20 Best Daggerfall Unity Mods For TES Fans

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Daggerfall might be a cult game by now. But you’d be surprised to see the number of people that play this original Elder Scrolls title to this day.

That could be expected, though, as Daggerfall was even more beloved than Morrowind for many TES players.

However, as much of a cult game as Daggerfall has become, it’s still quite an old title.

Graphics do not hold up as well, or gameplay. All of this has led to an interesting Daggerfall Unity remake, along with many mods for this title.

If you’re looking to play Daggerfall the way it was meant to be played, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in this list.


20. Loading Screen

Loading Screen Daggerfall Unity mod

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To start off this list with a relatively small addition to the game, the Loading Screen mod changes the way loading screens work. Basically makes them more similar to those of Oblivion and Skyrim.

Tips, information, and location-based loading screens will become part of your day-to-day life in Daggerfall.

It might be a simple addition, sure.

But it’s a fully customizable mod that’ll certainly give you a new level of depth in the game.


19. Rocks of Daggerfall

Rocks of Daggerfall Unity mod

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For as much as a wildland that Daggerfall has always seemed to be, the lands lack a lot of rocks and peaks that would’ve made the environment much richer.

This mod aims to fix that by adding new boulders around the world, as well as a few mountains.

The goal is to adjust the environments but stay true to Daggerfall’s nature in the process, and keep things as lore-friendly as possible.

In any case, your blocky 3D views will be more stunning than ever after you’ve installed this mod.


18. Carry Weight Customizer

Carry Weight Customizer Daggerfall Unity mod

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As the name suggests, CWC allows you to change the maximum number of items you can carry.

It will also allow you to set a custom number of items to be carried by your cart.

If you think it sounds a tad like cheating, that’s because it technically is (I guess?)

However, we all know how annoying the low carrying capacity has always been in Daggerfall.

Well this mod fixes that small annoyance without breaking the balance too much. It’s a cool little addition, albeit a bit of a cheaty one.


17. Harvestable Corps

Harvestable Corps Daggerfall Unity mod

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Farmers are to be found all across the lands of Daggerfall. But why were their crops not harvestable in the base game?

I mean, it’s not like the crops weren’t there – we’ve always been able to see the plants growing in the ground.

It never made any sense that you couldn’t pick them for yourself!

This mod agrees and aims to changes that.

It allows you to walk towards these crops and pick them up for yourself, carry them away, whatever you want. Plus each crop space will give you different numbers of items and materials depending on your level and luck.


16. NPC Health Indicators

NPC Health Indicator Daggerfall Unity mod

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This has to be the one mod that truly makes Daggerfall feel even more like one of those classic RPGs.

I mean, it technically is one. But this mod adds a bit more spice to it.

Whenever you land a hit on any foe, a small bar will show up on top of their heads.

This bar displays their total amount of health left, a very nifty feature indeed.

It certainly wasn’t something we had in vanilla Daggerfall, but I’ll be damned if it’s not one that suits the game just perfectly.


15. Airships

Airships Daggerfall Unity mod

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Well, this is a super weird mod. But one that I can tell you works far better than I expected.

Airships basically add the ability for you to buy a gigantic ship that flies around and can be steered towards any location. Go anywhere on demand. Sounds fun, right?

The damn thing flies pretty quickly and can be used to store all sorts of loot in its chests too.

Feeling a bit tired and don’t want to fly this ship around? Worry not, my friend – you can also “book flights” as if medieval airlines were a thing. Then just travel from one major city to the next within your ship. Easy!


14. No Dice RNG Remover

No Dice RNG Remover Daggerfall Unity mod

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This might be seen as a bit of cheat mod by many. But let’s face it – the fact that you had to hope for RNG to favor your leveling up was one of the biggest pieces of crap that Daggerfall came with.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you had to depend on RNG to give you good stats when leveling up – a crap feature that his mod removes.

You will always get the best rolls when leveling up. Always.

Luck will no longer be a factor in your leveling prowess!


13. Windmills of Daggerfall

Windmills of Daggerfall Unity mod

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Do you like how windmills look? I sure as hell do, as they add a bit more of realism to the lands of Daggerfall.

They might be blocky abominations, but they do fit the game quite well and look as good as they can to fit the rest of the game’s graphics.

This is a relatively new mod too. The creator has recently said that he might turn it into a farming overhaul, so keep an eye out for any future updates if you’re big into the Daggerfall Unity release.


12. Daggerfall Skyshards

Skyshards Daggerfall Unity mod

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This is a cool gameplay overhaul that adds 168 shards across the game.

Collect three of these legendary shards and you will receive a random boost to one of your attribute points.

Basically, this is a mod that encourages players to explore way more than they do already.

If you like the idea of getting rewarded for finding new landmarks and buildings, this is as close as you’re going to get in the world of Daggerfall.

The shards can be seen from a long-range, so don’t you worry about having to look for a map. Simply explore and you’ll find them.


