20 Best Besiege Mods To Download (All Free)

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Besiege has been described as many things. Steam calls it a “physics-based building game,” while its Wiki page places it under the strategy sandbox category.

And that’s part of what makes this game so interesting– the core idea of what the game is supposed to be is so original, that it’s guaranteed to feel unique.

Given this much freedom, Besiege seems like a modder’s paradise. And custom content just furthers the creative aspects of the experience.

Let’s check out some of the best mods worth installing, all easily accessible in the Steam Workshop.


20. Dozer

Dozer Besiege mod screenshot

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By definition, a siege engine is built to take down heavy doors, castle walls, and any other form of medieval fortification.

With that, what better way to tear through whatever structure stands in your way than with this custom-built bulldozer?

You’ll surely be plowing your way through every level with this in your arsenal. Just be sure your setup can handle it though, as this can get quite CPU-intensive, being built with 927 different blocks.


19. Thomas the Mech Engine

Thomas the Mech Engine mod for Besiege

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We all probably recognize Thomas the Tank Engine from our childhoods, right?

Okay fine, this might be for some of the older gamers out there…

Well here’s what creator Fnom3 calls “the ultimate Thomas.”

While Thomas is known for his child-friendly smiling face, less can be said for this version.

Thomas the Mech Engine is a bigger, meaner version built to stomp over anything in its path.

One user comment perfectly sums up what I feel, as ArkWIILSOON563 wrote,

“My childhood has been ruined.”


18. Bionic Chicken Hawk

Bionic Chicken Hawk Besiege mod

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This next one looks like a mech straight out of Horizon: Zero Dawn (remember those pesky stormbirds?)

The only difference being that Flying Flapjack’s Bionic Chicken Hawk is made mostly of wood, this thing can be just as efficient a killer.

As the author himself explains, the Chicken Hawk is a “robo-assassin in the sky” with the ability to dive bomb chickens and even pick up enemies with its robo-talons.

It can even drop bombs.

What more could you ask for?


17. Big Daddy (Bioshock)

Big Daddy (Bioshock) Besiege mod

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While the previous entry wasn’t likely based on Horizon: Zero Dawn, this next one is a direct replica of another iconic video game character, except this time from a much older game.

Bioshock’s Big Daddies are some of the meanest video game characters you’ll ever encounter. They pretty much just blast through you if you’re not careful – which is exactly why they would work so well in Besiege.

While it’s unfortunate that the current version is still unable to walk, you’re welcome to make your own modifications to try and get the Big Daddy moving.


16. 38 Special

38 Special Besiege mod

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Speed runners find ways to break all kinds of games, utilizing glitches and whatever other tactics they can discover.

Well user Ross P. might not have set any records with this one, but he was able to create one single machine capable of beating all the levels in Besiege.

Considering this was built a few years back, the game has added new levels since – but during its release, the 38 Special was able to successfully get through all 38 levels at the time.

What makes this even crazier is that it’s built using only 12 blocks.


15. Blade Runners

Blade Runners Besiege game mod

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While there are the modders who like to build effective structure-destroying contraptions in Besiege, there are those who just let their creativity run wild as well.

There’s no real purpose except that the game allows you to build pretty much anything you want, which is part of what makes this game so good.

Modder Besiege This! has loads of original builds in his workshop. But this one in particular really caught my attention.

The idea came from his original train build, where he made use of cogs as tracks. Looking to further improve on the concept, he found that blades were much cheaper and could in fact be used as tracks as well.

The result is this amazing Blade Runner build, and looking at the videos, the creativity doesn’t end there.

His tracks are completely custom built to even include bridges and lifts. Which just goes to show how far the build mechanics in Besiege can really be taken.


14. AT-ST Walker

AT-ST Walker Besiege mod

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If you’ve come across any of my other lists, you’d know by now that I like to throw in basically anything Star Wars whenever possible.

I mean come on, who doesn’t love Star Wars?

Well as soon as I come across this AT-ST Walker build by Thom, I knew it just had to go on the list.

The build is completely mobile, and can even jump!

It’s not as heavy as some of the others on the list either, coming in at only 116 blocks.


13. T-65 X-Wing Starfighter

T-65 X-Wing Starfighter mod for Besiege

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If you prefer to travel by air instead of land, we’ve got something for you as well.

And if you’re a Star Wars nerd like me and prefer to fight for the rebellion instead of the empire, then you’re probably going to enjoy this one too.

It’s crazy to see an actual X-Wing Starfighter built with wood, but here you have it.

The build is completely mobile, complete with an anti-gravity takeoff system, cannons, landing gear, and movable wings.


12. UFO

UFO Besiege mod screenshot

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While Besiege has been likened to Kerbal Space Program a few times, the core concept does focus on a much different time.

We’re seen building medieval machines instead of advanced rocket ships, which was obviously the intention of the developers.

As seen in the previous couple of entries though, more advanced tech has already made its way into the game. Mostly thanks to the creativity of the mod community.

Well since we’ve already crossed that line, here’s an actual UFO, again by modder Besiege This!


11. Saturn V Rocket

Saturn V Rocket Besiege mod

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At this point, the line isn’t even just blurred anymore.

