-ed.

How this show managed to not get repetitive with a concept like this, I have no idea. But it is a must-watch.


14. Re: Zero

Re: Zero anime screenshot

Imagine getting stabbed and then finding yourself back at your house, and then getting stabbed again. And then being at your house again.

It truly is a vicious cycle.

And it’s more or less Re: Zero. We watch our protagonist Subaru somehow remain relatively sane while having a curse on him that brings him to his last bonfire every time he gets killed.

Oh yeah, it’s also an isekai. So we get some cute twins, some flying ice cats, and some Elfen Lied desu shenanigans.


13. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan anime screenshot

This list is really making me realize how many good shows were released in the past 10 years.

Attack on Titan is hailed as the king of world-building, especially if you consider the manga too. All for showing us this dark world where humans cower behind fortified walls while giant derpy looking titans roam the earth and eat everything with a pulse.

Besides bringing the absolute husband Levi into the world, the show also packed a memorable opening and even a handful of memes.

It’s speculated that this show will rise to the very top once the manga is adapted. But we just have to wait and see.


12. Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate anime screenshot

Time travel has always been an interesting concept, and an amazing plot device when done right. And oh boy did Steins;Gate do it right.

For the majority of the show, our focal point is Rintarou: a madu scientistu, who alongside Kurisu/Christina discovers a way to leap back in time.

And then everything that can go wrong, promptly does go wrong.

Story-wise you’ll hardly find a show as gripping, specials included.

The Rintarou x Kurisu relationship is especially interesting. And I would be lying if I said that I didn’t absolutely ball my eyes out after a certain Hououin Kyoum cameo.


11. The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero screenshot

For many, the selling point for The Rising of the Shield Hero is the hand the protagonist was dealt.

It’s an underdog story where the protagonist is really just at the boot of society for a very, very long time.

He also isn’t some saint who can do no wrong. I mean, no matter how you look at it, he gets pretty chummy with a slave merchant.

These two aspects together, when thrown into a fantasy world, just really stand out.

Bonus points for giving him a shield and not some demonic mountain cutting sword.


10. Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

Night Is Short, Walk on Girl anime screenshot

Let’s say there’s a girl you like. And you try to initiate a conversation by bumping into her every day, but then one day as you prepare to exchange a few words you end up chasing her around for the entire night.

And that night somehow feels like an entire year.

And within this “year” everything seems to be happening everywhere, colors are flashing, dialogues are quick and snappy, some side characters get thrown into the mix, and even they get developed pretty nicely.

Sounds like a good idea for a rom-com, does it not?


9. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul anime screenshot

Another show that might not be topping the charts as far as ratings go(especially the later seasons) but the community it fostered is truly impressive.

Tokyo Ghoul deals with ghouls, superpowered creatures that live among humans, and maybe some of those creatures occasionally eat people.

Our MC isn’t all that thrilled about it. But he seems to get over it later on.

The first season in particular is regarded as amazing for not only a killer soundtrack, but also for teaching millions about Marie Antoinette syndrome. I won’t touch on what happens after that.


8. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga anime screenshot

If you ever wanted Vikings to be an anime, just watch Vinland Saga.

It’s a story about Thorfinn. This is a young lad who, through a sequence of unlucky events, has to grow up and learn what it means to be a warrior.

I don’t want to spoil any more of the plot than that.

The show has excellent character writing. The whole Viking theme is very present too, and the battles are high budget.

We even get a lot of political drama in the background. So it isn’t just meatheads swinging swords, the story has substance.

And Askeladd is just an S-class character in my books.


7. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland screenshot

Have you felt an emptiness in your heart ever since Death Note ended?

Well after more than a decade you can finally scratch that itch.

I do have to be vague here because the show is so plot-heavy it would be a disservice to spoil any aspect of it.

Just know that it’s a cat and mouse chase where the stage fits four main actors and some notable extras. The stakes are as high as they can get, and the opposition is just as cunning and calculated as the heroes.

Trust me, the more you see of their world. the more you’ll want to keep watching. It’s an extremely easy and rewarding binge.


6. The Boy and the Beast

The Boy and the Beast anime screenshot

This movie is like Beauty and the Beast. But scratch the Stockholm syndrome and add actual bonding.

In a similar vein like Gurren Lagann, the world of The Boy and the Beast has these big furry people that don’t get along with regular humans. Even though the “beasts” are just a Dollar Shave Club sponsorship away from being indistinguishable from you average Joe.

The main pair of Ren and Kumatetsu showcase this the most, even though they weren’t so chummy at the beginning.


5. Zankyou no Terror

Zankyou no Terror anime screenshot

Well, it’s not every day that you root for terrorists. But here we are.

Then again, it’s not every day that terrorists are this thoughtful.

Two boys take the main stage named Twelve and Nine, and mess with the entire world by blowing stuff up.

They mock the police and pose riddles, while your typical “too old for this” detective is hot on their tail.

The race between these two sides is the main drive of the show. And I personally think it pays off wonderfully in the end.


4. Promare

Promare anime screenshot

When it comes to this movie, I have seen many describe it as “Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill had a baby, that was on cocaine or something”.

And honestly if that doesn’t make you want to watch the show then we’re very different people.

I could tell you about the fire bender mutants called the Burnish. Or about the mechas or buff Kamina, but none of that matters.

The main schtick with this movie is to have fun.

The plot travels at the speed of light. Everything is always happening in the most epic way it can. And the rollercoaster definitely has some loops.


3. Kizumonogatari I, II, III

Kizumonogatari I, II, III screenshot

Now this is a series of three films. But it’s all the same story, so it counts.

Man, Monogatari fans had to wait for years to finally have the sweet satisfaction of seeing prime time Kiss-Shot.

Not only that, but we finally get context for such a large part of the story that all the missing puzzle pieces fall into place.

Even that satisfaction aside, the movies were just amazing in their own right.

The gloomy atmosphere was a nice change of pace. The battles, although short, were still enjoyable to watch.

And a certain arena blood bath was just as fun as it was insane.


2. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom anime screenshot

Although the name gives off serious edgelord vibes, Assassination Classroom is actually extremely wholesome. Except those few times where it decided not to be and introduced wannabe Tuco.

The central premise is that a yellow tentacle monster that travels at breakneck speeds teaches a class of misfits how to be assassins.

But he also teaches them math, science, geography, and how to be good people.

Trust me: the show will make you feel giddy and bubbly inside. Almost to the point that you want to go back to school.


1. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice anime screenshot

I think we can all agree that being young can really make a person act nasty.

I mean, just look at any YouTube comments section.

But once you’ve grown up you just forget about it and move on, right?

Well in the case of Shouya, this is a bit more difficult. For he has caused some serious damage to an undeserving victim, Shouko.

The movie deals with how Shouya tries to make up for what he did in his youth, and just become a better person.

But in case you didn’t pick it up from the synopsis I’ll just be direct: have some tissues handy because it gets emotional.

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