11. Taverns Redone

Taverns Redone Daggerfall Unity mod

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Now this mod enhances the inside of every single tavern in the game, making them look far better than base game.

Sure, it might seem a bit weird to see some pixelated dudes in an HD environment with great lighting.

But an addition is an addition, right?

The mod does enhance the tavern environment quite well, so I’d suggest you check this one out if you’re all up for graphical improvements.

But also keep reading as there are other cool graphic mods to be included on my list!


10. Mountains and Hills

Mountains and Hills Daggerfall Unity mod

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If you’re looking for a terrain overhaul mod, then you’ve found what you need.

This amazing mod changes the scenery of the game for the better by adding a whole bunch of new hills and terrains that aims to give Daggerfall a more natural look.

It doesn’t change the graphics of the game or anything. But it does make the mountains look much more natural and less “placed”, if you know what I mean.

In any case, the main goal of this mod is to make Daggerfall a better place to explore.

It’s safe to say it does a fantastic job at it.


9. Villager Immersion Overhaul

Villager Immersion Overhaul Daggerfall Unity mod

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Now this mod aims to bring diversity to Daggerfall, something that seems to have been missing from the base game.

Daggerfall is gigantic and should be the host of hundreds of different cultures and people. So why do we only get to see a handful of races in the game?

This mod adds a ton of different villagers to the various cities of Daggerfall, creating a more immersive map that you’ll be truly happy to explore – even if you’ve already finished the game multiple times!


8. Birds in Daggerfall

Birds in Daggerfall Unity mod

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A simple mod? Maybe.

An unnecessary one? Surely.

Something cool to look at when moving your head upwards? Definitely.

The Birds of Daggerfall mod has one simple purpose – it adds a ton of birds to the skies of the game to make the game world feel far more alive than ever.

No longer will you feel alone traveling through the large expanses of land between cities.


7. Convenient Clock

Convenient Clock Daggerfall Unity mod

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This mod is probably one that I see in almost every TES game.

There’s a clock mod for Morrowind, a clock mod for Oblivion, one for Skyrim, and of course one for Daggerfall Unity.

You would think Bethesda would’ve included a damn clock in their game’s HUDs by now. But nope.

It’s understandable though, as one could argue that it’s not too immersive to have a clock in such an ancient world.

However, since you can always look at the time in TES anyway, you might as well have the option to do so without having to enter any menus. Convenience, right?


6. Archaeologists

Archaeologists Daggerfall Unity mod

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The Archaeologists Guild has just arrived in Daggerfall.

You’ll now be able to interact with them and discover many of the things that they’ve found in their travels.

Give a new meaning to boosting your language skills in the game and interact with different NPCs that form part of one of the most interesting modded guilds in the game.


5. Roleplay and Realism

Roleplay and Realism Daggerfall Unity mod

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The main goal of this mod is to make the game feel way more realistic than ever before.

It basically adds a lot of modules to the game, all of which can be enabled or disabled individually. So you can get a better grasp of how things will work, but also customize whatever you want.

Great for newer players.

Basically, you’ll have the option to select the extent of how customized you want your gameplay to be. This also means a lot of nice replay value.


4. Real Grass

Real Grass Daggerfall Unity mod

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Yep, you guessed it.

This mod adds real-looking grass to the game.

There’s really no need for me to explain it, right? Fans of graphic overhauls will definitely want this.


3. Daggerfall Unity Quest Pack

Daggerfall Unity Quest Pack mod

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Do you think the game’s guilds are lacking a few quests?

If so, you’ll want to give this mod a try.

It basically adds a ton of new quests for the game’s guilds to provide dozens of additional hours of gameplay.

There are also small quests you can dive into that aren’t part of any guilds per se. But the total number of missions that you’ll be able to do with this mod surpasses well over 100.

How many of them will you be able to do? Well finding out is half the fun.


2. Hand-painted Model Replacements

Hand-painted Model Replacements Daggerfall Unity mod

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This mod reminds me so much of the Minecraft texture packs.

Basically, the creator took over 300 items from the base game and created custom versions himself. All of which look way better than the original vanilla game.

It basically turns many pixelated objects into high-quality renders and turns blocky textures into HD detailed models.

A lot of work went into the creation of this mod. And I’m more than sure that you’re going to love it if you give it a try – especially if you’re after a real graphical overhaul for Daggerfall Unity.


1. D.R.E.A.M.

D.R.E.A.M. Daggerfall Unity mod

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If you intend to play Daggerfall in 2020 or beyond, you’ll want to install this mod right now.

It changes all of the graphic aspects of the game and many of its audio assets too.

It turns Daggerfall into a game that feels a couple of generations newer than it ever will be.

The lighting, textures, and sounds of the game will sound more realistic than ever with this freebie installed.

Why play in the 90s? Well, for nostalgia sure. But modern gaming can be just as fun! And this mod lets you get the best of both worlds.

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