Top 30 Best Electric-type Pokémon From All Games

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With over 1000 Pokémon it’s tough to pick favorites. But electric types are certainly up there considering the lovely electric rat mascot we all know from the good ol’ days.

Now in this post I want to take a look at the most shocking electric-type Pokémon. Those considered by contest judges to have the “coolest” moves. The type with the least weaknesses to other types. There’s a lot to say about these critters but suffice it to say this list is crazy.

So I’d say it’s time to rank our 30 favorite electric Pokémon that you’ll find in any game.

30. Pichu

Pichu in Pokemon anime

Compared to other types in the games, there are relatively few Electric pokés.

Thanks to that I’ve got a bit of leeway to talk about some iconic Pokémon that aren’t that strong or loved in general.

Among them we find Pichu, the tiny mouse baby.

It was the first “Pikachu clone” introduced in Generation II to capitalize on just how popular the yellow rodent was. In time, Pichu has developed some fame of its own, even appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable character.

It’s an adorable little critter, but it’s also pretty weak. And it’s kind of unjustifiable to have it on a competitive team. Hang in there, little buddy!

29. Morpeko

Morpeko in the anime

Another in the long list of “Pikachu clones” is this new addition from Generation VIII’s Galar region.

When Morpeko goes without food for extended periods, its friendly demeanor and cutesy looks quickly change into a dark, “hangry” mode. Hence its Electric/Dark-type.

Hangry mode is new to gen 8 so it’s interesting to see how this idea has developed.

But Morpeko really isn’t itself when it’s hungry. Somebody get this mouse a Snickers!

28. Pachirisu

Pachirisu in the anime

While also similar to Pikachu, Pachirisu does enough things differently for me not to call it a clone.

Its best stat overall is speed, which lets it generally get the first hit in during any confrontation.

It’s also pure Electric-type which means it’s only weak to Ground-type moves.

This gen IV Pokémon from Sinnoh may not look like much, but the electric squirrel has been used to great effect in the past.

The winner of the 2014 Pokémon World Championship, Se Jun Park, actually had one of these cute critters on his team and it was one of the assets that brought him victory over Omari Travis in the finals.

27. Oricorio Pom-Pom Style

Oricorio pompom pokemon

Ever since the advent of mega evolutions in generation 6, form-shifting Pokémon have become more common than ever.

Oricorio is one of the few who has different forms without the need to Gigantamax or anything of the sort.

Just one sip of a colored nectar from the islands of Alola and it’s a totally different Pokémon!

Its yellow Pom-Pom style is an Electric/Flying-type found naturally in Alola’s Melemele Island. It’s also known as the dancing Pokémon, and many have described its moves as… electrifying.

26. Emolga

Emolga in the anime

Back to the Pikachu lookalikes! It’s a Top 30 electric monsters list and Nintendo’s been doing this for almost three decades, what did you expect?

First introduced in gen V, this Flying/Electric Pokémon lives on treetops and attacks anyone daring enough to mess with its food supply.

Albeit lackluster in competitive play, this cutesy fighter is an amazing option to take with you in your journey to clear the game and beat the Elite 4 thanks to its amazing speed and varied move-set.

25. Yamper

Yamper Pokemon anime

It’s well-known that the Galar region in the Pokémon world is loosely based on the UK.

So what could be more appropriate then to make a Pokémon based on the Queen’s corgis?

Yamper, known as the Puppy Pokémon, is essentially a dog in every way.

It even chases after people and vehicles! All of this chasing is used by an organ in its body to transform this kinetic energy into electricity, which is released as sparks every time Yamper sprints.

If this was a list of the absolute cutest Pokémon that I was ranking, well I’d put this guy easily in the top 5.

24. Zebstrika

Zebstrika in Pokemon anime

First appearing in gen 5 was this Electric-type Pokémon boasts amazing speed and good attack stats too.

It’s known as the thunderbolt Pokémon thanks to the sound of thunder it makes as it gallops through the fields. It’s one of the coolest designs among the equine-inspired Pokémon and possibly the only awesome zebra-colored creature in the series(for now!)

23. Alolan Golem

Alolan Golem Pokemon in the anime

The idea to create region-specific versions of previously existing critters was straight-up genius on Game Freak’s part.

