Best Baby Pokémon For A Cuteness Overdose (From Every Game, Ranked)

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It’s a well-known fact that Pokémon come from eggs.

As you can see in the main games, anime, and most prominently the Pokémon GO app.

What some people don’t know is that some Pokémon need to go through an immature “baby” stage before becoming full-fledged pocket monsters.

Starting in Pokémon Gold & Silver, Game Freak has been slowly adding more and more baby Pokémon into the franchise. But they’re still a pretty exclusive group with only 19 members as of gen 8.

So if you’re looking to add a little more cuteness to your life, a baby Pokémon might be just the thing you need. And I’ve put together my ranking for every one of them to help you choose the best one for your team.

19. Smoochum

Smoochum pokemon monster

How to breed: If you’re adamant about getting a Smoochum, you need to breed a Jynx with another Pokémon from the Human-like Egg Group.

Baby Pokémon are, in general, incredibly cute.

Just like human babies are! But just like human babies, you can sometimes run into an exception to the rule.

Meet Smoochum.

This Ice/Psychic-type toddler was one of the first Baby Pokémon to be added back in Gen II as the immature form of Jynx, which explains why this lil’ Pokémon is so disturbing.

You see, the whole concept behind Smoochum is that it likes to kiss things. And actually puts things on its lips to better understand them.

Kids, please don’t try this method of investigation at home… or anywhere, for that matter.

Still, the amazing care it takes to keep its lips moist and glossy has attracted the attention of many trainers looking for a chic companion.


18. Mantyke

Mantyke pokemon in the anime

How to breed: If you’re interested in this childlike manta ray, just breed Mantine with another Pokémon from the Water Egg Group. Just make sure it’s holding a Wave Incense, or Mantine won’t ever get in the mood.

Some Baby Pokémon aren’t as easily-identifiable as Smoochum.

And Mantyke is a perfect example due to its remarkable similarity to its adult form.

Introduced in Gen IV, Mantyke love to swim near the ocean’s surface in big groups.

Which has made them a spectacle anyone boarding a cruise ship around the Sinnoh region is hoping to catch a glimpse of.

That said, this Water/Flying-type can be found in several other regions of the world.

Apparently the pattern on its back is completely different depending on where they come from.


17. Chingling

Chingling from pokemon

How to breed: To get a Chingling, you need your Chimecho to get friendly with another Pokémon belonging to the Amorphous Egg Group. Giving it a Pure Incense to hold is key for successful breeding.

Some babies have more creative designs than others.

And I’d honestly have a hard time telling you which of the two camps the baby Bell Pokémon from Gen IV falls into.

Looking like nothing more than an oversized sleigh bell with some very mobile parts, Chingling goes around and does… well, exactly what you’d expect a bell to do.

For example, this Psychic-type has the ability to vibrate the orb inside it at such speeds that it creates a high-frequency screech capable of immobilizing even the scariest predators. Crazy right?


16. Happiny

Happiny pokemon in the anime

How to breed: If you’re brave enough to raise a Happiny, you first need to pair a Chansey or Blissey with a Pokémon from the Fairy Egg Group while holding a Luck Incense.

This Normal-type cutie-pie from Gen IV is among the most baby-looking of the Pokémon on this list.

Sporting a child-like hairdo and the cutest facial expression ever seen on a pocket monster.

One of its most charming features is how it imitates Chansey and Blissey by carrying around a rounded stone in its pouch and pretending it’s an egg.

If you win its trust, it may even gift it to you as a symbol of your friendship. Adorable!

That said, never let your guard down around an angry Happiny.

If the anime is to be believed, these Pokémon are capable of absurd feats of strength that may put your life in danger if you’re not careful.


15. Elekid

Elekid pokemon anime

How to breed: To get an Elekid egg, just introduce your Electabuzz or Electivire to a comely Pokémon belonging to the Human-like Egg Group.

Known as the Electric Pokémon just like its more mature forms, Elekid has the look of that rowdy kid that’s always leading a pack of children on adventures around the neighborhood.

But be careful not to let your kids play around with an Elekid too much.

Because this Gen II creature’s favorite playtime game is “run around in a thunderstorm hoping to get struck by lightning”. If that Pokedex entry doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

This may be fun enough for an electric-type Pokémon, but others might find it a bit too… lethal.


14. Azurill

Azurill from pokemon anime

How to breed: If you want your very own baby Polka Dot Pokémon, you need to breed either Marill or Azurill with a Pokémon from the Water or Fairy Egg Group. And don’t forget the Sea Incense!

I’m not entirely sure why, but spherical creatures have a tendency to be incredibly cute.

And gen 3’s Azurill is the perfect example.

