35 Best & Strongest Fire-type Pokémon From All Generations

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All Pokémon adventures start roughly the same: a coming-of-age kid, a supportive professor, and a dream… and, of course, a starter Pokémon.

Of the three main types players can choose from, fire types have enjoyed a special place in people’s hearts in almost every game thanks to their fiery nature, powerful moves, and all-around coolness.

Even Ash in the anime knew what was up. Despite Pikachu being his main guy, Charizard always had a prominent place in his team. Other famous examples of fiery greatness are the remarkably stylish Malva in Pokémon X/Y’s Elite Four, and the recently retouched Flannery from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

If you want to hang with the cool kids, burning grass types and bug types to ashes for fun all while liking Team Valor Leader Candela’s Instagram feed frenetically, then you’ll love this list of our top fire-type Pokémon that you have to check out.

35. Heatmor

Heatmor anteater Pokemon in the anime

Not all Pokémon are made the same.

Despite being able to hold its own in a fight, Heatmor is the kind of Pokémon nobody wants in their team. You’ll have a hard time finding relevant Heatmor fanart, and you definitely won’t find a single Heatmor tattoo among all the inked Trainers around the world.

This just goes to show not even a species as interesting as an Anteater Pokémon will draw any interest if the design is forgettable on top of being ugly.

Still though, a fun critter to look into if you’re big on his design.


34. Turtonator

Turtonator Alola region Pokemon - anime screenshot

And what even is Turtonator? An explosive Kappa? Who gave that name the green light?

Even taking into account its interesting Fire/Dragon typing and great defense stat, Turtonator is just too silly to take seriously.

It’s known as the Blast Turtle Pokémon because its shell is made of volatile, explosive material. How is that supposed to protect anyone?

I might give him a try in the early game but I couldn’t bring him into the E4. Go back to eating sulfur in a cave, Mr. T.


33. Emboar

Emboar in Pokemon anime

A starter this low on the list should raise the red flags for you all.

A weird flare pig Pokémon, this bacon-in-the-making is only memorable for being not exactly the best starter in the world.

Despite an offensive Fire/Fighting typing and decent Attack and Sp. Attack stats, Emboar has failed to earn the love of fans as much as Charizard because… well, it just has the worst design on a Fire-type starter. At least in my eyes.

With beasts like Samurott and Serperior as competition, it’s little surprise that Emboar isn’t the #1 choice to accompany trainers on their journey through the Unova region.


32. Volcanion

Volcanion in the Pokemon anime

This mythical creature is known as the steam Pokémon, and also suffers from a deeply questionable design meant to make it look like a relic of some sort.

It’s said to have enough power to blow up a mountain, and it has the Sp. Attack to back up those claims.

Now its Defense should allow it to survive the aftermath of such a feat as well. So it’s certainly got numbers in the right places.

Despite having such an ugly design, I’m a bit more lenient with Volcanion for having the grace of being hard to find. I’d avoid people if I was this ugly too.


31. Magcargo

Magcargo anime still photo

I have faint memories of my first Pokémon Crystal playthrough, but I remember catching a Slugma and painstakingly training it over the course of my journey until it became a Magcargo.

With a cute and innocent face despite literally being a glob of hyper-hot magma, this fiery snail became one of the executioners in my party.

And he was part of my first team to be inducted into the Hall of Fame after defeating the Elite IV.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Magcargo was able to pull through thanks to its stellar Defense and solid Sp. Attack to power up moves like Flamethrower and Earth Power. Flame Body also helped get some chip damage in. A pretty fun addition to your team if you like playing with slugs.


30. Camerupt

Camerupt screenshot from Pokemon anime

Another often overlooked Pokémon is Camerupt from gen 3.

This Fire/Ground-type features a really creative and fun design that replaces the water tanks in a camel’s body with lava-filled volcanoes waiting to blow up.

Not only that, but it was privileged enough to get the Mega Evolution treatment which took everything that made it hot and doubled down on it.

As a fighter, Camerupt excels offensively thanks to high Attack and Sp. Attack.

Its Solid Rock ability will keep the damage taken from super-effective moves to a minimum, making it a viable option in many team compositions if you’re looking to break the mold.