This allowed us to re-connect with our old favorites in a whole new way.

The Alolan version of Golem is a Rock/Electric beast with a railgun attached to its back, which it uses to fire electrically-charged rocks at its opponents.

Its defense is the highest among the Electric types, which makes it one of the most resistant pokés in the game. And who wouldn’t love a classic from the good ol’ days?

22. Zeraora

Zeraora Pokemon

Little is known about this mythical Pokémon, other than it’s a favorite among the furry-inclined.

It was introduced in generation 7 as the thunderclap Pokémon, boasting incredible speed and very good offensive capabilities.

Its special ability, Volt Absorb, also lets it heal when being hit by Electric-type attacks. This is pretty darn powerful and could be put to good use.

21. Vikavolt

Vikavolt Pokemon

A Bug-type that’s good for something?

Oh, how times have changed in the Pokémon franchise.

This tanky Stag Beetle Pokémon inhabits the Alolan wilderness after evolving from the cube-larva Charjabug.

Other than having very high Sp. Attack – actually the highest among Bug Pokémon – this flying railgun has levitate too which makes it immune to Ground-type moves.

A great choice to take on your journey through the Alolan region and quite viable in competitive play!

20. Manectric

Manectric Pokemon

Manetric is from gen 3 and has everything to make it a staple of Electric-based teams.

Its Speed and Sp. Attack are on par even with Luxray, and its Intimidate ability will let it survive some attacks from even the strongest monsters. Even if it isn’t a damage sponge of any kind.

It’s better used in its Mega Manectric form though, since this boosts its stats and also makes it even spikier.

19. Thundurus

Thundurus Pokemon

The first legendary Pokémon in the list, woohoo!

Thundurus is an Electric/Flying force of nature from gen 5’s Unova region.

It’s known as the Bolt Strike Pokémon and it boasts an incredibly high Sp. Attack stat, which it can use to great effect in both its Therian and Incarnate forms.

The rest of its stats are also pretty well-rounded making it a great option for any team. Legendaries always seem to fit this way.

18. Galvantula

Galvantula in Pokemon anime

Among the many spider-based Pokémon, Galvantula is one of the most unique and beautifully-colored.

It makes its first appearance in generation V, and unsurprisingly it’s described by the Pokédex as the electric spider Pokémon. Go figure.

Among its main features are its high speed stat and the possibility to shoot out Sticky Webs, which slow the target down and make the speed difference even greater.

17. Electivire

Electivire in the anime

I’ll be honest with you: if I were to take only overall strength into account, Electivire would be much higher up on the list.

It has the highest attack value among the Electric-types, it can compensate its lacking speed with the Motor Drive skill which lets it become faster when hit by Electric moves, and it can learn all elemental punch moves.

It’s a beast!

But its design is just so… ugly.

Is it a gorilla? An alien? The Yeti? What were the designers thinking here?

Still, to reiterate, a beast. Well worth training one.

16. Heliolisk

Heliolisk from the anime

On the other side of the spectrum there’s Heliolisk, the generator Pokémon.

Not only does it have a slick cool design reminiscent of a desert lizard, but it also promotes renewable energy sources. Go green!

After evolving from Helioptile with a Sun Stone, this Electric/Normal Pokémon becomes a versatile powerhouse with very high Sp. Attack and Speed.

It can even learn Surf which also makes having a Heliolisk in your team very practical.

Did I also mention it’s immune to Ghost-type moves? This thing has a lot going for it.

15. Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko from the anime

This is one of the Guardians of the Alolan Melemele Island and a member of the Four Tapu Land Spirit Pokémon.

Tapu Koko, an Electric/Fairy-type is based on a rooster. And that’s where it shares an explosive temper.

It has the highest Speed value among Fairy-types and his offensive capabilities and overall well-rounded stats make it a very popular Pokémon in competitive teams.

The fact that it creates an Electric Terrain upon entering the battlefield makes for great synergy with other electric-types as well.

14. Zekrom

The main legendary Pokémon for gen 5’s White version is known as the Deep Black Pokémon. A bit ironic, I know.

According to the Pokédex, this Dragon/Electric-type likes helping people who pursue their ideas and fight for their beliefs.

So maybe consider putting one in your team when you set out to change the world.

