Best Game Dev Tycoon Mods Worth Trying (All Free To Download)

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If you think back to all the games you’ve enjoyed over the years, there are probably way too many to count.

And while we’ve lived through so many different experiences, who would have thought we’d be able to experience the actual process of creating the games themselves?

Greenheart Games lets us do exactly that with Game Dev Tycoon.

This title’s uniqueness is reason enough to give it a go, but if you want even more custom features, here are some of the best mods that you should definitely check out.


15. Percentager – Feature Focus Percentages

Percentager - Feature Focus Percentages mod

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You’ll soon find that building video games from the ground-up is no simple task.

You’re going to need different teams working on different aspects of the game, all the while making sure that everyone is working towards the same end result.

These things can get messy quickly. Which is obviously something you don’t want to untangle.

Percentager can easily help with that.

With the mod installed, you’ll be given simple time allocation bars along with percentages for each task in the development stages. This way it’ll be easier to see and determine which parts of the game are getting most of the attention.


14. Finance Mod 2.0

Finance mod 2.0 Game Dev Tycoon

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While grinding out the numbers might not be as interesting, it’s definitely an important part of running a video game development company.

While you do want to make the best possible games for your consumers, you’re going to want to keep the company afloat at the same time.

The Finance Mod by Mabb is a great tool that makes things a bit easier overall, presenting financial data in easy to digest graphs and charts.

All-in-all you’re going to want to keep this handy to make sure you’re running at a hundred percent.


13. Custom Computer

Custom Computer Game Dev Tycoon mod screenshot

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To make the best games, your developers are going to need the latest tools at their disposal.

It’s a basic investment you’re going to have to make at some point. And what better way to do so, than to make your computer systems completely customizable?

Custom Computer is a mod that lets you build your PC’s from the ground-up, giving you a host of options from CPU’s, GPU’s, RAM, and everything in between.


12. Learn By Doing

Learn By Doing mod for Game Dev Tycoon

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Technology is only half of the equation in this game, as you’re going to want capable team members manning each of your stations.

This is especially important in the gaming industry since you need people who are going to stay ahead of the competition.

Skill Training is already an option in vanilla, Learn By Doing allows for your developers to improve their skills with a more hands-on approach.

The mod makes it possible for your staff to earn skill points from producing bubbles and completing contracts, among other activities in the game.


11. Staff Gain Experience From Games

Staff Gain Experience From Games mod for Game Dev Tycoon

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As I mentioned earlier, staying on top of new trends and technologies is a huge part of surviving in the gaming industry – and Game Dev Tycoon integrates this pretty well.

There will be times where some of your staff just aren’t going to be able to keep up, and maybe even lose value as their careers progress.

This is not going to be good for you, needing to train replacements and build people up all over again.

Staff Gain Experience From Games is a simple mod that helps ensure you’re developers keep getting better as they work.

Employees now earn tech and design points for working on the game, depending on a number of factors like what part of the game they worked on, how much work they put in, and how big the game was.


10. VacationTime

VacationTime Game Dev Tycoon mod screenshot

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With all your developers working so hard, the last thing you want is for them to get burned out.

VacationTime adds an interesting new mechanic to the game, where your staff will need to take some much-needed time off every once in a while to keep them from getting overworked.

So you’ll have to keep an eye out for tired employees and send them on vacation to make sure everyone stays in tip-top shape.


9. Insta Review

Insta Review Game Dev Tycoon mod

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Developing and releasing games is your company’s primary business. But how it’s accepted by consumers may be just as important as the detail you put in.

With a fresh new release just around the corner, you’re going to want to stay on top of reviews to check how your game is doing on the market.

The base game does include this feature. But you just might die from suspense as it takes forever to reveal the review results.

Insta Review bypasses that, making all the results appear instantly. Now you won’t have to wait around so long!

It might not seem like much, but it’s a great little quality of life mod to have.


8. Hit games changes market share

Hit games changes market share Game Dev Tycoon mod

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In recent gaming history, exclusives have been getting more and more popular.

This may have caused a divide in the community, and has caused many fans to rage as their system of choice might not be getting that new game everyone wants to play.

Whichever platform you’re rooting for, you’ll have more control over which becomes more popular as you’re now directly in charge of making the games.

With this mod you’ll be able to directly influence a console’s market share, depending on which ones you develop successful games for.


7. Consoles The Early Years

Consoles The Early Years mod for Game Dev Tycoon

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If you wanted to take it even a step further (or should I say a step back), Consoles: The Early Years might be a mod to try out.

Easily a fun nostalgia trip for longtime gaming fans, the mod adds 15 new platforms that you can develop games for, all based on classic consoles like the older Nintendo Famicom or Sega Genesis.


6. Steam Cube by Gamingthrou

Steam Cube mod by Gamingthrou Game Dev Tycoon

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Steam tried to change the industry back in 2015 with the launch of their Steam Machines, which were basically prebuilt gaming systems meant to run Steam games.

Needless to say, the platform wasn’t very successful.

Whatever the reason, that doesn’t mean you can’t have them in Gave Dev Tycoon!

Steam Cube by Gamingthrou lets you do just that, adding 3 new events along with the Steam Machines to make the game just a bit more interesting.


5. Xtra Topics

Xtra Topics mod for Game Dev Tycoon

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Though there are already tons of things to explore in the base game, many fans still want to more out of Game Dev Tycoon.

There’s no shortage of expansions or additional content you can get through modding, and Xtra Topics is a great place to start.

The mod adds 80 completely new topics to choose from, allowing you to cover physics, fishing, God, and pretty much anything else you can think of.


4. TAG Mod

TAG Mod Game Dev Tycoon screenshot

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TAG Mod is another popular expansion for Game Dev Tycoon. But it takes a unique approach to changing how you play the game.

First off, the mod completely overhauls the UI. This gives your game a fresh new look.

It also makes way for the mod’s added features, giving you more factors to look out for in running your development studio.

You’ll easily have access to relevant data like your game development history, last genre, and training details. The VacationTime mod is also integrated into this one, so you’ll have visibility on staff energy levels as well.


3. GDT Tech: StoryQuests

GDT Tech: StoryQuests mod

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Now this mod adds 10 new techs that can be researched in-game, improving how you can approach the Story/Quests category of your next games.

You’ll be able to learn how to integrate multiple endings, improved story arcs, quest trees, complex quests, and so much more.

You’ll definitely be on to something groundbreaking with these in your arsenal.


2. Expansion Pack Mod

Expansion Pack Mod for Game Dev Tycoon

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When it comes to bigger expansion packs we have the aptly titled Expansion Pack Mod by DzjengisKhan.

The mod actually combines much of the additional content mods already out there, giving you some of the best addons you can find. All in one place!

The mod includes 80 new topics, 11 new platforms, 8 new events, and 22 new research options, among other smaller additions that make the game that much more interesting to re-play for the billionth time.


1. Over The Skyline

Over The Skyline Game Dev Tycoon mod

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Lastly we have Over The Skyline.

Modder TajemnikTV felt he had gotten the most out of the base game, and was looking for ways to expand on his GDT experience.

Other than all the additional topics, events, and research items included in this mod, Over The Skyline actually lets you expand on your released games by creating DLCs for them. Pretty cool right?

All this is sure to keep you busy making virtual games for weeks on end.

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