29. Victini

Victini legendary Pokemon from the anime

Everyone may be joking around about Ball Man from Pokémon Sword and Shield being a secret Legendary Pokémon. But I remember the original superhero-themed critter.

With an aerodynamic design, big blue eyes, and a V for Victory on its forehead, Victini was brought into the world of Unova to shine the light of hope.

This Psychic/Fire-type Pokémon is said to bring its trainer victory in any encounter, which it will usually achieve if you only consider single-player content.

Its rounded legendary-level stats will keep it well above most threats to be found in the Unova region. And its V-Create unique move will progressively deal more damage as it lowers the opponent’s defenses.


28. Coalossal

Coalossal from the Galar region

I was surprised to find out that Rolycoly, the cute coal Pokémon from the Sword and Shield trailers, wasn’t actually a Fire type.

Of course, the reason became clear once the game dropped and I saw its Rock/Fire-type evolution line.

This giant beast is powered by the environmentally unfriendly energy of burning coal. And its greenhouse gas emissions only increase once it has a chance to Gigantamax.

Luckily it’ll only become enraged and start burning up if it’s disturbed by loitering and vandalism in abandoned mines, so it’s in our hands to respect its environment and keep Earth healthy.


27. Centiskorch

Centiskorch fire monster, Galar region

If you’re looking for a powerful Galarian fire creature that won’t make ocean levels rise in the long run, then Centiskorch is the logical choice.

It evolves from Sizzlipede, acquiring a bigger and more primal-looking form.

Its Fire/Bug typing is reminiscent of fan-favorite Volcarona, and it makes Centiskorch a very interesting choice for bug teams.

It also serves as a reminder that bug is no longer a type to mess around with.


26. Houndoom

Houndoom in the Pokemon anime

Popular among motorcycle gangs and team rocket grunts alike is Houndoom, the edgiest dog you’ve ever seen.

With an aggressive Fire/Dark typing and a diabolical-looking Mega Evolution, this guy really is the best choice if you want people to label you a cultist on sight.

I remember thinking it was incredibly cool back when gen 2 was first released. But nowadays I just value it for its great offensive stats and solid speed too.

But really, these guys literally spew burning poison at their foes. It’s like they gave designing rights to an angsty 13-year-old for this one. And I love it.


25. Salazzle

Salazzle Pokemon

Sometimes, characters end up in the wrong game.

That’s true with Salazzle who’s so full of magical charm and style. I really want her as my cosmetic Pet in World of Warcraft.

And I say “her” because this Pokémon only comes as a female.

It evolves from Salandit and perfects the production and deployment of potent pheromones to attract male Salandit it can mate with. These pheromones can be distilled down and de-toxified to make perfumes.

This Poison/Fire Pokémon isn’t only cool and stylish, it’s also an excellent sweeper with high Sp. Attack and solid Defense.

Its ability Corrosion is also very unique. It lets Salazzle poison Pokémon who’d usually be immune, such as Steel and Poison types.


24. Oricorio – Baile Style

Oricorio baile style in Pokemon

Another Pokémon with a lot of style is Alola’s Oricorio, especially after it consumes Red Nectar and goes into Baile Style.

This Fire/Flying critter’s design is inspired in the Spanish dance of Flamenco, in which dancers often wear red dresses similar to Oricorio’s feathers.

It’s a pretty good option to take on your adventure through the region, collecting badges and dismantling criminal operations.

Even if it changes styles along the way, it’ll always have a same type move thanks to its unique Revelation Dance, which changes type along with Oricorio.

Talk about versatility!


23. Chandelure

Chandelure screenshot from the Pokemon anime

If you’re a tasteful individual in a spooky mood, then Chandelure might be the Pokémon for you.

It has one of the most creative and fitting designs in generation V’s cabinet of curious Pokémon, and it comes attached to a very powerful Ghost/Fire sweeper that’s viable in plenty of teams.

It can also have both Flash Fire and Flame Body as its abilities, which are very useful in a competitive sense.

Just keep in mind that it’s said to bring misfortune to anyone using it as an actual chandelier. Pokémon aren’t objects!

