Top 15 Best Mods For Farming Simulator 15 (All Free)

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When thinking about relaxing gaming experiences, games like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, or even Firewatch come to mind.

And much like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, many have found that Farming Simulator can be that game for them.

Granted there are newer ones, but maybe you enjoy the classics. Maybe FS15 is something you still really like to play!

If you feel like digging back into the past and having some FS15 fun, here are some great mods to try out that are guaranteed to improve the gameplay.


15. New Grass Texture

New Grass Texture Mod

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Before getting into anything else, you might be thinking “Farming Simulator 15 is pretty dated.”

While that’s true, it did introduce many new features to the series, and is still a great jumping-off point.

There are also ways to make the game feel a bit more modern, specifically by giving it some visual upgrades to make things look just a bit better.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as you probably expect to see tons of grass in a farm sim – so why not start there?

This mod gives grass and hay a facelift, and you’d be surprised at how much of an impact it can have on the overall look of the game – simply because there’s just so much grass to be seen.


14. Sand, Gravel, Asphalt And Dirt Textures

Sand, Gravel, Asphalt, Dirt Textures for FS15

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Not all fields are going to be filled with greenery, as sometimes you’re going to be working with harsher terrain.

After all, those fields of grass didn’t come to be without the tender loving care of a farmer’s hands (I’m talking about you of course).

With that, you’re probably going to be looking at a lot of sand. And maybe some asphalt, and plenty of dirt for sure.

This mod makes textures for all of those look a bit more realistic.


13. Follow Me

Follow Me FS15 Mod

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Now that you’ve gotten a few simple graphical upgrades, it’s probably time to get to work.

We’re not in FS15 to just admire the view after all. Besides, there won’t be much to look at before you put the work in.

Farming definitely isn’t easy.

But thanks to some of these mods, it doesn’t always have to be tedious either.

Follow Me is one of the first mods you’re going to want to get to make your life on the farm just a bit easier.

The mod allows you to set parameters for vehicles to follow each other, so you won’t have to control each individual truck, tractor, combine, or whatever it is, individually.


12. AutoCombine

AutoCombine Mod for FS15

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Next up, having the AutoCombine mod is sure to be a huge help when it comes time to harvest those crops.

It’s essentially an extension of the in-game helper for harvesters, allowing for expanded options when automating harvester paths.

While the in-game helper does what it’s supposed to do, movement is limited to straight lines.

This can prove problematic, especially when playing custom maps where the fields aren’t perfect squares or rectangles.

AutoCombine solves that, making it possible to set completely customized paths for your harvesters to follow – making automated harvesting a breeze in Farming Simulator 15.


11. GPS

GPS Farming Simulator 15

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Another great option for creating custom automated paths for your vehicles would be this GPS mod.

GPS is great for automating other vehicle types like tractors, especially for when you want to use different attachments.

The mod allows you to auto detect attachment widths, or even set your own custom parameters for each of your attachments.

You’ll also be able to save custom paths, so you’ll be able to save presets for each of your different setups – making it much easier to set templates for each of your different tractor/attachment combinations.


10. Courseplay

Courseplay FS15 Mod

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If you want an even more advanced automation tool for FS15, most would consider Courseplay to be the most expansive vehicle AI out there.

The mod removes much of the repetitiveness of manually working the fields in FS15, allowing you to record completely custom routes for your vehicles to follow.

Once recorded, you’ll be able to command pretty much any vehicle to follow the path you set.

Other than having your vehicles follow specific routes, you’ll be able to assign them specific tasks like collecting and unloading crops.


9. Glance

Glance FS15 Mod

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Staying on top of everything that’s going on in your farm can become challenging – especially when you have a lot of different crops planted alongside the animals you have in your care as well.

When things start to get a bit too overwhelming, it’s easy to see how something like Glance can help you manage all the aspects of your farm you need to keep an eye over.

Glance is designed to be a configurable, less-obtrusive info panel that provides you with useful information like vehicle locations, status of workers’ tasks, animal productivity, and more.

It may take a while to get used to configuring the displays.

But once you have it showing the information you need you’ll be good to go.


8. Placeable Fruit Types Traffic Signs

Placeable Fruit Types FS15

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Just managing your crops can get quite overwhelming in FS15, as there are so many different types you can have growing at any point.

If you’re looking for a more realistic way to help you manage all your crops, these placeable signs might be what you need to make your farm a bit more organized.

The mod allows you to place simple sign posts for each of your crop fields, so you’ll be able to easily identify what’s planted where.

As an added bonus, it gives your farm a much more organized look overall. As everything can be neatly labeled.


7. Greenhouse Productions

Greenhouse Productions FS15 Mod

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With that, there are a lot of cool placeables you can get for FS15 through mods, which add tons of new content aside from what the base game has to offer.

With the Greenhouse Productions mod, you’ll be able to purchase and place 7 different greenhouse types.

There’s one for cauliflower, red cabbage, lettuce, pumpkins, tomatoes… the list really feels endless.

Furthermore, the mod also includes placeable pallet production and sawmill buildings so you’ll be able to maximize those as well.


6. Burger Cart

Burger Cart Mod for FS15

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While most of the mods on the list have been made to make your life a bit easier, there’s always room for some mods that are there just to make things more fun.

Days on the farm tend to be long and tiring as there’s always a lot of work to be done and a lot of ground to cover.

You’ll definitely get hungry from time to time. And what better way to replenish some of your energy than with a classic burger?

Well this mod lets you purchase placeable burger carts, so you can take a break from all the farm work every once in a while to get yourself some grub.


5. Autoscooter

Autoscooter Mod for FS15

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If you’re familiar with Stephen King’s The Shining, you probably remember the famous line “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

While you probably won’t go crazy from overworking yourself in FS15, it’s probably still a good idea to have some way of unwinding within your farm.

Enter Autoscooter!

That’s right, you can have your very own bumper car ride on your farm with this mod installed.

You’ll have to buy it in-game of course, but you won’t be spending any real-world money for it.


4. FS15 Volvo Police Nationale

FS15 Volvo Police Nationale Mod

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Other than placeable buildings and objects, there are tons of mods that give you access to completely custom vehicles as well.

As you can imagine, this is a huge deal when it comes to FS15.

As a large part of the game relies on what kinds of equipment you have to manage your farm with.

Well this might not exactly help with farm-related chores, but it’s definitely a cool way to get around.

Own your very own Volvo police car with this mod installed so you can drive around in style.



MAN TGS AGRAR - Mod Vehicle Pack for FS15

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Of course, there are much more useful vehicles for you to consider – and one of the best ones you’ll find is the MAN TGS.

The pack doesn’t only come with the truck, but also with the record-high capacity Bergmann tipper that can hold 68500L.

Just imagine all the crop you’ll be able to snag in one go.


2. FS15 John Deere Elite Pack

FS15 John Deere Mod Pack

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John Deere machinery recently became a huge deal in the Farming Simulator world, as the 2018 release of FS19 was the first in the series to feature their equipment.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have to miss out if you haven’t gotten your copy of FS19 though.

You can get free access to 4 John Deere tractors with this mod for FS15, which includes the 8370R, 8530, 8430, and the 7810. A really nice pack for any play style.


1. The Alps

The Alps FS15 Map Mod

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Another great way to make your FS15 experience more interesting is through various custom maps you’ll find from the modding community.

The Alps is by far one of the most interesting ones, introducing new terrain layouts that wouldn’t usually be as challenging in a farm sim.

As you can probably tell from the title, the map takes you to the largest mountain range system in Europe. And it’s beautiful.

The terrain may be harsher than usual, but the white peaks and green valleys make it worth plowing through.

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