We’ve gone so past the line with Star Wars vehicles and even a completely functioning UFO – so let’s just embrace it, shall we?

Chip2222’s Saturn V Rocket actually has people calling referring to the game as “Kerbal Besiege Program”.

True to Besiege’s original style, the rocket is still made mostly of wood. Don’t let its appearance fool you though, as this thing can fly – granted you will have to have 0 gravity mode activated for it to work.


10. EasyScale

EasyScale mod for Besiege

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You’re probably wondering by now how these crazy contraptions are actually being made within the Besiege building system.

Well to get you started on your way to creating your very own custom siege engines, you’re going to want to get EasyScale.

EasyScale has been around for awhile and has become one of the most useful tools in any Besiege builder’s bag of tricks.

The mod basically lets you manipulate individual parts, making them smaller, bigger, wider, or longer, to perfectly fit whatever it is you’re trying to build. Neat, right?


9. The Portal-Pack

The Portal-Pack Besiege mod

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With that, there’s really only so much you can do with the stock blocks the base game gives you.

Whether the stock blocks just aren’t inspiring your next build ideas, or you’re just looking for new things to try out in the game, there are block packs out there that can make things even more interesting.

This Portal pack is a great example, giving you access to 15 new blocks from the popular puzzle game.

The pack even includes a companion cube and a launcher!


8. VidyaWeapons

VidyaWeapons mod for Besiege

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This next pack might not offer as many new blocks as the previous. But definitely has some of the most interesting options available.

Only offering three new blocks focused around weaponry, the VidyaWeapons pack gives you access to a gravity gun, portal device, and poultryizer.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, each is taken from different popular video game titles.

The portal device is again taken from the Portal series, allowing you to well…create portals.

The gravity gun is taken from the Half Life franchise, which basically allows you to pick anything up and shoot it.

And the poultryizer is taken from the Blizzard universe, as seen in games like WoW and Hearthstone. All you have to do is aim and shoot, and it will instantly turn anything it hits into a chicken.


7. Hovering Block Mod

Hovering Block Mod for Besiege

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While weapons are cool and all, it’s nice to take a break from all the destruction and just build things for the sake of it.

If that’s what you’re into, here’s another additional block mod you’re going to get that you’ll surely be able to maximize in some of your future builds.

The Hovering Block Mod does exactly as it says: allowing basically any machine you build to hover over the ground.

What’s really special about this one is that it features smooth stabilization, which gives your machines that realistic hovering animation relative to the terrain below it.


6. FiaoCombinedMod

FiaoCombinedMod for Besiege

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Last on the list for the block packs, we have the FiaoCombinedMod from user wang_w571.

Going back to destroying things, what if you wanted to be more organized in how you go about making machines?

FiaoCombinedMod allows you to do exactly that, giving you access to additional blocks that help make your weaponized machines much more accurate.

The mod gives you blocks for missile guidance computers and complex tracking systems so you can be much more accurate with your launchers and cannons.

Included in the pack as well is a structure reinforcer help make sturdier builds, along with a neat laser which pretty much zaps anything it’s pointed at.


5. Besiege Custom Scene Mod

Besiege Custom Scene Mod screenshot

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Now that you have some new custom builds along with the tools to make your own, you’re probably going to need some cool new levels to test those out on.

The most basic tool for that would be this Besiege Custom Scene add-on, which basically allows you to replace the game’s default world with completely custom terrain.

There are tons of premade scenarios to play around with, but what’s really cool is that this made way for some of the more creative scenario mods out there as well.


4. Sandbox City

Sandbox City Besiege mod

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And this brings us to our first custom Besiege world, Sandbox City by Brammer001.

The creator explains that this is a simple alternative to the standard sandbox, but getting into the details – it’s not really as simple as he puts it.

Sandbox City includes loads of fun features for you to explore, including its very own racetrack, harbor, and airfield – making it the perfect place to test new cars, boats, or planes.


3. Rally Cross

Rally Cross Besiege mod

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Speaking of racetracks, this other mod from the same creator of Thomas the Mech Engine actually turns Besiege into a racing mini game.

That’s right, you’re given scaled cars and a racetrack for you to enjoy with up to 3 other friends.

Which is a great way to take a break from all the engineering puzzles you’d typically be faced with in Besiege.


2. True War Game

True War Game Besiege mod screenshot

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If you were looking for something more along the lines of Total War, we have a mod for that too!

Daichi’s True War Game completely transforms your gameplay with this PvP war scenario for Besiege.

Everything was built with Besiege blocks, which were then modified to make everything fit to scale. The models have been recolored as well to better match the scenario.

Inspired by the phalanx formation of Alexander the Great’s army, True War Game is a true testament to just how far this game can be taken with modding.


1. New Valhalla

New Valhalla Besiege mod

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Ending out the list we have another fun little multiplayer scenario you can throw on and enjoy with some friends.

New Valhalla by Petrus1904 is a fictional kingdom of floating rocks.

You, along with up to 3 other friends, can enjoy objective-based team play where one team is tasked with passing a set of checkpoints, and the opposing team assigned to stop them.

It may seem simple.

But what makes this mod particularly interesting is the map, as it shows how much thought and effort the creator put into making this feel like a unique world within Besiege.

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