25 Best Fan Service Anime Shows: The Ultimate Ranking

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Although this is something we would never admit to our parents, or our boss or our pastor, anime truly does have a lot of half-naked people running around.

At this point I’m surprised when an anime doesn’t have a beach episode or a trip to a communal bath.

But what are the best shows when it comes to flaunting skin like there’s no tomorrow? What if you truly want some fanservice?

Well you stumbled into the right corner of the Internet, as we’ll be counting down some of the best fan service anime where viewer discretion is definitely advised.


25. The Monogatari series

The Monogatari series anime screenshot

I want to start off with Monogatari, as it’s an amazing show and does have some excellent fan service. But it’s honestly tame compared to some of the other shows on this list.

Most of the time this anime series is rather wholesome, or even so action-packed that you don’t have the time to feast with your eyes.

However, this show has so many best girls that you’re bound to fall in love with at least one.

And when the show decides to do fan service, it is glorious.

I for one can never again wash my teeth without feelings like I’ve sinned.


24. Darling in the FranXX

Darling in the FranXX anime

This anime revolves all around mechas and is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have to struggle for survival.

So how does any anime with this concept introduce fan service?

Well let’s just say that for some reason, the mecha’s controls are set up in such a way that they need to be controlled by a unit consisting of a boy and a girl.

And, of course, the girl has to be bent over in front of the guy.

I really don’t know whether I have to explain in detail what that looks like…


23. Food Wars!

Food Wars! Fanservice Cookoff

While we’re on the topic of shows that technically don’t do anything lewd (but god do they get the image in our head), we have Food Wars.

As the name might suggest, it’s a show centered around cooking. Pretty tame, right?

Well whenever someone eats something really tasty, let’s just say that they get very up close and personal with a representation of the food… that usually has some tentacles, or like a slime-like body.

What do you think, how often does that happen in a cooking show?


22. Shimoneta

Shimoneta anime screenshot

A lot of anime has lewd content. But rarely do you see lewd content being the central plot point.

In the world of Shimoneta, looking at anything lewd or acting in an inappropriate way has been banned completely.

So naturally, the show follows a group of high schoolers that technically become sex-terrorists and spread the word of Jesus’s brother, Lewdis, all across Japan.

It’s also important to note that because this world is one big no-nut November, people are on edge. And will literally hump a chair if it means getting off.

Also, pro tip: there’s an uncensored version for a particular scene out there.


21. Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead anime

Even though I literally just talked about sex-terrorists, this show still manages to be more lewd.

Which is quite the accomplishment, considering that it’s a zombie apocalypse show. And maybe it’s just me, but I don’t usually associate imminent death with an upskirt shot.

But they somehow managed to do it, in fact it was brilliant.

I mean, these madlads created a scene where a dude fires from a sniper while using a female’s chest as a headrest, and then they film the bullet going in-between the boobs of another character.

You just can’t write this stuff. Well, Japan can.


20. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail screenshot

Fairy Tail has the ultimate fan service combo; an extremely hot busty character that gets half naked in every major fight, and a large enough catalogue of episodes to shoehorn in multiple beach episodes.

If my memory serves me correctly, I think that two characters even become erotic dancers at one point to carry out a mission.

And since the cast is so large, you’re bound to find someone you like. And then promptly come back to team Erza.


19. Free!

Free! anime screenshot

If you like ogling half naked anime boys, can there really be a better show than Free?

In case you didn’t know, it’s a show all about swimming. And it features a largely male cast and a largely homoerotic subtext.

So there’s hardly a scene where some dude’s shredded abs are not on your screen, which is terrible if you live with your parents, but amazing for fan service purposes.

It’s like Yuri on Ice, but without all of those pesky clothes in the way.


18. To LOVE-Ru

To LOVE-Ru School Class Screenshot

This show starts off being very confusing and hot, and then smoothly transitions to just being hot.

