30 Best Fairy-type Pokémon For A Stylish Team

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Fairy types are all about cuteness, stylish looks, and wiping the floor with Dragons.

And a lot – and I mean a lot – of pink.

First introduced in Pokémon X/Y as the first new type in over 12 years, fairies shattered the status quo of competitive play. Bringing dragons down from their pedestal and forcing everyone to reconsider their strategies.

Both Pokémon Sun & Moon and Sword & Shield added many interesting Fairy-type critters to bulk up their numbers, which include some of the most fun Pokémon out of them all(over 1000 yet?)

To help you get the most out of this relatively new type, I’ve put together a ranking with my picks for the best fairy monsters in the entire series. Let’s check ‘em out!

30. Ribombee

Ribombee from Pokémon

Buzzing along comes the first Pokémon in our ranking, the super-cute Ribombee, native to the Alola region.

Despite not being the strongest warrior in a competitive sense, it’s pretty easy to catch a Cutiefly – the tiniest, cutest thing – and evolve it into Ribombee early in the game’s campaign.

Which makes it a very useful companion through the first couple of gyms.

This Gen VII Bug/Fairy-type’s best stat is Speed, which allows it to always have a chance at inflicting status ailments or simply getting some hits in before going down.

And its Sweet Veil ability will make sure it never falls asleep on you. A nice little added touch.

29. Klefki

Klefki Pokémon screenshot

Some people have a thing against the unconventional designs present throughout the latest generations.

One of these controversial Pokémon is Klefki, a Steel/Fairy-type magical keychain native to Gen VI’s Kalos region.

Say what you will, but the whole concept around the Key Ring Pokémon is pretty interesting. And weird.

People make use of this Pokémon as a safekeeping mechanism for important keys, as it will never let them go.

In the wild, Klefki is known to jingle its keys to warn other creatures not to come near, much like a rattlesnake would.

If attacked, it also has a high Defense stat that’s sure to keep it chugging along in battle. Not the absolute best fairy you could run but certainly a quirky one!

28. Dedenne

Dedenne Pokémon character

Being the one to introduce the concept, Pokémon’s sixth generation is full of awesome Fairy-type critters that will make you go “d’aww” instantly.

One of these is Dedenne, the Antenna Pokémon.

This adorable Electric/Fairy-type is Kalos’ answer to Pikachu, a mouse-like creature with a lot of spark.

You’re never going to see Dedenne in a Pokémon Showdown team.

But it’s nice to have around in single-player making your team considerably cuter.

27. Slurpuff

Slurpuff from Pokémon

The cotton-candy pop Swirlix is already a sweet catch for any trainer.

But trade it while holding some Whipped Dream and you’ll get Slurpuff, the calorie-heavy Meringue Pokémon.

This Gen VI pure Fairy-type is a common sight in bakeries throughout the Kalos region thanks to its keen sense of smell which helps pastry chefs with their most delicate preparations.

If I was a chef I’d love this little dude in my kitchen.

Their sense of smell is so good, they can even tell the physical and mental state of people by catching a whiff of their aroma. Keeping one around is never a bad idea.

26. Granbull

Granbull Pokémon screenshot

The first entry in our stylish list that’s even remotely viable in combat comes in the form of Granbull, one big, scary, kind-hearted dog.

This Fairy-type has been around since Gen II, before this type was even a thing.

But Granbull became a much better fighter once it was reimagined in Pokémon X/Y.

It’s intimidating, yes.

But this doggo is much better suited for belly rubs than watchdog duty, as it’s actually pretty timid and easily spooked.

25. Togepi

Togepi in Pokémon anime

Few Pokémon are as well-known and easily recognizable by the layman as Togepi.

This notoriety has to do with its supporting role since early-on in the Pokémon anime, as Misty’s cutesy companion.

Its design is very unique, especially by gen 2 standards, and it’s a very uncommon Pokémon all-around.

Now make note: it’s essentially useless in combat to start.

But it’ll evolve into a pretty darn powerful final form when the time is right.

Until then, it’s better suited to share the happy feelings it stores within it with people who need a psychological hug.

24. Whimsicott

Whimsicott Pokémon character screenshot

To prove that being cute has little to do with combat prowess comes Whimsicott, the Grass/Fairy-type Windveiled Pokémon.

This adorable critter with a fluffy cotton afro that’s bigger than its body was introduced in gen 5 as Cottonee’s evolution if exposed to a Sun Stone.

While not especially strong, its Speed is exceptional.

And coupled with its barrier-bypassing Infiltrator ability, this Pokémon is sure to land a hit against even the fastest and most defensive foes.