13. Alolan Raichu

Alolan Raichu anime

The evolution of the franchise’s most recognizable face got a makeover for generation VII’s Alola region.

With a lighter color-palette and rounded edges, Alolan Raichu seems like the family-friendly version of the spunky Mouse Pokémon.

While incredibly adorable, that isn’t the only thing that sets this creature apart from its more common global version.

This tropical Pokémon is an Electric/Psychic-type with a very high Speed and even higher Sp. Attack than the original, which it can use to great effect with powerful moves such as Thunderbolt and Psychic.

Possibly one of the coolest newer additions from the gen 7 Alolan monsters.

12. Raichu

Raichu in the anime

The better and more iconic version of the two remains the original Raichu, part of the original 151.

While the titular Pikachu in Pokémon Yellow and the anime adaptation refuses to evolve into a Raichu, this mature mouse has nonetheless managed to amass a following throughout the years.

Its stats are a bit more distributed than the Alolan version, with its Attack and Sp. Attack values being equivalent. This makes physical moves such as Wild Charge or Thunder Punch much more viable here.

We may never see Ash’s Pikachu accept a Thunder Stone, but it’s clear that this spunky Pokémon has nothing to envy the yellow mouse… well, except being famous all over the world and stuff.

11. Xurkitree

Xurkitree in the anime

Are Ultra Beasts even Pokémon?

It’s a complex question… but since they can be caught in Pokéballs and used in fights, I’m gonna count them.

This pure Electric-type creature has the highest base Sp. Attack among all Electric-type Pokémon, along with overall high stats, which is why it’s been called the “ultimate electric sweeper” by many competitive players.

Its design seems to be based on a bunch of tangled cables or perhaps even a tree.

In fact, the Pokédex mentions it’s known for standing still and looking like a leafy friend. To me it looks like a neuron, which incidentally also carry electric impulses. So I guess it fits that description well.

In any case, this is one of the most unique creatures added in gen 7 and one of the most powerful electrics as well.

10. Eelektross

Eelektross in the anime

As the series grows and the amount of Pokémon grows with it, creating new creatures becomes more of a challenge.

For this very reason, something dark and disturbing is born from time to time.

This electrically-charged fishy Pokémon from Generation 5 is one of those things.

Other than being pure nightmare fuel, Eelektross has many tricks up its slimy sleeve.

As an Electric-type it should only be weak to Ground-type moves, but thanks to the Levitate ability he’s completely immune to said element.

That’s right: Eeelektross has no elemental weaknesses whatsoever.

This tanky dude will always take at least a couple of hits before fainting, and with the help of moves like Giga Drain it’s sure to last a lot longer.

Thanks to having a wide roster of moves from many other elements, such as Flamethrower, it’s also an offensive force to be reckoned with. A fact competitive players are well aware of.

9. Luxray

Luxray anime

Here’s another very strong Pokémon is this Electric/Dark addition from generation 4.

Luxray evolves from Shinx, a pretty cute and common find in the tall grass of the Sinnoh region who’s already a useful asset to have from the get-go thanks to Dark-type moves such as Crunch.

Once evolved, however, the new Luxray you get excels in both Attack and Sp. Attack.

It can also be found with the Intimidate ability which will lower its enemy’s Attack and help with Luxray’s survivability.

8. Rotom

Rotom in the anime

My generally favorite Pokémon in the list has to be this Electric/Ghost being with the power to possess electrical appliances and acquire some of their characteristics.

He’s been in the franchise since Sinnoh and with time has become one of the most versatile critters to have in your team.

One of its most powerful forms is Rotom-W, adopted after possessing a washing-machine. Stay with me here.

It turns the ghostly critter into an Electric/Water beast with Levitate, making it only weak to Grass-type moves.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon it’s also seen possessing a Pokédex, turning it into the Rotom-dex. Isn’t that just weirdly cool?

7. Pikachu

Pikachu in the anime

If you expected Pikachu to be first in the list, you take me for a lousy writer. That would be too easy!

Still, the iconic Electric rodent deserves a lot of credit for its accomplishments.

It’s the face of the franchise, starring in many games such as Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Detective Pikachu as the titular character, the latter of which even spawned a live-action movie starring Ryan Reynolds as the yellow furball.

But its fame isn’t a recent occurrence.