Well, I guess some kinda are, but you get my drift.


22. Pyroar

Pyroar in the anime

It’s always exciting when Game Freak includes a Pokémon with different looks depending on region or gender.

Pyroar, being inspired by lions, looks very different depending on its gender. Males have a large majestic mane, while females have a somewhat slimmer look to them.

It’s known as the Royal Pokémon, which more or less explains why I’m getting flashbacks of The Lion King as I write this.

With high Sp. Attack and great Speed, Pyroar can function as a solid Fire/Normal-type sweeper in many compositions both for single-player and competitive play.


21. Incineroar

Incineroar in the Pokemon anime

For some reason, every time I take a look at Incineroar I feel like someone must have sent a John Cena meme through corporate e-mail at Game Freak HQ at a very bad time.

Despite being a very good fighter thanks to its high Attack and great moves as a Fire/Dark dual type, I expected much more from Litten’s final form.

It goes from one of the cutest kittens in Pokémon to… this?

Now it’s a tendency in Pokémon designs to make the critters more anthropomorphic as they evolve, and in this case I’m not a fan. Still a great fighter though.


20. Entei

Entei legendary dog in the anime

Solemnity, power, wisdom – that’s what I think about when I lay eyes on Entei.

This grandiose legendary dog of the Johto region is the more mature of the three.

It’s truly the fieriest dog in the game and cultures that know of Entei think it’s responsible for volcanic eruptions around the world whenever it roars.

In combat this guy can exert Pressure over its opponent, doubling their PP costs. Its stats are very well-rounded too.

Worthy of its legendary status for sure, but I think its Attack and Speed are among the best of its stats.


19. Delphox

Delphox Pokemon anime screenshot

It is said Delphox are able to see the future in the flames of its stick.

What is this, Game of Thrones?

This priest of R’hllor-turned-fox is the Psychic/Fire final form of Fennekin, the Fire starter from generation VI.

It looks like a Shinto monk, ready to perform an exorcism at any time. Instead you’ll most likely see it using Future Sight and Fire Blast to make the most of its high Sp. Attack and Speed.

Despite being a part of the anthropomorphic Pokémon club, Delphox has an interesting design that’s consistent throughout its evolutionary progress and grounded in Japanese lore. So I’ll let it pass.


18. Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh legendary bird, flying in the Pokemon anime

Ho-Oh may not be the oldest Legendary Pokémon, but it was the first one that many of us saw!

Many people, myself included, didn’t get into the Pokémon games until after the anime was first released.

And Ash actually sees Ho-Oh as he prepares to leave Pallet Town on his Pokémon adventure right from the earliest episode of the anime—despite the games only being in generation 1 at the time.

It’s said that this graceful beast will grant eternal happiness to those who see its feathers shine in the sunlight. To Ash, it seems to have granted eternal youth cause he hasn’t aged a bit.

This Fire/Flying bird has amazing Sp. Defense and Attack, but its stats are all-around very good.

Like all other Legendary birds, it also exerts Pressure on its opponent. And looking at such a majestic creature in battle, who wouldn’t feel pressured?


17. Reshiram

Reshiram from Pokemon anime movie

It must get harder to make new legendary Pokémon with every generation.

Nowhere was it as evident as in Pokémon Black/White.

Despite its peculiar white statue design, this Dragon/Fire-type legendary from the Unova region remains a really cool creature. It’s known as the Vast White Pokémon – no surprises there – and its tail is essentially a jet engine with the power to change the world’s weather.

What’s not to like?


16. Rapidash

Rapidash from the Pokemon anime

If the Dothraki existed in Pokémon lore, I know what they’d be riding.

This fire horse creature is a magnificent beast of the plains, gracing the fields with its elegant gallop and fiery mane.

The Galarian version may be more of a My Little Pony kind of thing, but I appreciate the OG Poke-Unicorn nonetheless.

In combat, Rapidash is surprisingly not among the fastest. Instead its Attack and Defense stats are well-developed, and the Flash Fire ability guarantees it’ll take no disrespect from other fire types.

An amazing horse to bet on, no doubt.


