Top 12 Best Bomberman Games (Ranked & Reviewed)

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Who hasn’t played Bomberman at least once in their lives?

With over 70 different official games released over 30 years of history, the cute bomber has been all-around the world helping people blow each other up safely… without the need for actual gunpowder.

Created by the since-disbanded Hudson Soft, known for their little bee logo, the series has been experienced by every generation of gamers since its inception in much the same way thanks to the timeless appeal of its simple yet action-packed gameplay.

Not only that, but Dyna Blaster – as he was briefly known in Europe – has received so many manga adaptations, anime series, and made cameos in so many other multimedia works, he’s gone from videogame character to veritable pop-culture icon.

Whether you’ve been playing with bombs for a while and want to know what to play next, or you’re just finding out what all the fuss is about, I give you my picks for the best Bomberman games in the history of the franchise.

12. Bomberman DS (2005)

Bomberman Ds 2005 Gameplay

While the single-player factor is always important when it comes to Bomberman, I think it’s fair to say a lot of people remember it only for the multiplayer.

Bomberman DS makes getting together with friends to try and blow each other up easy and comfortable, as long as you have enough consoles for everyone.

Granted, it does have some annoying mic functionality.

But that’s the DS for you. It really puts the “blow” in “blow up”.


11. Bomberman (1985)

Bomberman (1985) Gameplay

With over 70 games under its belt, the Bomberman franchise has come a crazy long way since its beginnings.

And yet, it’s hard not to appreciate the old-timey charm of this classic game that looks like something you’d find next to Minesweeper and Solitaire on Windows XP.

Bomberman’s simple gameplay and timeless appeal make playing this antique title just as fun as when it all began. Plus, the cover art makes it look as if you’re about to play Metroid or something. Ha!


10. Bomberman MAX (2000)

Bomberman MAX (2000) Gameplay

I love having the chance to take simple games on-the-go with me.

Nowadays I can just take my smartphone, but back in the day the classic GBC was a godsend – and Bomberman was just the thing to play.

The single-player aspect was very fleshed-out, with 100 complex stages and optional objectives to complete in each of them to rescue the charaboms from assured doom.

This was also the first appearance of Bomberman’s ally Max, who’s the protagonist for the “Red Challenger” version of the game, while the OG bomber stars in the “Blue Champion” one.


9. Bomberman ‘93 (1993)

Bomberman ‘93 (1993) Gameplay

Don’t let that god-awful cover art deceive you. Because this TurboGrafx-16 gem isn’t only super-fun, but stunningly beautiful as well.

The sprites are detailed and look textured, the colors are vibrant and attention-grabbing while remaining harmonic, and the environments scattered around its seven themed worlds are simply majestic.

With a very robust single-player and 5-man multiplayer, it’s a solid option for anyone looking for a game that’ll tickle their bomberbone.


8. Super Bomberman R (2017)

Super Bomberman R (2017) Gameplay

The latest installment in the Bomberman franchise may not have the most personality or general appeal than others.

But this one’s available on all major consoles, and you can play online with up to seven opponents!

Despite being owned by Konami, which seems to be a death sentence nowadays, it’s a decent option to experience the classic action-puzzler with updated graphics.


7. Mega Bomberman (1994)

Mega Bomberman (1994) Gameplay

Bomberman’s core gameplay is so simple and refined.

You really have to appreciate it when developers manage to step outside the box for a bit without breaking it.

With the possibility of riding a kangaroo-like creature and incredibly creative bosses, Mega Bomberman on the Sega Genesis manages to do just that.

It also has a very condensed enemy population, so you can enjoy bringing down scores of enemies while marveling at the crisp sprites.


6. Bomberman Tournament (2001)

Bomberman Tournament (2001) Gameplay

Every portable Nintendo console has had its own great Bomberman version, and Bomberman Tournament is the one to play in the GBA.

Something this game does surprisingly well is adding a lot of extra depth to the single-player experience without betraying Bomberman’s classic gameplay.

Its Quest Mode, which has you exploring Zelda-like environments, even has some RPG elements.

Bomberman Tournament also has a surprisingly good story, and it establishes Max as more of a character than his original outing in the GBC’s Bomberman Max.


5. Bomberman Generation (2002)

Bomberman Generation (2002) Gameplay

During the early 2000s many long-running franchises were struggling to find their place in the industry after the experimental times of the fifth console generation.

This GameCube masterpiece’s answer was a completely revamped single-player experience that took the basic concepts of the original Bomberman and blended it with action-adventure exploration-based gameplay.

In other words, it’s The Legend of Bomberman.

While it played like a charm and had solid highly-customizable multiplayer modes, my favorite part about this game has to be the timeless cel-shaded graphics that still look amazing over 15 years later.


4. Bomberman Jetters (2004)

Bomberman Jetters (2004) Gameplay

As is often the case with truly amazing games, Bomberman Jetters is the polished and improved successor to Bomberman Generations, taking the stunning cel-shaded visuals and revamped gameplay to the next level.

The story is based on a Bomberman anime of the same name, which I’d recommend you watch if you’re in the mood for something absurd.

There’s even a sexy bomberette fatale.

Playing as both Bomberman and the edgier Max to take advantage of their specific strengths and skills is necessary to traverse the levels, which made for one of the best single-player experiences in the franchise. 

Plus the voice-acting is so cringe, it’s actually good.


3. Bomberman 64 (1997)

Bomberman 64 (1997) Gameplay

I have to give Bomberman’s first 3D release a high rating both because of innovation, and a frankly more engaging multiplayer experience.

It’s a puzzle-platformer that’s often reminiscent of Super Mario 64.

But instead of jumping around, you use bombs and other classic Bomberman tools to get around.

The multiplayer is among the most unique in the series for its emphasis on multi-leveled stages and a very fast pace. You can even kick bombs away or throw dazed opponents around!

Totally worth picking up this gem if you’re a big N64 fanatic.


2. Super Bomberman 2 (1994)

Super Bomberman 2 (1994) Gameplay

I’m aware I’ve been giving the more experimental Bomberman titles a lot of credit.

But even I know that true value lies in the simple & exciting gameplay that made the series famous in the first place.

In that sense, you really won’t find a more polished and authentic version of the series’ core gameplay than on this SNES classic.

It also has some of the most beautiful sprites in the franchise.

It came bundled with the Super Multitap to enable 4-player mayhem in amazing stages like the Mantango Jump board. Plus, it was the first Bomberman to support Co-Op!


1. Saturn Bomberman (1997)

Saturn Bomberman (1997) Gameplay

And yet, even with such a fun multiplayer, Super Bomberman 2 still pales in front of Saturn Bomberman.

Why is that, you ask?

Ten. Player. Multiplayer.

Even by modern standards, the idea of ten players trying their best to reduce each other to ash with bombs sounds like absolute mayhem – and it was.

That’s not to say the multiplayer is Saturn Bomberman’s only good point.

It also has a well-developed single player mode with a couple of the most amazing boss fights in the series.

Still, it’s the multiplayer that keeps this game fresh in the collective unconscious and will likely encourage friends to keep playing this title for years to come.

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