Looking like two balls attached to each other, this Normal/Fairy-type likes making its home near the edge of any body of water where it can be found floating around with the aid of its buoyant tail.

This tail isn’t only a floating device, but a sort of nutrient storage for the Pokémon.

It’s also very elastic, so Azurill uses it to bounce around everywhere when on land.

At times, you may even catch one propelling itself through the air by throwing its tail, much like Thor with Mjollnir on The Avengers.


13. Wynaut

Wynaut in the Pokemon anime

How to breed: To get one of these blue rascals, you need to pair a Wobbuffet with another pocket monster from the Amorphous Egg Group by making it hold a Lax Incense and leaving them together at the Day Care.

Introduced in Hoenn as Wobbuffet’s younger version, Wynaut is a friendly-looking Psychic-type that believes in facing the hardships of life with a positive attitude.

They’re usually found inhabiting caves in large groups, but it isn’t unusual to run into a Wynaut close to a fruit garden, given their intense love for sweet fruits.

These Pokémon prepare themselves for the future by squeezing themselves against one another in large groups so as to strengthen their bodies and spirits.

And this is actually a default egg in OR/AS so this little guy is an easy addition to your party. Too bad Wobbuffet kinda sucks so hard.


12. Toxel

Toxel baby pokemon

How to breed: Getting a Toxel egg is pretty simple, as you only need to breed a Toxtricity with any Pokémon of the Human-like Egg Group.

The latest addition to the relatively exclusive group that are Baby Pokémon is Toxel, the Electric/Poison-type purple lizard with a bad attitude.

This Galarian Pokémon can produce electricity by mixing different kinds of toxic elements inside its body; a skill that will later be replaced by strumming on a special organ on its chest once it evolves into Toxtricity.

Something interesting to consider when raising a Toxel is that it’ll evolve into one of two different forms of Toxtricity depending on their personality, so make sure you know your baby well before pouring in the time and effort.

Or you might end up with the wrong kind of punk lizard.


11. Igglybuff

Igglybuff pokemon anime

How to breed: Just get a Jigglypuff or Igglytuff into a room with another Pokémon from the Fairy Egg Group and let the magic happen.

Like Azurill, Igglybuff is notorious for being almost completely spherical in nature except for its tiny extremities and that weird tuft of hair on the top of its heads.

This round shape, coupled with an incredibly elastic body, has earned it the title of balloon Pokémon.

Most Igglybuff are obsessed with becoming proficient singers, so it’s common to find them living next to freshwater rivers where they can get clean water to gargle after a long day of practicing.

If you end up raising one, be really careful not to accidentally bounce it against any hard surface.

It can be really hard to stop them once they get started.


10. Magby

Magby baby pokemon from the anime

How to breed: To get a Magby egg, you need to get a Magmar or Magmortar into a romantic situation with a Pokémon from the Human-like Egg Group.

While most Baby Pokémon are completely useless in battle, Magby may just be one of the best companions to have during the first half of your adventure on Pokémon Gold & Silver.

This baby Live Coal Pokémon can breathe incredibly hot flames, capable of burning even the most resistant materials.

And you need to be incredibly careful while raising one because it can sneeze out flaming hot fluids if it ever gets sick. Sounds pleasant, huh?

Despite making it more of a challenge to train them, these hot flames make them popular among artisans and metalworkers. And its final evolution is nothing to scoff at.


9. Bonsly

Bonsly from pokemon anime show

How to breed: After catching a Sudowoodo, ask it to hold a pleasant Rock Incense and introduce it to some other critter from the Mineral Egg Group.

If you’re looking for something a little less lethal to raise, then the Bonsai Pokémon Bonsly may be just the critter for you.

This cutie from Gen IV is the younger version of the famous Sudowoodo(who first appeared in gen 2 actually!)

These two Rock-type monsters are pretty good at pretending to be a plant.

In fact, most people find it hard to tell it apart from a real bonsai as long as it’s surrounded by other leafy beings.

If your Bonsly ever starts crying or sweating for no apparent reason, don’t get too worried.

It’s just letting out excess moisture from its body. Or so I’ve been told, who really knows with these guys.


8. Tyrogue

Tyrogue Pokemon in the anime

How to breed: Either of Tyrogue’s three possible evolutions can conceive the little Scuffle Pokémon as long as it gets the chance to get cozy with a Pokémon belonging to the Human-like Egg Group.

One of the most unique Baby Pokémon of them all is Tyrogue, thanks to its ability to evolve into either Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan or Hitmontop depending on its Attack and Defense stats at the moment of evolution.

This Fighting-type is usually seen inhabiting urban areas where it can easily get into fights, as its favorite past-time is training hard and facing off against opponents several times its size.

If you’re ever challenged to a fight by this competitive creature, you better get ready for a beating.