15. Magmortar

Magmortar from Pokemon anime

Magmortar may be a powerful Pokémon. But its design puts it in the same league as Electivire.

Fun and creative but just what were they thinking?

Despite how sinister and bizarre it looks, this new fire type evolution from gen 4 has an important place in society.

Fun fact: many factories rely on Magmortar to process metals for them.

In battle, all this explosive power makes it a total punisher. It has stellar offensive capabilities and the Sp. Defense to face your average sweeper. It doesn’t only look like Stephen King’s “It”, but it’s also about as hard to take out.


14. Heatran

Heatran in Pokemon anime

Heatran looks like one of those old enemies from World of Warcraft that haven’t gotten new textures in about 10 years.

Nevermind that its Pokédex description also fits the bill.

Boiling blood flowing through its veins, cross-shaped feet to traverse tight caves… The thing clearly belongs in a raid.

Despite that, this fire/steel dual type creature receives plenty of appreciation from players thanks to its stellar tanky stats and excellent Sp. Attack.

It can take a beating, and its access to moves like Magma Storm make it a great bulky sweeper.


13. Primal Groudon

Groudon from the Pokemon anime

I always thought Groudon was designed as a fire type Pokémon, and it took me a while to understand it was a ground type.

Groudon… Ground… I guess I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed back then.

Still, when Primal Groudon came out in Omega Ruby I was very satisfied.

Not only did they make Groudon a fire/ground mix, they also gave it an incredible re-design and a Pokédex description to match it.

According to the flavor text, it can make the world’s landmass increase on a whim.

Thanks to the Desolate Land ability, it’ll make the weather extremely sunny and harsh for any Pokémon not of the fire variety.

It also has absurdly high stats overall, and its Sp. Attack is just out of this world.


12. Moltres

Moltres legendary bird in Pokemon anime

I remember playing a lot of Pokémon Stadium in my childhood. And few creatures looked as amazing in the N64’s powerful 3D hardware as Moltres.

Those fiery wings just looked so good!

As one of the OG legendary birds, this crafty bird is considered a deity of fire.

It’s an excellent sweeper with legendary stats all-around. It also has access to the Pressure ability like all other legendary birds, but it can also have Flame Body which sets enemies on fire if they touch Moltres.

Well, it’s literally made of fire, so…


11. Blacephalon

Blacephalon in the anime

On the other side of the simplicity spectrum we have Blacephalon, one of the newest and most unique additions to the Pokémon roster.

Even calling it a Pokémon is a bit of a stretch, as this creature is what they call an Ultrabeast: a being from another dimension.

Still, people around the Alola region know it as the fireworks Pokémon because “Alien Clown Pokémon” was a little too on-the-nose.

It’s a strange critter with a dual fire/ghost typing. And it has all the makings of a glass cannon with insanely high offensive stats and Speed, but nothing in the way of survivability.

It’s logical, considering one of its signature moves is removing its head to throw it like a bomb.


10. Volcarona

Volcarona from the Pokemon anime

Back in the beginnings of the Pokémon franchise it was no secret that bug types were mediocre.

They’re easy to catch, evolve fast, but had little to no potential in the long run.

Then Game Freak decided it was time for a change. So they introduced amazing Pokémon like Volcarona.

This bug/fire-type turned our expectations upside down, becoming a common sight in competitive teams.

This very alien-looking bug is an amazing sweeper thanks to moves like Quiver Dance, its stellar Sp. Attack, and Speed.

In addition it has access to psychic-type moves that give it amazing coverage. And the Flame Body ability will set foes on fire on contact, getting some helpful chip damage in.


9. Ninetales

Ninetales from Pokemon anime

Based on the Japanese legend of the 9-tailed Kitsune spirit this powerful fire fox became a fan favorite immediately after the first Pokémon games came out in 1996.

Its graceful movements and majestic form have been inspiring beautiful fanart ever since. And Game Freak acknowledged this appreciation by including an Alolan form of the classic fox which changed its typing over to an icy fox(weird but this worked out awesome).

Thanks to its Drought ability and solid stats, this long-lived creature acts as a valuable weather-setter that can hold its own in a fight.


