Top 10 Best Mods For Far Cry New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn is a narrative sequel to Far Cry 5. And it comes with many of the features that fans have come to love about the series, like a massive open-world filled with content.

And the first-person shooting action.

Underneath the similarities, however, lies a very different game powered by role-playing mechanics that bring a new level of depth to the experience. But also brings a couple of balancing issues that don’t sit particularly well with the hardcore Far Cry fanbase.

So what do we do when we’re given gameplay systems that we don’t like all that much?

Well naturally we wait for modders to save the day. And luckily they have, both with tweaks and tons of newer gameplay elements to keep you hooked for years to come.


10. A Greener Superbloom

A Greener Superbloom Mod screenshot

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Welcome to New Dawn, where the grass is green, and the green is greener. And pretty too.

A Greener Superbloom tweaks the game’s visuals to tone down the superbloom concept.

And it gives post-apocalyptic Montana a greener look that’s more realistic, but still in line with the developer’s artistic vision.

Flower lovers will not like the tweaks, but everyone else surely will.


9. PATHOS – No More Pink

PATHOS - No More Pink Mod screenshot

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More Pathos, less Pink! A lot less pink!

The PATHOS – No More Pink ReShade preset addresses one rather baffling design decision, recoloring all those pink flowers to something that’s way more tolerable, and way more realistic.

The preset also makes a few other tweaks to the game’s visuals that make it look great, sort of a “have to play it to see it” kinda thing.

But watch out for the FPS drops, as some of the changes may be too much for your GPU.


8. Winter Hope County 2035

Winter Hope County 2035 - Far Cry New Dawn Mod screenshot

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I love Winter. I love snow. And I love the Winter Hope County 2035!

The Winter Hope County 2035 mod brings shivering cold and tons of snow into New Dawn’s post-apocalyptic Montana.

Enemies will no longer retreat into their mountain cabins to cook game and smoke their pipes, waiting for the snow to melt.

But this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you: turn the snow red!


7. Viewmodel FOV Mod

Viewmodel FOV Mod comparison screenshot

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I don’t know about you, but I always wonder why all main characters in first-person shooters have such short arms.

The developer of the Viewmodel FOV mod must have wondered about this too.

Since this mod moves all the weapons further away from the screen, making for a slightly more pleasant FPS visual experience.

I mean, who doesn’t like checking out his beautiful shotgun every now and then?


6. Apex ReShade

Apex ReShade Mod screenshot

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Time to make New Dawn look more realistic than ever.

As much as a superbloomed, post-apocalyptic New Montana can be, anyway.

The Apex ReShade is a very simple ReShade preset that does away with the oversaturated looks of the game in favor of something that looks a little more realistic, with brighter days and darker nights.

You may not see all that well at night with this ReShade preset.

But the sacrifice will be well worth the amazing screenshots you can take.


5. Cinematic Reshade

Cinematic Reshade Far Cry New Dawn Mod screenshot

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If the realistic approach of the Apex ReShade preset is not enough, we do have something for you gamers with more demanding eyes.

The Cinematic ReShade preset, like Apex, tweaks the game’s colors so they no longer look so saturated.

This gives the game a very realistic feel, which is definitely an improvement.

The added tweaks to shadows and lighting also give it a cinematic feeling that suits the post-apocalyptic New Montana quite well.


4. New Dawn Weapon Rebalance

New Dawn Weapon Rebalance Mod

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Bullet sponge enemies are the worst.

Not only are they terribly unrealistic, but they’re also a nuisance that we could do so much better without.

This New Dawn Weapon Rebalance mod tweaks all of the game’s firearms so they feel more realistic. Damage has been increased and is now determined by cartridge and barrel length.

Plus all weapon tier resistances have been removed, meaning you can use whichever weapon we prefer at all times.

Oh, and enemies have gotten their health drastically reduced. Out with the RPG, in with the FPS!


3. Improved Weapons

Improved Weapons - Far Cry New Dawn Mod

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Everyone likes being special.

Even those dangerous lumps of metal we call firearms.

With this Improved Weapons mod, you’ll be able to make the New Dawn weapons happy by letting them use special ammunition. And generally letting them be more deadly with some small, but very accurate tweaks.

Enemies can still take a hit or two. But at least it no longer takes 2 entire magazines to take one out.


2. Scavenger Mod

Scavenger Mod Far Cry

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If you like Far Cry: New Dawn, but wished that some of its features were a little different, well you’ve come to the right place.

The Scavenger mod is an extensive gameplay modification that adds a metric ton of features into the game. This includes the ability to stop and change the time, spawn NPCs at any time, plus give them random weapons for that thrill we always seek in video games.

You can also experience new missions and quite a bit more surprises.

The possibilities are so big that New Dawn will feel like a completely different game with this mod!


1. Competent Weapons

Competent Weapons Mod title

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In case you haven’t noticed already, Far Cry New Dawn has two issues:

  1. An excess of pink-colored flowers, and
  2. A weird game balance

Competent Weapons, which is a newer version of a mod released for Far Cry 4 and 5 as well, aims to make weapons feel more responsive and handle better with a couple of select tweaks.

For example, the ability to shoot while aiming down sights. Or reduced hipfire spread of pistols and sub-machine guns.

And if you want your weapons to look beautiful all the time, this mod also provides a new view model that should leave you speechless looking at your guns as you blast your enemies into oblivion.

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