Top 30 Alolan Pokémon: Listing The Best That Gen VII Has To Offer

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From brand new names to old classics with a twist, there’s so much to appreciate about the sunny Alolan region and its new Poké creatures.

I can’t get over all the amazing features in this generation: new forms, new types, new styles, and that one crazy thing that’s a sad dejected version of Pikachu.

So I’ve organized my absolute top picks for the best Alolan Pokémon and I hope you can at least agree with me that Gen 7 is one for the record books.

30. Mudsdale

Mudsdale horse creature from pkmn anime

Mudsdale is a horse-like Pokémon that takes its name from Clydesdale horses.

While Mudsdale is a common Pokémon, in the Sun and Moon games it’s invaluable as the game features a ride pager option that allows you to call a Mudsdale to almost any city. This lets you ride on them to get around faster which is a big plus!

In addition to their usefulness traveling around Alolan, this Pokémon has a strong body that is handy in battle with the ability to use its strong legs to attack opponents.


29. Diglett

Simple alolan diglett design

Diglett is a first gen Pokémon that gets a nice type change when in their Alolan form.

Going from just a ground type to a ground and steel type, Diglett learns new moves like Flash Cannon and Iron Head, both solid moves for a pre-evolution Pokémon.

The biggest stylistic change in Alolan Diglett is the addition of three golden whiskers on its head that act as sensors to monitor surroundings, which are said to have grown because of the higher iron found in the soil. Who’d have thought?

These whiskers are also used as an indicator of Diglett’s mood, drooping when sad or moving about when happy.


28. Dugtrio

Dugtrio from alolan anime

Evolving from Diglett and keeping a similar design, Dugtrio maintains this newfound steel type and plays an important part in Alolan culture.

Their only visible difference from the non-Alolan counterpart is the growth of a long head of golden hair which is quite reminiscent of Fabio.

It’s used to sense vibrations underground but also to look amazing. The Alolan people consider Dugtrio a feminine deity representing the earth.

While the hair might be golden and beautiful, their status as a deity makes it bad luck to take their hair from them.


27. Komala

Komala pokemon koala from anime

Komala is a normal-type Pokémon that looks like any typical koala.

Komala are very similar to Snorlax as they spend almost all of their life sleeping. It is said that Komala does everything while asleep, even battling.

They cling onto a log pillow and will become angered if it’s taken away. The only thing that can replace this pillow to maintain Komala’s proper sleep is the arm of a trainer when enough trust is gained.


26. Rockruff

Rockruff puppy from pokemon anime

Next up we have Rockruff, a simple Pokémon that’s probably the most adorable puppy ever seen.

Despite it being quite common in the wild, it does have the unique ability to evolve into different forms of its evolution Lycanroc depending on what time of day it is.


25. Cutiefly

Cutiefly pokemon

This bug/fairy combo is a real interesting idea and it brings to mind a fellow lovable character from the Zelda series.

Hey, listen… I definitely think Cutiefly deserves a spot on this list but it was hard to figure out where. It’s not the best creature for your team, but also very adorable. Its evolution at level 25 is a bit stronger but also not as adorable.

Decisions, decisions…


24. Golem

Golem and graveler alolan style from anime

The final form of Geodude, Golem, is the most stylistically different from its gen 1 design and the most powerful.

Their arms become shorter and their hands lose a claw, but their claws become much thicker.

The facial hair that was seen on Geodude becomes much more developed, as more iron sand is attracted due to more magnetism.

The biggest change is the growth of two black rocks coming out of Golem’s back with more small rocks filling some of the space between them.

These rocks can be used by Golem in battle, utilizing their electric power to charge the rocks before firing them at their opponents.

The yellow crystals that were found on Graveler’s body can also be found on these rocks too.


23. Mimikyu

Mimikyu anime creature

Mimikyu has one of the saddest backstories of all Pokémon, beat only by Cubone.