We start off with a dude just chilling in his bathtub, when suddenly a naked demon girl appears before him(as they usually do). And through some miscommunication they’re now of course married, because that’s how that works.

But where do we go from here?

A full-blown harem where the participants are not even limited to just people from Earth.


17. Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?

Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? anime

Never admit to anyone that you watch this show, trust me.

It’s an isekai centered around a son-mother duo where the mom is very, um… free with her clothing choices, and her words.

There’s a reason why some people coined the phrase “milfsekai” just to describe this show.

I’d say this is a guilty pleasure anime where even by ecchi standards, nothing makes sense. But you just have to forget about that and look at a hot mom owning some noobs.


16. Prison School

Prison School anime screenshot

Prison School is in a genre all of its own honestly.

It centers around an all-girl school that suddenly gets five male students.

Surprise surprise, the men are pervy, and the females don’t quite appreciate that.

So they’re now in prison, I guess. And then everything just hits the fan.

The word pervy does not do these lads enough justice, and the vice president(that acts like a warden) is into some serious kink stuff with knockers that could probably crush an average coffee table.

Camera angles can come from any direction, and every fetish has a chance to randomly pop up. It truly is a fan service masterpiece.


15. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill screenshot

This anime holds a special place in my heart, as it not only unapologetically fills every scene to the brim with fan service, but it’s also an amazing action anime.

The protagonist battles her foes while wearing a sentient outfit that covers roughly twenty percent of her body.

And the main antagonist is dressed in the exact same way.

For God’s sake, there’s even a group of nudists that play an important role in the series. And yet the action scenes are so well made and hyped, and the characters are so lovable. It truly has everything a fan could want.


14. Witchblade

Witchblade Anime Screenshot (Safe For Work)

Witchblade fills a very similar role in my heart as Kill la Kill, as it’s an action show with a stand-alone plot.

However, in here being naked does not make you stronger in any way. So how does the show manage to cram fan service in?

Just look at the poster. The main characters all have transformations, and those transformations are as well-ventilated as an open grass plain.

I mean, the plot is also rather fun. But Jesus, did they not hold back on the character design. It’s like creating a female character in an MMORPG and just pushing every slider to the max.


13. Sekirei

Sekirei anime

This is the type of concept that only works with anime.

It’s somewhat similar to Love-ru, as an alien just drops from the sky and makes out with a dude that had nothing going for him up until that point.

However, this time around he gets taken to her home planet. And then he takes part in a giant tournament arc.

You choose a tournament partner by kissing. So let’s just say that our main man is getting more than just one teammate, if you know what I’m saying.


12. Maken-Ki!

Maken-Ki! anime

You definitely have to be in a specific mood to truly enjoy this show. And by “certain mood” I mean really horny.

You might be thinking, “wait, doesn’t that apply to all of these shows?”

To which I scoff and call you a lesser man/woman of culture, as the previous anime in this list still do have a plotline as a backdrop to the fan service.

This show is honestly all fan service.

For the life of me I cannot tell you a single thing that happens in this show, but man does it blur the line between PG and that H word.


11. Junjo Romantica

Junjo Romantica screenshot

Time for some more boys love.

And I truly can call it “love”, as this show is a bit more comfortable with homoerotic situations than most other shows of this nature.

It tells three different stories about three different couples, all struggling to find love and keeping their pants on.

It might not be as cluttered with fan service as when female characters are put on display. But the story itself is rather touching, so even your heart gets horny. Do not quote me on that.


10. Kiss Him, Not Me!

Kiss Him, Not Me! Kae Serinuma on her bed

Since we’re already on a roll, might as well throw in more male fan service.

Kiss Him, Not Me! tells the story of an otaku that suddenly loses a lot of weight and becomes hot.

Not being used to so much attention, but also still at heart loving her fair share of BL stories, she tries to trick the guys that are hitting on her into hitting on each other instead.

The show is rather funny and if straight men blushing makes you feel good, you are bound to have a blast.