23. Cleffa

Cleffa from Pokémon

Baby Pokémon are not known for their strength or utility, but for their incredible cuteness that’s sure to bring joy to anyone lucky enough to meet one – or see some fan art online.

The Star Shape Pokémon from Johto is no exception, being as good as a pebble in combat but unbearably lovely in turn.

It’s so adorable, your foes won’t be able to lay a hand on it… Well, they will, but they’ll feel guilty afterward.

People believe it came from a meteor due to its star shape.

But I think that description fits the also-pink Minior rather than this cutesy puff.

22. Clefable

Clefable Pokémon anime screenshot

The life of a Cleffa trainer usually goes as follows:

1. Build a strong-enough bond with Cleffa and it’ll evolve into Clefairy.

2. Give your Clefairy a Moon Stone to make it a Clefable.

3. Find everyone who ever dared damage your Cleffa and make those cowards pay.

It may be a timid creature that’s rarely seen in nature, but it’s for lack of a fighting instinct rather than a lack of strength.

Clefable’s stats are solid all-around, and with abilities like Magic Guard protecting it from special attacks and Unaware keeping it impervious to debuffs, this Fairy-type Pokémon can withstand heavy beatings.

And its evolutions are certainly worth chasing.

21. Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime from Pokémon

Despite losing notoriety throughout the years to cuter Pokémon, Mr. Mime has seen a resurgence in popularity after its amazing performance in Detective Pikachu.

This Psychic/Fairy guy’s specialty is putting up invisible walls to protect itself from others – much like the average young adult in our day and age.

And this practice has earned it the title of Barrier Pokémon.

In combat it’ll use moves like Protect or Safeguard to avoid injury.

Its Filter ability goes further by reducing damage from otherwise super-effective attacks.

All of this makes Mr. Mime into a solid special attacker, able to resist even the strongest sweepers.

20. Grimmsnarl

Grimmsnarl Pokémon character

I’m not a fan of Pokémon with even the slightest similarity to a gorilla.

But even I can’t ignore the amazing critter that is Grimmsnarl, the Bulk Up Pokémon.

This Dark/Fairy-type from Galar is like that emo kid from high-school that got jacked in college.

It’s also reminiscent of the dangerous witch Bayonetta, as both characters use the hair covering their bodies as a weapon, with devastating effects.

Thanks to its excellent offensive stats, bulky HP and useful Prankster ability, Grimmsnarl has carved itself a spot in Pokémon’s competitive scene.

19. Florges

Florges from Pokémon

Sentient plants may normally be the territory of Grass-type Pokémon.

But it’s easy to see how a floating flower fond of protecting gardens might be better represented by the Fairy-type.

This flowery being from Gen VI is found all over Kalos in several forms depending on the color of its petals.

It evolves from Floette when exposed to a Shiny Stone, and can live for thousands of years as long as its garden remains.

In combat, this penchant for protecting plants manifests as the Flower Veil ability. Basically it protects Grass-type allies from having their stats lowered, which is surprisingly helpful.

18. Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff from Pokémon screenshot

This cutesy pink puff known as the Balloon Pokémon has been around since the series’ inception, acting as an ambassador for the franchise’s cutesy side both in the anime and in games like Super Smash Bros.

In these appearances it’s been shown to sing melodies that put the audience to sleep. We all know and love these performances.

And this frustrates the volatile pink ball to no end, also super fun to watch.

Some Pokémon deserve recognition not only for their strength, but for their perseverance.

And no Pokémon is as dedicated to its craft as Jigglypuff is to singing – and to taking revenge on those who fall asleep during its concerts.

17. Galarian Rapidash

Galarian Rapidash Pokémon screenshot

Galarian Rapidash might be Game Freak’s attempt at capitalizing on the immense popularity of My Little Pony, considering the new design looks just like the show’s Princess Celestia.

Even if you’re not fond of talking equines, the Galarian version of all-time classic Rapidash is much more than a colorful mane.

This Psychic/Fairy dual type has excellent Attack and Speed, which coupled with the Psycho Cut move makes it into a real powerhouse.

In addition, its Anticipation ability will make sure you’re never caught unaware by an enemy’s 1-hit K.O. move, letting you take any necessary precautions to avoid needless losses.

If you can get past the looks (or if you absolutely love them!) you can get a lot of heavy hits with this in your party.

16. Mega Altaria

Mega Altaria Pokémon character

Speaking of majestic beings, the next entry on our ranking might be the most majestic Pokémon of them all.