This ghost-type Pokémon is said to be so ugly underneath its disguising rag that it tries to look like a Pikachu so that others will love them and want to be friends with them.

Its true appearance has never been shown, and it is said that Mimikyu will seek revenge on anybody who tries to reveal its true self.

Aside from that backstory this thing is just so darn cute and lovable. Really I’d like to have one of my own!


22. Togedemaru

Togedemaru from the anime

One of the cutest Pokémon across all generations, Togedemaru is an electric and steel creature that resembles a big fat mouse.

This adorable tyke is known for its happiness and will roll around in a ball when in a good mood.

Yet despite their friendliness, Togedemaru is still strong in battle with a strong attack stat, and it is the only Pokémon who is able to use the move Zing Zap which is a very powerful electric attack.


21. Lycanroc

Lycanroc anime wolf monster

Lycanroc has three possible forms that are dependant on which time of day Rockruff is evolved: Midday Form, Midnight Form, and Dusk Form.

Each version is designed to look like a wolf, with Midday Form looking like an actual, real-life wolf. And then Midnight Form looks a bit more distinctive with a red body and glowing red eyes, much more like a werewolf.

Each form has a unique personality from the others. Some are super cute, some terrifying, all are worth adding into your party.

Midday Form prefers solitude where Midnight Form loves to battle with other Pokémon, and Dusk Form is a mixture of both.

If you like dusk form it’s worth noting it can still make a very powerful addition to your team. It does prefer calmness, but with a love for battling when in the mood.


20. Drampa

Drampa dragon pokemon anime

While many dragon-type monsters are designed to look fierce and powerful, Drampa has been designed to look old and friendly. A welcome change, I say!

Stylized to look like a Chinese Dragon, Drampas tend to live alone high up in the mountains. They only venture down to feed on berries and communicate with other Pokémon or sometimes even people in the area.

Though powerful, this little guy is very gentle natured and loves children, letting them play and fly around on their backs.

If Puff the Magic Dragon mixed with a wise old sage I think we’d get something like Drampa.


19. Grimer

Purple alolan grimer

Grimer’s original form begins with a poison-type purple pile of sludge.

Upon arriving in Alola, the Grimers you find are now poison and dark. But also mostly green in appearance with yellow outlining their bottom jaw.

It is said that their new color change is due to a change in diet, as they now eat garbage in place of sludge. I’m not sure which is better… or worse.

Alolan Grimer will also use the trash Pokémon Trubbish and Garbodor as food if necessary, thus decreasing the population of these two in Alola. And there’s a lot to love about his evolved friend Muk with many of the same changes.


18. Toucannon

Toucannon pokemon design

A brilliant bird creature with bright colors and a wonderful coat of feathers.

This is the kind of monster I want to fly around Alola on. Riding in style, so to speak.

Toucannon is the final evolution of Pikipek and it does take a while to get it there, but boy is it worth the effort! What’s funny is this toucan-inspired creature averages only about 3 feet tall. I might be second guessing if I want to fly on this or not.


17. Meowth

Alolan Meowth sly screenshot anime

Meowth changes from being a normal type to a dark-type when in Alolan form, completely changing its moveset and battle strategies.

Introduced to the Alolan people as a gift, these cats were often found in homes of those living luxurious lifestyles.

Because of their new residences the Alolan Meowths developed a selfish and prideful personality and would become distraught when their way of life was threatened.

Alolan history includes a fall of the monarchy in the past, and with this, Meowth became more feral amongst even the most secluded trainers.

Their appearance went from yellow to changing into light blue or gray fur, and white features instead of brown. They also have some minor details such as a curve in the whiskers and silver eye slits.


16. Crabominable

Crabominable pokemon preview

This final evolution of Crabrawler is no joke in battle. He’s tough as nails and don’t take no gruff from anyone.

