Best Cortex Command Mods To Try (All Free)

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Sometimes, it’s the community that makes the game.

This is definitely the case with Cortex Command, a side-scrolling 2D title that was in development for years before finally seeing its 1.0 release in 2012.

While the game continued to be supported by Data Realms, it’s the modding community that arose around Cortex Command that truly made the difference. Not only providing new content to the game in the form of mods, but also banding together to start working on a sort of sequel.

If this isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.

While we wait for any kind of sequel to see the light of day, we can take a look at some of the best mods ever made for Cortex Command. Lots of variety here to keep you playing with a title that, still today, feels quite fun.


10. Cortex Command RPG

Cortex Command RPG Mod screenshot

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Feeling some nostalgia for those beautiful pixel-art role-playing games from the ’90s? We got you covered.

The Cortex Command RPG mod gives us some very basic role-playing mechanics added right into the game. This includes an experience points system that lets soldiers level up and become more effective on the battlefield.

It’s not a major overhaul, that’s for sure. But it is enough to spice up the experience and make you come back to the game if you put it aside some time ago.


9. Block Wars

Block Wars for Cortex Command

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Despite what video games, movies, and TV shows imply, war is all about chaos.

And no other Cortex Command mod represents this concept as well as the Block Wars mod.

Chaos is the name of the game here: no complicated level design, no deep lore, no moving stories.

Just two brains and tons of soldiers who go at one another in the most confusing way possible. You may have some trouble following the action, but oh how you’ll enjoy it!


8. Biohazard

Biohazard Cortex Command Mod

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Remember folks: don’t play with biochemical weapons. They’re very dangerous.

But also pretty darn fun.

If you’re not afraid of monstrosities like acid-spitting creatures and devastating sniper rifles that shoot capsules full of gas, then you should definitely give the Biohazard mod a spin.

With new actors, weapons, tools, and dangers straight out of your worst nightmares, playing Cortex Command will never be so corrosive.


7. AEON Technologies Arsenal

AEON Technologies Arsenal Cortex Command Mod

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Time to harness the power of gravity to obliterate all opposition and become the Cortex Command master you were always meant to be.

AEON Technologies Arsenal grants us four new weapons inspired by MechWarrior 4’s gauss rifles.

With names like Rail Sniper Rifle and Jotun Mag-GLS, you can expect these weapons to pack a very mean punch. And to go against the very laws of nature.

But if our goal is to win, anything goes!


6. Rebel Alliance Forces

Rebel Alliance Forces Cortex Command Mod

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Everyone, please look surprised as I present you with a Star Wars mod for Cortex Command.

Rebel Alliance Forces is a very simple mod that introduces new character models based on the Rebel Alliance, an interstellar coalition that has fought against the Galactic Empire for years.

The models are quite well done, so you will definitely appreciate the effort if you’re a Star Wars fan. Even though the mod doesn’t introduce any major gameplay changes… this crossover can’t be missed.


5. Air Support

Air Support Mod for Cortex Command

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This Air Support mod doesn’t grant you any support from the air.

But it does give you plenty of new stuff to play around with!

This puppy comes with two new missions – Air Assault and Verdun, plus eight UAVs complete with new movement mechanics, two gunships, and an automated mortar turret that will track any enemy above without any input.

Truly the best thing to have on a battlefield where enemies come from every direction.


4. X2 Technologies

X2 Technologies Mod for Cortex Command

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Extraterrestrials and plasma weapons.

What could possibly go wrong?

The X2 Technologies mod introduces new plasma and laser weapons that will let you obliterate anything that moves. And it’ll be gone pretty quick, too.

Remind me to stay the hell away from you with this installed…


3. Whitty’s Wonderful Mods

Whitty's Wonderful Mods for Cortex Command

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If you’re looking for more Cortex Command content, but do not want to search through hundreds of mods or hundreds of web pages, well this pack is probably what you’ll want.

Whitty’s Wonderful Mods are indeed wonderful. The pack introduces a metric ton of new content such as new crafts, new actors, new weapons, new bombs, and some rather unique tools that will make the game funnier (and possibly even wackier).

I mean, what else could a Bubble Wand be used for in a game like this?


2. CC – Modern Warfare 2

CC - Modern Warfare 2 Cortex Command Mod

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Any Call of Duty fan in the house?

This is for you.

This Modern Warfare 2 mod brings weapons from the now-classic entry in the Call of Duty series into Cortex Command.

Better yet, all weapons have been completely rebalanced and they’re based on their real-life counterparts, meaning that Cortex Command will not play exactly the same with this mod installed. No, it’ll play far better.

And I’d say this makes the mod a really fun download, even for those who are really not into the popular series.


1. The CrowGuard

The CrowGuard Cortex Command Mod

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No matter what type of Cortex Command player you are, you really should download The CrowGuard mod.

I’d argue this has got to be the most thorough modification ever made for Cortex Command, as it introduces a lot of new mechanics that radically change nuances in the game. New units and changes to existing units.

New weapons and changes to existing weapons.

And it even has a deep backstory that gives a sense of purpose to all the new stuff you get, so these do not feel like arbitrary additions. Rather they feel like a real part of the game’s universe.

A must-try for sure.

Check out the mod’s page for a full-length list of all the goodies you’ll get with CrowGuard.

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