8. Cinderace

Cinderace from Pokemon anime

The newest addition to the fire-type starter community comes in the form of Cinderace, the best soccer player in the Pokémon kingdom.

This runner is essentially a Mario Strikers player, except his fiery soccer balls will actually do some lasting damage.

It’s the final evolution of Scorbunny, Galar’s cutest starter, and one that’ll join Charmeleon and Torchic as fan favorites.

You need both skill and charm to make it in the soccer business.


7. Typhlosion

Typhlosion screenshot from anime

Crystal was my first foray into the word of Pocket Monsters, and the moment I laid eyes on Cyndaquil I knew it was the Pokémon for me.

Fast forward about a week and I was completely destroying the Elite Four with the Pokémon version of MHA’s Bakugo.

This pure fire type just tore through everything that stood in our path during that playthrough, and I’ll never forget that fiery porcupine.

Of course, I didn’t get it back then, but it was all thanks to amazing Sp. Attack and Speed that generally let it get the first(and last) laugh.


6. Flareon

Flareon in an anime episode

In almost any group of Pokémon you can think of, there’ll be an Eeveelution… carrying with it the prestige and fame of a lineage of amazing critters.

Whether this monster is a cat, a dog, or a fox is up for debate.

But one thing is certain: Flareon is a total beast. Its Attack is outstanding, and the Flash Fire ability comes in handy in a variety of situations.

Really this cute and fluffy OG Eeveelution has been loved by the community since the beginning, and it doesn’t look like that’ll change anytime soon.


5. Talonflame

Talonflame in the Pokemon anime

Every Pokémon game family needs a “default” bird you can meet early in the game. And players of Pokémon X/Y were blessed with one for the history books.

Talonflame starts out a cute and tiny Fletchling. But as time passes and it grows in experience, so does its power.

This fire/flying creature will generally get the first hit in, either with its superior Speed or the Gale Wings ability giving Flying-type moves priority.

If you get it good enough moves this little guy will carry you to victory on its strong claws.


4. Arcanine

Arcanine screenshot from Pokemon anime

Arcanine have been used in law enforcement and military operations in the world of Pokémon ever since… well, ever.

In today’s time they’re simply police dogs – but they’re just as powerful.

Also one of my favorite dog monsters out of ’em all.

This incredibly popular fire type will use its Intimidate ability to lower its enemy’s Attack, and then proceed to pummel them with its stellar offensive capabilities and Speed.

Given they’re among the most powerful “good boys” of the Pokémon world, it’s no surprise they’ve become such fan favorites over the years.


3. Infernape

Infernape from the anime

Look, it’s no secret that I hate monkeys. But Infernape has to be the most respectable primate in the Pokémon universe.

It’s not only a really fast fire/fighting-type, but a powerful attacker that can trash the E4 by himself with a decent level.

Since its design is based on the Chinese legend of Sun Wukong, it’s only fitting it’d be such a strong and popular Pokémon.


2. Charizard

Charizard in Pokemon anime

Sometimes, you just can’t outrun the past.

Such is the case with Charizard who’s growing popularity has netted it two Mega Evolutions, a badass Gigantamax form, and a lot of attention from the game’s developers in general over the years.

In combat, Charizard is an effective sweeper, and it can use both Blaze or Solar Power to enhance its offensive stats if need be.

It’s hardly the strongest Pokémon around, but in the heart of many fans it’ll always be the true champion. Which is why I know this #2 ranking is controversial but hey, I think we all knew he would make it in the top 3 for sure.


1. Blaziken

Blaziken in the anime

However, the Pokémon to bring together the most popularity and competitive strength among the fire types has to be Blaziken generation 3’s fire starter(well, its final form anyway).

Torchich is the original starter but turns into Blaziken at level 36. And it was the first starter evo to come with a humanoid design, which at the time wasn’t overused and was therefore really cool.

The fact that it comes from the cutest starter in Pokémon history also helped its popularity. But what really cemented it was simply how powerful it is in battle.

The variety of moves it has gives Blaziken incredible coverage against other types. And stuff like Flare Blitz on such a high-attack Pokémon makes it a devastating opponent for the entire run of a Hoenn playthrough.

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