What’s interesting is that this final evolution only comes out when you level up on top of Mount Lanakila. So this is one very tricky monster to add into your party, but it’s strength and defense stats say that it’s well worth the effort.

I also love it’s little abominable snowman design. Granted it’s probably a lot more fun to look at as a digital version, I don’t know how much I’d want one in real life.


15. Salazzle

Salazzle pokemon creature

Salandit, the pre-evolution of Salazzle, can only evolve if it’s female which is a newer yet really awesome feature.

So this means Salazzle is ultimately a creature which is 100% female.

Salazzle takes advantage of its feminine energy by creating a poisonous gas that attracts male Salandit. These Salandit will bring the female Salazzzle food, a pretty smart approach to living if I do say so myself.


14. Tsareena

Tsareena anime screenshot

Tsareena is one other Pokémon with a 100% female ratio.

Designed to look like a plant with human features, Tsareena is incredibly perceptive of those around her. She can sense evil in others and will punish anyone with bad intentions, even her own trainer.

Despite her graceful appearance Tsareena is malicious in battle and will laugh and continue attacking opponents after they have been brought down. Probably best to capture one of these and bring her around on your journey.


13. Sandshrew

Alolan ice Sandshrew anime

While many of the other Alolan regional variants changed one of their types or added an additional type, Sandshrew’s Alolan version is entirely different from their original counterpart.

What was once a ground-type Pokémon becomes an ice and steel duo. Pretty cool!

This dramatic change is due to Alolan Sandshrew having to migrate to snow filled mountains because of too much volcanic activity in the desert areas that they had previously lived.

Because of this wild adaptation, new Alolan Sandshrew are now an ice blue color. Along with their thick outer shell they almost look like tiny igloos!

And now they’re thicker and heavier to protect from the cold, which is also an added defense in battle.


12. Stufful

Stufful meets with Bewear

Ironic considering its appearance, Stufful actually hate to be hugged because they feel they’re being smothered.

This adorable bear creature is probably the cutest of the bunch. Even though I keep saying that about all the Alolan Pokémon in this list…

It does evolve at level 27 and it comes with a big stat increase too. So if you’re thinking of adding this cuddly creature into your roster I definitely recommend evolving him as soon as you can.


11. Primarina

Alolan Primarina from anime

The final form of this generation’s water-starter Popplio. And I have to say I really love it!

Primarina is an incredibly strong water and fairy dual type. Looking like a mix between a sea lion and a mermaid, this Pokémon adores using theatrics in battle and making use of its beautiful singing voice to control water balloons.

Its voice can also be used to lead an entire colony through a song, which fits right in with Primarina’s desire to be the center of attention.


10. Oricorio

Dancing Oricorio pokemon anime

This very interesting creature takes on the ability to change forms into three others in addition to its base form.

This is done by sipping on flower nectar, and each different form is found on different islands of Alola.

Each form has a different set of types as well. The original Oricorio is only a flying-type.

Pom-Pom Style allows Oricorio to be a fire and flying type, Pa’U Style becomes electric and flying, and Sensu Style is a ghost and flying type.

Each also takes on a drastically different visual design which is pretty cool since they have a different take on this curious bird.


9. Kommo-o

Kommo-o pokemon creature

Kommo-o is such a powerful Pokémon that it’s considered what is known as a “pseudo-legendary” for its high base stats and exceptional moveset.

This dragon and fighting duo is designed to look reptilian and covered in large, circular scales that work as armor to increase its defense.

Kommo-o recognize their power and will only fight against worthy and strong opponents, smashing its scales together in hopes that the sound will send unworthy opponents away.


8. Marowak

Marowak alolan style

All other regional variant evolutions on this list are derived from an Alolan pre-evolution, but the Alolan Marowak is the result of any regular Cubone evolving at nighttime. Makes sense with this creature having an uh, depressing history.

Marowak’s new design includes a drastically different form with a now black body and a mark on its skull resembling a flame between the eyes.

