15 Best Cities XXL Mods (All Free)

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Sometimes we just need to take a break and toy around our virtual city builders.

And when it comes to city builders, there aren’t that many to choose from –it ultimately comes down to personal preference. If Cities XXL is more your style, then you’re probably wondering what kinda mods you can get your hands on.

Well there are plenty out there, but let’s look over some of the best I’ve found, and the ones you’ll probably have a lot of fun playing with.


15. No More Boxed Cars Mod

No More Boxed Cars - Cities XXL Mod

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Let’s start this off with a simple quality of life upgrade for Cities XXL.

With any city builder, getting a macro view of your city is very important.

Especially as your city grows larger throughout the game.

What’s funny about Cities XXL is that zooming out prevents you from seeing both human and vehicle traffic.

Not only is the lack of detail not super fun visually, but it also makes things more difficult, like managing roads and walkways from a distance.

This mod fixes it for us. Now people and cars are visible at farther zoom distances, best of both worlds!


14. Human Citizens

Human Citizens - Cities XXL Mod Screenshot

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So now that you’re able to see your citizens from a distance, why not improve how they look as well?

It could be argued that the vanilla textures for people aren’t that great.

But maybe they shouldn’t be a problem because civilians aren’t really the focus of the game.

Still…a welcome visual upgrade is always worth it, right?

Besides, nothing makes your city feel more alive than watching its citizens bustling around.

This mod not only replaces all 100 original textures, but adds 30 new ones as well. Absolutely worth checking out if you’re into immersion.


13. Small Pedestrian Paths XXL

Small Pedestrian - Paths XXL Mod Screenshot

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As your new and improved citizens get ready to go about their daily lives, they’re going to need a means to get around.

Strangely enough, Cities XXL doesn’t provide too many options for pedestrian walkways.

I’m sure any city builder would want to limit traffic, or maybe you’d like some of your citizens to be able to walk around more.

You know, to appreciate all the work you put into making the city look as good as possible.

Well look no further, my friend! The Small Pedestrian Paths mod allows you to place asphalt walkways 1-3 meters wide.

A regular big apple if I’ve ever seen one.


12. XXL Realistic Highway Mod

XXL Realistic Highway - Cities XXL Mod

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Of course, it can’t be avoided that some people will have to commute. We can’t walk everywhere!

And building complex highway systems for vehicle travel has become a huge part of city builders over the years.

The XXL Realistic Highway Mod is all you need when it comes to creating intertwining highways and bridges, with the build options neatly organized by tags such as connectors, elevated connectors, decorations, fast lanes, and bridges.

Really, this one’s a lot of fun to build with. Definitely give it a try.


11. Intercity Bus Terminal

Intercity Bus Terminal - Cities XXL Mod

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Many cities around the world pride themselves on the efficiency of their public transportation.

Why should your virtual city be any different?

A great way for your citizens to get around is by bus, and I’m sure they’d appreciate a clean not-full-of-hobos bus system.

The Intercity Bus Terminal actually acts as a downscaled airport, bringing passengers to and from your city. But it can work all the same with some tweaks.


10. XXL NEXL Trams

XXL NEXL Trams - Cities XXL Mod

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Now if you’re looking for a more unconventional means of mass transport, the NEXL Trams mod is great for that.

While trams are still quite popular in parts of Europe, it’s not commonly seen in cities any more, as we now have subways and elevated train systems.

That aside, trams are still a great way to get around.

Not only that, but they offer an interesting sense of culture, depending what kind of “feeling” you’re going for in your cityscape.


9. Monty’s Trees, Flowers and Bushes

Monty's Trees, Flowers and Bushes - Cities XXL Mod

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Once you’ve provided your citizens with options to get around, it’s probably time to start decorating.

I’ve always loved the contrast of towering buildings against greener areas.

Monty’s Trees, Flowers and Bushes mod is great for all of that.

The mod pack includes a set of 21 new trees and plants, all great for giving your city more scenic locations.

Decorate your parks and plazas, or throw in a more suburban space where your citizens can sit and relax, or go for walks during their free time.


8. Deco Pack

Deco Pack - Cities XXL Mod

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Take your outdoor areas to a whole new level with this ploppable Deco Pack, again by modder Monty.

