Top 10 Best Chrono Cross BGM Songs

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Chrono Cross, a game touted as the successor to the highly popular Chrono Trigger, was released first in 1999 for PS1.

It was well-received but at the time it put off a number of original fans due to differences in gameplay. Over time this has quickly become one of the most memorable games and while it is still divisive among fans, one feature that’s almost impossible to forget is the Chrono Cross soundtrack

Among those who remember loving this game and its music, these ten songs are definitely going to bring back some memories.

10. The Brink of Death

While Chrono Trigger starts off with a serene atmosphere, one that’s seemingly uneventful, Cross provides a glimpse into the future.

And in that future there’s a sense of urgency. It’s prophetic. Oh, and I’ve forgotten to mention one thing—the background music in that future is more like standard boss fight music.

With the way this piece is arranged, it provides an atmosphere of dread and just a tad stressful to hear. But at the same time, it gives you real motivation to do well in the rest of the game no matter what. Actually one of the more interesting pieces in this soundtrack, although tougher to listen to for a while.

9. Ancient Dragon’s Fort

Also titled Fortress of Ancient Dragons, this track is a great reminder of the many things that made the Chrono Cross soundtrack epic.

It’s a piece that keeps changing in many ways.

It has a foreboding start, which then picks up the pace going a little quicker. After that, specifically from the harpsichord segment, this track provides a foreboding atmosphere as if something huge will be discovered soon. Anyone who’s played the game will understand that.

So it’s no surprise this is a perfect track for the Fort Dragonia mission as the place has a history of a parallel dimension, one that details the fall of the reptiles and the rise of the humans.

8. People Seized With Life

We all have music that leaves us disheartened, especially in game music. And for fans of Chrono Cross (and maybe even Trigger) I’d say “People Seized With Life” would be that track.

Some even say this is a piece of music they could not listen to for a number of years without being reminded of the depressing atmosphere it provides. The song just feels very slow, melancholy, with a string-filled sound.

This is the track that plays when you fight Miguel who is Leena’s missing father. I suppose it is quite an appropriate track for the occasion.

7. Lost Child Of Time

The violins here were arranged in such a way that they give the composition a feeling of mystery, intrigue even. And indeed this track is filled with so much mystery that anyone would want to look behind them. I mean, I just did so it’s OK if you wanna check real quick too.

This feeling of mystery is punctuated by the sudden crash of the piano and the disturbing off-key strings that follow. Almost like a haunted library of sorts, and it’s a track fitting for Harle. In fact, it fits Harle so much some fans even call this her theme(it isn’t, but come on).

6. Orphan Of Flame

This piece begins with a dragging organ and a feeling of situations you may not easily escape from.

But the piece itself is a sorrowful tribute, one that plays in a cruel and teasing scene of the game. Burning memories in a fire alongside this theme comes as a loss for a major character and Serge.

Slow and deep vocals punctuate the piece’s fast-paced and steady violins to give this a feeling that there is a real struggle going on. It has a push & pull quality that doesn’t give way no matter what.

5. Life—Faraway Promise

Here’s an astoundingly melodic track that’s actually a remix of a theme that plays at different intervals.

But unlike the original, which is much more of a touching track, this remix is one that seems to punctuate the story and highlight how far the main cast have gone. Especially as you move forward in the story you realize just how far they are willing to go.

It’s a triumphant theme that runs for just over 6 minutes long, a classic theme for JPRG fans and anyone who loves Yasunori Mitsuda’s work.

4. Frozen Flame

It’s quite surprising that an item broken from the evil that threatens not just dimensions, but also time itself—one with a bloody history—has a calming track associated to it.

This should not be any surprise to true fans of the game since the Frozen Flame represents so much. Partially by having alien roots and by virtue of being desired by so many.

Granted the theme itself actually makes me think of a meadow or enchanted forest. I’ll say one thing here though: it’s a classic RPG theme and fits perfectly with the setting of Chrono Cross.

3. Time’s Scar

Time’s Scar, the opening theme of the game, is a hauntingly beautiful piece considered by many as one of the strongest opening compositions of any RPG.

It’s memorable due to its stirring, lullaby-like quality of the early notes, and its smooth flow into a powerful rhythm. Anyone who has played Chrono Cross knows about this song and probably has a little nostalgia for it.

Overall an exciting theme that calls any gamer to adventure.

2. Radical Dreamers

Radical Dreamers is the original version of the remix mentioned above. Think of this kinda like Simple and Clean for Kingdom Hearts.

This is a track that plays at different intervals of the game, one with vocals and many that are just melodic with no singing.

It’s memorable because of the great mix of female vocals here, steady guitar rhythm, and of course some very memorable lyrics. These pieces together all form a track that’s the music equivalent of a cozy bonfire in the middle of an adventure.

1. Dream of the Shore Near Another World

I consider this track as the number one choice simply because of where you hear it in-game.

Admit it, you check out the world map just to listen to this. You might even pause the game and leave this on overnight for some background sleepy time music.

A brilliant track that gives a feeling of wanting to cruise the sea (or sky, or street, or wherever) and travel on an amazing adventure.

But that’s not the only thing that makes this song so interesting. It’s the way this track is composed, it seems reminiscent of sailors or a much more melodic & sombre sea shanty. No wonder why it’s a perfect track for the game’s map screen.

In general though, I have no doubt that the Chrono Cross soundtrack is powerful, moving, and full of that late 90s nostalgia.

That’s not just because of the way each track was made, but also because of how each track is used. It’s amazing to see how well each song blends into the entire world and how these songs truly give life to this game.

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