And having multiple evolutionary options really gives you a lot of power with this fella on your team.


7. Mime Jr.

Mime Jr. in the anime

How to breed: This colorful Pokémon can be born of the union between an Odd Incense-holding Mr. Mime or Mr. Rime and any Pokémon from the Human-like Egg Group.

Introduced in Gen 4 as the younger version of OG Mime Pokémon Mr. Mime, this Psychic/Fairy-type is all about perfecting its mimicry act.

Mime Jr. is often seen trying to imitate the people around it, but its inexperience makes it look like my mom on charade night rather than an actual performer.

Once it starts getting it right and learns Mimic, it then evolves into Mr. Mime.

In Galar this little guy is often seen tailing Mr. Rime like a groupie, and the latter often takes some of them on as apprentices.


6. Budew

Budew in pokemon anime

How to breed: Roselia and Roserade are always happy to get romantic with another Pokémon from the Fairy or Grass Egg Groups, as long as they’re given a Rose Incense first to get in the mood.

Introduced in Gen IV, Budew is the criminally cute baby form of Roselia and Roserade.

It lives near pools, ponds and any other still water body, but they’ll do just fine traveling around with a trainer as long as they get enough water and sun.

I’ve always been fond of raising plants from seed to harvest.

And even though it would be kind of macabre to harvest a Pokémon, that doesn’t stop me from finding the gardening process just as rewarding.


5. Munchlax

Munchlax from the pokemon anime

How to breed: Snorlax may not like doing anything other than laying on the ground digesting all day, but if you make it feel satisfied with a Full Incense, it’ll happily spend some quality time with any Pokémon from the Monster Egg Group.

Many grandmas all over the world base their assessment of a baby’s health solely on how much they eat and how similar to the Michelin mascot they look.

Well, they’d definitely be satisfied with Munchlax.

This Normal-type from gen 4 spends all day on the lookout for stuff to eat, without caring for its taste.

It can even eat spoiled food without a care in the world! This is a great monster for the leftovers hold item, as taste matters not!


4. Cleffa

Cleffa in pokemon

How to breed: Despite coming from space, Clefairy and Clefable seem to have no issue reproducing with the local wildlife as long as they belong to the Fairy Egg Group.

In my long history of looking at cute things on the Internet, few specimens have made me go “d’aww” quite as hard as Cleffa.

This little bundle of joy was introduced in gen 2 as one of the first baby Pokémon in existence.

And has yet to be surpassed in terms of cuteness even after six more generations have come and gone.

They generally make their home in mountainous regions along with Clefairy and Clefable, learning of their interstellar past and dancing the night away under the sea of stars.


3. Riolu

Riolu from pokemon anime

How to breed: Lucario will let its guard down and get cuddly with any Pokémon from the Field or Human-like Egg Group as long as they’re given enough time alone.

Almost as cute and several times as strong is Riolu, the Fighting-type doggo from gen 4.

Known as the Emanation Pokémon, Riolu is able to perceive a mysterious energy called “aura”.

While it can’t quite control it in combat like its evolution, Lucario, it can still use it to communicate with others.

With superhuman strength, stamina, and physical endurance, Riolu is a force to be reckoned with despite being so young.

But it would still rather play around with its master and be scratched behind the ears rather than fight.

It’s a puppy, after all!


2. Togepi

Togepi Pokemon anime screenshot

How to breed: This one might be a bit complicated as you first have to find and catch the elusive Togetic or its evolution, Togekiss. Once you do that, just get it together with a Flying or Fairy Egg Group Pokémon and let them do their thing.

Possibly the most well-known baby by anime-only fans is Togepi.

Also the first “mandatory” baby you had to get way back in Gold & Silver.

This mysterious critter can be seen in many episodes of the first few seasons along with Misty, who raises it ever since it comes out of its egg.

Despite being a bit of a mischievous child, Togepi is pure at heart and likes storing the energy from positive emotions. Somehow it uses this energy so it can share it with those who need it the most whenever possible.

It’s not great in battle as a little baby, but there’s no denying that Togekiss is a beast.


1. Pichu

Pichu Baby Pokemon in Anime

How to breed: While it may be simpler to just catch one out in the field or close to urban areas, you can also get a Pichu egg from the union between Pikachu or Raichu and another Field or Fairy Egg Group Pokémon.

The king of Baby Pokémon is, without a doubt, Pichu – the electric tiny mouse we’ve all come to love.

It may have begun its career riding on Pikachu’s fame, but this mischievous and playful creature from Gen II has made a name for itself over time.

Especially with a lot of protagonist roles in short films and various anime episodes.

It also made it into Super Smash Bros. Melee alongside Pikachu, and has recently come back again for SSB Ultimate. And it’s actually pretty darn good!

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