The pack includes a number of park decorations in different themes – from European to Asian and a few more.

There are seven different statues/monuments to choose from as wlel, so you can decorate your parks with a lot of cool stuff.

Inside you’ll also find three more well-known monuments: the World Telegraph monument from Switzerland, the Charging Bull from New York, and the Daibutsu from Japan.


7. Los Angeles Homes Pack

Los Angeles Homes Pack - Cities XXL Mod Screenshot

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We’ve focused so much on decorating the outdoor areas of your city, but let’s not forget that your citizens need homes too.

Whether they can afford them is another story…

Residential areas play a bigger role than parks, so you’re going to want to expand your options in terms of what you can build.

The Los Angeles Homes Pack is a great addition for when you’re building larger suburban areas within your city, or if you want sprawling suburbs like LA.

The pack includes seven different houses based on real designs around suburban Los Angeles.

The textures look really good in terms of detail, and will cater to Unskilled and Skilled worker classes alike.


6. XL Building Pack A

XL Building Pack A - Cities XXL Mod

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For the more urban areas of the city, we have the XL Building Pack A by Nogerivan.

There are tons of building options in the pack, including 8 office buildings, 9 flat apartments, and 6 Japanese-style city houses.

Truly a great mod to dig into if you want some more city vibes & a densely-packed aesthetic.


5. All American Fast Food

All American Fast Food Wendy's buildings - Cities XXL Mod

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Any city cannot be complete without fast food chains scattered around the metro.

There are more specific options out there, but this particular pack gives you 5 different options in a small package.

Your citizens are going to need to eat, and what’s more convenient than fast food?

With this pack you get:

  • Randy’s Donuts
  • Dairy Queen
  • Wendy’s
  • Arby’s
  • Sonic

Some great franchises to satisfy your citizen’s junk food cravings.

I would’ve liked to see the golden arches in here too, but hey can I really complain?


4. United Center Arena

United Center Arena - Cities XXL Mod

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With day-to-day living mostly taken care of, you’ll probably want to give your citizens some means of fun & games. You know, outside the home.

What better way to bring the community together than sporting events?

For that, you’re going to need your own arena.

This mod lets you build not just any arena, but the famous United Center Arena in Chicago.

Known as The House that Jordan Built, the United Center is the largest arena by capacity in the NBA. And now you can toss this bad boy into your own cityscape too.

But keep reading, sports fans, there’s even more!


3. Sporting Stadiums Unlocked

Sporting Stadiums Unlocked - Cities XXL Mod

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ANyone looking for more varied options in terms of sporting stadiums, the Sporting Stadiums Unlocked mod will do the trick.

The pack includes 10 different sporting stadiums, none of which are real-world replicas.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

If you’re going for a more unique city build, this is a great way to achieve that.

With 10 stadiums to choose from, you’ll have 2 options for football, 2 for soccer, 1 for Olympic swimming, and 2 for baseball, plus a few others.

You can have dedicated stadiums for different sporting events if you like. Or you can even be the next city to house the Olympics if that’s what you’re after.


2. Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall - Cities XXL Mod

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Other than sports, concerts and live music offers another great to bring in business to your cozy concrete jungle.

And what better place to hold a live music event than in one of London’s most iconic venues – The Royal Albert Hall!

It’s a great-looking mod and would be a nice aesthetic addition for any city, but the benefits don’t end just with looks.

As you probably expect, the Royal Albert Hall leans towards catering to the more upscale crowd – so it’ll give your city real benefits.

Having this building will give you +2% elites satisfaction and +5% education satisfaction bonuses.


1. Cities XXL Community Patch

Cities XXL Community Patch Mod

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And now for arguably the best mod for the game: the Cities XXL Community Patch.

If you read through the description, it may seem smaller and less interesting than the previous entries.

It takes the top spot, though, because most Cities XXL fans consider this to be an essential.

Some will not even play the game without it.

One of the biggest features is the ability to unlock the sandbox/unlimited resources cheat. This basically allows you to build your city with no restrictions – perfect for those who just want to let their imaginations run wild.

But check out the description for more info because it does offer a lot of new smaller things to the gameplay.

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