Best Mods For Company Of Heroes 1

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When it comes to WWII-themed RTS games, none do it quite as good as Company of Heroes.

If that’s an itch you’re looking to scratch, it might be a good time to revisit the classic from 2006.

And you should give these mods a try while you’re at it, as they open up a ton of new options and content for you to explore – giving the game much more to experience.


10. Zoom

Zoom gameplay mod for CoH1

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To start things off, here’s a small quality of life mod that is important in any strategy game.

The Zoom mod does one thing, but don’t underestimate its importance.

Company of Heroes’ default view has always been an issue for players. Although the zoomed-in camera allows you to be closer to the action, it can become more of a challenge managing your armies.

This Zoom mod fixes that, allowing for you to zoom out more.

Basically making it much easier to see things from a macro perspective. Small but very useful.


9. NHC Mod

NHC Mod for Company of Heroes 1

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The NHC Mod is a great way to breathe new life to Company of Heroes, especially if it isn’t your first playthrough of the game.

It introduces a number of gameplay changes that’ll affect the way you approach strategy and tactics, including increased artillery ranges and population caps.

It throws in a few “just for fun” features as well, allowing you to play modes that add hero units to each faction, disable population caps, and even activate zombies!


8. Europe at War

Europe at War CoH1 Mod

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Europe at War adds tons of new content with the overall aim of maintaining historical accuracy.

It completely revamps the damage system to make it more realistic, along with rebalances like improved range for stationary units.

The mod also introduces a lot of new content in the form of commander trees, abilities, and battlefronts.

What’s really interesting about this mod though, are some of the new game modes.

You can play Annihilate with PoW, Annihilate with modified population caps, or even Tank Wars.


7. Immersion 1944

Immersion 1944 - CoH1 Mod Screenshot

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Immersion 1944 is more focused on improving the single-player campaign experience of Company of Heroes.

If you enjoy playing through the campaign on your own, this may be what you’re looking for.

The mod aims to make the campaign more realistic by adding historically accurate skins.

There’s much more variety in terms of unit uniforms and equipment too, giving the battlefields a whole new look and feel. Really you’ve gotta try it to see for yourself.

The mod also includes adjusted campaign missions that have been changed to more closely reflect what happened in the actual events of our world, along with some new missions for you to explore too.


6. Modern Combat

Modern Combat in CoH1

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Modern Combat is a fun total conversion mod that, as you’ve probably guessed from the title, takes the game in a more modern direction.

The mod takes you from 1940’s WWII into modern day China, with access to updated units and equipment to match.

You’ll now be able to maximize modern equipment like choppers, rocket launcher trucks, and reconnaissance vehicles.

The mod also features up-to-date combat technology like guided missiles, weapon suppressors, ghillie suits, and more.

One of the more ambitious CoH mods, and probably the only one that took the game forward in terms of a real-world timeline.


5. Europe In Ruins: Reinforcements

Europe In Ruins: Reinforcements CoH1

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Europe In Ruins also takes an interesting gameplay approach, completely changing the game’s battle mechanics – focusing more on the player’s available development options for their battalions.

You now manage your battalion pre-combat and take on battles in waves once everything’s in place.

You can select which units to use, and as units participate in battles, they gain experience as well.

Unit experience is carried over with each new battle and dictates upgrade paths and abilities that become available – giving you tons of different combinations to completely customize how you play the game.


4. The Great War 1918

The Great War 1918 - Company of Heroes Mod

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The Great War 1918 takes us even farther back in time.

The German Imperial Army and the British Expeditionary Force are opposing factions in this historically accurate WWI scenario mod for CoH.

Gameplay has been balanced to better reflect warfare tactics of the time – including poison gas, trenches, and a greater focus on melee combat.

There are also new units, skins, abilities, and commander trees to make the mod more era-appropriate.

A great WWI experience if you’re looking to play a game of CoH, except different.


3. Eastern Front

Eastern Front CoH1

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Eastern Front is probably one of the most well-known mods for CoH.

Having received tons of praise, it’s said that Eastern Front is so good that it actually feels like an official expansion.

If you’ve never played it then definitely give this a try. You’ll know pretty quickly whether you like it or not.

One of the main features of this mod is the extra factions you get.

Eastern Front actually adds a fully realized Soviet faction, with its own unique units too.

And to counter the newly added Soviets you also get a new German faction as well – which is completely unique and does make the game feel new again.


2. Battle of Crete

Battle of Crete CoH1

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A smaller scale mod here, Battle of Crete focuses on a single historical event from WWII – Operation Mercury.

The mod gives units visual upgrades with new skins, and the playable factions Germany and the British Commonwealth introduce new play styles that weren’t previously common.

Gameplay is fast-paced, and alongside the interesting scenario make for a fresh CoH experience.


1. Blitzkrieg

Blitzkrieg Company of Heroes 1

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Blitzkrieg is considered by most to be the ultimate CoH mod to play with.

Tons of changes here include updated damage values and weapon ranges, completely changing how units should be utilized to be successful in battle.

The command trees have been expanded to almost triple as well, with each doctrine now having 16 available unlocks.

The veterancy system receives the same treatment as most units can now gain a maximum of 5 ranks.

There are loads of new units here as well.

All in all there’s too much new content in this one, it’s just massive. So it’s probably best if you give it a try and see the magic for yourself.

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