Where the original Altaria from Gen III is a Dragon/Flying-type, its Mega Evolution introduced in Gen VI is a Dragon/Fairy-type.

A devastating combination that’s also unique to this creature.

The Humming Pokémon is famous for its soprano singing, but its utility lies in combat rather than spectacle.

With great all-around stats and a powerful move-pool with wide coverage, Mega Altaria can eat through teams in just a few turns.

15. Galarian Weezing

Galarian Weezing from Pokémon

You don’t generally think of elegance when you look at Weezing.

In fact, that word may not even be allowed in the same sentence as Weezing’s name.

But its fancy Galarian counterpart is the embodiment of class.

This industrialist Pokémon may look like a glorified water pipe, but it’s more like a floating air purifier.

Weezing took on this Poison/Fairy-type form as the air in Galar became more polluted, no longer spewing out poisonous gas, but rather consuming it.

If only we had some of these on our less-magical version of Earth. We might save ourselves immense trouble down the line.

14. Mimikyu

Mimikyu from Pokémon

Some of the most famous figures in our world have had imitators.

Napoleon, Charlie Chaplin, Elvis – and the list goes on!

Now, it’s Pikachu’s turn.

As the Ghost/Fairy-type Mimikyu takes on its appearance to remain hidden – and fails miserably.

Mimikyu is said to be a sort of madness-inducing Eldritch abomination under the costume, but we only get to see a shoddy Pikachu puppet with a broken neck.

This disguise is useful in combat, as it lets Mimikyu avoid damage once per battle, giving it a free turn to set some effect on the battlefield or debuff your opponent before going down.

13. Diancie

Diancie Pokémon

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Considering it can make diamonds with its own hands, this should make Diancie incredibly popular among women.

Cunning capitalist propaganda aside, the Jewel Pokémon’s value lies not only in its ability to increase your riches but in its amazing combat potential as a tanky wall.

This Rock/Fairy-type may be a relative of Carbink.

But it’s on a whole other power level thanks to its insane defensive stats, along with a Clear Body ability that keeps them from being lowered.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also has a Mega Evolution that packs a mean punch.

12. Alcremie

Alcremie in Pokémon screenshot

Another member from the “weird concept” club along with Klefki is Alcremie, the Cream Pokémon.

A sentient cream cake may not seem very interesting at first, but there are many forms this Galarian Fairy-type can take on depending on how you evolve it and what item it was holding at the time.

And this makes Alcremie an amazing way to express yourself through your Pokémon.

You’ll also feel more attached to your creation – like a baker to a cake.

Plus its Gigantamax form has the power to launch missiles made out of cream at its foes – and everyone else.

How sweet is that?

11. Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales Pokémon

If the original Ninetales was popular, this Ice/Fairy-type variant from the Alola region is doubly so.

This mysterious and majestic Pokémon used to be worshiped and feared as a god by Alolan natives, which is no surprise considering its immense power.

And the fact that it brings hailstorms with it thanks to its Snow Warning ability. Which is pretty nifty, huh?

In combat, other than setting this climatic effect, it’s valued for its solid Sp. Defense and Speed. Both of which contribute to its solid survivability.

You may find one in the wild and catch it. But the safest way to get an Alolan Ninetales is to give your Alolan Vulpix an Ice Stone.

10. Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko from Pokémon

This spot goes to all of the Guardians from the Alola region, ancient beings worshiped as the protectors of the islands despite their fickle nature.

My favorite among them, as well as the community’s, is Tapu Koko, the Electric/Fairy-type deity of Melemele Island.

As expected from a Pokémon of such renown, Tapu Koko’s stats are excellent, especially its offensive capabilities and speed.

This makes it a great sweeper, with enough versatility to focus on special or physical attacks.

9. Hatterene

Hatterene in Pokémon screenshot

One of the newer additions on our list is Hatterene, a powerful Psychic/Fairy-type critter who inhabits Galarian forests and is often referred to as the Silent Pokémon.

This categorization doesn’t only come from its quiet demeanor, but for its fervent hate of loud noises and those who willingly cause a ruckus.

If one is nearby, it’s better to keep your mouth shut. As it won’t hesitate to put its excellent Sp. Attack to use tearing you apart.

It may sound like a ruthless Pokémon but it’s also quite caring to its friends.

8. Mega Audino

Mega Audino Pokémon character

If I had to choose a favorite Pokémon from the entire roster, it would have to be Gen V’s Audino.

I mean, who wouldn’t like to spend some time with the cutest most comfy Pokémon ever designed?

That said, the true combat potential here only comes out after Mega Evolution.