It has also appeared in Super Smash Bros. ever since the N64 era, although its design has changed massively throughout the years going from a chubby little rascal to a cutesy slimmed-down rodent.

That said, the old design has clearly not been forgotten by the developers who included it as the basis of the Gigantamax form from Pokémon Sword & Shield.

6. Cosplay Pikachu

Cosplay Pikachu

Still, if one of Pikachu’s most notorious characteristics is its cuteness, then this costume-wearing form has to come out on top.

Pikachu has many unique looks such as the varied cap-wearing versions, which are also very cute.

But this one features actual differences in combat.

This female Pikachu introduced in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire has a black heart on its tail and the ability to wear different costumes that allow it to learn specific moves such as Draining Kiss with the Pop Star outfit or Icicle Crash with the Belle getup.

The über-cute character also makes an appearance in Pokken, the Pokémon fighting game, as Pikachu Libre.

This look later became a costume for the character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate too.

5. Ampharos

Ampharos Pokemon in anime

Another fan-favorite since the early days of the franchise is Ampharos.

It was added back in gen 2 and was probably one of the best electric types you could get early on in the game(right after the first gym in Violet City).

And since then, it’s been a staple of Electric-type themed teams in both single-player and competitive play.

This was only increased with the addition of Mega Ampharos, which pushes its already great Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense to a whole new level.

Not only that, but it becomes Electric/Dragon-type through this Mega Evolution which makes moves like Dragon Pulse especially powerful.

It may be a bit slow compared to its electric brethren, but there’s no denying the value of this formidable creature in any team formation.

4. Magnezone

Magnezone Pokemon in anime

If we’re talking about old-school Pokémon we can’t ignore Magnemite and its evolutionary line.

Specifically we need to talk about the final stage of these guys: Magnezone.

It was introduced as Magnemite’s final evolution in generation 4, achievable only by having it evolve while in a special magnetic field.

The result is this Electric/Steel powerhouse with too many resistances for a Pokémon with such high Sp. Attack values.

Not only that, but it’s the only evolutionary line other than Nosepass’ to get the Magnet Pull ability. So if a Steel-type is unlucky enough to find itself fighting this UFO looking thing, there’s no chance of running away before being blasted out of existence with moves like Thunderbolt and Flash Cannon.

3. Raikou

Raikou anime

As you may have noticed, we’re going back to basics with this #3 choice.

The first couple of games had some of the most amazing Electric-type Pokémon, and this Johto legendary is one of them.

Other than looking wise and dignified, Raikou also boasts exceptionally good Attack and Sp. Attack values, and very nice Speed to go with it.

Its HP and Sp. Defense are also through the roof making it a bit of a damage sponge meant to wear out opponents and make them tire out or just never withstand the battle.

2. Zapdos

Zapdos in the anime

Another Pokémon that relies on its Pressure ability to wear down its enemies is Zapdos.

Other than possessing a type advantage over all other legendary birds of its generation(including Lugia) this Electric/Flying creature has excellent stats in almost every area.

These incredible stats and few weaknesses make this thunderbird a generation 1 competitive staple. Still a beloved legendary to this day, too!

1. Jolteon

Jolteon, the best electric Pokemon

Now when taking into account every aspect, including power, looks, and popularity, I have to give the top spot to Jolteon: Eevee’s foxy electric evolution.

If you don’t believe me just look around for yourself!

Ask around in any forum or subreddit. Look for any user-based ranking. It’s always the spiky cat-wolf-fox… thing that comes out on top.

And it’s easy to see why.

Not only does this OG Pokémon look cool and cute in equal measure, it’s also extremely effective in combat thanks to its great Speed and Sp. Attack that generally guarantee a powerful first hit in any battle.

Not only that, but it’s able to learn powerful Special moves from other types, such as Shadow Ball. So its destructive power isn’t limited just to Pokémon that can’t stand electric moves.

But hit Jolteon with an Electric-type move by mistake and you can get a big smile from your opponent thanks to Jolteon’s Volt Absorb ability, which heals its HP when taking any Electric damage.

Jolteon has reigned supreme over Electric types since the beginning of the franchise. And while there are some gens where it may not perform as well, I have to say overall Jolteon deserves this top spot and likely won’t be dethroned anytime soon.

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