Their skull mark is used to light up the bone that is often used in battle.


7. Exeggutor

Alolan Exeggutor tall necks anime

Alolan Exeggutor is the most easily recognized Alolan variant. It’s because of the uh… yeah, the neck.

So their long necks resemble palm trees and they just perfectly fit the Alola aesthetic.

Their necks grow from the vast amount of sunlight you get from this sunny region.

They have also developed an extra head, placed at the back, which act as a good defense mechanism since all directions are visible.

This awesome Alolan form keeps its grass type but swaps out psychic for dragon. It is notably the only known Pokémon that can learn Dragon Hammer(well, besides Tropius but that’s gonna be a tough project).


6. Marshadow

Marshadow from the anime

This Pokémon joins others such as Mew and Celebi as earning the title of a mythical Pokémon, one that is seen so rarely that those in the Pokémon world are not even sure if their existence is real.

This rare fighting and ghost type Pokémon has a human-style body covered in grey shadowy flames, almost resembling a body on fire. Pretty hardcore.

These flames turn green when Marshdow is worked up so keep your eyes out for that.


5. Silvally

Silvally pokemon screen

Legendary Pokémon have typically been unable to evolve, but Silvally is the exception.

Evolving from Type: Null, a hard-to-understand Pokémon with an odd name after years of being experimented on.

When leveled up with high friendship, the oddity that is Type: Null becomes the fully realized and legendary Pokémon Silvally.

Because this evolution is built on trust and friendship with its trainer, Silvally is a rare Pokémon to have in your party. Also very difficult to raise.

Despite being a normal type, Silvally has the ability to learn moves from many types including ghost, dark, steel, water, and others.


4. Raichu

Raichu alolan monster

Raichu may already be an adorable Pokémon on its own.

But its Alolan version is somehow even cuter!

With more rounded features, a lighter color palette, and bright blue eyes, Raichu even uses his lightning-bolt tail as a surfboard to help float through the air. Naturally in true Alolan fashion.

In addition to its physical changes, Raichu also adds psychic to its previous electric-only type, making him cute and dangerously powerful. You’ll want this little guy on your side of the field in battle.


3. Lunala

Lunala moon pokemon

If you’re playing on Pokémon Sun then you’re out of luck, as Lunala evolves from Cosmoem only in Moon or Ultra Moon.

This creature is beautifully designed, resembling an almost humanoid bat with wings that resemble a crescent moon.

These wings appear differently depending on nearby light, as it absorbs sunlight that affects Lunala’s overall appearance.

Lunala also has the unique ability to fuse with an entirely different Pokémon, Necrozma, to create Dawn Wings Necrozma.

In addition to Lunala’s stunning design it is a very powerful monster. It can pick up moves from normal, fairy, psychic, flying, electric, ghost, fire, ice, grass, and fighting, almost all types can be learned. A truly versatile ally.


2. Rowlet

Rowlet happy anime screenshot

This little guy is like the gen 7 equivalent of a new Hoothoot. But let me be honest: I think I like Rowlet even better!

He’s an adorable little owl with two leaves on his chest and nothing but love in his heart. Well, except when fighting in battle. This thing can pack quite a punch if you stick with it and pump up some levels.

It’s also a nocturnal creature so you’re more likely to find one during the night. Just one more reason to pick up a copy of both games and play away!


1. Ninetails

Ice snow alolan ninetails

The Alolan Ninetails expands on Vulpix’s type change to become an ice and fairy type Pokémon.

It has the ability to learn powerful moves such as Dream Eater and Blizzard, a huge change from older generations.

Alolan Ninetails lives on the holy ground of Mount Lanakila and are fiercely protective of the packs of Vulpix in the surrounding areas. They are truly a beautiful Pokémon, with flowing blue fur and distinct tails that wisp behind them.

Easily my favourite just for the redesign alone, but playing with a Ninetails in your party brings a whole new life to Sun & Moon.

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