Which also turns it into a Normal/Fairy-type.

Mega Audino is a criminally cute angelic being boasting prodigious defensive capabilities.

This Pokémon is all about taking care of its friends, using its feelers to sense how they’re holding up by hearing their heartbeats.

7. Mawile

Mawile from Pokémon

Mawile started out as a fairly underrated Pokémon, with a color scheme and look that would sooner make you think of a Ground-type than a Steel/Fairy-type.

Known as the Deceiver Pokémon, these creatures hide in the sand waiting for a chance to snap their steel jaws shut around some prey.

If there’s no sand available, they rely on their cute looks.

While originally not so strong in combat, Mega Evolution boosts their offensive capabilities considerably – plus they look incredibly badass.

I’d rock one in pretty much any gen game.

6. Togekiss

Togekiss in Pokémon screenshot

Remember Togepi from the beginning of the list?

Well, this is its mature form. A Fairy/Flying-type critter introduced in Gen IV.

The Jubilee Pokémon is known for avoiding places where strife is abundant.

Rather, it prefers to show itself to pacifists and people living in harmony to share in their joy and give some back.

It may not like combat (although honestly it is pretty good) but its amazing Sp. Attack and defensive capabilities make it a very effective bulky sweeper.

And its Super Luck ability contributes to its offense by increasing the likelihood of critical hits.

5. Azumarill

Azumarill Fairy type Pokémon screenshot

The Aqua Rabbit Pokémon is a Water/Fairy-type veteran from Johto that’s all about bubbles.

The bubbly design on its belly is supposed to camouflage it beneath the waves.

And there have been several reports of this Pokémon making big air bubbles around drowning creatures to save them from a watery grave.

Azumarill may not look especially strong at first glance, and its stats are nothing to write home about.

But that’s where one of its abilities comes in.

An Azumarill with Huge Power will have a considerably increased Attack stat, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

This is one of those Pokémon that justify the effort of catching a shiny version too.

It looks simply astonishing in an electric yellow hue.

4. Primarina

Primarina from Pokémon screenshot

When the starters for Gen VII were revealed, it was quickly determined that the water pick had gotten the short end of the stick.

A dumb circus seal with a tutu? What’s that supposed to be?

You need only look at the amount of fanart Popplio’s mature form has received to realize how misguided this initial judgment was.

Primarina turned out to be an amazing Water/Fairy beast with solid Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense along with some interesting abilities like Torrent and Liquid Voice.

Despite being called the Soloist Pokémon, I’d really love to hear this Pokémon’s beautiful voice along with Altaria’s famous soprano performances.

This little guy also made it into my list of awesome water Pokémon, although admittedly he’s ranking even higher here.

3. Xerneas

Xerneas from Pokémon

Every type needs a Legendary to represent it in the higher echelons of Pokémon society.

And Xerneas is the champion of the Fairy types.

It was introduced in Gen VI with majestic antlers and a sleek design that make the likes of Kyogre look like a toddler’s doodle.

Add to that the overpowered ability to grant eternal life to other creatures and well, you know why it’s so high up in the list.

Its Fairy Aura ability also raises the strength of Fairy-type moves on the battlefield, making it a perfect leader for its fellow fairies.

2. Gardevoir

Gardevoir Pokémon screenshot

Despite not being a Legendary Pokémon, gen 3’s Gardevoir manages to surpass even Xerneas by sheer popularity.

Even before Fairy-type was a thing, this Pokémon was loved far and wide across the fandom.

And once Gen VI came along to give it a new type and a glorious Mega Evolution the love got out of control.

Other than being aesthetically pleasing, the Embrace Pokémon made itself known in the competitive scene thanks to its solid Sp. Attack and Defense, along with access to some amazing moves like Future Sight and Heal Pulse.

You could run through any E4 with a lovely Gardevoir assisting you.

1. Sylveon

Sylveon in Pokémon screenshot

While this isn’t exactly a popularity contest, it’s hard to deny that the massive love for Gen VI’s Sylveon influenced my decision.

Not only is the Intertwining Pokémon an Eeveelution, which always guarantees a high degree of notoriety (please Eevee lovers, no fighting!)

But it also has one of the most fabulous designs ever featured in a Pokémon game.

And if you’re not convinced by its looks, consider its combat prowess.

With very high Sp. Defense and Sp. Attack, this frilly feline is a versatile sweeper with great moves such as Moonblast and Draining Kiss.

Some legends even tell of Sylveon vanquishing an evil dragon from Galar in times long past.

If that isn’t clout, I don’t know what is!

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