9. The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Testament of Sister New Devil anime

Do you love demon girls, the step-sister loophole, a master-servant relationship, busty tall girls and short petite girls, and lots of fan service?

Well you have interesting taste, but you also came to the right place.

There’s a plot going on in the background and I think some war is raging on or something but man oh man is it hard to concentrate most of the time. Stupid Mio, distracting me with her half-naked body while the heroes and demons try to kill each other.


8. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire anime

This anime is a pretty standard ecchi show.

A guy manages to enroll into a school where, unbenounced to him, everyone is a monster.

As you might have guessed, he’s just a normal dude. And in typical ecchi anime fashion, he soon finds himself mingling with all types of girls.

And since they’re all monsters, every possible creature that could have been made sexy is now suddenly sexy.

There are some comedic elements to the story as well, for example the fact that the dude would be executed if anyone found out he was a normal person.

But let’s face it: we all know what we came here to see.


7. Kiss x Sis

Kiss x Sis anime

Yup, this is exactly what it sounds like.

So step-sweet home Alabama, as now is the time to be truly glad that most parents don’t speak Japanese.

And do you want to know what’s the twist here? There isn’t only one sister, but two!

And to dump more icing on the cake, they’re twins.

I mean, if that doesn’t sound like a teenage fantasy, I honestly don’t know what does. Plus, the Anime Man himself supports this artful piece for the educated, so it must be good.


6. Keijo!!!!!!!!

Keijo!!!!!!!! anime

Keijo is literally centered around a sport where woman hit each other with their butts in order to push their opponent out of the ring.

Anime somehow managed to make sumo wrestling hot, and I don’t even know why I’m surprised at this point.

Even when there’s no battling, there’s bound to be a lot fan service in the air. And the worst part is that you lowkey get hooked on the story without even realizing it.


5. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

DanMachi Hestia Fanservice Screenshot

The title really explains it all, doesn’t it?

The fan service in this show is honestly not as frequent as with some of the previous entries, and definitely nothing compared to the four that are coming up… but it is extremely well done.

For one, whoever though a female character should have a single string acting as an entire bra was a visionary. They should be given a knighthood on the spot.

Secondly, the show is just honestly really fun to watch. So whenever some fan service does come your way, you’ll be even more excited.



SUPER HXEROS Maihime Shirauki Pink-haired girl character

I have honestly never seen an anime as openly horny as this show.

It’s the typical schtick of humans battling aliens in two-person groups consisting of a man and a woman.

But the thing is, they get their powers from being horny. And I mean really horny.

I would rather die than have someone catch me watching this. Why the hell am I admitting to even knowing this show exists?


3. Monster Musume

Monster Musume anime screenshot

Since I’m already going to hell, I might as well admit that Monster Musume is one of my favorite ecchi shows.

It features a wide array of monster girls, and I truly do mean monster girls, ranging from a female centaur to a snake lady and a literal slime babe.

But the chemistry in the show is honestly kind of believable. And the many ways these characters go about introducing fan service never ceases to amaze me.

Did you think you would see a Pacific Rim-type battle in this show? I sure didn’t.


2. High School DxD

High School DxD anime screenshot (SFW)

For a long time, High School DxD was the king of all fan service.

You couldn’t go to any adult anime board without seeing Rias helping thousands of boys survive puberty.

In fact, this show has such a dedicated audience that I’m convinced chess had a huge boom in popularity just for being used as a plot device here.

There are plenty of girls to choose from, everyone is hot, everyone is naked most of the time, everything is an innuendo. It truly is a wild experience.


1. Interspecies Reviewers

Interspecies Reviewers anime screenshot (SFW)

I said that High School DxD used to be the king.

But then came along one anime that dared to ask, how far can I push the line before several X’s need to be added to my URL?

It’s literally about a bunch of guys who just go around and sleep with different women from different species, and then write about their experiences.

It’s funny, it’s weird, it’s beyond sexual in every sense of the word.

And it’s really hard to drop once you’ve picked it up.

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